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The newest NXT signee and Diva, Davina Rose, spoke with Robert “Krupy” Krupár from www.artofwrestling.cz before the declaration of her WWE signing.

The Krupy : Please tell us who trained you, and how long you have been wrestling professionally.
Davina Rose : I train every week with Big Time Wrestling, ran by promoter Kirk White. My head trainer is Jason Styles. He trained me from the ground up along with help of some of the other guys like Kimo Kanaloa, Shane Kody, Ryan Von Kool, Chico Navarro, Mike Silva, and Wildstorm. I started training in April of 2008, and had my first professional match in September 2008.

The Krupy : Who was your wrestling idol in childhood ?
Davina Rose : As far as males go, when I was a kid I loved Macho Man, The Rock, and The Hardy Boyz. For the women I was a huge fan of Lita and Ivory.

The Krupy : How do you feel about making your debut for SHIMMER ?
Davina Rose : My SHIMMER debut was definitely the highlight of my career so far. I couldn’t have asked for more, especially wrestling against Mercedes Martinez in my first match there. I learned so much in such a short amount of time there. I love everything about the promotion and couldn’t have been happier being a part of the Serena Deeb/Portia Perez rivalry. I owe a big thanks to Serena for making that happen for me.

Davina discussed a lot more topics with Krupy. If you would like to know what opinion on current Divas division of WWE she has, or how she liked here SHIMMER debut then and so much more, here is the full link to the interview on Art of Wrestling CZ: