AEW Dynamite 03 15 2023

AEW Dynamite Results
March 15, 2023
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (Canada Life Center)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

It is Wednesday, my dudes…you know what that means.

Pyro goes off welcoming us to another exciting edition of Dynamite, as we see balloons set up in the ring for MJF’s “Re-Bar Mitzvah” Celebration just as the champ’s music plays!

AEW World Champion MJF’s “Re-Bar Mitzvah” Celebration

The AEW World Champion is accompanied by some ladies as he heads to the ring to kick things off. MJF calls for his music to be cut before getting into things, letting the crowd in Winnipeg know what he thinks of Bret Hart before talking about his birthday. A quick cultural lesson on the bar mitzvah leads us to MJF continuing to brag about his win over Bryan Danielson at Revolution. MJF says that he is no longer just a man…but an Iron Man.

With that, he calls for the music to start as the celebration a group of folks coming out to engage in the tradition as the crowd shows this disapproval…before Jungle Boy’s music hits, bringing Jack Perry out to the ring to the chagrin of the champ. The crowd, however, is LOVING this as Perry gets in the ring to a chant from the crowd.

Perry starts to speak but is interrupted by the music of Sammy Guevara, who we know is teaming with Jericho and Garcia later tonight in the Trios Championship match. Perry and MJF look perplexed as Sammy heads to the ring, taking a taste of the cake at ringside before entering to a chorus of boos. Sammy starts to call Max out when suddenly, Darby Allin’s music hits as well.

MJF demands the music be stopped before asking the three men who have joined him in the ring what he wants…and they all respond with “I want a title match” to a big pop from the crowd. Perry talks about his match with MJF three years ago, and the different paths they’ve taken since. Perry even points out that unlike the other three men, MJF has not been on Dark, Elevation, or even Rampage on a regular basis, before getting into the matter of screen time…and calling MJF out for doing the same hokey BS for four years.

Max retorts saying the company DOES revolve around him, because he is actually a star…but is cut off by Sammy, who threatens to make this re-bar mitzvah a re-circumcision. Sammy talks about the grind of being on the independent scene for ten plus years, the small jobs he had to do for extra income, and how he was relegated to specific roles in the Inner Circle and beyond. Much like Perry, Sammy makes the case of him going after that World Championship. Max calls Sammy on his rhetoric but is quickly cut off by Darby Allin.

Darby talks about a student film he made in 2013 and dropping out…which was a blessing in disguise, since it opened the door for him to become a professional wrestler, where he focused on either succeeding or failing as Darby Allin but will never change a thing. He credits AEW and Tony Khan for giving him an opportunity to be himself. He quickly changes tact, calling out Max on his bidding war and threatening to get out of his contract, before talking about getting a championship match.

MJF, who has been wearing sunglasses this entire time, takes them off when he starts yelling at everyone in the ring, revealing the damage still lasting from the Iron Man Match at Revolution. MJF calls out all three men, saying he never had to be enrolled in AEW Daddy Day Care (referring to Sammy being attached to Jericho, Perry to Christian Cage, and Darby to Sting), before saying that none of the other “pillars” deserve to even sniff his AEW World Championship. What’s gonna happen next is these three men will leave, and he’s gonna have his cake because HE deserves it. Thank you…screw you…bye.

Needless to say, the other pillars don’t take kindly to this, attacking the champ in a manner that leaves him falling over the top rope to the outside…and right on the cake! MJF is left to collect himself on the ramp as he heads to the back.

Video Package: Chris Jericho earns an honor in Manitoba

After a quick rundown of what’s to come tonight, we come back to ringside for the opening contest of the night as BCC make their way through the crowd before we go to picture in picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The BCC continue their entrance, waiting in the ring for their opponents.

Coming back, Hangman Page makes his way to the stage accompanied by Evil Uno and Stu Grayson, heading down to the ring before this match gets underway!

Hangman Page & Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli, & ROH Pure Champion Wheeler YUTA)

We kick off with Uno giving YUTA a boot to the face before going on the attack, hittin da suplex only to get sent to the corner for a tag from YUTA to Mox, who goes hard on Uno after their previous singles encounter before tagging in Claudio, who takes Uno down for a nearfall. Uno back to the corner as Claudio slams him back down again, only getting another nearfall in the process.

Tag to YUTA who goes on the offense, hitting a double stomp for another nearfall as it becomes clear that they’re dividing and conquering with another tag to Mox. Mox hits him hard before making a tag to YUTA, the two trading blows before Uno evades an attack to tag in Stu! Stu is a house on fire as he goes into it, but Mox breaks up a pin attempt only to get taken out of the ring. Stu stays on top of Claudio, hitting a flurry of offense that gets him a nearfall before going for a torture rack…but Claudio breaks out of it before sending him out of the ring, where all three of BCC take Stu down with a spike piledriver as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Claudio stays on the attack here, sending Stu back in the ring before going for a cover. He gets a nearfall as we see Page looking for a tag, but Stu does his best to fight back before getting slammed by Claudio who tags in Mox. Mox drops Stu with a German suplex but only gets a nearfall off of this, before locking in a Texas cloverleaf that causes a great deal of pain to Stu. Mox switches into a bulldog choke but Stu grabs the rope to break the hold. Tag to Claudio now, and the ROH World Champion keeps a focused and steady attack before tagging in the Pure Champion YUTA, who hits a fisherman suplex but only gets a nearfall. YUTA now with a single leg crab as Stu tries to fight out of it before Mox tags in as we come back.

Coming back we see Claudio tagging in now, but Stu fights back with a jawbreaker…only to take an uppercut that gets Claudio a nearfall. Tag to Mox, who hits a big kick to the midsection of Stu before hitting a piledriver…but Stu kicks out! Stu crawls to a corner but Mox stays on the attack…before taking a running knee to the face by Grayson! Despite Claudio’s best efforts, Stu gets the tag to Page as things break down into chaos, before hitting a fallaway slam on YUTA and diving onto Claudio!

Page is still at it now, but YUTA escapes a powerbomb. Evil Uno with a blind tag as Page ends up hitting the powerbomb, and Uno hits a big senton on YUTA! Mox and Claudio get involved but get taken out of the ring…but eventually, Mox makes it back to the apron and gets the tag, giving us a standoff between the men who faced off at Revolution! They trade blows until Page hits a big lariat…but doesn’t get to follow up with a Buckshot Lariat when YUTA hits him in the back with the ring bell!

Dark Order check on Page before running into the ring to fight Claudio and Mox, but YUTA hits a chop block on Uno to turn things back in BCC’s favor. Claudio gets sent out of the ring by Stu, who dodges an attack by YUTA to hit a big dive onto Claudio on the outside! We get a big Air Canada from Dark Order on Mox, but they only get a nearfall. Fatality by the Order to follow up, but YUTA breaks up the pin!

BCC look to be back in control as Claudio comes back in, and after YUTA pulls Uno off the apron Mox locks in a rear choke on Stu who has to submit!

Winners via submission: Blackpool Combat Club

Mox switches up to a bulldog choke but Uno runs in to make the save…but to no avail as BCC take him down, beating both men up until Silver and Reynolds run down to make the save! BCC regroup and retreat through the crowd.

Video Package: Juice Robinson states his intentions with Ricky Starks; rundown of what’s coming up tonight, up next is the TBS Championship Canadian Open Challenge


We get a recap of what happened to kick the show off before heading to the ring for our next match, as TBS Champion Jade Cargill makes her way to the ring for the Canadian Open Challenge putting the title on the line! Already in the ring is just the Canadian for the task, Nicole Matthews, as this match gets underway!

Canadian Open Challenge (TBS Championship)
Nicole Matthews vs. TBS Champion Jade Cargill

Jade goes on the attack early, and despite an attempt to fight back she’s hit down hard for a quick victory from the champion to retain!

Winner via pinfall and STILL TBS Champion: Jade Cargill

Rene Paquette heads to the ring for a post-match interview but is nearly threatened by the champ, who asks if that’s all they have…before Taya Valkyrie’s music hits, bringing the international superstar out to the stage to a big pop from the crowd! Jade’s mood definitely changes here as Taya makes her way to the ring, enjoying the moment before staring down the champion. They have a few words for each other before Layla Grey intervenes, giving Jade to leave the ring as Layla tries to attack Taya…taking Jade’s own finisher from Taya in the process! Sterling runs down to keep Jade from getting involved as we cut backstage.

Tony Schiavone is standing by with Starks, who talks about Juice Robinson and tells him to do something for himself. He tells Juice if he wants to bring Bullet Club in he can do that too. Back at ringside, we get hyped for our next contest for the AEW International Championship!

Video Package: The All-Atlantic Championship “levels up” to become the International Championship, in association with Shazam: Fury of the Gods!


We come come back from commercial to see the debut of QTV!

The Debut of “QTV” with QT Marshall and TNT Champion Powerhouse Hobbs

The focus of this is on the revelation that QT Marshall and his crew were behind breaking into Wardlow’s car to take the title…and his passport, explaining why he won’t be here tonight. Hobbs lets Wardlow know this is Will’s World now!

Coming to Rampage: Open challenge for the TNT Championship

Back at ringside, Jeff Jarrett makes his way to the ring for the AEW International Championship! Up next is Orange Cassidy, who grabs the International Championship swapping it with the All-Atlantic Championship in his bag before getting to the ring for the ring introductions by Justin Roberts. With that, this title match is underway!

AEW International Championship
Jeff Jarrett vs. AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy

Jarrett gets an early advantage on the champ before hitting a strut, much to the bemusement of the champ who gets back to his feet. They lock up again and Jeff still has the advantage, doing another strut before laying on the top turnbuckle to mock Cassidy. Jarrett stops Orange getting his hands in his pockets before taking advantage of an injured leg before mocking the champ again, this time with the “dangerous kicks’ Orange is famous for. OC responds to this by getting to his feet and hitting some chops!

Jeff ends up sending him back to the corner but gets met with a turnbuckle to the face by Cassidy instead, who has to deal with Sonjay Dutt at the apron before Jeff sneak attacks him as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Jarrett continues the attack on the champ, heading through the crowd as he gets in as much damage as he can all the while. This fight finds its way up the stands before the champ finally starts fighting back, sending Jarrett back down toward ringside until Jeff sends Orange into the barricade. Jarrett continues the attack with some punches to the head of Cassidy as Bryce admonishes him. Jarrett yells at Roberts at the ringside table area as we head back!

Jarrett continues the attack with a microphone to the head before sliding into the ring, distracting Bryce as Singh hoists Cassidy up and tossing him into the ring. Jarrett focuses on the injured knee of the champ as looks for the Figure Four Leglock, only to go for a Sharpshooter instead! Cassidy is struggling here but manages to fight back out of it, locking in one of his own on Jarrett!

Jeff gets the bottom rope thanks to an assist by Dutt and Singh, before getting a sleeper hold in on the champ! Orange is fading, fading…but he fights out of it, hands in pocket and a jawbreaker to break the hold! Cassidy goes for a hold of his own as Dutt hops onto the apron, allowing Singh to intervene until Jarrett locks in the Figure Four Leglock!

Cassidy is worn down and falls to his shoulders, giving Jarrett a couple nearfalls in the process before getting back to his feet. Now the two men trade blows until they collide foreheads, knocking Bryce out in the process! Singh slides in the guitar for Jarrett but Aubrey Edwards heads to the ring, pulling the guitar away from Jarrett before Cassidy rolls him up for a nearfall!

As Jarrett and Aubrey argue, Cassidy grabs the guitar…but Singh pulls it away from him! Orange taps Aubrey on the shoulder, pointing to Singh before falling to his back…which leads to Aubrey ejecting Singh and Dutt from ringside!

While this is going on, we see Cassidy starting to fight back when Jay Lethal comes running in, hitting the champ with the Golden Globe before being run off by Trent Baretta! Jarrett tries to get the guitar again but gets taken down with an Orange Punch that gets the champ the pin and the win to retain!

Winner via pinfall AND STILL AEW International Champion: Orange Cassidy

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Video Package: Everybody, and we mean EVERYBODY, loves The Acclaimed.

Back at ringside, we see the Outcasts of Saraya, Toni Storm, and Ruby Soho heading to the ring!

The Outcasts Speak

Ruby offers the crowd a story, talking about the grass being greener in AEW until “a couple of dogs” came along to piss all along the grass. What do we do with them? Saraya says we show them this is OUR house. Saraya says the crowd is lucky to have the three of them here in AEW, before letting Toni speak on the mess that was being an “interim Champion” saying she wore it with a smile on her face, but none of the fans showed any appreciation. She realized after Hayter beat her that none of the fans know what they want, so the Outcasts are here to show them what they need…and they aren’t going anywhere.

They talk about going through one entitled rookie after the other, but by the time they mention Hayter the champ and Baker head to the ring to go after the Outcasts! The numbers game quickly works out for the Outcasts however as they beat up Hayter and Baker until Riho makes her way out, alongside Skye Blue and Willow Nightingale to make the save!

The Outcasts leave the ring, regrouping on the ramp as we get hyped for our main event for the AEW World Trios Championship!


Back from commercial, JAS’s Matt and Angelo call out The Acclaimed before we get hyped for Rampage and get a word from Rey Fenix about accepting Hobbs’s open challenge for the TNT Championship. In other news, next week we’ll get the No DQ match between Hook and Big Stokes on Dynamite! With that, we go back to ringside for our main event!

The champions House of Black arrive to the ring first, followed by The Elite and the JAS (who both have homecomings of sort, for Omega and Jericho) before this main event gets underway!

Three-Way Trios Match (AEW World Trios Championship)
The Elite (Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks) vs. Jericho Appreciation Society (Chris Jericho, Daniel Garcia, & Sammy Guevara) vs. AEW World Trios Champions House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King, & Buddy Matthews)

We kick off this trios match with Brody and Sammy, who gets a dropkick on the bigger man but King is unfazed as he lays in a chop for good measure. Sammy looks for a tag and Garcia takes it, going for a chop on Brody who lays Garcia down with one of his own. Garcia goes to the Elite for a tag but they want none of it, leading to Garcia trying to square up to King…who boots Garcia into his own corner, where Jericho makes the tag.

After a moment we get a tag to Malakai…but before we know it, Omega makes a blind tag to square off against a man he’s had a lot of history with. This is short-lived however, as the House of Black run roughshod on their challengers before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Chaos ensues on the outside as the House of Black are a house on fire, laying out their challengers as things spill into the crowd. Black himself is focused on Omega with a hard kick before Brody comes in, as Matthews deals with Sammy. Brody and Jericho are back in the ring now as Brody lays in some hard chops on the Ocho, but Jericho starts fighting back! Brody gets the upper hand however as he beats down even harder on Jericho, locking in a chinlock before Jericho fights back to his feet as we return.

Tag to Malakai here, but Jericho starts to fight back before hitting some chops…but Black dodges the Judas Effect! Jericho switches up and takes him down, but only gets a nearfall. Tag to Garcia as they double team Malakai before mocking him. Garcia brings Malakai to the corner as Sammy tags in, and the double team resumes before Malakai starts fighting back.

Sammy with a forearm and a big kick to Malakai, but Nick Jackson gets a blind tag in before taking down Guevara and Garcia! Nick finds himself in a bad spot dealing with the House, as Buddy sets him up for a knee by Malakai! Black is on the attack before Buddy tags in, stopping Nick from making a tag before taking an enziguri as Omega tags in!

Cross body on Buddy! Omega unloads on everyone he can before hitting a big combo on Buddy Matthews for a nearfall. The two go back and forth until Jericho makes a tag to get in, and we finally get the matchup we’ve been waiting on! Omega and Jericho clear the ring of the House before trading blows…and Omega hits a big knee on Jericho! Garcia hits Omega and Brody hits Garcia, and things just break down into chaos in the ring before Omega hits a Snapdragon Suplex on Matthews.

Omega looks for the V-Trigger but gets caught into a Walls of Jericho…only for the Bucks to unleash the Superkick Party! A whole lot of damage done with bodies lying in and out of the ring as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: This is very much the time in which every man starts to recover, as we finally see Omega and Jericho stirring once again. They go after each other, trading blows as they get to their feet, before knocking each other right back down! After a while they get back to their feet once more, trading punches again as we come back.

Omega with a chop but Jericho responds with some forearms, only to miss the leaping cross body. Omega sets himself up to a chorus of claps, hitting a big dive onto Jericho on the outside! Omega sends Jericho back in the ring but is intercepted by the House…who in turn get stopped by the Bucks. Matt and Nick get cut off on the top turnbuckle by Sammy and Garcia, who drop the Bucks sending them crashing into the canvas!

Brody is up on the turnbuckle now, but is stopped by Omega who looks for a superplex only to be shoved off by Brody. Jericho goes after Brody next, but meets a similar fate by Brody…who gets rocked by Omega in the process! This leads to a double suplex from Omega and Jericho, sending Brody down hard! Both men take tiem to recover from this, with Omega sending Brody out of the ring before taking a Codebreaker from Jericho!

We get a split screen revealing a fight backstage between the BCC and Dark Order before going back to the action, where Matt Jackson is rocking Garcia with a locomotion suplex chain before hitting a double on Garcia and Guevara! Bucks look for a Meltzer Driver but get cut off by Jericho! With that we get a shooting star press from Guevara, but Garcia is pulled off the cover by Brody King!

Brody goes off, fighting off Garcia before hitting cannonball sentons on him and Guevara followed by a low dropkick. Guevara gets tossed away as Jericho makes the tag, facing all three of the House who hit the Dante’s Inferno on Jericho…but Omega breaks up the pin! We see Jericho trying to fight his way up, handed a bat by Garcia and as Aubrey is distracted he hits Brody with the bat to the face!

Guevara hits a moonsault on the outside as Jericho ends up with a nearfall, making a tag to Garcia…but he is no match for the Dante’s Inferno, which gets the champs the pin and the win to retain!

Winners via pinfall AND STILL AEW World Trios Champions: House of Black

Jake Hager makes his way to the ring to help his friends out before staring down Brody King…only to be taken out by the House, as suddenly the fight from back stage makes its way to ringside, leaving us with BCC and Page in the ring…and Page is backed up by The Elite! BCC retreat to the ramp, leaving us with Page turning to face his former friends as the show comes to a close.