AEW Collision 01 20 2024

AEW Collision Results
January 20, 2024
Chaifetz Arena in St Louis, Missouri
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

Hey, Saturday night’s alright for fighting on TNT…!

Tony Schiavone, Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinnes welcome us to the show, as the pyro goes off in the arena!

We start off hot with Jon Moxley vs. Shane Taylor as Mox is shown walking through the concession area, as he makes his way out to the ring. the St. Louis crowd is going wild for the former AEW World Champion.

There is LED around the ring, instead of ring aprons and the barricade also has an LED around it.

Shane Taylor’s music hits next as he walks out with Lee Moriarity.

Jon Moxley vs. Shane Taylor

The bell rings and we are underway! Taylor and Mox exchange shots as we get Moxley chants. Mox fires back on Taylor in the corner with chops, but Taylor fights back sending Mox to the mat. Taylor picks up Mox and chops him hard in the corner. Mox makes his way to the opposite corner, but Taylor still works on his chest with big chops…Mox wonders his way to an opposite corner only to be hit with chops…Mox recovers and gets fired up as both men exchange blows. Mox is tossed to the corner as Taylor charges, but Mox moves out of the way…Taylor reverses a powerbomb attempt by Mox and sends him to the floor. Mox sends Taylor into the steel steps…Taylor goes back in the ring as Lee distracts the ref as Moriarity nails Mox with a pump kick to the face. Mox is back in the ring as Taylor has Mox in an armbar…Taylor picks up Mox and slams him down and covers him for just a two count. Taylor is up on the second rope and comes down, but Mox rolls out of the way. Mox gets back to his feet nailing Taylor and then follows up with a cutter! Taylor gets up as Mox then nails Taylor with a running lariat, followed by shots to the head. Mox then drops Taylor with a side suplex and then drops him again with a suplex. Mox then sends Taylor down with a king kong lariat and then a second lariat! Mox then headbutts Taylor. Both men exchange headbutts and chops! Taylor picks up Mox and slams him hard…as Taylor goes for a pin, Mox applies the triangle on Taylor! Shane tries to get to his feet, but can’t…Taylor gets to his feet, breaking the hold. Mox then hammers Shane with blows to the face and then nails Taylor with two flying knees…Mox covers Taylor, who kicks out at two! Both men are up exchanging forearms to the face! Shane nails Mox with a big right hand who then locks in a rear naked choke on Taylor as he fades to give Mox the win. Moriarity looks on upset.


Mox grabs a mic as the fans go crazy for his win. The fans start a Moxley chant. He asks if there any AEW fans…he says everyone watching hear this…he is pissed of beyond belief and hungry beyond belief…he says that in 2024 he is not taking any crap from anyone and anyone that wants to call themselves a colleague or teammate of his, keep the hell up!

We go to a recap from Dynamite with Samoa Joe successfully defending the AEW World Title against Hook.

Adam Copeland’s music hits as the fans give the rated R superstar a big ovation…his pyro goes off as he makes his way to the ring for the Cope-Open.

Copeland looks on to see who will answer the challenge. Dante Martin answers the call as he makes his way to the ring…Martin high fives fans at ringside before making his way in the ring.

Adam Copeland open challenge

The bell rings as we begin the second match of the night. Both men lock up as Copeland then puts Martin in a headlock. Copeland holds on as he then sends Martin to the ropes for a shoulder tackle. Martin grabs Copeland arm and sends him to the mat. Copeland is up as he sends Martin to the corner and nails him in the face. Copeland is up on the second rope as Martin kicks Copeland…Copeland dives, but no one is home…Martin covers Copeland, but he kicks out at two. Martin’s head is sent into the turnbuckle by Copeland. Martin rolls tl the floor as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Martin is up on the apron and rolls back in the ring. Copeland then nails Martin in the side of the head with elbow shots. Copeland then stomps on Martin’s head and then nails him again in the side of the head with more elbow shots. Copeland picks up Martin and then sends him to the mat, applying a headlock as the ref checks on Martin.

Back from PIP: Both men are up as Martin breaks the hold as Copeland attacks the ear of Martin, sending Martin to the mat. Copeland again applies a headlock…Martin fights out of the hold and then kicks Copeland in the mid-section. Copeland attempts to send Dante to the floor…Dante is on the apron as Copeland then rolls to the floor, attempting to powerbomb Copeland, but Martin sends Copeland hard to the floor on the outside. Martin then runs and leaps over the top rope, nailing a headbutt on Copeland…Adam makes his way back in the ring as Martin connects with a big springboard crossbody on Copeland…Martin covers Copeland who kicks out at two! Copeland then kicks Dante, but Copeland swings him and drops him hard to the mat as both men are down. Copeland is up as Martin is still down. Copeland looks to be setting up a spear as Dante tries to get to his feet. Dante is up…Copeland runs for a spear, but Dante moves as Copeland hits the ring post…Dante hits Copeland with a moonsault and covers Copeland, but he gets his foot on the bottom rope. Dante is up on the top rope, but Adam gets up and hits Martin with a forearm. Martin drops Copeland to the mat with a big powerbomb off the second rope! Martin covers Copeland, but Copeland kicks out at two! Dante is up on the apron, as Martin pulls the arm of Copeland. Martin leaps over the rope as Copeland spears him in mid air! Copeland then locks in a grind house (STF) on Martin as he submits!


After the match, Tony Schiavone is in the ring interviewing Copeland who says it gets harder every week as its gets harder. He tells the fans to give Dante Martin a great ovation. He says he doesn’t see any veterans stepping up, but he sees young kids that are hungry…he says he doesn’t want a happy meal, but a five course dinner and then says he doesn’t know what that means…He says he will be working harder and harder unlike Christian Cage who said he was going to do when he first came to AEW….Copeland says that he is going to take back the TNT title and bring it back to TNT to defend it every week and next time he is in St. Louis, he will be the TNT Champion.

We go backstage with Lexy Nair interviewing Claudio Castagnoli and Bryan Danielson. She asks them about their upcoming match with Eddie Kingston and Ortiz. Danielson says that his current run doesn’t make him great…Claudio asks Bryan to stop talking about Eddie and says that its Ortiz’s fault for being friends with Eddie as he will just be a casualty.


Back from the break, Lexy is with Top Flight and Action Andretti as Private Party comes in and interrupts Top Flight at Action…Private Party makes fun of Top Flight and says what about Private Party and Adam Copeland taking on Action and Top Flight…

Thunder Rosa is out next for our next match. This is her first singles match since August 2022. The music of Queen Aminata is up next as she makes her way out to the ring for her Collision debut.

Thunder Rosa vs. Queen Aminata

The bell rings as we begin. We get Thunder Rosa chants. Both women lock up as the Queen breaks the hold. Both women jaw at each other and lock up again…Rosa has Aminata in a headlock, but she breaks out of it. Rosa chops Aminata and gets her in a headlock, but Aminata is quick to break out of it. Aminata tries to take down Rosa, but she drops Aminata with a shoulder tackle…Rosa cover Aminata for only a two count…both women try pin attempts…Aminata then delivers a big back breaker on Rosa and then steps on her back. As Rosa rolls over, Aminata stomps on Rosa’s mid-section…Rosa then rovers and sends Aminata to the floor as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Both women are back in the ring as Rose pulls back the arms of Aminata. Aminata gets out of the hold and drops Rosa…Aminata covers Rosa who kicks out. Aminata works on the back of Rosa with a series of stomps as Sling gives me a full commercial break…


Back from the full break, both women are exchanging big blows…Aminata then kicks Rosa sending her to the mat. Rosa makes her way to the corner…Aminata then connects with a hip attack on Rosa. Aminata goes for a second, but Rosa moves out of the way. Rosa nails Aminata with knees to the face. Rosa then hits Aminata with a running drop kick, followed by a northern light…Rosa covers Aminata for only a two count. Both women go back and forth with blows…Aminata then drops Rosa with an air raid crash…Aminata covers Rosa who kicks out at two! Aminata then hits Rosa with a big pump kick. Rosa recovers and then kicks Aminata and drops her with a big Tijuana bomb to get the pin!


We go backstage with Lexy Nair talking to Eddie Kingston and Ortiz about their match with Castagnoli and Danielson. Eddie says that he and Ortiz had problems but they get things worked out and are family…Eddie then asks him they can go because he has to get taped up…Ortiz says he will translate…Eddie does his best talking in the ring.


Back from the break, the lights go out in the venue as the new ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions are out to new music. Jay White and the Gunns make their way to the ring. The three won the titles on Dynamite this past Wednesday. The Gunns have the mic as they say finally the bang bang gang has come back to Saturday. White liked it. Jay says that it is a different vibe as the bang bang gang is back on Saturday night, but something is still missing…Austin goes under the ring and grabs carboard juice…Austin then says the gang is back and if you are not down with that we have got two words for you as The Acclaimed’s music hits…Billy Gunn says he hopes they are not too late for Jay’s Yoga Class. The trios champs hit the ring as they say together they could all do much more. Max says just think if The Acclaimed and the bang bang gang were together they could be unstoppable…he says the fans want it and Billy Gunn wants some singles gold as the people want to see The Acclaimed and Jay and Gunns with tag titles and the people want to see Jay with the World Title…we get the fans chanting for the bang bang gang…Bowens asks if St. Louis wants to see The Acclaimed and Bullet Club Gold unite…we get yes chants…Bowens says this could be them each week, the bang bang scissor gang..the fans start chanting scissor as The Acclaimed and Billy put out the scissors…Jay and The Gunns talking over as they connect with scissors and we have the formation of the bang bang scissor gang! The fans love it!

We go to backstage video package with Timeless Toni Storm, Luther and Mariah May…Storm talks at Deonna Purrazzo who she says she will complete, beat and eat…she then says come children as she is ready for her pork dinner…funny stuff!

Back to the arena, the lights go out as we are ready for Buddy Matthews and Daniel Garcia…Matthews is out with Malakai Black and Brody King. Daniel Garcia is out next…FTR’s music hits as they are out to watch the back of Garcia. Daddy Magic is also on commentary for this match. We get an FTR chant. The ref gets everyone out of the ring, except for Garcia and Matthews.

Buddy Matthews vs. Daniel Garcia

The bell rings as both men lock up. Garcia sends Matthews to the ropes and hits him with a shoulder tackle. Matthews then comes back and sends Garcia to the mat. Garcia is up and rolls to the floor very frustrated. FTR tells Garcia he is better than Matthews. Garcia is back in the ring as both men exchange shoulder blocks, but neither men hit the mat….Garcia then knocks Matthews out of the ring. The HOB are all up on the apron as FTR then gets up on the other side of the apron…we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Garcia grabs the arm of Matthews, but he reverses it, sending Garcia out, who catches himself and hangs on the ropes. Matthews bring Garcia back in the ring, but then sends him to the floor. Matthews goes to the floor and chops Garcia as he hits his knees. Matthews then jaws at Cash Wheeler…Matthews moves the steel steps and attempts to drop Garcia on them, but he fights out of it and kicks Matthews who then also connects with a kick…Matthews is quick to get up and send Garcia back into the ring.

Back from PIP: Both men are on the apron as Matthews nails Garcia hard…Garcia then kicks Matthews and drops him hard with a piledriver on the ring apron! Both men hit the floor as the ref starts the ten count. Both men make it back into the ring at nine! Both men are up as Matthews kicks Garcia…Daniel then kicks Matthews in the knee and then kicks the heck out Matthews and then steps on the throat and head of Matthews…Garcia then works on the left knee of Matthews using the ring post with shades of WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart. Garcia then tackles the knee of Matthews as Garcia has a sharpshooter on Matthews…Buddy then grabs the head of Garcia and slams his head on the mat…Matthews then hits Garcia with several knees…Matthews then drops Garcia with a big jackhammer and covers Garcia for a two count! We get a loud this is awesome chant from the fans! Matthews is up as he is bleeding from the nose…Buddy then hits Garcia in the head with a knee, but Garcia rolls up Buddy to get the pin! Matthews attacks Garcia! HOB, FTR and Garcia brawl! Several officials try to break it up! As things go crazy, the locker room empties as talent head to the ring! As officials try to restore order, we go to a commercial break.



Back form the break, Lexy is backstage with FTR and Garcia…FTR says this thing has been going on so long..Dax Harwood says next week in Idaho…he then corrects himself and says he doesn’t know where he is…Dax then puts out a challenge for a cage match with FTR and Daniel Garcia vs. House of Black in Louisiana.

The Kingdom and Roderick Strong are out first…Matt Sydal’s music hits next as the hometown boy gets a big ovation.

Roderick Strong vs. Matt Sydal

Both men lock up as both men send each other to the mat. Sydal then grabs Strong attempts a pin, but Strong counters. Both men lock up again. Strong grabs the leg of Sydal, but he counters it and puts Strong in a headlock. Strong then takes down Sydal with a big shoulder tackle. Sydal comes back and kicks Strong sending him to the floor as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Both men are back in the ring as Sydal hits Strong with a running dropkick. Sydal then sends Strong to the corner and connects with a big elbow to the face. Sydal then kicks Strong, who then picks him up and drops him hard…Strong then grabs Sydal and delivers a back breaker. Strong has Sydal locked up in a submission hold and drops him to the mat as Sling gives me a full break.


Back from the full break, Strong hits Sydal with another backbreaker and covers Sydal for only a two count. Strong picks up Sydal who fights out, but Strong takes down Sydal again. Sydal comes back with a big knee to the face of Strong. Sydal then hits Strong with a spinning heel kick. Sydal comes down on Sydal and covers him for only a two count. It was just announced an elimination steel cage match with House of Black and FTR and Daniel Garcia next week!

Sydal drops Strong to the mat and covers him for only a two count! Strong is up and grabs Sydal and drops him and then picks him up and puts out the knees as Sydal’s back hits Strong’s knees…Strong covers Sydal for the three count.



Bryan Danielson’s music hits as Danielson and Castagnoli come out first. Eddie Kingston’s music hits next as he and Ortiz make their way out to the ring.

Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli vs. Continental Crown Champion Eddie Kingston and Ortiz

The bell rings as Eddie and Bryan start to loud Eddie chants. Bryan gets the fans riled up as Eddie does it as well. Huge Eddie chants are loud tonight. As it looks as if both men are going to lock up, Bryan climbs to the second rope looking at the fans. Eddie does the same. Claudio looks frustrated. Both men finally lock up…Bryan nails Eddie who hits the mat. Bryan kicks Eddie, but it has no affect as Bryan climbs the ropes as the Eddie chants continue. Both men finally lock up again as Eddie takes down Bryan and chops him…Ortiz is tagged in and covers Bryan for only a one count. Claudio is tagged in and nails Ortiz with an upper cut. Claudio then headbutts Ortiz and chops him…Bryan is tagged in as Ortiz fights off both men….Claudio hits Ortiz with a knee and then drops his face on the turnbuckle as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Claudio works on Ortiz in the corner with shoulder blocks. Bryan is tagged in and has the legs of Ortiz locked up. Bryan grabs the arms of Ortiz and gets him up for a submission hold…Bryan reaches out his hand to tag in Claudio, who applies a headlock on Ortiz. Ortiz tries to work his way to make a tag to Eddie Kingston. Claudio then stops him with elbow shots to the chest…Claudio then jaws at Eddie as he still has Ortiz in a headlock.

Back from PIP: Ortiz is up and tries to get the tag. Ortiz fights out, but Claudio grabs Ortiz and swings him around and tosses him to the mat. Bryan is tagged in as he kicks Ortiz in the chest repeatedly. Ortiz is up, but Bryan continues kicking Ortiz in the chest. Tony Schiavone just announced that the rankings are returning in AEW…Bryan tags in Claudio as Ortiz is able to tag Eddie! Eddie is in and slaps Claudio, who fires back…both men go back and forth with chops! Claudio then kicks Eddie, but he shakes it off and kicks Claudio then a big forearm shot…Claudio tries a punt kick, but Eddie catches it and then sends Eddie to the corner and nails him with machine gun chops as the fans go nuts! Eddie drops Claudio with an exploder suplex and covers Claudio for just a two count…Claudio then drops Eddie with a big lariat. Claudio covers Eddie who kicks out at two. Bryan is tagged in as he goes to the top and hits Eddie with a flying headbutt. Bryan covers Eddie who kicks out at two! Ortiz is taken out by Claudio as he Bryan double team Eddie in the ring. Eddie then delivers a DDT on Claudio out of nowhere! Ortiz is back and tags in…Eddie and Ortiz double team Claudio and send him to the floor! Ortiz then takes out Bryan on the floor…Ortiz rolls Bryan back in the ring and covers him for only a two count! We get this is awesome chants! Bryan nails Ortiz and has him locked up…Eddie is trying to get back in the ring, but Claudio holds him back…Ortiz breaks the hold by getting his feet to the ropes. Bryan holds Ortiz and kicks him in the head as Claudio holds Eddie from getting back in the ring…Bryan then hits Ortiz with a running knee and covers him to get the three count.


After the match, Ortiz apologies to Eddie…as Danielson leaves the ring, he spits in the face of Eddie Kingston to boos from the fans…the show goes off the air.