AEW Dynamite 09 15 2021

AEW Dynamite Results
September 15, 2021

Newark, NJ (Prudential Center)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

CM Punk comes out and joins the commentary team as “Dynamite” begins. Excalibur is also back on commentary this week.

Adam Cole vs. “The Elite Hunter” Frankie Kazarian

This is Cole’s AEW in-ring debut. Cole immediately goes for a Pump Kick but Kazarian sidesteps it and hits a series of armdrags and a side headlock takeover. Kazarian goes for a Hip Toss but then transitions into a Drop Toehold and puts Cole back in a headlock. Cole fights back up and Back Suplexes Kazarian over the to the floor. Cole throws Kazarian into the apron and tosses him back on the apron. Cole goes for a shoulder block but Kaz sidesteps him and hits a Guillotine Leg Drop.

Kazarian hits a Slingshot Sunset Flip but Cole rolls through and connects with a Pump Kick. Cole puts Kaz in a headlock of his own but Kaz fights out of it and hits a series of chops. Kazarian backflips over a backdrop attempt and then rolls back into a rollup for two. Kazarian puts Cole in a wild submission with one of Cole’s legs trapped and both arms trapped. Cole kicks Kaz repeatedly with his free leg to break the hold.

Cole hits a Complete Shock Necbreaker over his knee for two. Cole goes for a Superkick but Kazarian blocks it and hits a Chaos Theory Rolling German Suplex for two. Kazarian hits a Flying Knee to Cole’s back and goes for the Crossface Chickenwing but Cole kicks off the turnbuckles into a nearfall reminiscent of Stone Cold vs. Bret Hart. Cole then hits the Superkick for two! Cole goes up top and attempts the Panama Sunrise but Kazarian counters into an Alabama Slam followed by a Springboard Guillotine Leg Drop for two!

Cole and Kaz exchange strikes that Kazarian caps off with a Lariat but Cole responds with the Complete Shot for two! Cole goes up top and hits the Panama Sunrise! Cole follows up with Last Shot Shining Wizard for the pin!

Winner: Cole via pinfall (Last Shot)

After the match, Cole breaks out a new story time. Cole says that hope is a dangerous thing and the AEW locker room hopes it can keep up with the Elite but that isn’t going to happen. Cole says he has only been here for a few weeks and there are already three guys that have gotten under his skin. He name drops the Jurassic Express and Christian Cage. Cole challenges them to a Trios against he and the Young Bucks for Rampage next week. “The Super Kliq is back bay bay,” Cole says.

The Lucha Brothers cut a promo on Butcher and Blade. Fenix says they used to be brothers but now they are enemies. Penta says if they want to take their titles they will have to sweat, cry and bleed to take the titles from them on Rampage.


Tony Schiavone interviews Fuego del Sol and Sammy Guevara backstage. Fuego says he would trade everything in to be TNT Champion. He challenges Miro to a match on Rampage where Fuego will put up the keys to his new car on the line.

MJF comes out with Wardlow and MJF says everyone was so sympathetic for “Cryin Brian” and says they should have been sympathetic for him because he has to be in the “armpit of America” of right now. MJF says he was smartened up that some of his words might have offended people last week and he just wants everyone to know he doesn’t care. MJF says he is a religious man and he feels like he needs to have a word with the late great Brian Pillman and starts talking towards the sky but stops and says “who are we kidding” and starts talking to the ground instead.

MJF says that if Pillman’s son shows up to Dynamite next week he will massacre him. Pillman’s music hits and MJF tells Wardlow to meet up on the stage but Pillman comes out of the crowd and comes after MJF with a chair. Wardlow runs back in and takes the chair from him, but Pillman slaps Wardlow. Wardlow goes after Pillman but he sidesteps him sending Wardlow over the top. Pillman grabs the chair and MJF and Wardlow retreat.

Jim Ross conducted a sit down interview with Pillman Jr. earlier today. Ross says that he was embarrassed for Pillman and his dad last week and asks how he is going to redeem himself. He tells Pillman he wants to see him whip MJF’s ass. Pillman says Ross knows his family’s history as well as anyone else and he feels like he let his dad down last week. Pillman says while MJF was waking up a mansion growing up he was fighting for his life. He say that he and MJF are not the same and he has never been in the ring with someone like him. He says that he won’t be stepping in the ring with just any man, he’ll be in the ring with a Pillman.


Jurassic Express and Christian accept Cole’s challenge and Christian says Cole has some pretty good friends willing to pull his ass out of developmental and says since he’s already used to losing Wednesday night wars he better get used to losing on Fridays, too.

FTR w/Tully Blanchard vs. Matt Sydal & Dante Martin

Sydal and Martin make quick tags early hitting dropkicks and fast-paced moves. Dax and Cash slow them down and work them over in their corner. Martin fights out and goes for a springboard move but Cash kicks his legs out from under him as he leaped to the top causing Martin to crash to the floor. Cash works Martin over on the floor and then throws him into the ring post.

Back in the ring, Cash hits a Basement Dropkick and headbutts Martin. FTR double teams Martin but Martin uses his speed to escape them and tags in Sydal. Sydal hits a series of kicks on FTR and then he and Martin dive onto FTR on the floor at the same time in a cool spot!


FTR work Sydal over during the break. Martin manages to get a blind tag as Sydal hit the ropes for a Cross Body attempt. FTR catches him but Martin hits an insane Springboard Missile Dropkick on them. Martin hits a Rana on Cash and a Somersault Senton on Dax for two. They exchange nearfalls and pin attempts until FTR double team him. Martin and Sydal hit stereo Ranas on FTR for two.

Martin leaps over a charging Dax and then walks into the Big Rig from FTR for the pin.

Winners: FTR via pinfall (Big Rig)

Lance Archer rants about the heinous “Suzuki Incident” and says that Moxley had the deck stacked in his favor but that won’t happen next week. They will face to face he and Suzuki together next week!

Malakai Black comes out and says there is an enemy in their midst and points out actress Rosario Dawson wearing a Cody Rhodes hoodie. Cody is shown walking through the crowd and as Black looks to Cody, Dawson jumps on Black’s back! Cody attacks Black and they start brawling into the crowd. Black and Cody fight all the way up the steps.


Allie cuts a promo about Anna Jay and says that she wouldn’t have attacked Anna if she hadn’t gotten in her way to begin with. They will face each other on Rampage. Anna is with The Dark Order and Evil Uno says he will lead the way for her. Alex Reynolds walks up and taunts Uno and Dark Order starts arguing again. Anna says if they can’t get it together she doesn’t want them in her corner against Allie.

American Top Team is in the ring with Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page. Dan Lambert taunts the crowd and starts talking about the “midget dorks” on AEW’s roster and talks about them throwing 30 Superkicks and dumping on their style. Finally, Chris Jericho comes out and the “morons” go nuts.

Lambert freaks out and screams to “turn this shit off” about Jericho’s music and says they don’t even know the lyrics and they have to get it off the internet but the fans start singing it anyway. Jericho says they would sing the lyrics to Lambert’s song but no one knows the lyrics to “I’m a fat faced dipshit.”

Jericho taunts America Top Team and asks which one of them is the top and which is the bottom. Jericho says Hager is undefeated in MMA and he’s been fighting MMA guys backstage for years, so they don’t scare them. Jericho says everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face and suggests they knock Lambert’s teeth out.

Lambert says if they really want to do this then Jericho and Hager will have to do it in a real city, not a shit hole like Jersey. He challenges Jericho and Hager to face Sky and Page next week and Jericho agrees.

A video of the Gunn Club attacking Paul Wight on Dark and Billy Gunn says they did it because they are tired of being overlooked. He says that they are going to take the respect they’ve earned and anyone that has a problem with it can come tell them.

Jade Cargill w/Smart Mark Sterling vs. “Legit” Leyla Hirsch

Cargill attacks Hirsch and tries for a DVD but Hirsch escapes and takes her down. Cargill rolls to the floor but Hirsch flies through the ropes with a Tope Suicida. Cargill pulls Sterling in front of her and clotheslines Hirsch. In the ring, Cargill backs Hirsch into the corner and lays into her with chops and elbows. Cargill goes for a whip but Hirsch reverses it and then hits a Flying Knee in the corner followed by a dropkick for two.

Hirsch puts Cargill in the Cross Armbreaker but Cargill rolls over and deadlifts her in the air and Powerbombs her.


Cargill goes for a Fireman’s Carry but Hirsch escapes into a Rear Naked Choke! Cargill flings her off and goes for a Pump Kick, but Hirsch ducks it and goes for a German Suplex. Cargill hits a series of elbows only for Hirsch to hit a German Suplex anyway for two. Cargill rolls to the floor and Hirsch hits a Tope Suicida sending Cargill into the barricade.

Hirsch rolls Cargill in the ring and hits a Pump Knee! 1…2…NO Cargill kicks out! Hirsch goes up top and misses a Moonsault Press allowing Cargill to hit the Pump Kick followed by the Jaded for the pin.

Winner: Cargill via pinfall (Jaded)

Andrade says that Chavo lied to him because he doesn’t respect Andrade. He says he never gave Chavo the order to interfere in his match and gets pissed at his assistant for helping Chavo. Andrade says he is the kingpin, not Chavo. He says he can beat PAC or anyone else when he wants.

Taz comes out and bitches at Punk trying to “take his job” and Hook gets between Taz and Punk. Hook gets in Punk’s face until Powerhouse Hobbs attacks Punk from behind. Punk tries to fight back but Hook puts him in a Dragon Sleeper and Hobbs punches him. Hobbs Chokeslams Punk through the announce table which did not give AT ALL and looked like it hurt like a son of a bitch.


Shawn Spears cuts a promo about Darby Allin and he points out that he is the one that handed Allin his first loss in AEW. “The chairman cometh,” Spears says.

“The Chairman” Shawn Spears w/Tully Blanchard vs. Darby Allin w/Sting

Spears hits a Flying Knee at the bell as Allin was distracted by Blanchard. Spears dumps Allin to the floor and throws him into the ring steps. Spears sets the ring steps up near the ramp and slams Allin into it again. He knees Allin’s head into the steps repeatedly but misses the last one causing his own knee to slam into it.

Allin sets up for a dive but Blanchard gets between them causing Allin to stop. Spears then sweeps Allin’s legs out from under him causing him to flip onto the apron. Spears takes a towel and wipes Allin’s paint off his face.


Allin hit a Basement Dropkick followed by Code Red for two. Allin goes up top but Spears cuts him off and climbs up with him. Allin trips Spears and hangs him in the turnbuckle and starts attacking his knee. Spears grabs Allin by his chain and flings him into the ring. Spears attempts a C4 off the apron but Allin blocks it and shoves Spears onto the steps. Allin then hits a Tope Suicida onto Spears! Back in the ring, Allin hits the Coffin Drop for the pin!

Winner: Allin via pinfall (Coffin Drop)

FTR climbs in the ring and starts brawling with Allin and Sting! Blanchard hits Sting with a chair but Sting shrugs it off and backs Blanchard into a corner. FTR attacks Sting from behind and they beat Sting and Allin down. FTR hits the Mindbreaker on Sting! Blanchard uses a towel to wipe Sting’s paint off.

Bryan Danielson says that the way The Elite acts and dresses screams insecurity. He says he knows how great Omega is and has seen how great he is and he’s excited to get in the ring with him. He wants his first match in AEW to be against Omega.

Bryan Danielson makes his way to the ring for an interview with Schiavone but before he can say anything Don Callis walks out with Omega. Callis says that he has been listening to the crap about Danielson all week. He calls Danielson the “hippie millionaire” and a sanctimonious son of a bitch. Callis taunts Danielson about his comment about the reason he came to AEW was because it was best for wrestling. “And people call me a carnie piece of shit,” Callis mockingly says. He says that Omega told him that Danielson really thinks like that so Callis says he must be a mark instead.

Danielson screams at Callis to shut up and says he’s here to talk to Omega not Callis. He says some day this will be about the title but right now it’s about who’s better and challenges Omega to the match. Callis refuses and Danielson calls him a piece of shit and tells him to shutup and let Omega speak for himself. Danielson said he came to AEW to face the “best bout machine” but all he’s seen is a guy that hangs out with a bunch of goofy stooges and lets a piece of shit talk for him. Danielson suggests Omega has lost his balls. Omega agrees to the match and they get in each other’s faces.

Miro says that everyone he’s “redeemed” so far they have moved on and they’ve all been smart enough not to step to him again. Miro says he is going to bash Fuego’s brain and then bash his car.


Danielson will face Omega on Dynamite next week and Punk will face Powerhouse Hobbs on Rampage. Rampage will also be two hours.

Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston vs. 2point0 w/Daniel Garcia

2point0 attacks Moxley and Kingston as they make their entrance. Moxley fights them off and starts biting Lee before throwing him to the floor. Lee retreats up the ramp but Daniel Garcia distracts him allowing Parker and Lee to attack him.


Kingston and Moxley work over 2point0 and they hit the Violent Crown for the pin.,

Winners: Moxley and Kingston via pinfall (Violent Crown)

Suzuki comes out and Lance Archer comes out from the crowd and attacks Kingston allowing Moxley and Suzuki to fight one-on-one. Archer and Kingston brawl into the crowd as Suzuki throws Moxley into the ring post. Suzuki goes for a Gotch Piledriver on a table but Moxley hits him in the eye with a microphone. They continue to fight as Dynamite ends.