AEW Dynamite 04 06 2022

AEW Dynamite Results
April 6, 2022

Boston, MA (Agganis Arena)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Adam Cole vs. “The Instant Classic” Christian Cage

After Christian and Cole go back-and-forth for several minutes, the match spills to the outside where Cole slams Cage into the barricade and then into the ring steps.


Cole goes for the BOOM but Christian sidesteps him and tosses him to the floor. Christian hits a Plancha off the top but Cole pulled a Miz and didn’t even attempt to base for that dive. Christian and Cole exchange right hands in the ring and then Cole dives off the middle rope right into the boots from Christian. Christian hits a 10-count of punches in the corner before hitting a Springboard Sunset Flip out of the corner for two.

Christian hits the Pendulum Kick in the corner and follows up with a Swinging DDT for two. Christian goes for the Unprettier but Cole shoves him into the turnbuckles. Christian back kicks a charging Cole and then leaps to the middle rope only for Cole to catch him in a Backstabber for two. Cole is frustrated and Christian surprises him with an Inside Cradle for two. Christian hits the Impaler and then dives off the top with a Splash.

Cole moves out of the way of the Splash and hits a series of kicks capped off with the BOOM! 1…2…NO Christian kicks out! Christian and Cole exchange strikes from their knees. Christian goes up top and dives off right into a Superkick in midair for another nearfall. Cole goes for the Panama Sunrise but Christian leaps up and uppercuts him. Christian follows up with a Frankensteiner off the top for a nearfall of his own.

Christian goes for a Spear but Cole kicks him in the knee in mid-move and then goes for the Panama Sunrise again. Christian backdrops Cole but runs right into another Superkick. Cole goes for the BOOM but Christian ducks and rolls him up for two. Christian immediately hits the Spear! 1….2..NO Cole kicks out!

Christian goes for the Unprettier again but Cole hooks his leg on the bottom rope to block it. He pokes Christian in the eye as the referee tries to separate them and then hits the BOOM, this time with his knee pad down, for the pin.

Winner: Cole via pinfall (BOOM)

reDRagon runs out and attacks Christian but Jurassic Express cuts them off and the two sides brawl to the back. Hangman Page walks out as Cole talks trash to them the entire time. Page snatches the microphone from him and asks if Cole really wants a match from him and smacks him in the face as Cole was sort of ignoring him. Page says if he wants a title shot then he can have one next Friday on Rampage in a Texas Death Match! Hangman tells Cole that he has a week to get his “affairs in order.”

Footage from SuperCard of Honor of Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt attacking Jonathan Gresham is shown. Samoa Joe’s debut was also shown.

Owen Hart Cup Men’s Qualifying Match
“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. Max Caster w/Anthony Bowens

Joe gets a gigantic ovation from the crowd. Caster raps about sending Joe back to the X-Division and says he’s not tough, he’s just injury prone. A “Joe is gonna’ kill you” chant serenades Caster, and Joe immediately headbutts Caster and beats him down in the corner. Joe hits a Running Elbow and Leaping Enziguri in the corner. Joe snapmares Caster and lights him up with kicks followed by an Elbow Drop.

Caster rolls to the floor but Joe obliterates him with an Elbow Suicida! In the ring, Joe runs Caster over with a Back Elbow and lifts up to the top rope for the Muscle Buster! 1…2…3!

Winner: Joe via pinfall (Muscle Buster)

In the back, Sonjay and Lethal cut Joe off and say they aren’t trying to ruin Joe’s moment like he ruined their moment last week because they actually respect Joe unlike him. Lethal says he has changed his outlook on life and now he’s going to say whatever he wants when he wants. He says that four months he tried to call Joe and ask for advice from his mentor but Joe never would even return his call. He says now he realizes that Joe only answers phone for millionaires. He says he should change his name to the “Samoan Gold Digger.” Lethal says he’s going to give Joe a present he’ll never forget.


In the back, William Regal says that Wheeler Yuta has impressed both he and Bryan Danielson but now he has to impress the one that is the most difficult to impress: Moxley. Moxley says you’ll hear the sound of bones cracking like thunder and it will rain blood on Rampage.

“The Chairman” Shawn Spears vs. “The Captain” Shawn Dean

MJF is on commentary on this one. “How ya doing, Tony? Ya old prick you,” MJF says. Tony taunts MJF about one of Shawn Deen’s wins being a DQ win over MJF. Spears tosses Dean to the floor and slams him into the barricade. In the ring, Dean fights back but eats a Pump Handle Neckbreaker from Spears. Spears has him pinned but pulls him up before the three-count. Spears lifts Dean up for the C4 but security staff is shown beaten up backstage distracting Spears.

Wardlow is then shown tossing the absolute shit out of security guys. Wardlow literally picks up one of the security guys and throws him THROUGH the barricade. Dean rolls Spears up and pins him as a ton of security guards finally slow Wardlow down. Wardlow is shown grinning as he finally backs down.

Winner: Dean via pinfall (rollup)

Backstage, Best Friends talk to Wheeler Yutan and talk about everything they’ve done for him. Trent says that Yuta is a backstabber and tells him to watch what he does to Danielson and learn something from the people he’s turning his back on.


Earlier tonight, Eddie Kingston and PNP were shown attacking JAS backstage. Kingston even threw a TV at them. They retreated into an SUV and drove away.

Kingston and PNP walk out and Kingston says that it’s on between them and JAS “on sight” no matter where or when. Kingston says he knows where Daniel Garcia lives and asks if he really thinks he won’t show up at his house. Santana calls them the “Jericho Bitch Society” and says this is what they do and Ortiz challenges them to a trios match next week.

A vignette highlighting HOOK is shown.


Jade Cargill comes out to formally introduce her “Baddies section” and shows off a bunch of females in the front row. Jade explains what a “baddie” is and then taunts the fans. Mark Sterling says that it was difficult finding beautiful women in Boston but Jade is persistent. Jade says that Marina Shafir is trash and says we should just introduce her as “No. 30.” She says she is tired of all of these MMA losers invading her business. Jade says that Shafir calls herself “The Problem” and says Jade is the problem solver.

Tag Team Tables Match
The Butcher & The Blade w/Allie vs. The Hardyz

The Hardyz jump Butcher and Blade but Butcher had ripped off the legs of a table and they attack the Hardyz with them. Blade tries to throw Jeff through a table but Jeff blocks it. Blade then tries to Spear him but Jeff moves and Blade sends himself through the table. They emphasized the only way to win is for both members of a team to be put through a table with an “offensive maneuver.”

Butcher throws a chair at Matt and sets up another table in the ring. Butcher tries to Suplex Jeff into the table but Matt attacks him from behind. The Hardyz hit a Double DDT and then lay Butcher over a table. Jeff goes up top but Blade crotches him. Blade hits a Spinning Neckbreaker on Matt and they hit a Suplex/Cross Body combo off the top on Jeff sending him through a table.


Matt beats Butcher with a chair and then lays him out on a table. Matt goes up top and hits a Guillotine Leg drop through the table to eliminate Butcher. Matt tries to dive at Blade on the outside but he moves and Matt goes crashing through a table at ringside. Blade throws Matt into a barricade and Butcher comes over to help his partner even though he’s been eliminated. Butcher’s back is bleeding.

They lay Matt on a table at ringside and Blade goes up top but Matt rolls off and jumps over the barricade into the fans to get away. Blade climbs on top of the barricade and they try to Superplex Matt off the barricade through the table, but Jeff pulled the table out of the way. Matt still lands hard on the floor. Jeff dives off the back of Butcher on Blade.

Jeff attacks Butcher and then hits a Twist of Hate on Blade followed by the Twist of Fate from Matt. Jeff pulls out a ladder and hits Butcher and Blade with it. The Hardyz set up the ladder and lay Blade on top of a pair of tables. Jeff climbs the ladder and hits the Swanton Bomb through the table.

Winners: The Hardyz

Andrade and the rest of the AFO come out but Sting comes out and lays out Private Party with a bat. Andrade puts Allie between them and uses that to retreat up the ramp.

Jurassic Express cut a promo on reDRagon. They say that their records aren’t even good enough to get a shot at the titles but they’re going to challenge them for a match next week anyway.


Thunder Rosa will defend the Women’s Title against Nyla Rose at Battle of the Belts II.

Owen Hart Cup Women’s Qualifying Match
Julia Hart w/Varsity Blonds vs. Hikaru Shida

Hart attacks Shida as she makes her entrance and then starts choking her. Varsity Blonds ask her what she’s doing but she tells them to leave ringside. Hart hits a Cartwheel Lariat and goes for a second one but Shida catches her and hangs up on the top rope. Shida hits a Flying Knee that knocks Hart off the top to the floor. Shida dives off a chair with a Flying Dropkick on Hart on the floor. Back in the ring, Shida tries to get back in but Hart kicks her in the knee and then DDTs her.


Shida hits a Flying Knee in the corner and hits a Brainbuster. Shida goes for the Flying Knee but Hart rolls out of the way. Shida drags Hart to the top rope and Superplexs her for a nearfall. Shida goes for a Rack Breaker but Hart rakes her eyes and hits a Split Bulldog for two. Hart goes up top and attempts a Spinning Splash but Shida moves and hits a Flying Elbow and then the Spinning Knee Strike. Shida hits the Falcon Arrow for the pin.

Winner: Shida via pinfall (Falcon Arrow)

Serena Deeb comes out with a chair but Shida saw her coming and Deeb backs away.

Backstage, Swerve Strickland talks about going to the Grammy’s last Sunday and then talks about the drama between he and Keith Lee and Team Taz. Team Taz attacks Strickland from behind but Keith Lee makes the save. Lee literally slams Hobbs through the locker room wall!


Main Event
ROH & AAA World Tag Team Championships
FTR (c) vs. The Young Bucks w/Brandon Cutler

The Bucks are former AAA and ROH Tag Team Champs. FTR beat The Briscoes at ROH SuperCard of Honor this past weekend tow in the ROH Titles. The winning team is scheduled to defend the titles against a returning Rey Fenix and Hijo del Vikingo at TripleMania later this month. ROH ring announcer Bobby Cruise does the introductions. FTR are wearing trunks with their initials in the design of the ROH logo.

Cash Wheeler and Matt Jackson start the match off. Cash grounds Matt and works him over before tagging Dax Harwood in. Matt escapes and tags in Nick, as well. Dax now takes Nick down and every time Nick tries to speed it up he takes him down and grounds him. Nick throws his headband at Dax, so Dax wipes his balls with it and then throws it in Matt’s face. All four men start brawling now. The Bucks single Dax out and hit a Double Hip Toss followed by a Double Dropkick. They Double Hip Toss Cash and do the same dropkick to him. Cash gets right back up and Double Lariats the Bucks!

Cash tags in and sweeps Nick’s legs and puts him in a Sharpshooter! Matt goes for a Superkick but he ducks and Dax locks him in a Sharpshooter, too! Nick rakes the eyes of Cash freeing both of them. The Bucks knock Dax to the floor and double team Cash with a Lariat/Enziguri combo followed by a Cannonball/Enziguri combo in the corner.

Matt hits a Russian Leg Sweep and goes to the middle rope and does the Bret Hart diving Elbow before mocking Hart. Nick tags in and chokes Cash in the ropes.


Cash tosses the Bucks to the floor and goes for the hot tag but Matt grabs his legs. Cash kicks him away and dives for the tag only for Nick Jackson to Superkick Dax off the apron. The Bucks try to double team Cash in their corner but he ducks them. Nick goes for a springboard move right into a European Uppercut from Cash in midair.

Dax makes the hot tag and Suplexes both of the Bucks. He clotheslines Nick to the floor and works Matt over in the corner with chops and slaps. He rolls Matt up for two and then he and Jackson start exchanging rollups and nearfalls. Dax hits a Spike Piledirver! 1….2…NO Jackson kicks out! Dax lifts Matt up to the top rope and goes for a Superplex but Nick shoves him off. Cash Back Suplexes Nick on the apron and then Cash crotches Matt on the top rope again. Dax hits a Superplex and Cash tags him as he dived off the top. Cash is up top but Nick comes out of nowhere with a Springboard Rana!

All four men are down in the ring. Nick tags Matt and hits a Flying Knee followed by a Running Bulldog/Dropkick combo from the Bucks. Matt tags in and Nick hits a Slingshot X-Factor before going for a Moonsault on Dax on the floor only for Dax to catch him and hit a Brainbuster on the floor! Cash hits a Gory Bomb on Matt! 1…2…NO Matt kicks out!

FTR goes for the Big Rig but Matt blocks it and then kicks Cash in the nuts as Nick distracted the referee. The Bucks hit the Big Rig of their own on Cash! 1…2…NO he kicks out! The Bucks hit More Bang for Your Buck! 1…2…NO Cash kicks out again! Matt gets pissed and immediately pins Cash again but Cash again kicks out. Matt goes for a third pin and again Cash kicks out. Nick grabs a title belt but Dax grabs it and Cash rolls Matt up for two. Nick slams Cash with the title belt and Matt covers him only for Dax to break it up!

The Bucks hit a Superkick Party on Dax and hit the BTE Trigger on Cash! 1….2….NO Cash’s foot was on the bottom rope! The Bucks go for the Meltzer Driver but Dax intercepts Nick and hits a Liger Bomb! Cash hits a Tombstone on Matt at the same time! FTR hits a BTE Trigger of their own on Matt and then the Big Rig for the pin!

Winners & STILL ROH & AAA Tag Champs: FTR via pinfall (Big Rig)