AEW/NJPW Forbidden Door 2022

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They are doing both Japanese and English introductions.

Bishamon (YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto) vs. The Factory (QT Marshall & Aaron Solo)

Bishamon are former IWGP Tag Team Champions and Goto is a true star and former IWGP Jr. Heavyweight, IWGP Intercontinental and NEVER Openweight Champion. YOSHI and Solo start the match off and trade strikes with one another until Goto and Marshall tag in with Goto getting the better of Cody’s buddy. Solo and Marshall double team Goto but YOSHI comes in and Bishamon pull out of some great double team offense.

Solo trips YOSHI and drags him to the floor and Marshall hits the QT Special onto Bishamon on the floor. He almost hit his head on the apron. Solo hits a Ghetto Stomp off the top on Goto for a nearfall. Solo and Marshall isolate Goto in their corner until Goto fights out to make the hot tag to YOSHI. YOSHI hits a big backdrop on Marshall and then a Blockbuster off the top for two until Solo broke it up.

Solo tosses Bishamon to the floor and hits a Somersault Plancha onto them both. Solo rolls YOSHI in the ring and Marshall goes for the Diamond Cutter but YOShI shoves him off only to eat a Corkscrew Enziguri from Solo followed by the Diamond Cutter from Marshall. He gets a nearfall until Goto breaks it up. Marshall and Solo dump Goto to the floor and Marshall attempts a 450 Splash on YOSHI but he moves and then tags Goto.

YOSHI Superkicks Solo and Goto hits a neckbreaker over his knee. Bishamon hit the GYR/Shoto for the pin.

Winners: Bishamon via pinfall (GYR/Shoto)

A video package highlights the IWGP Heavyweight Title Match.

Lance Archer vs. Nick Comoroto

Archer cannonballs onto Comoroto as he comes in and the ring and starts throwing strikes at him. Comoroto backdrops Archer over the top onto the apron and then shoulder blocks him off the apron into the barricade. In the ring, Comoroto hits a Backbreaker and bores us all to tears with stomps, kicks and rest holds. Archer fights back with strikes and they exchange big forearms and elbows until Archer hits a series of clotheslines.

Archer does his New School Moonsault for a nearfall. Archer hits the Blackout for the pin.

Winner: Archer via pinfall (Blackout)

A video package highlighting the IWGP U.S. Title match airs.

Clark Connors is replacing Tomohiro Ishii, who is injured, in the All-Atlantic Title Match and he cuts a promo backstage saying this is his chance to shine and break open the glass ceiling in his career.

Suzuki-Gun (El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru) vs. Swerve in our Glory (Keith Lee & Swerve Stickland)

Desperado is a masked wrestler that was a star in CMLL as Namajague for quite some time before returning to Japan and taking up the Desperado gimmick. Both he and Kanemaru are extremely talented and successful junior heavyweights. They’re four-time IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Champions (with each other) and Kanemaru is a former AJPW Jr. Heavyweight Champion and a 7-time GHC (in NOAH) Jr. Heavyweight Champion. Desperado has also won the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title twice.

Lee and Kanemaru wrestle to a stalemate and then tag Desperado and Strickland in, who speed things up with some beautiful counters. Desperado blocks a Punt Kick from Strickland on the outside and puts him in a Stretch Muffler. In the ring, Strickland hit a Springboard Dropkick through the ropes but then misses another and hits Lee in the knee by mistake. The referee counts that as a tag as Kanemaru drags Strickland to the floor allowing Desperado to go after Lee’s knee.

Kanemaru and Desperado work Lee’s knee over but Lee still manages to fight back and goes for a Spirit Bomb only for Kanemaru to kick his knee out from under him causing Desperado to land on top of him for a nearfall. Kelly points out that Tomohiro Ishii is out of the All-Atlantic Title match due to a knee injury against Kanemaru. Strickland gets a hot tag and breaks out kicks to Suzuki-Gun capped off with a Diving Corkscrew Uppercut to the back of Desperado.

Strickland takes Desperado down and then floats over and rolls him into a Brainbuster in a beautiful sequence. Swerve and Desperado exchange strikes until Desperado surprises Strickland with a Spinebuster. Suzuki-Gun hit a Dropkick/Sidewalk slam combo. Lee tries to help but Desperado kicks the ropes into his nuts and Kanemaru kicks his knee. Swerve ducks a kick and hits a backbreaker but eats a Lariat from Desperado. Strickland bounces back up and hits a Flatliner and both men are down.

Lee and Kanemaru tag in and Kanemaru goes right after Lee’s knee again with dropkicks and then he puts him in a Figure Four! Strickland tries to break it up but he takes Swerve down and puts him in the Stretch Muffler. Lee reaches up and grabs Desperado by the throat and throws him into Kanemaru to break up both holds. Kanemaru goes for a Sunset Flip but Lee blocks it and drags him up into the air and into an attempt at Swerve in our Glory but Desperado knocks Strickland off the top and Kanemaru rakes Lee’s eyes. Kanemaru spits whiskey in Lee’s face and rolls him up as Desperado distracts the referee, 1…2…NO lee kicks out!

Strickland dives off the back of Lee into an Enziguri on Kanemaru and then kicks Desperado causing him to get up in the ropes by his feet followed by a Guillotine Stomp! Lee hits the Ground Zero for the pin!

Winners: Swerve in our Glory via pinfall (Groudn Zero)

Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs taunt Swerve and Lee from the balcony.

Max Caster & The Gunn Club w/Anthony Bowens vs. Yuya Uemura, Alex Coughlin, The DKC & Kevin Knight

As the Acclaimed and the Gunn Club make their way out, Danhausen appears on the screen and says he has a special gift for them and new “We’re the Ass Boys” theme plays causing Colten and Austin Gunn to runt to he back to chase him. Coughlin shows off his power with a Fall Away Slam on Billy Gunn. Knight works over Caster and gets a nearfall and the NJPW Dojo team work over Caster in their corner. Caster tries to fight his way out but Uemura hits him with a Running Bulldog for two.

The DKC hits a series of Suplexes and they continue to work him over in their corner. Caster manages to slam Knight and DKC into each other and then backdrops Knight allowing him to make the hot tag to Billy Gunn. Gunn dishes out clotheslines for everyone and Big Boots Uemura. He goes for the Fameasser on Knight but he sidesteps him and hits a huge dropkick only to eat a Tilt-A-Whirl Slam. Gunn hits the One and Only on Uemura and the Fameasser on DKC. Caster tags in and hits the Mic Drop on DKC for the pin.

Winners: Caster & The Gunn Club via pinfall (Mic Drop)

A video package highlights Tanahashi/Jericho.


Le Sex Gods (Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara) & Minoru Suzuki w/Tay Conti vs. Eddie Kingston, Wheeler Yuta & Shota Umino

The winning team will give the man advantage to either JAS or Black Pool Combat Club in Blood and Guts. Umino has spent the majority of the last two years in the UK on “excursion.” Footage of Jericho slapping the piss out of Umino when he was just a “young lion” years ago is shown. Yuta and Jericho start off with Yuta hitting a series of German Suplexes. The fans lose their shit as he about seven of them before hitting an Olympic Slam for a nearfall and then immediately locking in a Crossface. All four of the others hit the ring and a big brawl ensues.

All six men fight around ringside with Jericho throwing Yuta into the ring steps and Sammy throwing Kingston into the steps, as well. Suzuki and Umino exchange elbows as Jericho rolls Yuta back in and the heels work him over in their corner. Yuta finally gets out of the corner and makes a tag to Umino only for Guevara to rake his eyes and tag Jericho as the heels work him over their corner now.

Kingston finally tags in but Jericho immediately tags Suzuki and the house explodes. Kingston and Suzuki exchange some of the absolute nastiest chops and elbows you will ever see in your life. Suzuki finally ends the sequence with a Forearm Smash that lays Kingston out. The heels work over Kingston in their corner but Kingston fights his way out once Jericho is tagged in. He knocks Sammy off the apron but Suzuki catches him in a Hanging Armbar in the ropes.

Jericho hits an Armbreaker on Kingston and puts him in an Armbar as he elbows the arm before tagging Suzuki. Suzuki puts Kingston in an Octopus and Guevara takes down a charging Yuta and puts him in a Crossface. Jericho puts Umino in an Abdominal Stretch, as well. Kingston manages to grab the ropes to break the hold but the heels continue to work him over in their corner. Guevara tags in and attempts a Diving Cross Body but Kingston catches him and hits a T-Bone Suplex and STO! Umino makes the hot tag and hits a Press Slam followed by a Corkscrew Elbow. Umino knocks Jericho off the apron but Suzuki attacks him from behind only to eat a Flying Back Elbow and Baseman Dropkick from Umino.

Umino hits a Flying Elbow in the corner on Guevara and a Perfect Plex for two until Jericho breaks it up. Umino dropkicks Jericho to the outside and then hits a Rolling Cannonball onto Jericho. Guevara hits an insane Shooting Sammy Press off the top onto Umino only for Yuta to come flying in with a Somersault Plancha onto Umino! Kingsotn then hits a Tope Suicida onto Sammy, as well! Suzuki pops the shit out of the crowd as he pretends like he’s going to dive but stops and points at his head.

Yuta pulls Suzuki out and throws him into the barricade before tagging Umino and hitting a Flying Cross Body on Sammy for two. Yuta dropkicks Jericho and rolls Sammy up for two. Yuta eats a Standing Spanish Fly from Sammy but Eddie blind tagged him and hits a Backdrop Driver on Sammy! He puts Sammy in the Stretch Plum only for Suzuki to break it up. He hits Suzuki with the Backfist to the Future but Jericho suplexes him. Umino elbows Jericho but eats a Springboard Cutter from Sammy! Yuta hits a Frog Splash on Sammy and all six men are down!

Umino and Jericho are the legal men and Jericho goes for the Walls but Umino counters with a Boxy Scissors only to eat a Codebreaker for a nearfall. Jericho goes up top but Umino cuts him off and hits a Super Powerslam! 1…2…NO Suzuki breaks it up! Sammy hits the GTS on Yuta on the outside and Kingston decks Jericho as he went for a Lionsault allowing Umino to get a nearfall. Umino hits a bunch of strikes but Sammy hits him in the back with the bat as the referee was dealing with Kingston. Jericho misses the Judas Effect and Umino hits a Tornado DDT! Umino hits a Brainbuster, 1…2…NO Jericho kicks out!

Suzuki has Kinston in an Armbar on the outside as Umino puts Jericho in a Walls of Jericho of his own! Sammy kicks Umino repeatedly but he won’t let go only for Suzuki to break it up with headbutts. Kingston misses a Lariat and Suzuki hits the Gotch Piledriver! Umino fights Sammy and Suzuki off with elbows but then walks into the Judas Effect from Jericho for the pin!

Winners: Le Sex Gods & Suzuki via pinfall (Judas Effect)

IWGP World Tag Team Championships/ROH World Tag Team Championships
Winner Take All 3-Way Match
FTR (ROH Tag Champs) vs. The United Empire (Great-O-Khan & Jeff Cobb) (IWGP Tag Champs) vs. Roppongi Vice (Trent Beretta & Rocky Romero)

Trent and Dax start off and wrestle to a stalemate leading to Cobb tagging in for the first time. He and Dax exchange some power moves but Romero blind tags Cobb. FTR works on Romero in the corner along with utilizing quick tags and double team moves. It looked like Dax may have injured his elbow on a double team move and a trainer comes out to check on him. Roppongi Vice work on Cash in their corner and Romero hits a beautiful Rana. We see Dax being taken to the back as Cobb stops a Romero dive and Khan tags in.

Cobb throws Wheeler into the ring post and Khan covers him in the ring for a nearfall. They work over Cash in their corner and Khan literally sits on his head at one point. Cobb hits the Tour of the Islands on Cash and Khan continues to work on him until Trent manages to tag Cash. Trent hits a Half Nelson Suplex on Khan and a Tornado DDT out of the corner. He goes for a Tornado DDT on Cobb but Cobb blocks it and hits a Brainbuster. Romero hits a Diving Rana on Cobb off the top sending him to the floor.

Roppongi Vice and United Empire brawl on the outside with Romero diving off the apron with a Knee on Cobb and Trent hitting a Spear on Khan. In the ring, Roppongi Vice hit a Guillotine Missile Dropkick on Khan for two. Cash tags Trent and fights off both United Empire members until they catch him and hit a double team move. United Empire mocks Cash telling him to tag his partner but then Dax comes out with his shoulder taped as the crowd goes nuts.

Cash shoves Untied Empire into each other and Dax makes the hot tag. Dax hits a series of clotheslines capping it off with a huge Lariat to Khan and a Rolling German Suplex on Cobb! Cobb elbows Dax and goes to the top but Dax cuts him off and Trent climbs up with him. They hit a Double Superplex and Cash blind tags his partner and hits a Frog Splash on Cobb for a close nearfall! Romero blind tags Cash and hits a Mindbreaker on Khan with the help of Cash only to hit Cash with a Diamond Cutter!

Trent tags in and Roppongi Vice hit a Flying Double Knee followed by a Plancha from Romero on Khan on the outside. Roppongi Vice go for Strong Zero but Cobb Powerbombs Trent and Khan hits Dax with an Armbreaker. Khan hits a Slingblade on Cash and Cobb hits a Stanidng Moonsault on Romero! Khan hits a Sack of Shit on Trent and then throws him into a German Suplex from Cobb for a close nearfall.

Cobb picks Trent up but Rocky blind tags him and Dax pulls Khan out to the floor. Romero hits a Tope Suicida onto Dax and Khan. Roppongi Vice hits Strong Zero on Cobb! 1…2…NO Cash breaks it up! Dax tags Cobb and goes for a Brainbuster on Rocky but Rocky counters into a rollup for two. Dax picks up but Rocky rolls him up for another nearfall. They exchange nearfalls until Rocky hits an Armbreaker and then a Back Heel Kick. Rocky hits the ropes but eats the Big Rig from FTR for the pin!

Winners & NEW IWGP Tag Champs and STILL ROH Tag Champs: FTR via pinfall (Big Rig)

Juice Robinson is backstage with Ospray’s U.S. Title claiming he’s the real champion.

AEW All-Atlantic Title Tournament Finals
“The Bastard” PAC (c) vs. Malakai Black vs. “The Redeemer” Miro vs. Clark Connors

Connors replaces Tomohiro Ishii who recently suffered a knee injury. Black and PAC immediately brawl to the outside as Miro starts killing Connors. Connors dives off the top but Miro catches only for Connors to escape and knock Miro to the floor. He goes for a Plancha but Miro catches him again and slams him on the floor. Black knees Miro as he tried to get back in the ring and hits a Flying Knee to PAC as PAC had climbed to the top.

Black goes for a Superplex but PAC cuts him off and attempts a Sunset Flip Bomb only for Black to land on his feet and hit a Flying Knee. Miro comes in and lays into Black with strikes. Black hits a Roundhouse Kick to Miro and a Flying Knee to Connors as he comes in. Black puts Connors in a Kneebar but Miro pulls Connors to the outside by his hair and slams him into the barricade. Miro hits a Splash on Black but walks into a boot from PAC. PAC attempts a Springboard Cross Body but Miro catches him and hits a Fall Away Slam.

Connors throws a bunch of elbows at Miro and then goes for a Cross Body but Miro catches him and hits a Black Hole Slam for two. Miro hits a big Lariat and a Gut Wrench Suplex for two. Black and Miro start fighting over who gets to beat on PAC. They exchange strikes with Miro getting the better of that exchange. PAC shoulder blocks a charging Miro and charges right into a Bulgarian Drop for two. Miro goes for a Pump Kick but PAC hits a Roundhouse Kick in mid-move. Connors comes in but gets back dropped to the floor.

PAC hits a Fosburry Flop onto Black on the floor and then a Shotgun Missile Dropkcik to Miro in the ring. Black comes in but eats a Snap German from PAC only to come right back with a Flying Knee! Connors hits a Release German on Black but Miro kills him with a Lariat. Black hits a Roundhouse Kick on Miro but only gets a one count.

Black goes to the outside and pulls a table out and sets it up at ringside. Black drags Miro out and tries to throw him into the table but Miro blocks it. Miro slams Black into the steps and catches a diving PAC in midair! He tries to throw PAC into the table but PAC shoves him into the ring steps. Black hits a Flyign Knee to Miro and Connors comes out of nowhere with a Spear to Miro through the table!

In the ring, Connors hits a series of elbows and Lariats and then a Snap Powerslam! PAC kicks Connors but then eats a Spear, as well! Connors hits a Sit-Out Powerbomb for two but Black broke it up! Connors goes for a Back Suplex on PAC but he escapes and hits a Superkick. PAC goes for the Black Arrow but Black crotches him and goes for a Superplex. Connors climbs up with them both only for Miro to slide in and hit the TOWER OF DOOM!

Miro throws Connors and Black to the floor and then hits the Pump Kick and locks in the Accolade! PAC manages to get to the ropes but Miro pulls him back to the center. Black spits mist in Miro’s face and then locks Connors in a Flying Armbar! PAC breaks it up with a 450 Splash and puts Connors in the Brutalizer for the submission!

Winner & NEW All-Atlantic Champ: PAC via submission (Brutalizer)

Trios Match
Dudes with Attitude (Sting & Darby Allin) & Shingo Takagi vs. The Bullet Club (Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson & El Phantasmo) w/Hikuleo

Shingo was a huge start in DRAGON GATE before leaving to NJPW and becoming an even bigger star and former IWGP Heavyweight Champion. As the Bullet Club is coming out, the lights go out and then a spotlight shines in the rafters. The lights go out again and Sting appears on the top of the tunnel before diving onto the Bullet Club!

They all brawl around before the action spills into the ring and Sting and Shingo double team Phantasmo before they fist bump in a moment that was probably very cool for Shingo. Darby tags in and hits a beautiful Springboard Lucha Armdrag and goes for the Flipping Cutter only for the Bucks to catch him and throw him to the floor. Nick hits a Moonsault onto Allin on the outside.

BC work on Allin in their corner for several minutes. Phantasmo taunts Sting as BC hits a Triple Dropkick to Allin in the corner with him tied up in the tree of woe. Allin manages to lift himself up and hit a Hanging German Supelx on Phantasmo as he was taunting him! Allin wants the hot tag but Hikuleo pulls Sting off the apron and throws him into the barricade with the Bucks distracting the referee. Allin surprises Phantasmo with a Code Red and makes the hot tag to Takagi!

Shingo and Nick Jackson tag in and Shingo goes to town on both Bucks. Shingo hits a series of clotheslines to them in the corner and then a big Lariat to Nick. Shingo hits a Snap Twisting Suplex for two. Shingo goes for a Sliding Lariat but Jackson moves and hits a Spinning Enziguri only to run right into a DVD from Shingo! Sting tags in and throws punches and back hands to everyone! Phantasmo hits Sting from behind but Sting shrugs him off and hits a Stinger Splash! He avoids a diving Jackson and hits a Stinger Splash on both the Bucks!

Sting puts Matt in the Scorpion Death Lock but Hikuleo gets on the apron allowing Phantasmo to punch Sting in the dick with the referee distracted. Phantasmo eats a Flipping Stunner from Darby but then everyone eats Superkick Parties from the Bucks. Sting shrugs it off, though, and beats his chest before hitting a Double Clothesline to the Bucks and then collapsing.

Sting tags Allin and he goes for the Coffin Drop on Matt but he gets his knees up and the Bucks hit More Bang for Your Buck! Phantasmo hits Thunder Kiss but Shingo breaks up the pin attempt. The Bucks knock Shingo to the floor and hit Tope Suicidas onto Allin and Shingo. Phantasmo walks the ropes and hits a gorgeous Asai Moonsault onto the babyfaces! Sting goes for a dive but eats a Superkick Party in mid-move from the BC! The Bucks go for the BTE Trigger but Sting moves and hits a Double Stinger Death Drop on them!

Phantasmo is celebrating and then turns around and realizes what happened. Sting twists his nipples and then kicks him in the nuts as the referee was dealing with Hikuleo again. Allin hits a Coffin Plancha onto Hikuleo on the outside! Shingo hits a series of elbows on Phantasmo and the Pumping Bomber for a nearfall. Shingo hits the Last of the Dragon on Phantasmo for the pin.

Winners: Dudes with Attitude & Shingo via pinfall (Last of the Dragon)

The JAS approaches Umino backstage and Jericho says he earned his respect. They then throw a fireball in his face.

AEW World Women’s Championship
Thunder Rosa (c) vs. Toni Storm

They mat wrestle each other to a stalemate early on Rosa turns it into a bit of a brawl and starts throwing strikes. Storm manages to kick a charging Rosa and hits a Snap Suplex for two followed by putting her in a submission. She goes for a suplex but Rosa rolls her up for two. They start slapping the shit out of each other and then exchanging forearms. Rosa hits a Stunner and a Flying Clothesline in the corner. Rosa hits Double Knees in the corner and a Hesitation Dropkick to Storm as she was laid out on the ropes. Rosa hits a Northern Lights Suplex for two.

Rosa goes for the Fir Thunder Driver but Storm rolls her up for two only for Rosa to hit her with a Double Foot Stomp. Rosa puts Storm in a submission and pulls her hair but Storm gets her foot under the bottom rope. Rosa goes for a clothesline but Storm moves and sends her to the floor. She goes for a Diving DDT to the outside but Rosa catches her and hits a Northern Lights Suplex on the floor. Rosa rolls Storm in the ring and tries to get back in but Storm knocks her back out.

Storm goes up top for a dive but Rosa cuts her off and attempts a DVD off the apron but Storm escapes and hits a German Suplex onto the apron followed by a Diving Tornado DDT on the floor. Storm rolls Rosa back in and hits the Flying Hip Attack in the corner and the Tornado DDT for two. Storm goes for Storm Zero but Rosa escapes and hits an Armbreaker and a Flying Knee. Rosa hits a DVD and Fire Thunder Driver! 1…2..NO Storm kicks out!

Rosa hits a series of kicks but Storm catches the last one and pulls her into a German Suplex. Storm goes for Storm Zero but Rosa counters into anther Armbreaker. Rosa hits Final Reckoning for the pin.

Winner & STILL Women’s Champ: Rosa via pinfall (Final Reckoning)

IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship
Will Ospreay (c) w/Aussie Open vs. Orange Cassidy

OC puts his hands in his pockets and sidesteps Ospreay’s offense to Ospreay’s annoyance and then he gives Ospreay a thumbs up and taunts him. OC ducks some strikes from Ospreay and hits the Satellite Headscissors sending Ospreay to the floor. He sets up for a dive but Ospreay backs away and OC does Ospreay’s Spider Man pose in the ring. Ospreay runs in and hangs OC up in the ropes and then hits a Yakuza Kick. Ospreay tosses OC to the floor and hits a Flying Knee diving off one of the Aussie Open members.

Ospreay tosses OC back in and slams him hard into the turnbuckles before doing pushups to taunt OC and the crowd. Ospreay hits a Spinning Backbreaker for two and slams OC into the corner again before getting another nearfall. Ospreay puts OC in an Abdominal Stretch and puts his hand in OC’s pocket before pulling out a middle finger to the crowd. OC fights Ospreay off with a Hip Toss and then slams him into the turnbuckles. OC hits a Flying Cross Body off the top and goes for a Satellite DDT but Ospready tosses him across the ring.

Ospreay hits the Handspring Rolling Kick. Ospreay hits the Phenomenal Forearm off the top for a nearfall. He stands on OC’s head and then starts kicking him in the face, which pisses OC off. OC puts his hands in his pockets and hits a Flying Dropkick. OC does some lazy Kawada Kicks, which annoys Ospreay causing him to Forearm smash him. OC then starts kicking the piss out of Ospreay’s face only to run into a Silent Whisper and Hook Kick from Ospreay. He goes for the Oscuter but OC moves and rolls him up for two.

OC goes for the Satellite DDT but Ospreay blocks it only to eat the Stun Dog Millionaire and Michinoku Driver! 1…2…NO Ospreay kicks out! OC goes up top and dives off with a Moonsault but Ospreay catches him only for OC to hit the Satellite DDT! Ospreay rolls to the floor but OC follows him out with a Tope Suicida! He rolls Ospreay back in the ring but Ospreay distracts the referee and United Empire grab OC’s leg. He kicks them away and hits a Springboard Somersault Plancha! OC hits a Diving DDT on Ospreay! 1…2…NO Ospreay kicks out!

OC goes for the Orange Punch but Ospreay hits him with a Standing Spanish Fly! Bullet Club is shown watching in a sky box. Ospreay hangs OC up in the corner and hits the Cheeky Nandos Kick and goes up top but OC grabs his leg. OC climbs up with Ospreay and slams Ospreay’s face into a camera on the ring post. Ospreay elbows OC off but he’s dazed and when OC realizes he lays down and plays possum. Ospreay catches his breath and goes for a Moonsault but OC moves only for OC to roll away and Ospreay go for another Moonsault but he moves again and Ospreay hits a Standing Shooting Star Press! Ospreay goes for another Moonsault but OC moves and they exchange move attempts only for OC to finish it off with the Beach Break for another close nearfall!

OC goes for the Orange Punch but Ospreay catches him with a Diamond Cutter and then the OsCutter! 1…2…NO OC kicks out and Ospreay freaks out! Ospreay goes for Hidden Blade but OC moves and goes for Orange Punch. Ospreay counters into a Storm Breaker attempt but OC counters into a Rana! 1….2…NO Ospreay kicks out and hits a Running Lariat and Hidden Blade! 1…2…NO OC kicks out! MY GOD! Ospreay picks OC up and hits Storm Breaker for the pin!

Winner & STILL IWGP U.S. Champ: Ospreay via pinfall (Storm Breaker)

United Empire attacks OC after the match and start ripping his pockets until Roppongi Vice hit the ring and attack them. They continue to beat OC down but Katsoyori Shibata comes out to a MASSIVE pop! He wipes out Aussie Open and then goes after Ospreay and absolutely MURDERS him with a Pump Kick! Shibata takes Ospreay down with elbows and punches and Pump Kicks one of Aussie Open as he tries to interfere. Shibata hits Ospreay with a Hesitation Dropkick and puts Ospreay in a Rear Naked Choke but Aussie Open pulls him to safety.

OC and Shibata come face-to-face with OC putting his sunglasses on Shibata’s face and giving him the thumbs up. He leaves Shibata in the ring but he tells OC to get back in and leads the crowd in giving OC applause.

Bryan Danielson’s hand-picked opponent for Zack Sabre Jr. is… CLAUDIO CASTAGNOLI! AKA the former Cesaro.

Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Claudio Castagnoli

These two have wrestled three times, two singles matches with Sabre winning both singles matches in 2008/2009. Claudio runs Sabre over immediately with a Running Uppercut and the Neutralizer! 1…2…NO Sabre kicks out and rolls to the floor. Claudio throws Sabre into the barricade and hits another Running Uppercut. Sabre escapes another elbow and rolls into the ring and hits Claudio with an uppercut as he comes in the ring but Claudio shrugs it off and hits one of his own. Sabre rolls onto the apron and catches Claudio’s arm and slams it into the ropes. Claudio kicks Sabre in the face and hits a Delayed Suplex back into the ring for another nearfall.

Claudio tries to kick Sabre again but he catches Sabre’s leg in the ropes with a Hanging Knee Bar. He drags Claudio’s leg to the outside and puts him another Kneebar as Claudio’s is hanging over the apron. Sabre goes to work on Claudio’s arm with submissions and then when Claudio tries to slam him he counters into an Armbar. He cannonballs across Claudio’s arm and starts taunting Claudio by kicking him. Claudio responds with an uppercut but when he charges at Sabre he moves and Claudio hits the ring post. Sabre then hits La Mistica and stomps on Claudio’s arm before getting a nearfall.

Sabre goes to work on Claudio’s leg now and shuts Cluadio down every time he tries to fight back. Finally, Claudio counters a clothesline into a Urange Backbreaker and then a Corkscrew Uppercut in the corner for a nearfall. Claudio goes for a Torture Rack but Sabre rakes his eyes and catches Claudio in a Rolling Armbar. Claudio rolls back over and deadlifts Sabre up and tries to Powerbomb him but Sabre ranas him over the top rope with both men crashing to the floor. Sabre continues to hold onto the armbar but Claudio deadlifts him again and then literally walks up the freaking ring steps with him and Powerbombs him into the ring! CLAUDIO FREAKING CASTGANOLI, FOLKS!

Claudio goes for the Big Swing but Sabre counters into a Hanging Guillotine. Claudio fights out and crotches Sabre on the top rope. Claudio goes for a Superplex but Sabre counters into a Octopus on the top rope! Sabre hits a series of uppercuts knocking Claudio back to the mat but Claudio leaps back up with a Leaping Uppercut! Claudio hits a Gutwrench Superplex! Claudio goes for the Giant Swing but Sabre immediately gets to the ropes to avoid it.

Claudio tosses Ospreay into the corner and hits a Flying Uppercut but misses another and Sabre hits one of his own only for Claudio to shrug it off and hit another uppercut for a nearfall. Claudio hits the Giant Swing but his arm gives out. Claudio goes for a Sharpshooter but Sabre kicks him repeatedly and reverses it into a Heel Hook! Claudio kicks Sabre in the face repeatedly but Sabre refuses to let go and almost gets a nearfall as Claudio fell back onto the mat. Finally, Claudio reverses the hold into a Sharpshooter!

Sabre rolls over and eats a Ghetto Stomp from Claudio! 1…2…NO Sabre kicks out! Sabre and Claudio exchange uppercuts until Sabre hits a Pele Kick and then jumps onto Claudio’s back, as Claudio went for a Press Slam, and locks in a Rear Naked Choke. Claudio reaches out to the ropes but Sabre takes him down with an Armbar. Claudio gets to the ropes to break the count but then eats a series of roundhouse kicks from Sabre. Sabre misses the last one and Claudio hits a Uppercut followed by a Lariat for a nearfall. Claudio goes for a Neutralizer but Sabre counters into the European Clutch for a neaffall.

Sabre hits the ropes but Claudio hits him with a Press Slam into an Uppercut and then a Lariat and the Ricola Bomb for the pin!

Winner: Claudio via pinfall (Ricola Bomb)

IWGP World Heavyweight Championship
4-Way Match
“Switchblade” Jay White (c) w/Gedo vs. “Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada vs. “Hangman” Adam Page vs. Adam Cole

Cole and Page brawl on the outside as White and Okada wrestle in the ring. Hangman hits a Tope Suicida onto Cole and Okada goes for a Tombstone on the outside but White escapes and slams him onto the apron. Page and Cole brawl up the ramp until White blindsides Cole. Cole and White Double Suplex Page on the ramp and then they start double teaming Okada in the ring. Cole hits a Hangman’s Neckbrekaer on Okada and holds him for White to chop away at him.

White rolls out and tries to throw Page into the ring steps but Hangman reverses it. Cole hits a Big Boot on Page but then walks into a Tombstone attempt from Okada only for White to break it up. Hangman throws rights and lefts at the BC guys and hits a Springboard Clothesline knocking White to the floor followed by a Fall Away Slam to Cole and a Slingshot Plancha onto White on the floor! Page hits a Flying Clothesline off the top on Cole for a nearfall.

White comes but eats a back elbow from Page and then Page goes for a Moonsault Press off the top but Cole Superkicks him in midair! Okada rolls in and throws forearms at both Cole and White. He lifts Cole up to the top rope and dropkicks him to the floor and hits a Flapjack on White. Okada follows White outside and throws him into the barricade and Yakuza Kicks him into the front row. Okada throws Cole over the barricade onto White and dives over the barricade with a Plancha onto them both!

In the ring, Okada puts Cole in the Money Clip but White breaks it up and hits a Saito Suplex. White hits Complete Shot on Page and then goes for a German Suplex but Page lands on his feet and rolls White up with a Jackknife for a nearfall until Cole breaks it up. Cole surprises White with a Backstabber and a Brainbuster onto his knee for a nearfall. White avoids the BOOM and hits a Side Slam. White catches a charging Okada with a Dragon Suplex and then goes for Blade Runner on Page but he avoids it only to hit the Sleeper Suplex. Cole hits the BOOM on White but eats the John Woo Dropkick from Okada! All four men are down now.

They all throw elbows at each other as they get to their feet. Hangman hits a Cowboy Kick on Okada, Roaring Elbow on Cole and Pop-Up Powerbomb on White for two. Page goes for the Buckshot Lariat but Cole grabs his foot only for Page to kick him away and then hit the Golden Moonsault onto both Cole and Okada! He goes for the Buckshot Lariat again but Gedo grabs his boot. Page lays out Gedo and goes for the Buckshot Lariat but White ducks and goes for the Bladerunner. Page hits Dead Eye and hits the Buckshot Lariat! 1…2…NO Okada breaks it up!

Okada and Page get in each other’s faces and trade elbows until Okada goes for a Tombstone. Page escapes and rolls Okada up only for Okada to roll through. He misses the Spinning Rainmaker and Page hits a German Suplex and Spinning Lariat. Hangman goes for the Buckshot Lariat but Cole pulls him out and throws him into the ring post. Cole goes for the Panama Sunrise but Okada catches him and hits the Kryptonite Krunch on hits knee.

Okada ascends to the top and hits a Flying Elbow Drop and attempts the Rainmaker but Cole moves and then avoids the Buckshot Lariat from Page. Cole hits Superkicks on them both and hits Okada with two more Superkicks for another nearfall. Cole hits the ropes but runs into a dropkick from Okada followed by an attempt at the Rainmaker. Cole ducks and hits an Enziguri and then Superkicks as Page goes for the Buckshot Lariat again. Cole goes for the BOOM but Okada dropkicks him and hits a Michinoku Driver. Okada misses the Rainmaker and White hits Okada with Bladerunner! Okada rolls to the floor and White pins Cole. It looked like Cole got his shoulder up, though.

Winner & STILL IWGP Champ: White via pinfall (Bladerunner)

Main Event
Interim AEW World Heavyweight Championship
“Death Rider” Jon Moxley w/William Regal vs. “The Ace of the Universe” Hiroshi Tanahashi

Tanahashi and Moxley mat wrestle to a stalemate to start off until Tanahashi hits a Springboard Cross Body. Moxley gets pissed and shoves Tanahashi leading to an exchange of punches and forearms. Tanahashi dropkicks Moxley’s knee and then hits a Dragonscrew Leg Whip followed by a Death Lock. Moxley gets to the ropes and then hits a Cutter out of nowhere. They exchange forearms and Moxley lifts Tana up to the top rope and hits a Butterfly Superplex. Moxley hits a Spike Piledriver for a nearfall.

Moxley traps Tana’s arms and stomps him in the face before putting him in the Texas Cloverleaf. Moxley transitions into an STF but Tanahashi gets to the ropes. They exchange forearms with Tanahashi getting the better of the exchange. Tanahashi slams Moxley and hits a Somersault Senton off the middle rope for two. Tanahashi goes for Slingblade but Moxley moves and throws him over the top. Tanahashi skins the cat back into the ring right into a clothesline from Moxley sending him over the top to the floor. Moxley throws Tanahashi into the barricade and Urange Suplexes him through the timekeeper’s table.

Tanahashi is almost counted out but manages to roll back into the ring before the 10. Moxley screams at Tana that he is the “ace” and starts throwing round kick after round kick at him. Tanahashi catches the last one and goes for a Dragonscrew but Moxley blocks it and locks in a Cross Armbreaker. Tanahashi rolls over and elbows him and stomps his head repeatedly. Tanahashi hits the Slingblade and Moxley rolls out to the floor where we see that his head is busted open. Tanahashi hits a Aces High onto Moxley on the floor!

Back in the ring, Moxley goes for Paradigm Shift but Tanahashi counters into Twist and Shout. Moxley blocks the last Suplex with a German Suplex and Paradigm Shift for two. He goes for another Paradigm Shift but Tanahashi headbutts him and then hits a Knee Smash. Tanahashi hits Aces High and hits High Fly Flow! 1…2…NO Moxley kicks out and locks Tanahashi in the Bulldog Choke! Tanahashi fights up to his feet and Jackknifes Moxley for two. He misses a clothesline and Moxley puts him in a Rear Naked Choke only for Tanahashi to flip backwards into another nearfall Bret Hart style.

Tanahashi and Moxley exchange slaps capped off with a King Kong Lariat from Tanahashi for just a ONE COUNT! Moxley is pissed off and starts elbowing Tanahashi in the face over and over until locking in the Rear Naked Choke. Tanahashi tries to fight it, so Moxley rolls into a Bulldog Choke. Tanahashi fights back to his feet and Moxley hits Death Rider for the pin!

Winner & NEW Interim AEW Champ: Moxley via pinfall (Death Rider)

Chris Jericho and Daniel Garcia hit the ring and attack Moxley and Tanahashi. The rest of JAS and Kingston’s Crew and Yuta all hit the ring and a big brawl interrupts. Claudio runs out and goes right after Jericho before killing every member of JAS. He drops Parker with the Giant Swing to close out the show.