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Canadian Results (2001)


Miscellaneous Canadian Independent Results:
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  • May 2001–Universal Wrestling Alliance – Showdown In Shawville in Shawville, ???: Michael Von Payton b Sean Demers to win the UWA North American title, Tim Jim Jimbob b Wild Ace, The Crow & Mr. Showtime b The Frat Boys (Fratboy Knight & Fratboy Hamilton), Jacob Cain b Dick Swagger, Dangerous Dan b Terry Country, DC Dalton b Sean Demers (a fake Jim Neidhart), Jim Neidhart b DC Dalton to win the UWA Heavyweight title..
  • September 22, 2001–Universal Wrestling Alliance – Fight in Fort Coulonge in ?????: Mr. Showtime b Fratboy Knight following botched interference by Fratboy Hamilton, Sean Demers b Tim Jim Jimbob, Jacob Cain b Fratboy Hamilton, Dane b Dick Swagger by Disqualification, Michael Von Payton b Max Alexander to retain the UWA North American title, Sean Demers b Michael Von Payton to win the UWA North American title, Jacob Cain & Jim Neidhart b DC Dalton & Dangerous Dan..