IMPACT Wrestling 10 27 2020

IMPACT Results
October 27, 2020
Nashville, Tennessee (Skyway Studios)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

I had some issues logging into Twitch tonight – UGH!

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne are on commentary.

I joined the feed with new IMPACT Champion Rich Swann in the ring holding his mid section.  Scott D’Amore was asking him if he is okay.  It looks like we have a rematch with Rich Swann defending the championship against Eric Young.  He goes for a pin but only gets a two count.  Rich went up to the top rope for a big splash.  He connects and gets the three count.


We go to a backstage segment with Havok saying that he is back and the wedding is on.


Back from the break, the Knockouts are in the back and there the word was given that the tournament starts in three weeks to crown new Knockouts Women Tag Team Champions.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Myers – Hardcore Halloween Match

Tommy Dreamer comes to the ring with face paint, paying tribute to the late Road Warrior Animal.   Both men are outside the ring, and now the brawl is on the stage.  Dreamer has a baseball jersey and is chocking out Myers.  He attempts to spike Myers, but Myers counters.  Dreamer grabs a walker and hits Myers across the back.  Dreamer picks up a garbage can that seems heavy. He puts it in the ring.  Both men are still on the outside of ring. Dreamer grabs the ring bell and hits Myers in the gut with it.  Meyers picks up another garbage can and hits Dreamer.  He goes for a three count, but only gets a two.  Dreamer comes off the apron, but gets taken out in the air by Myers. Back from the break, Meyers stomps Dreamer in the throat as Myers continues to stomp on Dreamer.  Myers suplexes Dreamer and goes for a pin, but only gets a one count. Myers grabs apple, takes a bit then spits in the face of Dreamer.  Myers continues to beat on Dreamer.  Myers grabs a chair and is pushing on the throat of Dreamer with it, then smacks him across the back with the chair.  Dreamer attempts to fight back, but Meyers counters.  Dreamer then elbows Myers and then hits a cutter on Myers.  He goes for the pin, but Myers kicks out.  Dreamer has a back of candy corn with thumb tacks and dumps it on the mat.  Both men are on the top rope.  Dreamer is biting Myers then pushes him down and Myers lands on the thumbs tacks and candy corn.  Dreamer is on the outside and grabs a table and pushes it in the ring.  Myers clotheslines Dreamer into the thumb tacks and candy corn.  Swoggle comes out of the other garbage can and takes BBQ tongs and squeezes them on the crotch of Myers.  Dreamer then slams Myers on the table and get the three count.


Backstage interview with Rhino and Heath.  They said they are going after the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles.  Heath said he is going to sign a new contract next week worth millions of dollars.


Backstage with Reno Scum, Herandez and Fallah Bahh.  Hernandez wants him money.  Bahh says he doesn’t have it.  He told Hernandez he stole it for John E. Bravo.  He then takes a bunch to the gut from Reno Scum.  He then reaches down his pants and pulls out the money.  He sniffs it.

XXXL (Larry D and Acey Romeo) vs. The Rasaclz (Wendz and Dez)

Both men exchange kicks, then the bell rings.  In the ring is Romero.  Larry D is now tagged in.  He stomps on the hand of Wendz and now XXXL double team Wendz. Romeo throws Wendz into the turn buckle then fights out of the corner with a drop kick and chops.  Wendz goes for the tag, but Romero grabs him and pulls him back. Larry D is tagged in.  He kicks Wendz.  Larry D picks up Wendz and slams him down.  He goes for the pin, but only gets a two. Romero is tagged in. Wendz finally gets a tag to Dez.  Dez goes on the offense with kicks on Larry D.  He goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. Dez takes out Romero, then goes to take out Larry D, but gets clotheslined.  Larry D attempts a pin, but only gets a two.  Larry D goes up to the top rope.  Wendz climbs the rope and Dez then climbs up also. Romero breaks up the attempt to be superplexed. Romero takes out Dez.  Larry D leaps onto to Dez and XXXL gets the win.


We go to a backstage segment who appears to be an attorney for Deonna Purrazzo and demands that Scott D’Amore has until the end of night to strip Su Yung of the Knockouts Title and award it back to Purrazzo. D’Amore said he will head to the ring.


Backstage interview with the Motor City Machine Guns.  Shelley said that he won’t be 100% for two months.  Sabin says they really didn’t lose the tag team titles because he wasn’t pinned.  XXXL interrupts the interview saying they should be the number 1 contenders, then Shelley is attacked.

Back in the ring, Scott D’Amore addresses the Knockouts Championship.  He says that Purrazzo’s attorney is going to make things legally difficult for IMPACT Wrestling.  D’Amore says that after reviewing all the facts, Su Yung is the rightful Knockouts IMPACT Champion.  D’Amore is interrupted by Deonna, her attorney RD Evans and Kimber Lee who all are now in the ring.  Evans says that D’Amore has made a lot of mistakes in his life.  He said that something happened to Kylie Rae and it’s possible it was at the hands of Su Yung. He then said it is his clients choice to take it to court no matter how long. He then asks D’Amore how long would it take and how much will it cost and to end it all and strip Su Yung of the Knockouts Title.  D’Amore says he makes a compelling case and called Evans string bean.  He then said they love controversy at IMPACT Wrestling.  D’Amore began to talk then Evans tried to interrupt D’Amore.  He then told Purrazzo she needs to be the competitor that she claims to be and she can have the rematch entitled to her on next week’s show.  Evans said he needs to consult his client.  Evans then said Purrazzo agrees to the terms. Su Yung’s music plays and she comes down to the ring with the Knockouts Title.  She gets in the ring.  He has a hold of RD Evans and Kimber Lee, then she sprays the mist in eyes of D’Amore.  Purrazzo goes after Yung, but Yung then applies the claw to the mouth of Purrazzo who is out.

Backstage segment with Rich Swann, Willie Mack and The Rascalz that said it was supposed to be a party and a night off.  Moose then comes in and asks Swann why he is celebrating so hard for being second best and that he has the TNA Championship and that makes him number 1.  He told Moose Swann came from a poor home so he is happy that he is able to get his hands on any gold. The Rascalz take Swann who tries to go after Moose.  Mack then makes a future challenge to Moose. Swann then walks off and walks into a room with Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan who says he will be hearing a lot from both of them as they walk off and look at Swann.


Video package congratulating Ken Shamrock including Mick Foley and Bret Hart. They playa part of the video of The Rock inducting Ken Shamrock into the IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Backstage segment with The North talking to another team about tag team wrestling.  The Good Brothers interrupt. Ethan Page then says he wants to tell the story about the worst investment IMPACT ever made in The Good Brothers. Page and Doc Gallows exchange words, Page then slaps Gallows and they brawl with backstage staff breaking it up.

We then go to the Flashback of the week with Rhoit Raju vs. Willie Mack from Victory Road 2020.

Backstage segment with Rhoit Raju.  Jimmy Jacobs walks in looking for a party.  Raju talks about his victory with five other guys.  Jacobs says Raju stole the victory.  He then tells Jacobs to get out.

Backstage John E. Bravo says that Fallah Bahh is not going to be his best man because he knows that Bahh stole the money.

Tasha Steez and Kiera Hogan vs. Alisha and Jordynne Grace

Steelz and Grace start off the match.  Grace grabs Steelz wrist and takes her down.  Steelz then kicks Grace, but then Grace shoulder tackles Steelz who roles out to the floor. Grace goes for a pin, but Steelz kicks out at two.  Steelz tags in Hogan.  Grace then tags in Alisha who takes down Hogan. Hogan goes for a kick, but Alisha grabs the leg and takes her down.  She goes for the pin, but only gets a two.  Alisha takes Steelz to the corner and slaps her.  Alisha misses with a run on Steelz, but then Alisha counters Steelz attempting a punch.  Alisha tags in Grace, then doubles team Steelz.  Hogan then superkicks Alisha in the face.



Back from the break, Steelz is in control of the match.  Hogan is tagged in and does a running drop kick on Alisha.  Hogan goes for a three count, but only gets a two.  Hogan kicks Alisha in the back.  Grace is asking for a tag, but Alisha yells back at Grace and says she’s got it.  Alisha gets doubled team.  She then tries to tag Grace, but doesn’t make it.  Steelz and Hogan continue to tag in and out.  Alisha bulldogs Steelz.  Alisha finally tags Grace who takes out both Hogan and Steelz.  Grace goes for a pin on Steelz, but only gets a two count.  Grace does a running sit down on Steelz in the corner. She goes for the pin, but Hogan breaks it up. Both All four women are in the ring. Alisha and Grace have some miscommunication in the ring that causes Alish to get pinned.  Both Alisha and Grace trash talk each other.

Out in the parking lot a fan approaches Willie Mack wanting selfie for his cousin’s birthday.  Suddenly, Moose ambushes Mack.

Backstage is Rosemary with Taya Valkyrie about the wedding with Rosemary and John E. Bravo.  Valkyrie is trying to talk Rosemary out of the wedding. Valkyrie says she has bad feeling about the wedding.

They cut to Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne to go over the card for next week.

Wedding between Rosemary and John E. Bravo

The ring ropes are gone and all the guests are outside the ring.  Swoggle comes down to the ring along with the Deaners, Alisha, Johnny Swinger, Tasha Steelz, Taya Valkyrie with Fallah Bahh in Stay Puffed Marshmallow suite.  John E. Bravo comes down to the ring.  Father James Mitchell is back and makes his way to the ring. It was noted that he is back from that place.  Rosemary comes to the ring with Crazzy Steve. Mitchell is officiating the wedding.  Mitchell asks if there is anyone who wishes the vows to not go forward to speak up.  No one speaks up.  John E. Bravo gives his own vows and takes some lines from the Addams Family.  He says nobody is going to ruin this day for him.  Rosemary then tells Bravo the Shadow sent him to “us” She then says no mortal from this realm or the next can stop them from doing what they want.  Mitchell says so far so good.  Mitchell then calls over the ring imp which is Swoggle.  They go to the trading of the rings.  Mitchell says they look so cute.  John E. Bravo says he takes Rosemary.  Rosemary then says “we” take Bravo as husband.  They are pronounced man and wife.  As they go to kiss, the lights go out and there is a gun shot, and when the lights come back on Bravo is laying flat on his back in the ring with a bloody chest.  Tommy Dreamer then asks who shot Bravo and screams “NNNOOOOO!” and the show goes off the air.