TNA Rebellion 2024

TNA Rebellion Results
April 20, 2024
Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

Ace Austin, Chris Bey and Leon Slater vs. Trey Miguel, Zachary Wentz and Myron Reed – WINNERS BY PINFALL: ACE AUSTIN, CHRIS BEY AND LEON SLATER

TNA Digital Media Championship Match: Crazzy Steve (c) defends against Laredo Kid – WINNER BY PINFALL AND NEW DIGITAL MEDIA CHAMPION: LAREDO KID

TNA Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: Jody Threat and Dani Luna (c) defends against Rosemary and Havok – WINNERS BY PINFALL AND STILL TNA KNOCKOUTS WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS – JODY THREAT AND DANI LUNASet featured image

We go to a live shot of the outside of Las Vegas…we now go into the arena with Tom Hannifan welcoming us to the show, as we kick off with the National Anthem by DJ Ashba on guitar.

We get USA chants as we go to a video package with the System as a part of hyping up tonight’s show. Nic Nemth then appears briefly.

We go back into the venue with Tom Hannifan again welcoming us to Rebellion as we get some TNA chants.

The music of Jake Something hits as he makes his way out first. Jake will be challenging Mustafa Ali for the X-Division Championship.

Matthew Rehwoldt comments on Ali’s 8-month winning streak. We get a vignette showing Mustafil Ali arriving in an SUV with his security as he walks into the venue with the belt around his waste. Ali makes his way into the venue with his security.

The commentary table is on an upper level of the venue, which looks good for the set up in the Palms.

TNA X-Division Championship Match: Mustafa Ali (c) defends against Jake Something

The bell rings and we are underway! Both men lock up as Jake pushes Ali. We get another lock up, but Jake breaks the hold and pushes Ali away. Another lock up as Jake picks up Ali and swings him around. Ali went for a spear, but Ali moved as he chops Jake as it has not affect. Ali puts out his hand as Jake takes it and squeezes it. Jake runs all over Ali and then sends him down hard to the mat. Jake picks up Ali as Ali fires back with a kick on Jake. Jake recovers and kicks Ali and then licks him, but Ali slithers out of it and then kicks Jake multiple times in the side of the head. Jake comes back and takes down Ali and covers him for only a two count. Jake picks up Ali, but Ali jabs him in throat. It’s not enough as Jake sends Ali to the floor. Jake charges at Ali as he goes back in the ring, but Ali drops Jake on the floor with a DDT. We get Ali chants. Ali rolls Jake into the ring and hits him with a big rolling neck breaker, which sends Jake to the floor. The action goes to the ramp as Ali tosses Jake who hits the lights on the ramp area and hits him with a neck breaker. The ref begins the ten count as Ali is back in the ring. Jake makes it back in the ring. Ali hits him with another neckbreaker. Jake recovers and picks ups Ali, but Ali escapes and slaps Jake in the back and then DDT’s Jake and covers him for only a two count! We get more Ali chants. Ali then hits Jake with a standing moonsault, but Jake catches him. Jake kicks Ali and drops him with a huge powerbomb! Jake is up as Ali is down. Jake picks up Ali and hits him with a backbreaker. Jake covers Ali, who kicks out at two! Jake picks up Ali and then goes on the second rope, but Ali counters with a kick to Jake. Ali picks up Jake from the top rope and drops him back first on the ring apron! Jake is on the floor as Ali’s security picks up Jake while the ref is distracted by one of the security guards. They toss Ali in the ring as he comes down with a huge 450 splash! Ali covers Jake as the ref turns around…Jake kicks out at two! Jake recovers as Ali heads to the floor. Jake takes out the security guards on the floor! Jake then drops Ali with a huge cutter! Jake picks up Ali and drops him with an into the void…Jake covers Ali, but he gets his foot on the bottom rope! Jake sets up Ali for a powerbomb, but Ali pokes him in the eye and sends Jake into the ring post…Ali uses the ropes for leverage to get the pin as the ref didn’t see it.


We go to the French commentary team briefly. We then go back to Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt hyping the rest of the card for tonight.

A video package airs recapping the feud between Joe Hendry and Rich Swann, leading up to their matchup tonight.

NFL star “Lights Out” Shawn Merriman is shown at ringside.

Rich Swann and AJ Francis are out first. They introduce a video making fun of Joe Hendry.

Joe Hendry is out next. He has a mic as the fans begin a we believe chant. Hendry says the reason Francis and Swann are so obsessed with him is because they are Hendry fans and have come down with Hendry-Mania. He says that if left untreated, it can cause people to chant we believe. We get a we believe chant. Hendry says that they believe in Joe Hendry!

Joe Hendry vs. Rich Swann

The bell rings as we start things off. Joe charges after Rich, but he ducks. Rich chops Hendry, who picks up Swann and drops him down to the mat. Swann falls to the floor from the ring apron. Francis distracts Hendry as Swann is able to drop Hendry on the floor. Swann then drives the eye of Hendry in the corner of the steel steps. Hendry is sent back in the ring. Swann distracts the ref as Francis jabs Hendry in his bad eye. Swann is back in works on the eye of Hendry. Swann then tears at the face of Hendry. Swann then kicks Hendry as we get Dollar Tree chants. Funny. Swann sends Hendry face first into the turnbuckle. Swann then goes back to the bad (right) eye of Hendry. Swann stomps on the head of Hendry as he is down on the mat. Swann then goes for the eye of Hendry again. Swann kicks the gut of Hendry as Hendry goes down. Swann covers him, but Hendry kicks out at two! Hendry tries to come back, but Swann grabs the arms of Hendry and then turns into a face lock. Swann then has Hendry down with a choke hold. Hendry gets up and turns it around and drops Swann on his back. Hendry then fires back with huge clotheslines. Hendry then sends Francis to the floor who was up on the apron. Swann is down as Hendry goes for ropes, but Francis sends Hendry to the floor. Francis has a chain, but Shawne Merriman grabs it and leaps over the barricade. He enters the ring and challenges Francis who gets in the ring. As Francis and Merriman jaw, Francis then leaves and distracts the ref as Merriman then turns around and hits Hendry with a big clothesline. Swann then hits his finisher (450 splash) on Hendry to get the pin. The Manboy Mafia celebrate the win.


We go to a video package hyping up the Full Metal Mayhem Match.

Frankie Kazarian out first for this next matchup. Eric Young is out next as we see a ladder and a trash can, as all weapons are legal.

Full Metal Mayhem Match: Eric Young vs. Frankie Kazarian

Kaz tries to hit Young from behind, but he sees him and hits him with his hockey mask. Young attempts a piledriver on Kaz who slips out of it and rolls to floor. Young flows and then rakes the eyes of Kaz. Young grabs a ladder and uses it on Kaz. Young picks up the ladder again and drops it on Kaz. Young sets up the ladder between the ring and barricade, but Kaz recovers and sends Young into the ladder. Kaz grabs a table and sets it up at ringside. Kaz picks up Young who is on the apron. Young reverses it, but Kaz sends him back in the ring. Kaz is on the apron as Young bites the hands of Kaz who is holding onto the ropes. Kaz comes over the ropes and hits Young with a DDT. Kaz covers Young, who kicks out at two. Kaz grabs a ladder from the entrance ramp and launches it at Young as it connects. Young is down as Kaz picks him up and slams him on the ladder. Kaz goes for a leg drop on Young who moves as Kaz hits the ladder leg first. Young then sends Kaz back first into the ladder. Young goes to the floor and grabs a platter and hits Kaz in the face. Young then grabs a trash can lid and nails Kaz in the head. Young then grabs 2×4 with nails! Young goes after Kaz who moves out of the way. Kaz then drabs Young and tries to drive him into the nails…Kaz reverses it and tries to send Young into the nails…Kaz then spears Young off the apron as both men go crashing through the table on the outside! Kaz is up as Young is still down. Kaz sends Young back in the ring and covers Young, who kicks out at two! Young fires back with a blow to the head of Ka. Both men now exchange fists shots to the head! Both men go down. Kaz has a baking sheet…Young grabs another, as both men hit each other across the head with the baking sheets. Both men go down. Young is up and then hits Kaz repeatedly to the head with the baking sheet, who drops to his back. Young covers Kaz, but he kicks out at two! Kaz has a steel chain as he wraps it around the face of Young. Both men are up on the top rope as Kaz has wrapped the chain around Young’s throat. Young then reveres it and sends Kaz to the mat. Young gets a trash can from the floor and covers Kaz with it and then uses the chain to hit Kaz as he still has the trash can on him. Young then goes to the top and hits a big elbow drop on Kaz with the chain. Young covers Kaz, who kicks out at two! Kaz then comes back and drops Young face first on the ladder. Kaz covers Young, but he kicks out at two! Kaz then goes to the floor and grabs a table. Kaz sets up the table in the ring. Kaz picks up Young and puts him on the table. Kaz then grabs a trash can and goes to the top rope, but Young drops Kaz on the top turnbuckle. Kaz low blows Young and drops Young with a flux capacitor on the edge of the table. Kaz covers Young to get the win.


After the match, medical staff check on Young.

We go backstage with Gia Miller talking to Nic Nemeth who says he has family in the crowd. He says that the world is ready and TNA is ready for a new champion for the future.

The commentary team talks about the tag title match, but they are interrupted by the music of Steve Maclin as he comes to the ring with what looks like a document in his hand. He has a mic in hand. He says that he is making his presence felt in Vegas. He in his hands he has a brand new contract given to him this morning by TNA Executives. He says every demand has been met, but there is one more demand he wants. He says he wants a match right here, right now and is not leaving until his demands are met. Santino Marella’s music hits. He comes out and says they could have talked about it in the back. He says Maclin is very lucky and moments again he signed a contract with a new superstar who wants to get started and wants a match tonight. The match is happening now! ITS MIKE SANTANA! The fans are in shock! The commentary team go crazy as well! Maclin looks shocked and doesn’t know what to think.

Both men go face to face briefly as Maclin gets ready for this unannounced match. The fans chant welcome back.

Mike Santana vs. Steve Maclin

The bell rings. Both men brawl! Santana sends Maclin to the mat and as Maclin gets up, Santana sends him to the floor. The fans begin a Santana chant. As Santana goes to the floor, Maclin sends Santana face first into the ring post. Santana is sent back in the ring. Maclin drops him. Maclin covers Santana for only a two. Maclin picks up Santana and drops him with a back breaker and covers Santana, who kicks out at two. Maclin hits Santana with a huge clothesline and then cover him, but Santana kicks out at two! Maclin puts a headlock on Santana. Santana comes back, but Maclin nails Santana and then launches him into the corner. Santana comes back and drops Maclin with a rolling 450. Santana hits Maclin with an elbow. Santana covers Maclin, but he kicks out a two! Santana goes for a big spinning clothesline, but is dropped by a big knee from Maclin. Santana hits Maclin with a big boot to the face. Santana covers Maclin, who kicks out at two! Santana goes for a spin the block, but Maclin catches him and drops him in the center of the ring. Maclin covers Santana as we get a near fall! Maclin then hits Santana in the back of the neck. Maclin covers Santana, who kicks out at two! Santana then comes back with a huge spin the block on Maclin and covers him for the pin!


We go to a recap of the TNA Knockouts Tag Title Match from the pre-show.

We are backstage with Gia Miller talking to The System. She asks Alisha asking if Masha Slamovich is part of The System. Eddie Edwards says no, it was part of a mutual agreement…Gia asks Moose about the title match tonight. Moose says he has a spoiler alert – He leaves Las Vegas still the champion and has a special guest here to support him as they are the system. He introduces former NFL star John Abraham.

Mike Bailey and Trent Seven are out first, as the challengers make their way out to the ring. The tag team champs are out next with Alisha Edwards.

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match: Brian Myers and Eddie Edwards (c) defends against Mike Bailey and Trent Seven (Speedball Mountain)

The bell rings as we are underway. Bailey and Myers lock up as Edwards enters the ring and takes out Seven. Edwards tags in and chops Bailey. Seven is in as he and Bailey double team Edwards with a series of chops. Bailey sends Myers to the floor. Seven then lands on Edwards as Bailey covers him for only a two count. Seven is tagged in. Seven drops Edwards with a DDT and covers Edwards who kicks out at two. Edwards goes to the floor. Seven follows…Edwards sends Seven into the steel steps knee first. Edwards picks up Seven and drops his hurt knee on the steel steps. Edwards picks up Seven and rolls him back in the ring. Myers is tagged in. Myers works on the knee of Seven. Myers tags in Edwards. Seven is reaching for a tag to Bailey, but he too far from the corner. Edwards keeps Seven in the opposite corner…Seven fires back as Seven rolls to the floor and Myers hits the ring, but his taken out by Bailey. Bailey then sends Edwards to the floor and hits a running shooting star on Myers. Bailey covers Myers who kicks out at two! Bailey sends Myers head first to the turnbuckle. Edwards drops Bailey…Seven the superplexes Myers as Bailey hits him with a huge shooting star press! Bailey covers Myers, but he kicks out at two! Edwards then grabs Bailey and smashes him into the apron. Edwards tags in…he and Seven exchange blows and chops. Edwards picks up Seven and drops him with a tiger driver and then puts a half Boston crab on Seven…as Bailey gets in the ring, Myers puts him in a cross face. Bailey breaks the hold and sends Myers to the floor. Bailey kicks Edwards to break the hold on Seven…Bailey then lands a big moonsault to Myers on the floor. Bailey then kicks Edwards in the face as Seven covers Edwards, who kicks out at two! Bailey is up on the ropes as Seven is sent into Bailey who falls to the floor…Myers hits an elbow on Seven as Edwards covers him…Seven kicks out! Seven and Bailey now take out Myers. Seven picks up Edwards and drops him back first! Bailey then comes down off the top rope on Edwards and covers Edwards, but Myers stops the pin attempt! Myers goes after Bailey who moves…Myers goes to the floor. Bailey leaps off the apron, but Myers spears him as he hits the floor! In the ring, Seven snaps the fingers of Edwards…Myers comes in and clotheslines Seven…as he gets up, Edwards hit him with a Boston knee party to get the win.


We go to a video package hyping up the Last Man Standing Match, which is next. Alexander Hammerstone is out first, as the former MLW star makes his way to the ring.

Josh Alexander is out, but he rushes in and wastes not time…

Last Man Standing Match: Josh Alexander vs. Alexander Hammerstone

Josh drop kicks Hammerstone. Josh goes for a C-4 Spike, but Hammerstone counters and drives Josh to the mat hard. Hammerstone charges as Josh who is up, but is met with a big boot to the face. Hammerstone picks up Josh and sends him down with a big belly to belly suplex. Josh goes after Hammerstone, who moves. Josh then drops Hammerstone back first on the apron as he bounces off the apron and hits the floor. The ref begins the ten count. Hammerstone is back up as Josh sends Hammerstone back in the ring. Josh is up on the top rope, but Hammerstone is up and sends Josh spine first into the apron. Josh is on the floor as the ref begins the ten count. Hammerstone goes to the floor and takes the fight on the outside. Hammerstone picks up Josh and drops him hard into the barricade as the ref begins the ten count. Josh is up as Hammerstone grabs him and picks him up and drops him on his back onto the floor! Hammerstone rolls back in the ring as the ref starts the ten count on Josh who is on the floor. Josh is back up at six as the match continues. Hammerstone chops Josh…Hammerstone picks up Josh as both men are on the apron. Hammerstone picks up Josh, but he fights out of it. Josh then drops Hammerstone into a half and half suplex on the apron as he rolls to the floor. The ref starts the ten count. Hammerstone is back on his feet. Josh goes to the floor as he grabs the leg of Hammerstone and begins working on it with big fists before wrapping it around the ring post. Josh wraps Hammerstone’s leg around the ring post again. Josh ties up the legs of Hammerstone and applies a figure four on Hammerstone – a play of WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart…back in the ring, Hammerstone levels Josh as his ear is bleeding…Hammerstone works on the ear of Josh. The ref begins the ten count as Josh is down face first on the mat. Josh is back up at nine! Josh slaps Hammerstone, but he counters it with a fall away slam. Hammerstone works on the back and chest of Josh on the ring apron with huge fists. Hammerstone then pushes the head of Josh up against the ring post and then kicks Josh in the side of the head. The ref begins the ten count. Josh makes it up on his feet at eight! Hammerstone picks up Josh and puts him in the torture rack and then dumps him on the mat. The ref begins the ten count. Josh is back up at eight! Hammerstone then levels Josh with a huge pump kick…Josh out of nowhere, he puts an ankle lock on Hammerstone. Josh begins to work on the ankle of Hammerstone. Both men are down. Josh is up, Hammerstone is up. Josh picks up Hammerstone and has him hanging upside down on the tope roope. Josh charges Hammerstone and connects with a cross body on the mid-section of Hammerstone who drops to the mat. He is back up at five. Josh goes for the C-4 Spike, but Hammerstone counters. Josh drops Hammerstone and kicks him in the back. The ref checks on Hammerstone. Josh has a black bag as he opens it and dumps out thumb tacks…Hammerstone is sitting on the top turnbuckle. Josh is up on the second rope. Both men exchange blows. Hammerstone picks up Josh and drops him back first on the thumb tacks! both men are down! Hammerstone is up as Josh is down. The ref starts the ten count. Josh rolls to the floor and gets on his feet at nine! Hammerstone goes to the floor as sends Josh on the entrance ramp. Hammerstone picks up Josh, but he lets him go. Hammerstone then goes and gets the headgear of Josh and uses it as a weapon. Hammerstone then picks up Josh, but he counters and hits Hammerstone in the back of the neck and drops him on entrance ramp. Josh then delivers a big C-4 Spike on Hammerstone on the entrance ramp. The ref begins the ten count. Hammerstone can’t make it up as Josh Alexander is the Last Man Standing!


We go to a vignette with Jonathan Gresham.

From this we transition to a video package hyping up the TNA Knockouts Championship Match, which is next.

As we go to the tale of the tape, it is interrupted by the concierge who introduces Ash By Elegance who is in the upper level with her real-life husband.

Steph De Lander’s music hits as she is out first with the Good Hands. Matt Cardona could not make it tonight, due to his recent surgery for a torn pectoral muscle. The sirens go off as the TNA Knockouts Champions makes her way out next.

The bell rings as we get our official introductions first. Mixed reaction for the champion tonight.

TNA Knockouts World Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) defends against Steph De Lander

The bell rings as De Lander charges right at Grace first. Grace grabs De Lander and then hits her with a big elbow. Grace sends De Lander to the floor and then sends De Lander into the barricade. De Lander works on the arm of De Lander. Both women are on the apron. De Lander picks up Grace and sends her into the top rope. De Lander then covers Grace for only a two count! De Lander then hits Grace with a big boot as Grace hits the mat. De Lander covers the champ, who kicks out at two! De Lander uses the ropes to choke Grace. De Lander then chops Grace who drops to her knees. De Lander picks up Grace who hits De Lander in the mid-section. De Lander fires back, but Grace is able to get a sleeper hold on De Lander. De Lander grabs Grace and drops her to the mat. De Lander picks up Gracea and sets her up on the top rope. De Lander kicks Grace and then grabs her and supelexes her. De Lander covers Grace who kicks out at two. De Lander hits a big right hand on Grace…Grace recovers as she picks up De Lander, but De Lander counters. De Lander then clotheslines Grace who falls the mat hard back first. De Lander mocks Grace to boos. Grace is up on her feet…she leaps on De Lander and applies a sleeper hold. De Lander tries to break the hold by dropping Grace back first, but Grace holds on. De Lander looks to be out, but the Good Hands distract the ref…De Lander has the title belt…Grace hits the ref by accident. De Lander takes out Grace as one of the Good Hands puts on the ref shirt and makes the three count…the lights go out…as the lights come back on…PCO is in the ring and takes out the Good Hands. De Lander tries to flirt with PCO as Grace is down. PCO grabs the hand of De Lander and attempts to choke slam her, but Kon enters the ring and takes out PCO. Grace is up on her feet. Grace shoves Kon, but he pushes her down. Grace low blows Kon. Grace picks up Kon on her shoulders, but the Good Hands are back in an attack Grace. Kon grabs the neck of Grace as the lights are out again. The lights come back up and its Sami Callihan! He has a bat and levels Kon and the Good Hands…Callihan goes after De Lander and tosses her back in the ring. Grace drops De Lander with a juggnernaut driver. Another referee enters the ring and makes the three count, as Grace retains.


TNA Slammiversary was announced for July 20 in Montreal, QC at the Verdun Auditorium.

We go to a video hyping up the main event of the night!

After the video Ryan and Don Nemeth are shown at ringside. The music hits for Nemeth as the Wanted Man makes his way out to a big ovation. The music for reigning and defending TNA World Champion – Moose hits next. The champ makes his way out to Moose chants as the rest of The System comes out and down to the ring with Moose.

Formal introductions are done for this match, giving it that big fight feel.

TNA World Championship Match: Moose (c) defends against NJPW Global Champion Nic Nemeth

The bell rings as we are underway. Nemeth takes Moose off his feet and hits him with big right hands. Nemeth has a head lock on Moose, but he breaks the hold. Nemeth sends Moose to the floor! Nemeth leaps off the apron, but is caught by Nemeth and sends him face first in the ring apron. Moose sends Nemeth to the top turnbuckle. Nemeth is down as Moose mocks the fans. Moose picks up Nemeth. Moose picks up Nemeth and then chops him in the chest. Moose then hits Nemeth with huge running pump kick. Nemeth is up as Moose chops Nemeth. Moose charges at Nemeth, but he dumps him on the entrance ramp, which is connected to to the ring. Nemeth rolls Moose in the ring. Nemeth is up on the top rope and hits Moose with a big missile drop kick. Nemeth then kicks Moose in the face. Alisha Edwards grabs the leg of Nemeth as the ref is distracted, Moose takes down Nemeth. As The System gets more involved, the ref tosses out The System and sends then to the back. Nemeth then hits a huge superkick on Moose and covers him, but the champ kicks out at two! Nemeth has a sleeper hold on Moose. Moose drops on the mat, but Nemeth holds on…Moose is back up as Nemeth will not let go! Moose climbs up the ropes as Nemeth is still holding on…Moose falls backwards to break the hold. Moose picks up Nemeth and tosses him to the floor. Moose then head to the floor and sends Nemeth into the steel steps. The ref begins the ten count. Moose rolls back in the ring and then rolls out to start the ten count over. Moose picks up Nemeth, but he breaks the hold…Nemeth hits a fameasser on Moose from the ramp to the floor! Nemeth rolls in the ring and then rolls back out to break the ten count. Nemeth rolls Moose back in the ring. Nemeth drops Moose with a neck breaker. Nemeth hits Moose as he rolls out of the ring. Nemeth then leaps off the apron and lands a big elbow on the chest of Moose on the floor. Nemeth rolls Moose back in the ring. Nemeth lands another elbow on the chest of Moose and covers the champion, who kicks out at two! Moose is up and then headbutts Nemeth and then drops him with a sky high. Moose covers Nemeth for only a two count! Moose charges at Nemeth, but he moves and rolls Moose, who kicks out at two! Moose picks up Nemeth and powerbombs him! Moose covers Nemeth, but he kicks out at two! The action is now on the entrance ramp. Moose powerbombs Nemeth on the entrance ramp! Moose rolls back in the ring as the ref makes the ten count…at nine, Nemeth makes it back in the ring! Moose kicks Nemeth in the face. Nemeth then hits Moose with a fameasser. Nemeth covers Moose, but he kicks out at two! Nemeth picks up Moose and hits the champ with big right hands. Both men then exchange blows as we have a slug fest. Nemeth is then met with a pump kick…Nemeth then hits another fameasser on Moose and covers him, but the champion gets his shoulder up at two! Moose charges at Nemeth as he superkicks him and then spears him…Nemeth covers Moose, but he kicks out! We get lets go Nic chants…Nemeth sets up for another superkick, but Moose moves…out of nowhere Moose spears Nemeth and covers him for the three count to retain!


After the match, the rest of The System make their way out. The lights out vignette suddenly plays on the screen as the lights go out in the venue. The lights come out and its Broken Matt Hardy in the ring! He drops Moose with a twist of fate as we get delete chants! Matt picks up the World Title Belt and holds it up. He points at The System as the show goes off the air!