WWE ECW 05 12 2009

ECW on Sci-Fi

ECW on Sci-Fi Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Matt Striker
Location: Dayton, Ohio | Date: May 12, 2009

Mark Henry w/Tony Atlas defeated Tommy Dreamer:

Gregory Helms + Tyson Kidd & Natalya Neidhart: Gregory Helms asked Natalya if Tyson Kidd could win without her at ringside. Natalya said Tyson has all the tools and ability to beat anyone. Tyson said he could beat Fit Finlay. Natalya wished Tyson luck and he went to the ring. Helms said Natalya can sit back there and watch the match with him and she walked off. Helms asked “what’s up wit dat?”

Fit Finlay defeated Tyson Kidd by DQ: The match ended when David Hart Smith (DH Smith) interfered and helped his old Stampede Bulldogs tag team partner destroy Finlay. They used the infamous Hart Attack finisher before Natalya joined them in the ring for a celebration.. great impact!

Tiffany & Zack Ryder + Paul Burchill & Katie Lea: Zack Ryder doing a Simon Dean gimmick asked Tiffany to excuse him so he could go to the gym and she granted him permission. Paul Burchill (with Katie Lea) came in and complained about not being booked on the show this week. Tiffany said not everybody can be on the show every week. Burchill walked off and Katie Lea told Tiffany when her brother has too much time on his hands he usually gets into trouble..

VIGNETTE: Vladimir Kozlov is still waiting for competition..

Vladimir Kozlov defeated Chad Collyer.: After the match, Josh Matthews interviewed Vladimir Kozlov in the middle of the ring..

ECW champion Christian + Jack Swagger: Christian hyped the return of the Peep Show, and then introduced his special guest – Jack Swagger! Swagger said that the Peep Show was “so stupid” and claimed Christian cheated at Backlash. Swagger showed video of Christian pushing him into an exposed turn-buckle and “stole” the ECW championship. Christian said Swagger left out the part where Swagger exposed the turn-buckle on the opposite side of the ring. Christian said Swagger was just mad cause he was outsmarted. Christian showed a video of Swagger making him look goofy and made fun of his lisp. Swagger got mad and said when he takes back his ECW title then Christian will be left sitting on his couch wishing he didn’t come back. Swagger reminded Christian that Tiffany ruled there would be no physicality during the Peep Show. Christian said as the host he gets to say when the show is over, and sucker-punched Swagger out of the ring!