WWE ECW 06 02 2009

ECW on Sci-Fi

ECW on Sci-Fi Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Matt Striker
Location: Memphis, Tennessee | Date: June 2, 2009

Evan Bourne defeated Mark Henry w/Tony Atlas by DQ: Evan Bourne won by disqualification after the referee caught Tony Atlas trying to interfere. After the match, Mark Henry yelled at Tony Atlas and told him he didn’t need Atlas’ help!

Zack Ryder defeated Dustin Carwile:

Gregory Helms & Fit Finlay (injured eye): Finlay talked about competing on WWE Superstars with an injured eye against doctors orders. Finlay said he had a message for Jack Swagger, “a tooth of a tooth, and an eye for an eye.”

Tommy Dreamer defeated Paul Burchill w/Katie Lea: Katie Lea said if Tommy Dreamer thinks he’ll win the ECW title this Sunday then “dream on, Dreamer” – and it will all be because of her brother, Paul Burchill! Despite this threat, Tommy Dreamer scored a win to gain some momentum going into Extreme Rules! Dreamer showed some emotion after the match, realizing it could be his last appearance on an ECW program..

Tommy Dreamer + Jack Swagger (on stage): Tommy Dreamer gave somewhat of a farewell speech, just in case he loses at Extrme Rules. Jack Swagger interfered and ran down Tommy Dreamer on the microphone. Swagger said not only would he win back his ECW title, he will beat Dreamer at his own game, and he will never again have to hear Dreamer on HIS show. Dreamer said he hopes Swagger understands that he put his life and his career on the line this Sunday. Dreamer predicted that he would stand in the ECW ring next week with the ECW championship around his waist..

ECW World champion Christian defeated Tyson Kidd (w/David Hart Smith & Natalya Neidhart): Jack Swagger interfered late in the match, but Tommy Dreamer showed up to take him out! Christian recovered and scored the victory over Tyson Kidd! Tommy Dreamer got in the ring and congratulated Christian, who held up the ECW championship in front of Dreamer’s face. Christian shook Dreamers hand, but then Dreamer pulled him in for a stiff DDT! Dreamer got up and grinned down at Christian, before picking up the ECW belt and kissing it!