WWE ECW 06 30 2009

ECW on Sci-Fi

ECW on Sci-Fi Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Matt Striker
Location: Fresno, California | Date: June 30, 2009

General Manager Tiffany: Tiffany welcomed the fans to a “new era of ECW!” Tiffany said after the blockbuster 15-superstars trade negotiated by Donald Trump, the look and feel of this show has changed. Tiffany said they have lost some great stars, but also gained some. Tiffany added that the new superstar initiative is in full effect, and ECW will continue be the place to see the most talented young superstars of the WWE today! Tiffany is a bit TOO animated.

Yoshitatsu (debut) defeated Shelton Benjamin: Shelton Benjamin came to the ring looking not too thrilled to have been traded to ECW from SmackDown!. When Yoshi Tatsu was introduced, Matt Striker actually made the comment “many people would say it doesn’t matter what you achieve elsewhere, the WWE is the place to be.” I know that line probably came from Vince backstage, but THE NERVE!! Benjamin belittled Tatsu before the match, making fun of his Japanese accent. Benjamin definitely failed to take the newcomer seriously. Benjamin danced around the ring making more fun of Tatsu, until the young man from Japan took him out with one swift kick to get the 1-2-3!

Abraham Washington (debut) + The Bella Twins: Abraham Washington talked about The Bash and called Vince McMahon stupid for buying back RAW at double the price he sold it for. Washington also said that 12 Rounds on DVD was a disaster as well. The crowd hated this segment. The Bella Twins came out and Washington asked them degrading questions about which twin was better. The Bellas eventually started to fight as the fans booed the entire segment..

Sheamus (debut) defeated Oliver John:

Vladimir Kozlov & William Regal: William Regal discussed strategy with Vladimir Kozlov and said it was his first night on ECW and he wants to make an impact. Regal added that doesn’t want to be embarrassed.

Tyler Reks & Zack Ryder: Tyler Reks introduced himself to Zack Ryder, and said he has his first match in the WWE against Ryder this week on WWE Superstars

Vladimir Kozlov & William Regal defeated Tommy Dreamer & Christian: This was William Regal’s first night on ECW after being recently traded. Christian & Dreamer were not on the same page, as Christian made it clear that he wanted another shot at the ECW championship. Regal did all the damage, and Kozlov tagged himself in and finished off Dreamer. Regal could have been upset, but instead he applauded Kozlov and was content with the victory. Regal shook hands and raised Kozlov’s arm in celebration.