WWE ECW 08 18 2009

ECW on Sci-Fi

ECW on Sy-Fy Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Matt Striker
Location: Kansas City, Missouri | Date: August 18, 2009

Hurricane Helms defeated Paul Burchill w/Katie Lea:

Courtney Taylor & Tommy Dreamer + William Regal + Vladimir Kozlov: Courtney Taylor made her debut as a backstage reporter for ECW. She was previously known as Wesley Holliday and Beverly Mullins in the developmental system. She is also a former Playboy model. Dreamer talked about his tag team match tonight, and then sent Taylor away when William Regal showed up. Vladimir Kozlov attacked Dreamer from behind and held so Regal could deliver a vicious kick to the head! After the commecial, EMT’s were checking on Tommy Dreamer while Christian watched closely.

Abraham Washington + Goldust + Sheamus: Abraham Washington welcomed the booing fans to the Abraham Washington Show. The screen flashed “APPLAUSE” and Washington assumed the fans were either blind or cannot read. Washington recommended hooked on phonics. Washington plugged SummerSlam in Los Angeles and introduced his special guest – GOLDUST! Goldust talked about his feud with Sheamus and started doing his shakes gimmick, so Washington offered him a glass of water. Goldust explained that six and a half years ago he was electricuted and now he takes medication to control it. Washington introduced his second guest tonight, Sheamus! Sheamus said Goldust got lucky last week and lightning doesn’t strike the Celtic Warrior twice. Sheamus called Goldust a GOLD FREAK. They had a tense staredown and Washinton cut the tension by ending the segment..

Courtney Taylor & Tiffany: Tiffany said Tommy Dreamer has a concussion and cannot compete tonight. Tiffany said if Christian can find a replacement, then the main event tag team match will still take place..

Zack Ryder defeated Yoshi Tatsu:

Tiffany & Christian: Christian begged Tiffany to buy him some time so he can find a partner, but she said there was no time the match is next. Even though Tiffany said the match would happen only if Christian could find a partner, the match is still going to happen even though he didn’t find a partner….

William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov defeated Christian & Ezekiel Jackson: Christian managed to find Ezekiel Jackson to team up with him! William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov destroyed ECW champion Christian throughout the match, and wouldn’t allow Ezekiel to get into the match. Eventually Ezekiel jumped in and chased the heels out of the ring, only to grab Christian and plant him with his finisher! Regal jumped in the ring and pinned Christian 1-2-3 to win the match and gain some momentum going into their SummerSlam match. After the match, Kozlov picked up Christian and planted him with HIS finisher. Regal then instructed Jackson to do it again and he was more than happy to oblige! Regal put his arms around both monsters as the show went off the air…