WWE ECW 10 27 2009

ECW on Sci-Fi

ECW on Sy-Fy Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Matt Striker
Location: Rochester, New York | Date: October 27, 2009

Tony Atlas + Abraham Washington + ECW General Manager Tiffany + William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson: Tony Atlas did his “here’s Abe!” thing and Abraham Washington came out and did his opening monalogue. Washington acknowledged that he had a whole arena full of haters tonight. Tiffany has new entrance music, with the lyrics “I’m insatiable, I give you enough. I need to find a boy that I know can keep up.” Washington said he isn’t worried about the swine flu, but he just caught a case of jungle fever! Washington asked Tiffany what she had to say about ECW not having any impact at Bragging Rights. Tiffany claimed that John Morrison and Kofi Kingston had their first big break on ECW (exept they both lost). Tiffany guaranteed that ECW would have a bigger impact at next year’s Bragging Rights. Washington asked why Sheamus left ECW to go to RAW. Tiffany said she didn’t want anyone working for ECW who didn’t want to be there. Tiffany said she granted Sheamus his release but only after he wrestles one more match against Shelton Benjamin tonight on ECW. Washington asked how Tiffany’s arm was doing, and then they were interrupted by William Regal and his monsters. Regal asked Tiffany once again to grant him another ECW championship match. Regal said he was losing his patience. Tiffany said Regal might never get another shot at the ECW championship. Tiffany made her exit, and Regal looked like he was going quietly insane. Regal then snapped and started throwing furnature around and acting like an irate gorilla!

RINGSIDE: Josh Mathews introduced new ECW broadcaster Byron Saxton.

Sheamus defeated Shelton Benjamin: Sheamus is now an official member of the RAW roster, and this would be his final match with ECW..

Gregory Helms & Rosa Mendes + Paul Burchill & Katie Lea: Gregory Helms was listening to Rosa Mendes ramble on like a character from the movie “Clueless” about being the newest Diva on ECW and going shopping every day. Paul Burchill & Katie Lea showed up to spoil the mood and Katie told Rosa to “leave!” Burchill told Helms to tell the Hurricane to meet him in the ring next week for a little proposition to end this little thing between them..

Savannah & ECW champion Christian: Christian said Yoshi Tatsu deserves a shot at the title because he earned it by getting some wins – unlike William Regal. Christian said he has been mentoring Tatsu lately, and tonight he will learn how to cope with defeat..

Christian defeated Yoshi Tatsu to retain the ECW championship: Great match. After the match, William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson attacked Christian and knocked Tatsu out of the ring! The monsters destroyed Christian with a double Choke-slam and then Regal took the ECW championship and raised it above his head!