WWE ECW 11 17 2009

ECW on Sci-Fi

ECW on Sy-Fy Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Byron Saxton
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Date: November 17, 2009

OPENING SEGMENT: C.M. Punk opened the show with a recorded message to Philadelphia fans of ECW – where it all began for him. Punk said since he left he has become a three time straight edge World Heavyweight champion, and that is ECW’s proudest moment. Punk said when he goes to the ring tonight he will get the longest and loudest standing ovation in ECW history!

Zack Ryder & Rosa Mendes + Shelton Benjamin: Zack Ryder told Rosa Mendes that she was so beautiful, and he was so lucky to have her in his corner last week. Rosa said Zack was “so sweet” and he did so well last week until the end. Rosa compared it to one of her own life experiences with shopping (her gimmick is that she talks about herself too much). Zack said he wants Rosa in his corner again, when he has his rematch with Shelton Benjamin. Rosa once again started talking about herself. Shelton Benjamin came out and suggested Zack sit in the corner while he and Rosa have a wrestling match. Zack told Shelton not to talk to Rosa like that. Shelton said Zack has always been a tool, but he should change his name to Black & Decker, because ever since Rosa has been in his corner he is a power tool. Zack said he would have the match, just not now, and warned Shelton to never disrespect his girl! Rosa yelled at Shelton and Zack took a cheap shot before bolting with Rosa holding his hand..

The Hurricane defeated Paul Burchill w/Katie Lea: Paul Burchill & Katie Lee were shocked after the match, as the fans sang “Na na na na hey hey hey Good Bye!” Katie looked particularly upset that she was getting kicked off ECW. Damn, she is sexy!

General Manager Tiffany + C.M. Punk: C.M. Punk said he has done his research and found out Tiffany likes to drink. Tiffany said she is not a self-centered anti-social prude. Tiffany said she likes to have fun with friends, and C.M. Punk should loosen up and try it some time. Tiffany welcomed Punk back to ECW and left the office..

Vance Archer defeated local jobber (Johnny Andrews):

ECW champion Christian + C.M. Punk: Christian said he was interested in the whole straght edge thing. Christian said Punk doesn’t drink, or do drugs, but is he allowed to hold hands with a girl? C.M. Punk said he used to be ECW champion, but Christian cut him off. Christian said around here (in Philadelphia) they call people like Punk a NERD. Punk told Christian to show him a little respect. Punk said he is a 3-time former World Heavyweight champion. Christian said Punk WAS a champion, while he IS a champion..

VIDEO PACKAGE: The History of WWE and Madison Square Garden (Great!)

C.M. Punk & William Regal defeated ECW champion Christian & R-Truth: