WWE Monday Night RAW 1999

January 4, 1999 – RAW: Steve Blackman b Ken Shamrock (IC Champion) in a non-title match, Goldust b Mark Henry by DQ, The Godfather vs Test ended in a No Contest, Triple H b Mankind, Edge vs D’Lo Brown ended in a No Contest, Kane b Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco in a Handicap match, Roaddog b Al Snow to retain the Hardcore title, Mankind b The Rock to win the Heavyweight title..

January 11, 1999 – RAW: Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart b The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & Roaddog), Luna b Gillberg (Light Heavyweight Champ) in a non-title match, Val Venis vs Ken Shamrock (IC Champion) ended in a No Contest, X-Pac b Al Snow, Mankind b Kane by DQ to retain the Heavyweight title, Triple H b Edge, Chyna won a “Corporate Royal Rumble” (Included Vince McMahon, Triple H, Billy Gunn, Roaddog, X-Pac, Ken Shamrock, Big Bossman, Kane, and Test)..

January 18, 1999 – RAW: Roaddog b Gangrel to retain the Hardcore title, Billy Gunn b Test by DQ, Steve Blackman b Dan Severn (NWA Champion) by DQ, Mankind b The Big Bossman by DQ to retain the Heavyweight title, Al Snow b Goldust, Chyna b Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco, Kane b The Rock by DQ..

January 25, 1999 – RAW: Billy Gunn b Goldust, Bluedust debuts in the WWF, George Steele b Droz, Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett b Big Bossman & Ken Shamrock to win the Tag Team Titles, Test b Val Venis, Roaddog & Al Snow b The Brood in a Hardcore match, The Rock b Triple H to retain the WWF title..

February 1, 1999 – RAW: Shane McMahon segment (The Cage lowered on Shane’s request, but XPac was sitting on the cage and they brawled inside), Billy Gunn b Val Venis by DQ (Ken Shamrock, who was at commentary complaining about his sister being with Val Venis, whacked Val Venis with a chair!), The Big Bossman b D’Lo Brown w/Terri & Jacky (Terri wanted D’Lo to defend her honor after Bossman called her a BITCH), Goldust beat up The Blue Meanie (Not an official match), D’Lo found out from the doctor that Terri was never pregnant, Droz b Kurrgan, Gangrel & Edge & Christian b Mideon & Viscera & Undertaker (who sat on stage and watched) by DQ, Clip of Halftime Heat where Mankind b The Rock to win the WWF title, Mankind segment, The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farooq) b Roaddog & Al Snow in a Hardcore match (Viscera & Mideon interfered, Roaddog & Al Snow blamed eachother for the loss), Ministry segment (The Brood joined The Ministry), Triple H b Kane in a steel cage matchwith help from X-Pac (Chyna warned Triple H that she had a Valinetines Day gift at St. Valentine’s Day Massacre). The storyline tonight had Vince McMahon in Victoria, Texas trying to find and prevoke Stone Cold into breaching his contract. Also, NEW WWF Champion Mankind, was going around spending “the rock’s money”..

February 13, 1999 – RAW in Toronto: Austin/Mankind/Rock/Vince segment, D’Lo Brown w/Mark Henry b Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra & Owen Hart) (Before the match, DLo presented Mark Henry with a gift – Ivory!), Interview with Val Venis & Ryan Shamrock (Ken Shamrock viciously attacked Val Venis and the referees), Gillberg b Goldust (The Blue Meanie came on the screen with a bizarre spoof becoming Bluedust, the lights went out and came back on with Goldust covered in Blue paint!), DX Segment, Steve Austin vs Mankind (WWF Champion) with Vince McMahon as referee was a NO CONTEST when Mankind gave Vince McMahon the Mr. Socko Claw (Vince McMahon ordered Steve Austin to go through the Corporate Gauntlet later), The Godfather b Viscera by DQ when Mideon interfered (Mideon was sitting ringside with a jar containing an eyeball), X-Pac b Kane by DQ when Chyna interfered (Triple H made the save), Roaddog was shown knocked out backstage, Al Snow had a hardcore match against himself! (Bob Holly came down to be the voice of reason butr they ended up brawling), Interview with Droz (punched out Kevin Kelly for calling him a punk last week), The Rock b Steve Blackman, Corporate Gauntlet Match: Steve Austin b Ken Shamrock by DQ when Test interfered, Austin b Test by DQ when Kane interfered, Austin b Kane by DQ when Chyna interfered, Austin b Chyna by DQ when Bossman interfered, Austin b Big Bossman by DQ when Vince interfered, and Vince McMahon b Austin (Austin was exausted and easily pinned by Mr. McMahon | After the match, Vince screamed in Austin’s face and poured beer over his head)..

February 15, 1999 – RAW: HBK/Austin/Rock/Vince/Rock segment (Vince McMahon comes out in a neck brace demanding Mankind give a rematch to the Rock), Jeff Jarrett & Debra vs D’Lo Brown & Ivory ended in a No Contest (After the match, Debra smashed a guitar over Ivory’s back!), DX segment (Triple H & X-Pac), Val Venis b Billy Gunn (Ryan Shamrock was knocked off the apron injuring her ankle and helping Val win | After the match, Val Venis w/Ryan Shamrock dumped Ryan Shamrock! Billy Gunn consoled Ryan Shamrock backstage so Ken Shamrock attacked him!), Ministry segment (Big Bossman came out and challenged the Ministry to a 6-MAN Tag later), Kane & Shane McMahon w/Chyna b Triple H & X-Pac (Shane pinned X-Pac to capture the European title), Bob Holly b Steve Blackman with help from Droz to retain the Hardcore title (Bob Holly issued an open challenge for next week and Bart Gunn answered), Interview with Sable (a crazed fan, Tori, jumped in the ring and Sable told her to stop stalking her!), Ken Shamrock & Test & Big Bossman vs Mideon & The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farooq) ended in a No Contest after the Ministry abducted a whimpering Shane McMahon and gave him a letter to deliver to Vince McMahon, The Rock b Mankind to win the WWF title in a Ladder match with help from Paul Wight..

February 22, 1999 – RAW: Corporation segment (Paul Wight turned on Vince McMahon and wanted a title shot against Rock), Public Enemy (Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge) b Edge & Gangrel w/Christian by DQ (PE got a blood bath after the match), Backstage: the Undertaker disciplined The Brood by ordering the Ministry to beat them up!, Ken Shamrock vs Billy Gunn ended in a No Contest (Val Venis, who was on commentary, interfered), Interview with Sable (confronts her stalker – Luna comes out and cuts an uncharacteristically sane promo), Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart w/Debra b D’Lo Brown in a Handicap match with help from PMS, The Rock vs Paul Wight ended in a No Contest when they both attacked referee Mankind before the match, Steve Blackman b Droz, Goldust b Val Venis (IC Champion) in a non-title match, Bob Holly b Bart Gunn to retain the Hardcore title (Someone dressed in a mask and Japanese costume tossed Bart Gunn off the stage though a table!), X-Pac w/Triple H b Chyna w/Shane McMahon (Triple H pedigreed Chyna), The Undertaker b Kane in an Inferno match (Paul Bearer delivered a package to Vince McMahon at ringside, which he opened and found a teddy bear belonging to his daughter, Stephanie – Undertaker lit it on fire, bringing Vince McMahon to his knees)..

March 1, 1999 – RAW in Cleveland: Corporation segment (Vince admits he showed weakness last week | Vince fires Kane but Chyna came to Kane’s aid and suggested a Kane vs Austin match to proove himself | Mankind appeared and asks to referee Kane vs Austin – Vince agrees only if Mankind beats Undertaker), Val Venis b Ken Shamrock and Goldust w/Blue Meanie in a 3-WAY by Count Out to retain the IC title (Ryan Shamrock came down and Goldust kissed her and Ken Shamrock went nuts and attacked Goldust | Billy Gunn attacked Venis after the match), Jim Ross returned to the announce position after his second bout of bells palsy (JR confronted Bart Gunn until Steve Williams attacked Bart!), Triple H & X-Pac b Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett w/Debra by DQ (Shane McMahon attacked X-Pac, who chased him backstage | Ivory stripped Debra down to her bra & panties!), Luna & Tori segment (Luna called out Sable, but Tori turned on Luna!), The Rock b Roaddog to retain the WWF title (Al Snow & Hardcore Holly came down after the match but Roaddog gave them both chairshots!), Public Enemy came out dressed as The Brood and issued a challenge (The lights went out and came back on and Rocco Rock was missing), Roaddog & Hardcore Holly brawled backstage, Droz b Steve Blackman in a “Kendo Stick” match, Hardcore Holly & Roaddog brawled outside where Al Snow joined in and took it to the streets, Rocco Rock was found hanging backstage covered in blood, Mankind b The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer by Count Out (Undertaker tried to chokeslam Vince McMahon through the announce table but The Big Bossman made the save!), Ivory b Debra by DQ when PMS interfered, Kane w/Chyna b Steve Austin by DQ (As stipulated, Kane & Chyna get to stay with the Corporation)..

March 8, 1999 – RAW in Pittsburgh: Talk segment (The Rock, Vince McMahon, Paul Wight, Mankind & Steve Austin set up the night’s matches), The Ministry searched for Big Bossman backstage, D’Lo Brown b Owen Hart w/Debra in a Steel City Street Fight (Jarrett tossed a guitar in, but DLo caught it and used it on Owen), The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & Roaddog) b Al Snow & Bob Holly (Al Snow turned on Hardcore Holly | The Ministry attacked all four men after the match), The Undertaker said Big Bossman will come face to face with his maker by the end of the night, Jim Ross segment (JR revealed that WWF writers wanted to turn Steve Williams into a masked Japanese assassin | JR then confronted Michael Cole about stealing his spot | JR kicked Cole and rejoined commentary with Jerry Lawler), Backstage segment (Vince McMahon ordered Terry Taylor to get rid of JR and take over commentary | Vince also tells the Stooges to keep an eye on the Ministry), Ken Shamrock b Goldust w/Ryan Shamrock & Blue Meanie (Terry Taylor called Goldust “Dustin” – oops!), Test w/Chyna b X-Pac w/Triple H (Chyna tried to interfere but Triple H stopped her | Shane McMahon whacked X-Pac with the Euro belt), The Godfather b Steve Blackman by forfiet when Blackman accepted Godfather’s offer for the hos (Droz attacked Blackman after | The Ministry attacked everyone), The Undertaker said there will be a sacrifice tonight, Chyna called out Triple H (Kane showed up and shot a fire-ball at HHH but accidentally hit Chyna in the face!), Tori w/Sable b Luna Vachon by DQ when Luna destroyed Tori and wouldn’t stop (Sable gave Tori a Sable-bomb afterwards), The Ministry swarmed Big Bossman backstage, The Ministry segment (The Ministry tied Bossman to the symbol and raised him up | The Bossman got loose and jumped down as the Corporation showed up to help | The police showed up and arrested Undertaker as the symbol exploded and was set on fire!), Backstage segment (Vince McMahon taunted Undertaker inside the police car), Mankind b Steve Austin by Count Out with Paul Wight as the referee(The Rock joined commentary | Referee Paul Wight made a fast 10-count on Austin and then chokeslammed Mankind! | The Rock attacked Stone Cold but Austin tossed him out)..

March 15, 1999 RAW in San Jose: The Rock segment (Rock called out Vince, who accuses Rock of being ungrateful | Big Show came out and stirred up drama with The Rock | Vince forced Big Show and Rock to shake hands), Roaddog b Val Venis to win the Intercontinental title (DX celebrated backstage and Billy Gunn asked for a title shot), Shane McMahon w/Vince McMahon b The Legion of Doom (Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco) in a Handicap match (After the match, a video was shown on the big screen of the Ministry showing up at the McMahon Mansion), Jim Ross had a special desk constructed at ringside so he could “go back to work”, Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett b Public Enemy (Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge) to retain the Tag Team titles (Public Enemy said in an interview that they will earn their respect), The Big Bossman b Mideon in a Hardcore Steel Cage match (The Corporation attacked Mideon and threatened to destroy him if the Undertaker didn’t leave his home | Undertaker refused said Mideon was prepared to give his life as a car drove up to the McMahon house), Jerry Lawler takes a tour of Playboy Mansion with Sable, Jerry Lawler interviews Sable (Tori came out and challenged Sable to a match at WM15), Billy Gunn b Hardcore Holly to win the Hardcore title (During the match, JR’s moch announce table was destroyed and JR took a fit!), Video was shown of an Undertaker Symbol burning on McMahon’s front lawn, Triple H/Kane segment (They brawled until Vince McMahon came down and asked Kane to help him with the Undertaker | Kane removed his mask and revealed that it was Undertaker!), Steve Austin & Mankind vs The Rock & The Big Show (in-ring debut) ended in a NO CONTEST —- The storyline of the night was that The Ministry showed up at the McMahon Mansion and was waiting for Stephanie to come home. Vince & Shane McMahon frantically called police but they brushed him off saying it was just a publicity stunt. The Ministry lit a Sybol on fire on McMahon’s lawn..

March 22, 1999 – RAW: Corporation segment (Vince McMahon claimed Undertaker & Steve Austin were working together | Steve Austin drove a beer truck down to the ring, cut a promo, and sprayed Rock, Vince & Shane with a beer hose!), Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart w/Debra vs The Brood ended in a No Contest when Public Enemy intefered (After the match, Debra was the victim of a Blood Bath!), Billy Gunn (Hardcore champion) vs Roaddog (IC Champion) ended in a Double DQ (Goldust, Val Venis & Al Snow all interfered), The Legion of Doom showed up and attacked Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco), Sable b Ivory to retain the Women’s title (Tori attacked Sable after the match), Mankind b The Rock by DQ to earn the right to referee the main event, Kane vs Goldust ended in a No Contest (Triple H came out dressed as Goldust and shot Kane with a flame-thrower and assaulted him!), Shane McMahon vs X-Pac ended in a No Contest in a Greenwich Street Fight after the Mean Street Posse attacked X-Pac, The Ministry (Undertaker & Bradshaw & Farooq) vs The Corporation (Test & Big Bossman & Ken Shamrock) ended in a NO CONTEST, Vince McMahon segment (Introduces guest commentator The Rock), Steve Austin b The Big Show with Mankind as referee (After the match, The Rock gave Steve Austin the Rock Bottom as the RAW went off the air!)..

March 29, 1999 – RAW: Tori & Ivory b Sable & Jacqueline, The Big Show b Test, Hardcore Holly b Steve Williams to retain the Hardcore title, The Rock b Billy Gunn, Ken Shamrock b Gangrel (Shamrock was on a mission to find Stephanie McMahon, so he put the anklelock on Christian until he blurted out her secret whereabouts – Shamrock then went to the basement and found a terrified Stephanie McMahon huddled in a corner – Vince McMahon thanked Shamrock and said he was forever in debted to him), Goldust b Roaddog to win the Intercontinental Title, Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart b The Legion of Doom to retain the Tag Team titles, X-Pac b Triple H by DQ —- The storyline for the night was that The Ministry had abducted Stephanie McMahon and Vince’s Corporation fantically searched for her all night and Shamrock finally found her in the basement..

April 5, 1999 – RAW: X-Pac & Kane b Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart w/Debra to win the Tag Team titles, Corporation segment (The Rock uses the Smoking Skull WWF belt to taunt Steve Austin), Ivory cut a promo on PMS and rip Terri’s top off, Ministry segment (Undertaker threatened to abduct Stephanie and sacrifice her before the night was over), Al Snow b Hardcore Holly (Hardcore Champion) in a non-title match (Steve “Dr Death” Williams attacked both men after the match), Christian was physically punished by the Undertaker for telling Ken Shamrock where Ryan was last week), The New Age Outlaws (Roaddog & Billy Gunn) b Edge & Gangrel (Christian was pinned), Ken Shamrock vs Viscera ended in a No Contest when the Ministry ambushed and abducted Shamrock (this was punishment for Shamrock interfering in the Stephanie abduction last week), Mankind b Val Venis by Mandible Claw submission, Goldust (IC Champion) w/Blue Meanie vs The Godfather (w/Three Hoes) ended in a Double Count Out, Ministry segment (They brought Ryan Shamrock out to the stage and strapped her to the crucifix and raised her up as a sacrifice! — Backstage, Vince McMahon screamed violently into the camera for Undertaker to stay away from Stephanie!!!), The Big Show b Triple H & The Rock w/Shane McMahon in a Handicap match by DQ when Chyna interfered (Steve Austin came out and cleaned house on the Corporation, but The Rock escaped with the Smoking Skull belt — Shane McMahon put an image of the belt on the Titan Tron, so Austin told Big Show to pull it down, and Austin ripped and shredded the Titantron screen into pieces!!!) —- The storyline for the night was that Vince McMahon stayed at the side of Stephanie all night long in an attempt to protect her from the Undertaker’s threats, which culminated in the erie sacrifice of a Ryan Shamrock..

April 12, 1999 – RAW in Detroit: Corporation segment (Shane McMahon fired The Stooges and confronted Vince about his priorities. Shane slapped Vince. Vince & Stephanie walked away. Shane proclaimed that Vince was no longer his father! and will be known as “Vince” from now on! Ken Shamrock quit the Corporation in protest! Vince & Stephanie left the building), Sable w/Nicole Bass vs Ivory vs Tori vs Jacqueline w/Terri ended in a NO CONTEST when Nicole Bass destroyed all three challengers, The Undertaker threatened another innocent sacrifice tonight in Stephanie’s absence, Stone Cold segment (The Rock came up on the screen standing on a bridge threatening to throw the Smoking Skull belt into the river, Austin left the building to find Rock), Mankind locked himself in the Boiler Room, The Big Show b Christian (Undertaker forced Christian into this match to “proove” himself), Interview with Mankind in the Boiler Room, Billy Gunn b Val Venis by DQ when Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett interfered (Roaddog made the save), The Mean Street Posse went to take out Mankind in the Boiler Room but they got destroyed (Mankind walked away and heard someone whimpering in the corner), Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart w/Debra b The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farooq) by DQ when the Ministry interfered and took Debra hostage, Ministry segment (Undertaker threatened to sacrifice Debra, but Ken Shamrock ran down with a baseball bat and cleaned house. The Undertaker revealed that Ryan Shamrock was in the basement), The Godfather b Goldust to win the Intercontinental title (The Big Bossman was Goldust’s original challenger, but Godfather traded 5 hos in exchange for the title shot), Ken Shamrock found Ryan Shamrock in the basement being consolled by Mankind (The Ministry attacked Ken Shamrock & Mankind), Hardcore Holly b D’Lo Brown to retain the Hardcore title (Holly got into a fight with some Detroit Red Wing hockey players during the match – Al Snow interfered on Holly’s bahalf to preserve his title shot), The Ministry tried to sacrifice Ken Shamrock (The Brood disobeyed the Undertaker and the Ministry began to fight amungst themselves. Mankind joined the brawl and Shamrock got loose and joined in as The Undertaker disappeared beneath the stage), Kane & X-Pac b Triple H & Test w/Chyna to retain the Tag Team titles (Triple H left Test in the ring after the match), Ken Shamrock segment (Shamrock called out The Undertaker, refering to him as “Mark”. The Ministry attacked Shamrock until Triple H & Bossman made the save, only to join in the assault! Shane McMahon cheered from the stage.), Stone Cold Steve Austin met The Rock on a bridge over the Detroit river (The Rock brawled with Austin and tossed him over the rail into the river below, and then biffed the Smoking Skull belt into the river as well!)..

April 19, 1999 – RAW: The Rock segment (Rock drove a hurse to the ring signifying the death of Stone Cold), Roaddog b Owen Hart w/Debra (As stipulated, Debra had to show her puppies but Jeff Jarrett prevented it from happening), The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farooq) b The Brood (Edge & Gangrel w/Christian) by DQ when Ken Shamrock attacked the Acolytes with a baseball bat (After the match, The Ministry punished the Acolytes for “failing” to take out the Brood), The Godfather b Hardcore Holly to retain the IC title with help from Al Snow (Goldust attacked Godfather after the match), Ken Shamrock b The Big Bossman in a No Holds Barred match (After the match, The Undertaker told Shamrock he knows that Ryan Shamrock was in Room 223 in a Landsing Motel), Mankind b Triple H when Chyna interfered (The Corporation attacked Mankind after the match until The Big Show made the save!), Billy Gunn vs Jeff Jarrett w/Debra ended in a No Contest when Owen Hart & Roaddog interfered, The Big Show b Viscera by DQ when the Undertaker interfered (Undertaker & Viscera double-teamed Big Show until Mankind made the save!), Interview with Vince & Stephanie from WWF Headquarters (Mideon showed up and Vince sprinted to the parking lot to attack him, leaving Stephanie inside with security officers. Vince tried to drive over Mideon, but missed and Mideon escaped in his car), Sable announced her 2nd photoshoot for Playboy Magazine (Ivory came down and had a catfight with Sable until Nicole Bass made the save), The Rock had a “funeral” for Stone Cold (The Rock revealed that he was still in posession of the Smoking Skull belt and was going to bury it. Stone Cold showed up with a Monster Truck and demolished the Rock’s custom made Lincoln Continental. Stone Cold then drove the Monster truck into the arena and destroyed the hurse as well. Austin and Rock then brawled until Austin dumped The Rock into the grave constructed inside the arena!!!!! Austin then reclaimed the Smoking Skull belt. However, Shane McMahon whacked Stone Cold with a shovel and stole back the Smoking Skull belt)..

April 26, 1999 – RAW: Clips were shown of the Undertaker abducting Stephanie the night before at Backlash, The Rock segment (The Rock blamed Shane McMahon for his loss at Backlash, so the Corporation beat The Rock up and fired him!), Vince McMahon & The Stooges waited backstage for the Undertaker to call on the phone, Kane & X-Pac b Edge & Gangrel in a NON TITLE match (After the match, Kane got a blood bath and thought that X-Pac did it, so he chokeslammed X-Pac), Vince McMahon received a phone call from Undertaker (Vince agrees to give Undertaker controlling interest in the WWF in exchange for Stephanie’s safe return – Undertaker says that Steve Austin must deliver the documents, or the deal is off), Steve Austin segment (Vince came down and asked Austin to help him get Stephanie back by delivering the documents to the Undertaker – Austin refused and told Vince to “kiss his ass”), D’Lo Brown w/Ivory b Val Venis after distraction from Nicole Bass (Nicole made it clear that she has a crush on Val Venis), Triple H w/Chyna b Mr. Ass (aka Billy Gunn), Mankind & The Big Show b Test & The Big Bossman (By orders of Shane McMahon, the Bossman turned on Test after the match), The Godfather b Jeff Jarrett w/Debra to retain the Intercontinental title (The match was originally a non title match, but Godfather agreed to put the title on the line against Debra’s “services” as a Ho – When Jarrett lost, Owen Hart grabbed Debra and took her backstage), Vignette Played for MEAT and PMS, Ken Shamrock vs Bradshaw ended in a No Contest after Farooq attacked Shamrock before the match (Test ran down to make the save), The Rock b Shane McMahon by DQ when The Mean Street Posse & Triple H & Chyna interfered, Vince McMahon was shown still waiting alone at the ‘drop off’ location, Ministry segment (The Undertaker had an “Unholy Wedding” to Stephanie McMahon, who was strapped to the Undertaker symbol. Ken Shamrock tried to interrupt but he got beat up. Shane McMahon held the Corporation backstage. The Big Show interrupted but was knocked out by a baseball bat shot by Undertaker. Stone Cold Steve Austin interrupted next and destroyed the Ministry with a chair and rescued Stephanie McMahon!!!!!!!! Stephanie became untied from the symbol and embraced Stone Cold!! Vince McMahon finally arrived and embraced Stephanie and showed his appeciation to Stone Cold)..

May 3, 1999 – RAW: Corporate Ministry Segment (Shane McMahon insults fans | HHH vows to end Rock’s career | The Undertaker threatens to make Stone Cold his ultimate sacrifice | The Union made its first collective appearance holding 2X4s), Billy Gunn b X-Pac (Gunn continued the assault but Roaddog made the save! | Kane showed up and carried X-Pac backstage.), Corporate Ministry Segment (Vince & Linda & Stephanie come down to confront Shane | Shane admits that he masterminded Stephanie’s abduction | The Corporate Ministry attacked Vince.), Gerald Brisco & Pat Patterson b The Mean Street Posse (Rodney & Pete Gas) by Count Out, Test b The Big Bossman and Viscera and Mideon in a 4-WAY (The Union made the save after the match), Backstage segment (Triple H & Undertaker attacked Vince McMahon in his office), Vince McMahon b Shane McMahon by using the Stunner!, The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farooq) b Mankind in a Handicap match with Hardcore rules, Triple H b Ken Shamrock with Chyna as referee, The Big Show b The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer by DQ (Undertaker used ether on Big Show and shattered a baseball bat over his head!), Sable’s Stunt Double (Nicole Bass) b Debra in an Evening Gown Match when Debra voluntarily disrobed (Bass threatened Debra, Jeff Jarrett smashed a guitar over Bass’ head and Val Venis made the save but carried Debra out), Steve Austin vs The Rock ended in a No Contest in a Lumberjack match (The match never got started as Corporate Ministry Lumberjacks attacked Rock & Austin until The Union and other wrestlers made the save! | HHH & Rock fought on stage as Taker & Austin disappeared under the stage | Austin came back and tried to help The Rock, but the Rock was accidentally thrown off the stage! | The Undertaker then came back and launched Austin off the stage too!).

May 10, 1999 – RAW in Orlando: Kane vs Billy Gunn ended in a No Contest when Kane’s leg got caught in the ropes and he hung up-side-down (Roaddogg attacked Billy Gunn, and then DLo & Mark Henry attacked Kane & XPac), Commissioner HBK books the show (Clever segment), The Big Show vs Paul Bearer ended in a No Contest (The Big Show called out The Undertaker), Debra b Sable w/Nicole Bass in an Evening Gown match to win the Women’s title (Val Venis was referee, and Jeff Jarrett smashed a guitar over his head! – Sable won the match but HBK declared Debra the champion anyway), The Big Bossman b Test in a Nightstick on a Pole match, Interview with Val Venis, Cactus Jack b Mideon & Viscera in a Hardcore Handicap match, Interview with Chyna, Farooq vs Bradshaw ended in a No Contest in a Lumberjack match (Members of the Union served as Lumberjacks), Gerald Brisco & Pat Patterson (who came out to Hulk Hogan‘s “Real American” song) b The Mean Street Posse (Pete Gas & Rodney), Interview with Ken Shamrock, Jeff Jarrett w/Debra b Val Venis, Ken Shamrock vs Chyna w/Triple H ended in a No Contest, Steve Austin & The Rock & Vince McMahon b Shane McMahon & The Undertaker & Triple H (Shawn Michaels was the referee)..

May 17, 1999 – RAW: X-Pac & Roaddog & Kane vs Billy Gunn & D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry ended in a NO CONTEST, Corporate Ministry segment (Shane threatened Vince), Backstage segment (Shane & The Corporate Ministry found Vince’s office and tried to break in | Undertaker burst out of the closet and choked Vince | Vince was taken to hospital by ambulance), Val Venis & The Godfather w/The Hos b Jeff Jarrett & Blue Blazer w/Debra, Test b Meat (w/PMS) by DQ (PMS attacked Test after until Tori made the save!), Stone Cold segment (Austin cut a promo on Undertaker, The Corporate Ministry came out and The Union showed up to brawl! | Austin hit a Stunner on Paul Bearer!), The Undertaker b The Rock in a Casket match (Triple H smashed Rock’s broken arm with a sledge hammer and put him in the Casket. | Triple H then brutally smashed the casket with the sledge, thus sending Rock to the hospital), The Hardy Boyz & Michael Hayes vs The Brood (Gangrel & Edge & Christian) ended in a NO CONTEST, Al Snow segment (Al delivered a eulogy for Pierre, who he claimed had died during his match with HEAD), Backstage segment (The Corporate Ministry attacked Steve Austin!), The Big Show b The Big Bossman, Steve Austin (WWF Champion) vs Triple H (w/Shane McMahon & Chyna) ended in a No Contest when The Undertaker interfered (The symbol was lowered from the ceiling over the ring as the Union brawled with the Ministry backstage. The Undertaker tried to strap Austin to the symbol, but turned the tables and Austin handcuffed Taker to the symbol and raised it high above the ring!)..

May 24, 1999 – RAW IS OWEN in St. Louis: Jeff Jarrett b Test, X-Pac & Kane b The Brood, The Hardy Boyz b Taka Michinoku & Sho Funaki, Ken Shamrock b Hardcore Holly, Mankind b Billy Gunn, Mark Henry & D-Lo Brown b The Acolytes, The Godfather vs Roaddog ended in a No Contest (Godfather retains IC title), Triple H b Al Snow (Hardcore Champion) in a non-itle match, The Big Show b Goldust & The Blue Meanie in a Handicap match, The Rock b Val Venis..

May 31, 1999 – RAW: Corporate Minister segment (Shane promises to reveal the Higher Power), The Big Show b Billy Gunn by Count Out with help from Roaddog, Harry “Beaver” Cleavage w/Mrs. Cleavage b Christian with help from Michael Hayes & The Hardyz, Jeff Jarrett b The Godfather to win the Intercontinental title, Vince McMahon b The Undertaker by DQ (As stipulated Austin will get a title shot later tonight), Mankind segment (Mankind called out HHH | Big Bossman attacked Mankind, until Roaddog made the save), Roaddog vs The Big Bossman ended in a Double DQ, The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farooq) b Kane & X-Pac with help from Shane McMahon to win the Tag Team titles, Val Venis w/Nicole Bass b Ken Shamrock with help from Jeff Jarrett, Triple H w/Chyna b Mankind in a Hardcore Rules match (Chyna interfered but ended up getting Mr. Socko! | HHH whacked Mankind’s knee with a sledgehammer to win! Chyna & HHH beat up the referees and continued to assault Mankind’s knee until The Rock made the save!), Steve Austin b The Undertaker (WWF Champion) w/Paul Bearer by DQ when The Ministry attacked Austin (The Higher Power walked down and revealed his face to Austin, who was irate when he learned the Higher Power’s true identity).

June 7, 1999 – RAW in Boston: Vince McMahon promo (Challenges the Higher Power to a “No Holds Barred” match | Shane McMahon came out and accepted the challenge even though he is NOT the Higher Power), Corporate Ministry segment (The Higher Power reveals HIMSELF as….. Vince McMahon! | Linda McMahon & Stephanie came out and that Stone Cold Steve Austin was the NEW CEO of the WWF! Austin rebooked the show and gave members of the Union any match they wanted.), The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farooq) b The Brood (Edge & Gangrel) with help from The Hardyz & Michael Hayes to retain the Tag Team titles, The Union segment (Each member chose their opponents for the night. | Test asked Stephanie McMahon out on a date and she said yes, mush to the displeasure of Vince & Shane!), X-Pac & Kane b Shane McMahon by DQ (The Mean Street Posse interfered and Patterson & Brisco ran down to beat them up), The Rock (arm) b Triple H (leg) w/Chyna by DQ in a Cast match after the Undertaker interfered, Debra w/Jeff Jarrett b Nicole Bass w/Val Venis in a Bikini Contest, GTV spying on PMS, The Godfather w/7 Hos b Billy Gunn, Al Snow b Droz to retain the Hardcore title (match ended up in the hotel lounge/bar), Vince McMahon b Ken Shamrock in a Lion’s Den Match (Jeff Jarrett whacked Shamrock with a chair as he entered the Den), The Undertaker (WWF Champion) w/Paul Bearer vs The Big Show ended in a No Contest (The Big Show chokeslammed Undertaker THROUGH the ring!)..

June 14, 1999 – RAW in Woster: Stone Cold segment (1st day on the job at WWF Headquarters), Corporate Ministry segment (Vince says Austin as CEO is worse than Austin as Champion! | Vince & Shane set the stipulations for their match with Austin at KotR. | Pat Patterson confronted Vince about how he has treated Stephanie!), Billy Gunn b Roaddog in a Dog Collar match with help from Chyna, The Rock segment (Challenges Undertaker at KotR. | Undertaker accepts. | Vince McMahon says Rock has to earn it tonight.), Ivory b Debra w/Jeff Jarrett to win the Women’s title with help from Nicole Bass, Stone Cold at WWF Headquarters (Steve Austin had a beer drinking contest with the Board of Directors), Backstage segment (Pat Patterson tried to quit, but Brisco convinced him to stay), Test b The Big Bossman by DQ in a Blindfold match (Test was the only one blindfolded, Stephanie ran down to save Test after the match!), X-Pac and The Big Show ended in a No Contest in a David vs Goliath match when Kane interrupted, Ken Shamrock b Jeff Jarrett in a Straight Jacket match (Shamrock had to wrestle in a straight jacket. | Vince McMahon came down and knocked out the referee and stole the key to Shamrock’s jacket.), GTV spies on Billy Gunn getting his ass shaved and found a zit!, Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco vs Mideon & Viscera ended in a NO CONTEST when the Mean Streat Posse interfered, The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farooq) b Kane in a Handicap match (X-Pac made the save after the match), McMahon segment (Ken Shamrock showed up and Vince pushed Shane in the way and escaped), The Rock b The Undertaker and Triple H in a 3-WAY to earn a WWF title shot! (Undertaker and Triple H started fighting after the match and the Ministry ran down to pull them apart!)..

June 21, 1999 – RAW in Memphis: Corporate Ministry segment (Triple H called out Undertaker for a fight. Undertaker came out but Shane & Vince prevented a fight from breaking out. Stone Cold came out and sat on top of a ladder on stage to address the McMahons. HBK then showed up with his new “associates” Patterson & Brisco. HBK booked the show. The Ministry went after the Stooges. Ken Shamrock snuck in and whacked Viscera with a chair!), Jeff Jarrett w/Debra b Test and Ken Shamrock in a 3-WAY to retain the Intercontinental title (Steve Blackman attacked Shamrock with a kendo stick during the match.), The Rock b Edge (Undertaker attacked Rock after the match), Viscera b Mark Henry in a Gorilla Slam match (DLo showed up after and helped Mark Henry gorilla slam Viscera. Mideon then showed up carrying the vacated European title belt and whacked DLo!), Interview with Beaver Cleavage (Chaz broke character and walked off the set), Steve Austin b The Big Bossman with Shawn Michaels as referee (The McMahons brought a ladder down to ringside. Vince stood on it and Austin knocked him off onto the announce table, which failed to break. Austin used the Nightstick to win! As a result, Austin vs The McMahons at KotR will have no interference from the Ministry), Val Venis vs Prince Albert w/Droz ended in a No Contest (Val Venis handcuffed Droz to the ringpost, then handcuffed Albert to the ropes and gave him a tatoo of “VV” on his ass!), The Acolytes & Billy Gunn b Roaddog & X-Pac & Kane (The Acolytes tag titles were on the line, and when Billy Gunn scored the pin, he took one of the belts), GTV spies on Al Snow picking his nose and eating it, The Big Show b Hardcore Holly in a Hardcore match (They ended up in the parking lot where Big Show pushed a small car off a ledge “on top of” Hardcore Holly), Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco vs Vince & Shane McMahon ended in a No Contest (Ken Shamrock showed up and Vince abandoned Shane to run away. The Mean Street Posse, including the debut of Joey Abs, showed up and helped Shane assault Patterson & Brisco), The Undertaker (WWF Champion) w/Paul Bearer b Triple H w/Chyna by DQ when the Rock interfered (A Brauma Bull sybol was lowered from the ceiling. The Ministry ran down but the Big Bossman fought them off as Undertaker escaped. The Rock strapped Paul Bearer to the symbol and taunted Taker)..

June 28, 1999 – RAW in Charlotte: Corporate Ministry segment (The McMahons celebrate their victory over Steve Austin, and thus firing him as CEO! The Big Bossman came down with his old 80s Bossman music and rejoined the Corporate Ministry! Steve Austin came out and said he gave himself a new contract the night before. He can now assault Vince McMahon whenever he wants, and he signed a title match against Taker tonight!), Ken Shamrock vs Steve Blackman ended in a No Contest in a Weapons match, Billy Gunn Interview (Billy Gunn came out wearing the Tag Title belt claiming to be champion and then bragged about winning the King of the Ring. HHH & Chyna came out and said XPac & Roaddog are claiming all rights to DX. HHH tells Billy Gunn & Chyna to win back thr rights to DX so they can get the money. The Rock attacked HHH!), GTV spies on Test & Stephanie coming outr of a hotel, Chaz w/Marriana b Meat w/PMS, Terry Taylor interviewed Test (Shane McMahon & The Mean Street Posse attacked Test), Hardcore Holly b Kane (The Big Show interfered and chokeslammed Kane! After the match, Kane choke-slammed Holly four times in a row!), The Rock b Triple H w/Chyna by DQ when Billy Gunn whacked The Rock with a club, Backstage segment (Albert & Droz attacked Val Venis), Edge b The Godfather w/The Hos with help from Albert & Droz (After the match, Droz tried to peirce one of the Hos tongue but Edge made the save. Godfather offered his Hos to Edge in appreciation. Gangrel was spotted in the rafters watching Edge!), Bradshaw w/Farooq b Billy Gunn with help from X-Pac to reclaim posession of his Tag Title belt (Chyna attacked X-Pac after the match. Roaddog ran down to help X-Pac!), Ivory w/Nicole Bass segment (Ivory proclaimed no more barbie doll lipstick losers and issued an open challenge. A fan from the crowd, actually Malia Hosaka, got in the ring and had a catfight with Ivory until Nicole Bass powerbombed her! Ivory helped her up and knocked her back down!), Jeff Jarrett w/Debra b X-Pac with help from Billy Gunn to retain the Intercontinental title (Another DX vs DX brawl broke out after the match), Steve Austin b The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer to win the WWF title (Undertaker attacked and bloodied Steve Austin after the match)..

July 5, 1999 – RAW: Stone Cold segment (Steve Austin had a verbal confrontation with Vince McMahon), Interview with The Rock (The Rock forced Michael Cole to wear the Smackdown Hotel T-shirt over his face), The Hardy Boyz w/Michael Hayes b The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farooq) to win the Tag Team titles (Bradshaw was not medically cleared so he punched out the doctor.), G-TV spies on Droz & Albert putting their dresses on, The Godfather w/The Hos b Gangrel (The Godfather brought out Droz & Albert, who were contractually forced to dress up as Hos. After the match, Droz & Albert attacked Val Venis. Gangrel tried to join in but Edge & Christian dragged him away!), Test b Joey Abs by DQ when Rodney & Pete Gas interfered (Stephanie ran down but Shane held her back and forced her to watch Test get beat up!), Parking Lot segment (Chyna told police that X-Pac & Roaddog spray-painted her car!), Al Snow b D’Lo Brown to retain the Hardcore title with help from Mideon, Backstage segment (Police searched for X-Pac & Roaddog and Howard Finkle snitched their location), Roaddog vs Val Venis ended in a No Contest when Police came down and arrested Roaddog AND X-Pac, Jeff Jarrett w/Debra b Chaz w/Marianna to retain the Intercontinental title (Jarrett tried to smash a guitar over Chaz’s head but Glen Ruth, aka Thrasher, made the save!), Edge b The Big Bossman (After the match, Bossman knocked Edge out with the nightstick, handcuffed him, and beat him up until Christian made the save! Bossman whacked Christian with the night stick and beat on him too!), Billy Gunn w/Chyna b Meat w/PMS (After the match, Billy Gunn & Chyna spray-painted “DX” on Meat & Jacqueline | Ironically the same color paint that was on Chyna’s car EARLIER), Kane b The Big Show & Hardcore Holly in a Handicap match (The Undertaker showed up and helped Kane beat up The Big Show and double suplexed him! The Undertaker then viciously whacked Big Show in the head with a chair!), The Rock b Triple H w/Chyna in a Steel Cage match (Triple H initially escaped the Cage with help from Chyna, but the referee was knocked out and did not see it. The Rock left the Cage and pulled Triple H back inside and the match continued! The Rock ended up winning by escaping the Cage. Billy Gunn ran down and helped triple-team The Rock)..

July 12, 1999 – RAW in Louisville: Stone Cold segment (Steve Austin brought out a contract for Fully Loaded and Vince McMahon came out in a wheel chair and signed it. Kane’s music played but it was a trick as The Undertaker attacked Austin from behind! Vince McMahon filled a pen with Steve Austin’s blood and signed the contract!), Edge vs Gangrel fought ended in a No Contest when Gangrel pushed Edge into a burning hole in the stage!, Backstage segment (X-Pac & Roaddog tarred & feathered Howard Finkle for snitching last week), In Ring segment (X-Pac & Roaddog told Kane to choose between X-Pac & The Undertaker. HHH, Billy Gunn & Chyna attacked Pac, Dogg & Kane. The Undertaker showed up and told Kane HE would never make him choose.), Val Venis & The Godfather w/The Hos b The Hardy Boyz (Tag Team Champions) w/Michael Hayes by DQ, In Ring segment (Jeff Jarrett cut a promo but a bandaged Steve Austin came out and stunned him and called out The Undertaker! The Big Show came out and set up a tag match for later), The Rock (sub for Kane) & Roaddog & X-Pac b Triple H & Chyna & Billy Gunn, Al Snow b Droz in an Evening Gown match to retain the Hardcore title (After the match, Albert drove a spike into HEAD), The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farooq) vs Hardcore Holly ended in a No Contest (Holly was getting beaten up so The Big Show came down and carried him away), G-TV spies on Joey Abs hitting on Stephanie backstage, Test b The Mean Street Posse by DQ in a Gauntlet match when Shane McMahon & Steve Blackman interfered (Ken Shamrock made the save! The Mean Street Posse attacked Test’s ankle and Stephanie ran down and accidentally got elbowed by Shane! Shane paniced and carried the unconscious Stephanie backstage), Steve Austin & The Big Show b The Undertaker & Kane (Undertaker reopened Austin’s cut on his forehead, leading into the First Blood match at Fully Loaded)..

July 19, 1999 – RAW: Corporate Ministry segment (Vince McMahon came down in his wheel chair surrounded by the Ministry. Vince tells the fans to take Steve Austin’s picture tonight because it will be the last time Austin appears on RAW as the WWF Champion. Vince threatened to fire The Undertaker if he doesn’t win at Fully Loaded. Undertaker says his problem with Austin is person, so to hell with business. Undertaker says he’ll become WWF champion for himself, NOT Vince. HHH wanted Vince to replace Taker with him at Fully Loaded, so Vince booked HHH vs Taker tonight. Steve Austin then drove a blood bank bus into the arena and vows to take a donation from Vince tonight!), Roaddog vs Chyna ended in a No Contest in a Dog Collar match (Billy Gunn interfered and hung Roaddog over the top rope by the neck until X-Pac made the save), Mean Street Posse segment (Shane McMahon called out Stephanie to apologize for hitting her last week. Joey Abs tried to score a date with Stephanie but she refused and slapped him!), The Hardy Boyz b The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farooq) and Droz & Albert and Val Venis & Godfather in a 4-WAY to retain the Tag Team titles, G-TV spies on the cast of Mystery Men talking about wrestling, Jeff Jarrett w/Debra b Christian to retain the Intercontinental title (After the match, the lights went out and Jeff Jarrett got a blood bath. Edge & Jarrett had a pull-apart brawl), Interview (Jeff Jarrett challenged Edge at Fully Loaded), Billy Gunn b The Rock after Chyna whacked Rock with a chair, Al Snow (Hardcore Champion) vs The Big Bossman ended in a No Contest (Al Snow was acting crazy since Albright drove a spike in HEAD last week. Bossman handcuffed and beat on Al Snow with the night stick!), Edge & D’Lo Brown b Gangrel & Mideon, Test b Steve Blackman by DQ when Shane McMahon & The Mean Street Posse attacked Test, Kane & X-Pac vs The Big Show & Hardcore Holly ended in a No Contest when Undertaker came down and knocked everyone out and left with Kane (Kane went back to the ring to get X-Pac, and saw a replay of Undertaker attacking X-Pac. Kane made his decision and chokeslammed his brother The Undertaker and carried X-Pac to the stage where X-Pac hugged Kane!!), The Undertaker b Triple H (w/Chyna & Vince McMahon) by DQ when Steve Austin & The Rock interfered (The Rock fought with Triple H, and Austin locked the Undertaker in the Blood Mobile and went back to ringside and busted V ince McMahon open! Austin signed the contract with Vince’s blood. Paul Bearer let Undertaker out and Taker went to the ring and cut Austin’s forehead open once again!)..

July 26, 1999 – RAW in Cleveland at the Gund Arena: Backstage segment (The Undertaker beat up X-Pac and dragged him to the ring), In Ring segment (The Undertaker continued to beat up X-Pac until Kane made the save. Kane overpowered Undertaker until The Big Show attacked Kane from behind! Kane was double-teamed by Big Show & Taker, who shook hands and left together! Kane got up and carried X=Pac backstage to an ambulance), Parking Lot segment (Despite being contractually banned from WWE, Vince McMahon arrived at the building), The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farooq) b Edge & Christian to retain the Tag Team titles (Hardcore Holly, who was the guest ring announcer, attacked the Acolytes but only got beat up himself. Kane came down and chokeslammed EVERYBODY! Kane then asked for the microphone and spoke for the first time ever, vowing revenge on Undertaker & Big Show), Parking Lot segment (Medics attempted to help Ken Shamrock after he was struck by a car driven by Steve Blackman), Vince McMahon segment (Vince said for the first time in his life, he failed. Vince said he wanted the fans to remember him as a handsome entreprenuer who left his mark on everyone watching. Steve Austin then showed up. Vince said he and Austin have a lot in common but he will always be the better man. Vince then offered to shake Austin’s hand. Austin refused and asked Jim Ross to come in the ring and sing “Nah nah nah nah oh hell yeah good bye” – Beer bash.), Val Venis & The Godfather b Prince Albert & Droz in a Street Fight (The fight ended up in the crowd, where a fan -aka Vic Grimes- got involved and thus arrested), Interview with The Rock (Rock harasses Michael Cole), Ben Stiller was in the first row, Triple H segment (HHH says he knows Steve Austin like the back of his hand. Chyna called out Rock. Rock came out, but Billy Gunn attacked him), Kane b The Big Show & The Undertaker by DQ in a Handicap match (Take whacked Kane’s head with a chair, but he kept sitting up. Road Dog tried to make the save but got chokeslammed.), Jeff Jarrett interviews Ben Stiller (Jarrett ended up attacking Stiller and putting him in the figure four until DLo Brown made the save), Triple H b Ken Shamrock (arm and ribs taped up), The Rock vs Billy Gunn & Chyna ended in a No Contest in a Handicap match (HHH joined commentary and didn’t like what Jim Ross was saying about him so he punched him out! Steve Austin came down and brawled with Triple H as the show went off the air!!!!!!)..

August 2, 1999 – RAW at Ohio State University: In Ring segment (The Acolytes called out Big Show & Undertaker but Hardcore Holly came out instead and got beat up by both the Acolytes), Edge b Gangrel in a Blood Bath match (The lights went out and when they came back on Gangrel was covered in blood and Christian was standing over him!), Shane McMahon segment (Shane spoke about his fathers last appearance on RAW last week. Shane spoke highly of his father and expressed anger towards the fans for not paying respect. Shane said Jim Ross would get payback for singing “Nah nah nah nah OH hell yeah, Good bye” at Vince. Shane said there would be no WWF if it wasn’t for Vince, and there wouldn’t be a WCW either. Shane “garanteed” that Triple H would beat Austin at Summerslam. Shane then tells Test to stay away from Stephanie. Test came out and said he’s go through the Posse to get to Shane!), The Big Show & The Undertaker b Kane & Roaddog (Show/Taker continued the assault after the match, bringing out the Acolytes, but Hardcore Holly whacked them both in the knees with a baseball bat!), Billy Gunn segment (Mr. Ass made fun of The Rock’s ass, then the Rock cut a ‘taped’ promo on the big screen), DLo Brown (European Champion) b Jeff Jarrett w/Debra to win the Intercontinental title after Debras interference backfired (Jarrett yelled at Debra and blamed her for the loss), Steve Austin segment (Big Show & Undertaker interrupted and Taker demanded a title shot and then they beat Austin up), The Big Bossman b Viscera to retain the Hardcore title, Steve Austin interview (Austin granted Takers title shot), Test b Rodney despite interference from Joey Abs (Test smashed Rodney’s arm with a chair after the match), Interview with Triple H (HHH was upset that Austin granted Undertaker a title shot), Steve Blackman vs Val Venis ended in a No Contest when Ken Shamrock interfered (Shamrock chased Blackman backstage with a chain wrapped around his fist!), Steve Austin (WWF Champion) vs The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer & Big Show) ended in a No Contest (Triple H protested the match and a big four-way brawl broke out. The Acolytes joined in the fight, followed by Kane, Roaddog, Hardcore Holly, Billy Gunn and finally The Rock as the show went off the air)..

August 9, 1999 – RAW in Chicago: The Rock segment (Rock cut a promo on Big Show. Big Show & Undertaker attacked The Rock until X-Pac tried to make the save. Roaddog ran down and got beat up too. Kane then showed up and disposed of Taker & Big Show!), Parking Lot segment (Shawn Michaels arrived), Interview with Kane & X-Pac (Challenged Acolytes), Gangrel b Christian with help from the Hardy Boyz (The Hardyz join The Brood. Michael Hayes tried to discipline the Hardyz so they beat him up!), Jerry Lawler interviewed Jesse Ventura (The Body shot on Hulk Hogan, without actually mentioning his name. Jesse Ventura then talked about refereeing at Summerslam. Triple H & Chyna came out to try to intimidate Jesse Ventura. Shawn Michaels came out to set HHH straight. Michaels set up a 3-WAY main event!), Taped footage (DLo Brown was jogging with Mark Henry when Jeff Jarrett drove up and attacked DLo!), Val Venis b Jeff Jarrett w/Debra, Backstage segment (Steve Austin was attacked by a mystery man and had a cinder block smashed over his head), In The Ring (Shawn Michaels accused Triple H of attacking Steve Austin and replaces Austin with Chyna in the 3-WAY), Kane & X-Pac b The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farooq) to win the Tag Team titles (Kane said “suck it” after the match. Undertaker & Big Show attacked Kane & X-Pac.), G-TV spies on Billy Gunn, Ken Shamrock & Test b Steve Blackman & Joey Abs (After the match, Test broke Joey Abs ankle), The Rock segment (The Rock called out The Big Show. Instead, the Millenium count-down ran out and Chris Jericho made his WWF debut!), Roaddog b The Big Bossman (Hardcore Champion) in a non-title match with help from Al Snow, The Rock vs The Big Show was a No Contest when Hardcore Holly & Chris Jericho & Billy Gunn all interfered, Chyna b The Undertaker and Triple H in a 3-WAY Falls Count Anywhere match with Shawn Michaels as the referee (Austin returned to the arena and came down with a chair and whacked Triple H out cold and put Chyna on top of him for the 1-2-3! Chyna is named #1 Contender for Austin’s WWF Title!)..

August 16, 1999 – RAW in Milwaukee: Triple H segment (HHH challenged Chyna to a match for the Summerslam title shot), Roaddog b Al Snow, Undertaker/Big Show segment (Chris Jericho interrupted The Undertaker’s speech. Y2J said he was there to save the WWF.), Chyna b Triple H to retain her #1 Contendership with help from Mankind (Mankind then asked Chyna for a match for the title shot. Chyna refused. Commissioner Shawn Michaels came out and made the match!), Test b Steve Blackman by DQ when Kan Shamrock interfered (Blackman used a kendo stick on Shamrock. Shane McMahon grabbed the kendo stick and repeatedly whacked Test in the ribs!), Steve Austin interview (Said he’ll get revenge on whoever attacked him last week!), Kane & X-Pac b The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farooq) to retain the Tag Team titles, Announcement (British Bulldog returning to WWF), Hardcore Holly introduced Crash Holly (They ended up fighting eachother all over the arena for the rest of the show.), Mankind b Chyna to become #1 Contender, Billy Gunn segment (Complained about having a rash on his ass, but promised to make Rock’s face look worse than his ass at Summerslam. The Rock came out and introduced the woman who massaged Gunn’s ass earlier with poison ivy. Billy Gunn used a kendo stick on The Rock and rubbed Rock’s face on his ass!), Triple H vs Mankind ended in a Double Pinfall draw with Shawn Michaels & Shane McMahon as referees (Thus they are BOTH #1 Contender, setting up a 3-WAY for Summerslam)..

August 23, 1999 – RAW in Iowa: In Ring Segment (Jim Ross was ready to interview the NEW WWF Champion Mankind, but Triple H came out to complain about being screwed at Summerslam. HHH attacked Jim Ross and put him in an armbar and demanded Mankind give him a title match. Mankind came out and agreed to the match if HHH let JR go, then HHH snapped JR’s arm. Mankind said since HHH broke JR’s arm, then he’s breaking his promise! Shane McMahon came out and made the match official!), Al Snow vs Roaddog ended in a No Contest when Chris Jericho interfered (Y2J brawled with Roaddog, while Big Bossman came down and dognapped Pepper, Al Snow’s little dog.), The Undertaker & The Big Show vs The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farooq) ended in a No Contest when Kane & X-Pac interfered, The Blonde Bitch Project video, Test segment (Test asked Stephanie McMahon to marry him. Shane McMahon ran down to try to stop it but Stephanie told him to leave her alone. Test popped the question and Stephanie said she loves him but she needs some time), Backstage segment (Y2J told Howard Finkle that he needed a Warrior to stand up for him), Jeff Jarrett segment (Jeff Jarrett gave his European title to Mark Henry. Jarrett then gave Debra a present in the form of Miss Kitty! – aka Jerry Lawler’s girlfriend in real life) D’Lo Brown (sub for MEAT) b Mark Henry (European Champion) by DQ, Backstage segment (Billy Gunn wanted to sign Jeff Jarrett’s open contract but didn’t have a pen, but Chyna did and she signed it!) The Rock b Gangrel w/The Hardyz, Howard Finkle does his Ultimate Warrior impression to support Chris Jericho (Roaddog came out to laugh at The Fink and Y2J showed up and attacked Roaddog!), Hardcore Holly vs Crash Holly was just a continuation of their brawl, Interview with Mankind, Interview with Tori (Challenged Ivory to an Evening Gown match for the Womans title!), Viscera & Mideon b Kane & X-Pac with help from The Acolytes (Undertaker & Big Show joined commentary), In Ring segment (Billy Gunn called out Chyna. Chyna confronted Billy Gunn. Jeff Jarrett whacked Chyna from behind with a guitar! Miss Kitty passed a second guitar in but it backfired when Billy Gunn smashed it over Jarrett’s head!), Triple H b Mankind to win the WWF title with Shane McMahon as referee (The Rock joined Commmentary. Mankind gave referee Shane the Mr. Socko claw! Chyna ran down to help HHH but she got Mr. Socko too! Mankind DDT’d HHH but there was no referee! A few minutes later, Triple H smashed a chair over Mankind’s head and then The Rock’s head at ringside! Triple H pedigreed Mankind and Shane counted the 1-2-3 to give HHH the WWF title!!!!!) — Lilian Garcia debuted as a WWE ring announcer!

August 30, 1999 – RAW: The Rock segment (Cut a promo on Triple H. Went backstage searching for HHH —- HHH & Chyna attacked Rock until Mankind made the save!), The Mean Street Posse b Mankind in a Handicap match with Shane McMahon as referee, The Big Show (sub for Undertaker) b The Rock in a Falls Count Anywhere match after chokeslamming him through the announce table! (Triple H came out and kicked The Rock after the match. Mankind came down to help but got beat down too!), Al Snow interview (Pleaded for the return of Pepper, meanwhile you could hear mysterious seductive moans behind the set.), In the Ring (Al Snow pleaded with Bossman to return Pepper, but Bossman told Al Snow he would give Pepper back next week), X-Pac b Taka Michinuko w/Funaki, The Hardy Boyz vs Edge & Christian vs The Acolytes vs The Holly Cousins ended in a NO CONTEST in a 4-WAY when a bunch of other teams got involved, The Rock segment (Challenged Taker & Big Show for the main event. Mankind volunteered to be Rock’s partner. Rock & Mankind did some interaction with Mankind stealing The Rock’s catch phrases), In the Ring (G-TV caught MEAT making out with Marianna. Chaz attacked MEAT. Terri and Marianna had a catfight!), Mark Henry & Jeff Jarrett w/Debra & Miss Kitty b Billy Gunn & D’Lo Brown (Chyna tried to hit Jarrett with a chair, but smashed Billy Gunn by mistake! It didn’t seem to bother Chyna though), Backstage (Test asked Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco to be his best men at his wedding), Ken Shamrock b Gangrel w/The Hardyz, In Ring Interview (Michael Cole interviewed Ivory. She called Tori a slut, and proclaimed herself as a “lady”. Tori attacked Ivory. Luna & Jacqueline got involved too!), Mankind & The Rock b The Big Show & The Undertaker to win the Tag Team titles (Paul Bearer came down and showed something to Undertaker, who then abandoned The Big Show)..

September 6, 1999 – RAW in Hartford: The Rock & Mankind b Kane & Triple H w/Chyna when HHH hit Kane with a sledgehammer (HHH repeatedly smashed Kane with the sledgehammer, bringing Undertaker & Big Show out. HHH retreated.), Jeff Jarrett (IC title) w/Miss Kitty b Jacquline in a Non Title match, Edge & Christian b The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farooq) in a #1 Contenders match (After the match, The Dudleyz attacked the Acolytes with trash cans), G-TV spies on Val Venis & The Big Show peeing, Interview with MEAT (Says he would be known as Sean Stasiak from now on. The Mean Street Posse attacked Stasiak!), The Big Show b Val Venis (After the match, Steve Blackman attacked Val Venis), Interview with The Dudleyz (The Acolytes attacked The Dudleyz), In Ring segment (Howard Finkel harassed Lilian Garcia and told her to take a hike. Ken Shamrock came out and chased The Fink until Chris Jericho came up on the big screen and challenged Shamrock for Smackdown!), Triple H segment (Billy Gunn showed up and they set up the main event!), Test & Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco b The Mean Street Posse w/Terri with help from Sean Stasiak, Hardcore & Crash Holly b The Hardy Boyz w/Gangrel (After the match, Crash Holly got a blood bath and Hardcore Holly laughed at him — so they started fighting!), Al Snow segment (Al Snow, who is mentally unstable from what Bossman did to Pepper, came out dressed in his old Avatar gimmick. Al Snow snapped out of it and proceeded to have a nervous break down and then turned into a barking dog!), G-TV spies on Marianna crying while talking on the phone, D’Lo Brown b Steve Blackman (Mark Henry w/2 sluts joined JR & The King on commentary. Blackman was going to use numbchucks on DLo but Val Venis came down and whacked Blackman with a kendo stick! Mark Henry attacked DLo Brown after the match!), Ivory b Tori in a Hardcore match to retain the Women’s title (After a crazy backstage fight, Ivory smashed a mirror over Tori’s head and then burned her with an Iron!), Triple H w/Chyna b Billy Gunn to retain the WWF title (Kane showed up after the match and destroyed HHH, Shane McMahon & Chyna)..

September 13, 1999 – RAW in Anaheim: Parking Lot (Triple H arrived with a team of police & security to protect him), In The Ring (Linda McMahon booked a #1 Contenders no-holds-barred 5-WAY later. Linda also said if Steve Austin showed up he would face Triple H! HHH came out and told Linda McMahon to go back to the office! The Undertaker, The Big Show, The Rock, Mankind & Kane made it past security and attacked Triple H before he escaped.), Luna Vachon b Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra & Miss Kitty) by DQ when Ivory smashed a guitar over Luna’s head! (Jeff Jarrett put Lilian Garcia in the figure four after the match after she announced Luna as the winner!), Backstage (Steve Austin arrived!), D-Von Dudley w/Bubba Ray b Farooq w/Bradshaw in a Dudleyville Strap match (Bubba smashed a chair over Farooq’s head!), In Ring Interview (Jim Ross interviewed The British Bulldog. The Bulldog said he came back to win the WWF title. Big Bossman came out and picked a fight. Al Snow came out and challenged Bossman to a Steel Cage/Hell in a Cell match with dogs at ringside! Bossman knocked Bulldog out so a couple of Pitbulls chased Bossman), Backstage (Shane McMahon was shown knocked out), Test b Joey Abs (w/Pete Gas & Rodney) (The Posse attacked Test afterwards until Shane McMahon came down to Test’s rescue!), In The Ring (Steve Austin came out for his match, but Triple H came out and got Austin arrested for assault by police! Austin was then handcuffed. Triple H took advantage and attacked Austin!), The Godfather w/The Hos b Chaz (Marianna came down with a black eye, so the Godfather assumed Chaz gave it to her so he beat Chaz up and pinned him!), Chris Jericho b Gotch Gracy (Curtis Hughes masked) in a Steel Cage Shoot Fight match (This match was a farce. Ken Shamrock went after Jericho after the match but the masked man made the save! ), The Rock vs Kane vs The Big Show vs Mankind vs The Undertaker ended in a No Contest in a 5-WAY Free for All (After the match, the locker room emptied for a huge brawl!), Backstage (The referees were all injured and upset that they were being abused), Val Venis & D-Lo Brown b Steve Blackman in a Handicap match (Mark Henry no-showed), G-TV spies on Mark Henry hanging out with Godfather & The Hos, In The Ring (Triple H harassed Linda McMahon until Vince McMahon came to her rescue!), Triple H (WWF Champion) w/Chyna vs Steve Austin ended in a No Contest (Austin brought a chair in the ring, but Earl Hebner pulled it away from him, so Austin knocked out referee Hebner! Hebner called for the bell and ended the match — The Cage lowered and HHH & Austin fought inside as the show closed!)..

September 20, 1999 – RAW in Houston: The referees were on stike, Vince McMahon segment (Vince vacated the WWF title and said a new Champion would be crowed at Unforgiven; Vince included Steve Austin in the six-pack challenge match; Steve Austin returned the favour by “reinstating” Vince McMahon in the WWF;), Backstage segment (Mideon & Viscera attacked Mankind in the Boiler Room), Chris Jericho b Billy Gunn by Submission (Tom Prichard was referee; Curtis Hughes interfered and helped Y2J;), Ivory segment (Ivory accepted Luna’s challenge for Unforgiven; Luna attacked Ivory and referee Brooklyn Brawler counted 1-2-3!), DLo Brown Interview (Mark Henry attacked DLo and left the building; DLo got in his car and gave chase!), The Dudley Boyz b The Hardy Boyz (The APA joined commentary and Stevie Richards was running around ringside dressed as a Dudley;), Backstage segment (Jeff Jarrett attacked “Jennifer” the make up lady), Test & Stephanie McMahon b Jeff Jarrett & Debra w/Miss Kitty (Test did all the work, Debra refused to tag in, and Stephanie scored the pin! Jeff Jarrett punished Debra with a figure four leg lock!), The Rock & Mankind b The Big Show & Viscera & Mideon in a Dark Side Rules match to win the Tag Team titles (Tom Prichard was referee; Undertaker joined commentary; Kane came down and attacked The Big Show! The Rock pinned Mideon after a Rock Bottom & People’s Elbow!), Interview with Marianna (Chaz showed up and was arrested on charges of “assault” against Marianna), Sean Stasiak b Steve Blackman (Harvey Wippleman was referee; Val Venis came down with Blackman’s bag of weapons; Blackman got the bag and pulled out a vibrating dildo – Seriously!), In The Ring (The Undertaker called out Kane; Kane came out, followed by the Big Show, Mideon & Viscera who beat up Kane and poured gasoline on him! Undertaker was going to light him on fire but Mankind & The Rock made the save!), Taped segment (Al Snow gave Pepper a “proper burial”, then later, Big Bossman urinated on the gave!), Hardcore Holly w/Crash Holly b The Big Bossman in a Hardcore match (Brooklyn Brawler was referee; Al Snow came on the big screen and let two rottweilers rip up a dummy; Holly smashed a pitcher of water over Bossman’s face!), In a Strip Club (Mark Henry was getting a lap dance when DLo Brown attacked him), Backstage (Jeff Jarrett attacked Chyna), Shane McMahon & Test (sub for Vince McMahon) b Triple H & Chyna by DQ (Tom Prichard was referee; Backstage, Vince McMahon was barricaded in his locker room by a forklift; Later in the match, Jeff Jarrett attacked Test, and Chyna brawled with Jarrett out of the arena; HHH knocked out referee Prichard; HHH pedigreed both Test & Shane; HHH got a chair and jabbed Test’s shoulder and then Shane’s back; Referee Prichard DQ’d HHH! Vince McMahon showed up and smashed Triple H with a chair and slapped him repeatedly!)..

September 27, 1999 – RAW in Greensboro: Vince McMahon came to an agreement to bring the referees back to work, Triple H segment (Triple H showed off his newly won WWE Championship belt; The Bulldog interrupted and reminded HHH that they had a deal; HHH renegged, so Bulldog attacked HHH until referees separated them; Vince McMahon came out and booked HHH vs The Rock tonight!), The Big Show b Chris Jericho w/Curtis Hughes by DQ when Prince Albert attacked The Big Show (Roaddog attacked Jericho after the match), Steve Austin segment (Stone Cold wanted to know why Vince didn’t give him the title shot he was promised; Vince came out and said Austin will get his title shot at No Mercy!), G-TV segment (The Posse kicked Terri to the curb after she had sex with all three), D-Lo Brown b Steve Blackman by DQ to retain the European title (Droz joined commentary; Blackman used his kendo stick to get DQ’d and then whacked “Head of Security” Jim Dobson too; Droz “puked” on DLo and kicked him; Mark Henry tried to make up with DLo; The blonde EMT came out again and checked on DLo & Dobson;), Mankind/Rock Segment (Mankind presented “Rock, This is Your Life!”, which became the highest rated segment in RAW history!), The New Age Outlaws (Tag Team Champions) vs Kane & X-Pac (reunited) ended in a No Contest (The Hollys came out and complained about not getting their tag title shot; The New Age Outlaws saved X-Pac & Kane!), Moolah & Mae Young b Ivory in a Handicap Evening Gown Match (Mae Young was stripped and tossed over the top rope! Moolah stripped Ivory to win!), G-TV spies on Val Venis (Val found “Mr. Rocko”, the Rock version of Mr. Socko, in the trash can and stuffed it down his pants!), Chyna & Debra b Jeff Jarrett & Tom Prichard w/Miss Kitty (Tom Prichard smashed a guitar over Chyna’s head, and she fell on top of Jarrett for the pin! Chyna earned a rematch at No Mercy;), Triple H (WWF Champion) vs The Rock ended in a No Contest (Steve Austin, who had joined commentary, interfered while the referee was knocked out. The British Bulldog attacked Triple H and the match was ruled a No Contest!)..

October 4, 1999 – RAW: The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farooq) b Kane & X-Pac and The New Age Outlaws (Champions) and Hardcore & Crash Holly in a 4-WAY Non Title match (The Hollys & The NAO were Eliminated by Double Count Out; The story was that X-Pac was out to proove that he could handle himself, but he got pinned;), British Bulldog segment (The Bulldog said there were too many women in the WWF and apolized for what happened to Stephanie at Rebellion, but blamed Vince for putting her in that position; The Bulldog continued to demand another title shot; Chyna came out and challenged Bulldog to a match later!), Backstage (Mankind broke up the RockNSock Connection as The Rock basically ignored Mankind;), Interview with Test (Update on the condition of Stephanie McMahon; Test said that Stephanie doesn’t even recognize him now;), Edge & Christian b The Hardy Boyz in Match #2 of the Terri Invitational Tournament, Triple H segment (HHH called Jim Ross into the ring; HHH played an exclusive interview Jim Ross did with Steve Austin; HHH bullied Jim Ross and then viciously attacked him!), Moolah & Mae Young b Ivory & Miss Kitty (Jeff Jarrett forced Miss Kitty to take his place; Miss Kitty got pinned; Jeff Jarrett attacked Miss Kitty and put her in the figure four!), G-TV segment (Droz puked in DLo’s bag;), Mankind segment (Mankind called out The Rock; Mankind said he wanted to be remembered as 1/2 of the RockNSock Connection. Mankind compared RockNSock to a marriage. The Rock talked back to Mankind. Chris Jericho interrupted the banter and insinuated that The Rock was gay; The Rock said that 3 months ago Y2J was wrestling “some jabroni named Juventud”; They set up a 1-on-1 match later on;), Chyna b The British Bulldog by DQ when Jeff Jarrett knocked Chyna out with a coffee ern (The Bulldog picked Chyna up and gave Triple H ten seconds to come out; The Bulldog gave Chyna a running powerslam to send a messege to HHH!), The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von) b Mankind & Stevie Richards (Val Venis came out with Mr. Rocko hanging out of his zipper; Val Venis joined commentary and Mankind repeatedly attacked him!), Vince McMahon segment (Vince demanded that The Bulldog apologize to Stephanie! The Bulldog said he was sick of apologies; Vince challenged the Bulldog to fight; The Bulldog said he was taking the rest of the night off!), The Rock b Chris Jericho w/Curtis Hughes (The Bulldog & The Rock brawled after the match; plus Jericho was not happy with Curtis Hughes; Vince McMahon attacked The Bulldog and tossed him into the ring to get beat up by The Rock!)..

October 11, 1999 – RAW in Atlanta: Vince McMahon segment (Vince introduced Stone Cold Steve Austin; Vince left; Steve Austin talked about being on the sidelines because of Triple H aka “some little a$$hole”; Steve Austin talked about his match with Triple H at No Mercy! Austin challenged HHH to a fight right now; HHH came out and said Austin can’t beat him; HHH circled the ring and bullied Jim Ross; JR got and hit Triple H from behind! Austin then jumped HHH and they brawled; Austin held HHH so that JR could punch him! Chyna ran down and tackled JR! Austin grabbed Chyna and punched her in the face! HHH ran away instead of helping Chyna;), Billy Gunn w/Roaddog b Crash Holly w/Hardcore Holly, Interview with Mankind (Mankind suggested he subconciously meant to hit The Rock with a Chair last week! Mankind said before he makes some deals for RockNSock he needs a commitment from The Rock;), Ivory (Women’s champion) b Mae Young by DQ in a Non-title match (Ivory whacked Mae Young with the belt before the match; Moolah came down and jumped on Ivory with horribly poor timing;), Interview with Shane & Stephanie McMahon (Stephanie said she has post-concussion syndrom and doesn’t remember anything that happens in the short term; Stephanie said she was supposed to get married tonight but can’t remember anything about her own fiancee;) Backstage (The Bulldog & Val Venis attacked Mankind;), Edge & Christian vs The Hardy Boyz fought ended in a Double Count Out in Match #4 of the Terri Invitational Tournament, Backstage (X-Pac told Kane to not help him in his match), Interview with The Rock (The Rock said he doesn’t care about The RockNSock Connection; Mankind confronted The Rock; Vince showed up and booked RockNSock vs The Bulldog & Val Venis;), X-Pac b Farooq w/Bradshaw (The Acolytes attacked X-Pac after the match; Kane came out to the stage but didn’t go to the ring because X-Pac told him not to; Kane paced the stage and finally ran down to make the save! X-Pac yelled at Kane for not doing as he asked!), Taped segment (Mark Henry had his 2nd session where his psiciatrist said he would be tested tonight;), The Headbangers b Chris Jericho & Curtis Hughes (Y2J turned on Hughes and abandoned him!), Backstage (D-Lo Brown consoled The Big Show after learning his father had terminal cancer;), The Godfather b Mark Henry in a Ho-jack match (The ring was surrounded in 30+ Hos;), The Big Show b The Big Bossman by DQ when Bossman used a nightstick (Al Snow ran down and attacked The Bossman;), Steve Austin & Jim Ross vs Triple H & Chyna ended in a No Contest (Steve Austin & Triple H brawled backstage; Chyna beat up Jim Ross in the ring; Jeff Jarrett attacked Chyna and dumped her into a laundry basket! Austin & HHH battled in the concession area; Backstage, Jeff Jarrett pushed the landry bin off of a ledge with Chyna inside!), The Rock & Mankind vs The British Bulldog & Val Venis ended in a No Contest (The Rock gave the Bulldog the Rock Bottom into a pile of dog poop! The match suddenly ended for no reason;), Backstage (Steve Austin was brawling with Triple H and locked him in a room with a real life rattle snake and turned off the lights!)..

October 18, 1999 – RAW at Ohio State University: The Rock segment (Talked about challenging Triple H for the WWF title; Steve Austin hit the ring to confront The Rock about hitting him at No Mercy; Rock & Austin were about to fight when Vince McMahon interrupted; Triple H came out and taunted Austin & Rock; Vince booked a 3-WAY for Survivor Series!), Kane & X-Pac b The Dudley Boyz (The Headbangers showed up at ringside to distract the Dudleyz), The Big Bossman segment (Bossman made disrespectful comments towards the Big Show’s father, who was dying from cancer;), Backstage (Mae Young challenged Moolah to a Women’s title match on SD!), Mark Henry in therapy (Mark’s new therapist this week was a large old stuffy woman; Mark hugged her and she laid on top of him!), Backstage (Mankind gave The Rock an autographed copy of his book), Viscera b The Godfather w/The Hos with interference from Mideon, Chyna segment (Miss Kitty came out dressed like Chyna, as she is now Chyna’s “slave”; Chyna said if any of the guys can’t handle her heat, then stay out of her kitchen! Chris Jericho interrupted and called Chyna a disgrace to the IC title; Chyna knocked Y2J off the apron with a belt-shot!), Test b The British Bulldog by DQ when the Mean Street Posse attacked Test, Backstage (The Acolytes were playing Poker with Curtis Hughes who lost everything he owned, including Howard Finkel!), Backstage (Al Snow found Mankind’s book in a trash can and reported it to Mankind), Val Venis b Al Snow, Backstage (Mankind confronted The Rock about throwing his book in the garbage; Mankind had a ravenous fit and said the Rock & Sock was over tonight and told Rock to grow up!), The Big Bossman b The Big Show by forfiet (Backstage before the match, The Big Show was informed that his father had passed away; — PS: This is all storyline;), The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & Roaddog) b The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farooq w/Howard Finkel) (Right at the beginning of the match, the top rope broke, but they worked a 10-minute match without it! Howard Finkel’s interference backfired and The Acolytes gave him a wedgie!), Interview with The Hardyz & Terri (The Hardyz have ditched Gangrel; Edge & Christian came out and shook hands with the Hardyz; Terri then came down with Gangrel; Gangrel said he was the only one who scored with Terri last night; E&C and The Hardyz all attacked Gangrel!), G-TV spies on Big Bossman (Bossman paid the police officer for lying to the Big Show about his father dying;), Hardcore & Crash Holly b The Rock & Mankind to win the Tag Team titles (Mankind sat on the ringsteps and refused to tag into the match; Triple H ran in and pedigreed The Rock, leading to the Hollys winning the titles!), Conclusion (Steve Austin attacked Triple H and threw him in the ring, where The Rock gave Triple H a Rock-bottom, and Austin gave Triple H a Stunner!)..

October 25, 1999 – RAW in Providence: Viscera w/Mideon b The Godfather w/Mark Henry in a “Winner Take Hos” match (Viscera told Mark Henry if he won, Mark would get access to the Hos 24/7. Mark Henry interfered and cost Godfather the match.. AND the Hos! After the match, Viscera attacked two Hos who remained loyal to Godfather), Interview with The Rock, Parking Lot (The Dudleyz laughed as the Hos were loaded into the ambulance;), Hardcore & Crash Holly vs Edge & Christian ended in a No Contest when The Hardyz and Too Cool interfered (Hollys retain Tag titles;), Interview with Moolah & Mae Young (Moolah & Mae patched things up…whew; Moolah forfieted the Women’s title and officially retired! Ivory showed up and said she had a rematch clause;), Ivory b Fabulous Moolah to recapture the Women’s title!, The Big Show vs Albert ended in a No Contest (Big Bossman came out to the stage and said he went to the hospital where Big Show’s dad was; Bossman held up a pocket watch that he stole from Big Show’s dad; Albert attacked Big Show from behind! Bossman whacked Big Show from behind with a hammer and he fell off the stage; Bossman then smashed the pocket watch with a hammer!), D’Lo Brown & Chyna w/Miss Kitty b Chris Jericho & A Female Fan from the Audience (played by Stevie Richards) (Jericho attacked Stevie Richards after the match!), Mankind b Triple H (WWF Champion) by DQ when Val Venis interfered (Al Snow came to Mankind’s rescue!), Interview with Stephanie (She says she’s starting to remember a lot of wonderful things! Stephanie add that she hopes Test beats an apology out of the Bulldog;), Interview with Kane & X-Pac (Kane told X-Pac to not get involved tonight; The Dudleyz attacked and stole Kane’s voicebox machine;), Kane b Bubba Ray Dudley by DQ when DVon Dudley interfered (Tori pleaded with X-Pac to go help, but he said he promised not to; Tori said if X-Pac didn’t, then she would.. so X-Pac ran out and made the save! Kane was upset with X-Pac;), Test b The British Bulldog by DQ in a Steel Cage match when the Mean Street Posse interfered (Shane McMahon scaled the Cage and jumped onto the Posse and made the save!), The Acolytes segment (Bradshaw & Farooq entered a local bar and got into a fight and destroyed the place!), The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & Roaddog) b The Rock & Steve Austin (Triple H came down and pulled Steve Austin out and brawled with him up to the stage; X-Pac showed up and kicked The Rock, and Billy Gunn pinned the Rock! Austin returned, Triple H returned; DX is reformed!! DX demolishes Rock & Austin!)..

November 1, 1999 – RAW: The Rock b Roaddog by DQ, Edge & Christian & The Hardy Boyz b Too Cool & The Hollys, Mankind & Al Snow b Big Bossman & Albert in a Hardcore match, Chyna b Stevie Richards to retain the Intercontinental title, Steve Austin b Billy Gunn by DQ, Test vs Val Venis ended in a No Contest, The Headbangers b The Dudley Boyz, Triple H (WWF Champion) vs Shane McMahon ended in a No Contest.

November 8, 1999 – RAW: The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & Roaddog) b Al Snow & Mankind to win the Tag Team titles, The Godfather b Val Venis by Count Out, Edge & Christian & The Headbangers b The Mean Street Posse & The British Bulldog, The Rock b X-Pac, Kane b Big Bossman by DQ, Hardcore & Crash Holly b Too Cool, Triple H b The McMahons & Test by Count Out.

November 15, 1999 – RAW: Mankind b Val Venis, Kurt Angle b The Godfather, Gangrel b Chris Jericho by Count Out, The Big Show b The British Bulldog to retain the WWF title, Roaddog b Al Snow (Hardcore Champion) in a non-title match, Test b Billy Gunn, Triple H b Kane by DQ, The Big Bossman b The Rock.

November 22, 1999 – RAW: Hardcore & Crash Holly b Al Snow & Mankind, Kurt Angle b Mark Henry, Chris Jericho b The Godfather, Edge & Christian b The Dudley Boyz, X-Pac b Jeff Hardy, The Big Show b Kane by Count Out to retain the WWF title, Too Cool b Val Venis & The British Bulldog by DQ, Mankind and The Rock b Big Bossman & Albert, Triple H and The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farooq) fought to a No Contest in a handicap match.

November 29, 1999 – RAW: Viscera & Big Bossman b The Big Show and Kane, Edge b Matt Hardy, Steve Blackman b The Godfather, Too Cool b Hardcore and Crash Holly, Test b Triple H, Kurt Angle b Val Venis, The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & Roaddog & X-Pac) b The Rock & Mankind & Kane, Triple H “married” Stephanie McMahon.

December 6, 1999 – RAW: The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & Roaddog) vs Too Cool ended in a No Contest, Kurt Angle and Steve Blackman b The Hardy Boyz, Val Venis vs D’Lo Brown ended in a No Contest, The Godfather b Albert, Rikishi Phatu b Hardcore Holly, Triple H & X-Pac b Test & Kane, The Big Show b Viscera to retain the WWF title, Mankind & The Rock b Al Snow and Chris Jericho by DQ.

December 13, 1999 – RAW: Chris Jericho b X-Pac to retain the Intercontinental title, Mark Henry b The Godfather, The Rock & Mankind b The Dudley Boyz by DQ, The Kat b Tori to retain the Women’s title, The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farooq) b The Mean Street Posse, Edge & Christian b The Hardy Boyz in a Steel Cage match, The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & Roaddog) b Kane in a Triple Threat match, The Big Show b Big Bossman & Albert in a Handicap match, The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & Roaddog) vs Test & Triple H ended in a NO CONTEST..

December 20, 1999 – RAW: The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & Roaddog) b Test in a Handicap match, Jeff Hardy & Christian b Edge & Matt Hardy, Kurt Angle b Viscera, The Dudley Boyz b The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farooq) and Moolah & Mae Young in a 3-WAY Tag Team match, Santa Claus b Mankind in a Boiler Room Brawl, Chris Jericho b The Godfather to retain the Intercontinental title, Hardcore Holly b Val Venis in a Holiday Topless Battle Royal match (B.B., who represented Venis, was forced to strip) The Rock vs Al Snow ended in a No Contest in a Bull Rope match, Rikishi & Too Cool b The Mean Street Posse, The Big Show b Kane to retain the WWF title.

December 27, 1999 – RAW: Chyna b Crash Holly, The Dudley Boyz b The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farooq) and Edge & Christian and D’Lo Brown & The Godfather in a 4-WAY, Kurt Angle b The Headbangers in a Handicap match, Al Snow b Chris Jericho (Intercontinental Champion) by DQ, The Rock b Mankind in a “Pink Slip on a Pole” match, Ivory & Albert b The Kat & Val Venis and Jacqueline & Viscera and Gangrel & Luna Vachon in a 4-WAY, X-Pac b Jeff Hardy, Test b Kane by DQ, The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & Roaddog) b Too Cool to retain the Tag Team titles, The Big Show b Triple H to retain the WWF title.

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