WWE Monday Night RAW 07 21 2008

July 21, 2008 – Uncasville, Connecticut (Mohegan Sun)
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

DARK MATCH: Charlie Haas defeated Carl Ouellet..

DARK MATCH: Jamie Noble defeated Tyrone Jones (FCW’s Tyrone Evans)..

Batista: This episode of RAW started with video footage of Kane interfering in the C.M. Punk vs. Batista match at Great American Bash. Viewers then saw Batista standing in the production truck watching on the monitors, and then walked out of the truck headed towards the ring.

Batista + John Bradshaw Layfield (on screen) + C.M. Punk: Batista said he planned on coming out tonight as the new World Heavyweight champion but Kane put a stop to that at Great American Bash. Batista said that since neither Shane or Stephanie are there tonight he is putting himself in charge tonight. Batista said he was only making one match – C.M. Punk defending the World Heavyweight title against him! Batista said if Kane has a problem with him then come and find him before he (Batista) finds Kane. John Bradshaw Layfield interrupted on the big screen and said Batista was in charge of absolutely nothing. JBL said Batista didn’t win last night, and asked what makes Batista’s so special that he can demand a World title match? JBL said HE was special, citing his Parking Lot Brawl victory over John Cena at Great American Bash. JBL said the next World title match is his. Batista laughed at JBL. JBL said his body doesn’t feel like a World title match tonight and claimed he will claim his title at SummerSlam. JBL said Batista will NOT get a title match tonight. Suddenly, World Heavyweight champion C.M. Punk showed up and walked straight to the ring to join Batista. C.M. Punk said Kane didn’t just screw things up for Batista last night, he screwed things up for him too. Punk said he wanted to prove that he could beat Batista, and agreed to wrestle Batista tonight in a rematch. JBL took a fit on the big screen and yelled that he was in charge. Batista ordered for somebody to turn JBL’s microphone off RIGHT NOW – and they did! Punk and Batista sealed the deal and will face off later tonight.

Jenny McCarthy: Former nude centerfold, and current girlfriend of funny-man Jim Carey, Jenny McCarthy will appear on the next Saturday Night’s Main Event on 8/2 to help fight Autism.

Lance Cade defeated Paul London: Shawn Michaels’ music played but Lance Cade was the one who came out to the ring. Cade challenged his mentor, Shawn Michaels, to come out sometime tonight to have words that they should have had a long time ago. Cade’s opponent was another Shawn Michaels trainee, Paul London. After the match, Lance Cade introduced the man who quite possibly ended Shawn Michaels’ career – Chris Jericho!

Lance Cade & Chris Jericho: Chris Jericho said Shawn Michaels was not coming to RAW and showed footage from Great American Bash to explain why Shawn would not be there tonight. The footage showed Jericho elbowing Michaels in he face, and continuing to assault the bloody injured eye until the referee stopped the match for excessive brutality. Jericho said there was no blood on his hands, and blamed it all on the fans for making Shawn Michaels go out there for the fans despite his injury. Jericho said the fans made the choice to side with a lair and they will regret that decision just like Shawn will regrete wrestling at Great American Bash. Jericho scolded the fans for how they treated him, and said he has grown up and Shawn Michaels never has. Jericho said he was proud of what he did, and by possibly ending the career of the most corrupt individual in WWE history – he now considers himself SAVED!

Beth Phoenix defeated Kelly Kelly: Kelly gave Beth a “run for her money.”

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan + Jerry “The King” Lawler + Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Jr.: Jim Duggan said he had a great thirty-year run but he was thinking of hanging up his boots. Duggan talked about his career, and beating cancer, but noted that maybe Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Jr. were right last week. Jerry “The King” Lawler interrupted and said there was no age limit in the WWE. Lawler said as long as Duggan was passionate about wrestling he can do it as long as he wants to do it. Lawler praised Duggan for his ability to make millions of people chant “USA! USA!” Lawler asked Duggan if he really wanted to give that up. Duggan said he didn’t, but he just needed somebody to tell him that – and thanked the King! Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Jr. crashed the party and said both Duggan and Lawler need to hang it up. Cody said when Duggan won the Royal Rumble he was 2-years old, and when Lawler slapped Andy Kauffman, neither of them were alive. Lawler demonstrated how it went down by slapping Cody Rhodes across the face! Ted DiBiase said they would take care of Duggan & Lawler some other time.

John Cena & Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard & JTG) defeated John Bradshaw Layfield & Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Jr.: JBL basically shouted orders from the ring apron the entire match until he came face-to-face with John Cena, at which point he bolted away from the ring through the fans! John Cena showed his power and gave Rhodes & DiBiase simultaneous FU’s for the win! John Cena hugged his father (John Cena Sr.) in the front row after the match.

Chris Jericho & Lance Cade + Kane: Chris Jericho & Lance Cade were leaving the building when they ran into Kane, who was just arriving – still carrying the mystery burlap sack with unknown contents..

Paul Burchill & Katie Lea defeated Kofi Kingston & Mickie James: Paul Burchill focused on Kofi Kingston’s ankle after Kofi accidentally spin-kicked the ring post.

Jamie Noble & Layla El + Batista: Jamie Noble was flirting with Layla when Batista showed up and asked Noble if he’s seen Kane. Noble pulled a Macho act and talked wise to Batista in front of Layla. Batista picked Noble up by the neck and held him against the wall and told him to keep his eye open for Kane.

Todd Grisham & C.M. Punk: C.M. Punk said he would rather be a champion with self-respect than one with one who held onto the title by taking the easy way out. JBL interrupted and said it doesn’t matter who wins tonight because he will be wrestling the World Heavyweight champion no matter what. JBL called C.M. Punk a transitional champion. Punk reminded JBL that his first successful title defense was against him (JBL).

D-Lo Brown defeated Santino Marella: Santino Marella came out and made excuses for losing to a woman (Beth Phoenix) last week, and issued an open challenge to any MAN this week. D-Lo Brown returned after a five-year hiatus to answer Santino’s open challenge! Beth Phoenix walked down to ringside to keep an eye on Santino during the match. D-Lo Brown won with the Low-down and went backstage. Santino and Beth started doing some amateur reversals but there was some awkward tension between them. Santino released Beth and they looked each other in the eyes for a few moments. The crowd erupted when they realized Santino was going to kiss Beth, and popped when they both pressed their lips together!

Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler: They announced that Shane & Stephanie McMahon were looking for a new General Manager of RAW.

C.M. Punk defeated Batista by DQ to retain the World Heavyweight title: Batista made his entrance, but then Kane showed up and started fighting with Batista. C.M. Punk ran down and knocked Kane out of the ring and Kane chased a camera man up the ramp and behind the curtain. Batista was not 100% but wanted to start the match. After some hot action, John Bradshaw Layfield attacked Batista causing the disqualification. John Cena ran down to attack JBL. JBL ducked and Cena punched Batista! Batista went after John Cena and they had an intense pull-apart brawl! Editor’s Note: Please WWE for the love of God, save Cena vs. Batista for WrestleMania!!!!!!