WWE Monday Night RAW 12 29 2008

December 29, 2008 – Manchester, New Hampshire
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Rey Mysterio + Shawn Michaels + John Bradshaw Layfield + Mike Knox + John Cena: Rey Mysterio said last week he was seconds away from beating JBL and one match away from competing for the World Heavyweight championship. Rey said someone took that away from him (then showed clips). Rey said he respected Shawn Michaels, and understands that he has fallen on hard times, but the fact is they have a problem. Rey called Michaels out to the ring because he had something to say. Michaels came out and stood before Rey. Rey said despite his affiliation with JBL, he knows Shawn is a good person. Rey asked Shawn to put his spot in the fourway on the line in a singles match with him tonight. Shawn paused before accepting Rey’s proposal and they shook on it. JBL appeared on the stage and said Shawn’s answer is “no.” JBL said Shawn Michaels was his employee and any decision he makes goes through him first. JBL said the only match Shawn will be competing in will be the fourway later tonight, and ordered Michaels to leave the ring – NOW. Shawn slowly left the ring and Rey taunted him on the mic, “all the money in the world can’t make up for selling your soul!” Suddenly Mike Knox ambushed Mysterio from behind! Shawn Michaels wanted to go help Rey, but JBL stopped him and ordered him to go backstage! Lame storyline. Mike Knox destroyed Rey Mysterio in the ring until John Cena hit the ring and blasted Knox out of the ring!

Randy Orton & Cody Rhodes & Manu & Sim Snuka: Randy Orton said he was all for The Legacy and said it was going to be bigger than the Four Horsemen, DX, and Evolution. Orton said he will not tolorate losers. Orton said they all have singles matches and if they win they move on, but if they lose they are out. Orton said Cody Rhodes was up first..

Cody Rhodes defeated C.M. Punk by Countout: WWE Intercontinental champion William Regal (with Layla El) took a seat at ringside to scout C.M. Punk, who he will face at Royal Rumble. A few minutes into the match, Regal distracted Punk at ringside and caused him to get counted out. Rhodes wins the match and earns his place in Orton’s “Legacy” faction. Punk went after Rhodes after the match and hit him with a Running Bulldog. Regal entered the ring and kicked Punk right in the temple to “send him a message.”

Stephanie McMahon & World Heavyweight Champion John Cena: Stephanie McMahon told John Cena that he would be doing commentary for the fourway tonight and John Cena said that was lame. Cena suggested Stephanie book a match with him and Mike Knox.

PROMO: Goldust did a funny Holiday poem about presents that he plans to give to WWE Superstars, finishing with a witty insult directed at Santino Marella.

SPECIAL VIDEO: Batista going into surgery to reattach his hamstring, recover from the concussion he suffered due a kick to the head from Randy Orton. Batista said he would make a full recovery and come back to get his revenge on Randy Orton.

Melina Perez defeated Mickie James and Kelly Kelly and Candice Michelle and Jillian Hall and Katie Lea: Santino Marella & WWE Women’s champion Beth Phoenix joined in on commentary for the match to scout the talant. Santino pointed out the “Glamazon in Training” Rosa Mendez (aka Milena Roucka) sitting in the front row again. It came down to Melina vs. Mickie and they “pretended” to be best friends. Predictably, Melina won the match and earned a shot at the WWE Women’s title at the Royal Rumble. Beth Phoenix entered the ring and started assaulting with Melina, but Melina fought back! Melina mounted Beth on the announce table and started punching her until super-fan Rosa Mendez jumped the rail and pushed Melina off of Beth while screaming, “leave her alone!” Security jumped in and pulled the crazy “fan” off of Beth and escorted her out of the building. The funniest part about this was Michael Cole cowering behind his chair as if gunshots were being fired or as if Jon Heidenreich was coming to the ring. They whole crew did a great job making it look like it wasn’t supposed to happen, except Rosa’s acting was a bit over-the-top when she was being dragged away.

Todd Grisham & Chris Jericho: Chris Jericho said he was not only “WWE Superstar of the Year” but he was also voted as “Jerk of the Year” by WWE Magazine. Jericho said that he went on to do everything he said he was going to do in 2008. Jericho said if the liars and hypocrites want to see the Jerk of the Year they should look in a mirror!

Sim Snuka defeated “SuperHaas” Charlie Snuka: Charlie Haas as Jimmy Snuka might be the best impression Haas has done so far! Haas tried to do the Superfly Splash, but Sim Snuka got his knees up and crushed Haas’ ribs.

John Cena & Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston & Shad Gaspard & JTG defeated Kane & John Morrison & Mike Mizanin & Dolph Ziggler & Mike Knox: Action-packed match ending with Rey Mysterio pinning Mike Knox after Knox was FU’d by John Cena and Rey finished Knox off with a top rope splash!

Todd Grisham & Shawn Michaels: Todd Grisham asked a dumb question. Shawn Michaels said, “let me just say this, Todd. I am Mr. WrestleMania and when it comes to WrestleMania, I’m concerned about only one thing, and that’s stealing the show.”

Kelly Kelly + Randy Orton: Kelly Kelly was talking to someone off-screen about how they weren’t returning her calls and she thought they had something special. Turns out it was Randy Orton.. OH MY GOD, don’t get me started! Orton said it was one night and wasn’t even memorable. Orton said he used Kelly, and she is pathetic. Orton said the last thing he needs is a distraction like Kelly.

ECW World champion Matt Hardy defeated Manu: Manu failed to win his match, so he will presumably be kicked out of the Legacy faction. Hopefully he will go to SmackDown! and form a tag team with Umaga, which is what he should have done in the first place!

John Bradshaw Layfield defeated Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton and Chris Jericho: You have to wonder what will happen if Randy Orton doesn’t win this match. In order of all that Legacy stuff to make sense, he almost has to come out victorious in this match. There was some stuff going on between Shawn Michaels & JBL during the match, with JBL using his power over Michaels to gain every advantage. Chris Jericho (Mr. Superstar of the Year) was the first man eliminated, by Shawn Michaels after a super-kick! After taking a beating for the next couple of minutes, Shawn Michaels eliminated Randy Orton after a super-kick! It came down to JBL (boss) vs. HBK (employee) and JBL ordered Shawn Michaels to lay down so he (JBL) would get the easy pin – at least it wasn’t a Hogan-Nash one-finger finish! Shawn Michaels begged “please don’t make me do it!” – Michaels refused to lay down and decided to close his eyes and allow JBL to plow him with a Clotheline from Hell to win the match! Jerry Lawler was the smartest man in Manchester when he stated, “JBL must have offered Michaels more money than he would have gotten paid for a WrestleMania main event.” That is precisely why this storyline makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER.