WWE Monday Night RAW 01 19 2009

January 19, 2009 – Chicago, Illinios
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

DARK MATCH: Dolph Ziggler defeated Jamie Noble..

Randy Orton defeated Kofi Kingston and Kane and Santino Marella and Ted DiBiase Jr and Cody Rhodes: Kane immediately went after Randy Orton. The lights went out for about five seconds. Santino tried to form an alliance with the Legacy (Orton, DiBiase, & Rhodes) but they knocked him over the top rope. DiBiase & Rhodes dumped Kofi Kingston. Kane tossed Rhodes, then tossed DiBiase, but DiBiase hung onto the bottom rope. Kane went after Orton and tried to push him over the top rope. DiBiase jumped in the ring and charged at Kane and flipped himself and Kane over the top rope. Ted DiBiase sacrificed himself so that Randy Orton would win the match! Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler suggested Legacy will use the same strategy during the Royal Rumble.

WWE Women’s champion Beth Phoenix defeated Kelly Kelly:

Legacy (Randy Orton & Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase): Randy Orton explained to his men that if he wins at Sunday, that means they all win. Cody Rhodes said he heard that Manu & Sim Snuka were in Stephanie McMahon‘s office today. Rhodes said the rumor is that Stephanie is going to fire Orton tonight. Orton said “we’ll see about that” and left the locker room.

Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix + Rosa Mendez: The bearded Santino congratulated Beth Phoenix and said he had a surprise present for her. Rosa Mendez showed up and Beth said “what is she doing here?” Santino said since Rosa is banned as a fan, he gave her an exclusive internship. Rosa gushed over Beth and said she would do whatever she wants. Santino was hilarious, “please! can we keep her???” Beth reluctantly said she would think about it. Beth left and Santino said he knows how Rosa can impress the Glamazon, and she can do it tonight.

Stephanie McMahon & Randy Orton: Randy Orton entered Stephanie’s office and asked to talk. Orton said he thought she did the right thing last week when she fired Chris Jericho. Stephanie told Orton, “won’t worry, I’m not gonna fire you. So you can stop sucking up to me and get out of my office.” Orton stood up and said he was being nice. Orton said if anybody needs to worry about being fired, it’s Stephanie (because Vince is coming back). Orton said the only reason Stephanie has this job is because Vince McMahon is her father. Orton said everybody laughs behind Stephanie’s back and if her last name wasn’t McMahon she would be a complete nobody. Stephanie slapped Orton and they went nose to nose for a few minutes before Orton backed off and left the office.

C.M. Punk defeated William Regal w/Layla El to win the WWE Intercontinental title: Midway through the match, C.M. Punk got William Regal into a submission, and Regal grabbed the ropes. Punk didn’t have to break the hold because he couldn’t get disqualified, so Layla jumped up and tugged on Punk’s arms trying to get him to break the hold. After several more minutes of fighting, C.M. Punk was successful and captured the WWE Intercontinental title in his hometown of Chicago. I should have known. Congratulations, Punk!

Jerry “The King” Lawler + John Bradshaw Layfield & Shawn Michaels + John Cena: Jerry Lawler introduced JBL (challenger) and John Cena (champion). Lawler asked who wanted to go first, and JBL stepped forward and signed the document. JBL said “it’s official, so that means the reign of JBL as World Heavyweight champion is now a matter of time.” John Cena said “you’re a scumbag,” and said he came out to talk to Shawn Michaels. Cena told Michaels that when he first made this decision he tried to accept and support it. Cena said he doesn’t understand any more, and said last week he looked into the eyes of the main event – HBK, the Showstoppah! Cena said that Michaels proved that he’s still got it. Cena said the people love Michaels for who he is and what he does because, quite frankly, he does it better than everybody else. Cena said Michaels hasn’t lost a step and proved that he can make an honest living in the ring doing what he loves. Cena told Michaels he is NOT JBL’s “puppet.” JBL said an employee is not a puppet. JBL said he knows Shawn Michaels still has it, and that’s why he hired him. JBL said the employees of Layfield Enegery work for him because they choose to and because he pays them royally. JBL said he hired Shawn for one reason, to become World Heavyweight champion and go back to his homestate for WrestleMania in Houston. JBL said it wasn’t personal, it’s merely a business decision. Michaels yelled at JBL to “shut up!” Michaels said the idea that he has to take money from a disgusting individual like JBL makes him sick. Michaels said every day he despises what he’s become. Michaels said he does it, and he’ll continue to do it. Michaels told Cena that he doesn’t like in his world. Michaels said he’s not 20 years old any more. Michaels said he has treasures that Cena couldn’t possibly fathom. Michaels said he has two kids to put through college and a wife to look in the eyes every day knowing he squandered both of their life savings away. Michaels said he got himself into this, and he will get himself out of it. Michaels told Cena and everybody else to judge him all they want, but he will do what he has to do. Michaels said if it means taking money from JBL, he’s going to do it. Michaels said if that overshadows everything he’s done in his career, or costs John Cena the World Heavyweight championship, them so be it. Cena said he didn’t believe Shawn Michaels. Cena said all the people want to see HBK. Cena said Michaels has another choice. Cena said at the Royal Rumble there will be a moment where Michaels has to choose if he will really be the guy to help JBL become World Heavyweight champion. Michaels said “I’m sorry you feel that way, John.” Michaels went to hit Cena, but something weird happened, and JBL was the one to punch Cena. Michaels went to super-kick Cena, but he ducked and JBL booted Cena in the head! Michaels left the ring, while JBL continued the assault on Cena.

Todd Grisham & Mike Knox: Todd Grisham asked Mike Knox why he has been attacking Rey Mysterio recently. Knox said he didn’t know, and that he didn’t really have a good reason. Knox said he has nothing against Rey Mysterio…

Rey Mysterio defeated Mike Knox by DQ: Rey Mysterio went for the 619, but Mike Knox caught him in mid-air and gave him a sling-shot into the top rope. Knox went psycho and destroyed Mysterio until the referee disqualified him. Knox’s lower lip was bloodied. Knox hit Mysterio with one last finisher.

Stephanie McMahon & Chris Jericho: Stephanie McMahon found the unemployed Chris Jericho in her office and she told him to GET OUT. Jericho said after Stephanie fired him last week he called Vince McMahon and told him that firing the 2008 Superstar of the Year was an outright stupid decision. Jericho said Vince is going to let him plead his case as soon as he gets here, and warned Stephanie that he wasn’t going to hold anything back!

Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard & JTG) defeated World Tag Team champions John Morrison & Mike Mizanin: John Morrison & Mike Mizanin said they wanted to beat up the first winner of the Royal Rumble, Jim Duggan. Cryme Tyme came out and said Jim Duggan was on “special assignment.” Shad Gaspard hyped Barack Obama being sworn in as President of the U.S.. Cryme Tyme challenged Miz & Morrison to a title match tonight. The Miz said that Cryme Tyme doesn’t deserve a title shot, and Morrison said they were worse than the Cubs. JTG said they would be happy to earn their title shot in a Non-title match..

Cody Rhodes & Mickie James + Goldust (Dustin Rhodes): Cody Rhodes brushed off some advice given to him by Mickie James. Goldust showed up to give his baby brother some advice. Goldust said if Cody wanted to know what it was like to be a true champion, he should watch the Starrcade: The Essential Collection DVD. Goldust said that the DVD could teach Cody more in one night than Randy Orton could in a lifetime. Cody said there was a match on the DVD between Steve Austin and a young Dustin Rhodes. Cody said like Randy (Orton), he will surpass his father’s greatness. Cody said he didn’t need the history lesson. Cody said when they make the Cody Rhodes DVD he will send Goldust and the Dream a copy..

Melina Perez defeated Jillian Hall: Melina was in a bad mood because of the incident last week involving Rosa Mendez. Just as the match got started, Beth Phoenix walked down to ringside followed by Santino Marella and Rosa Mendez. After the match, Rosa Mendez charged the ring like a crazed maniac to attack Melina. Beth Phoenix jumped in and took over, giving Melina her finisher – then saying “I don’t need anyone’s help to beat you this Sunday!”

Dolph Ziggler & Candice Michelle + Vince McMahon!: Dolph Ziggler said if he was in the Royal Rumble match, households all over the world will know his name. Vince McMahon showed up and introduced himself “Hi! I’m Vince McMahon, and you are?” But for the first time ever, Ziggler was speechless.

Vince McMahon + Chris Jericho + Stephanie McMahon + Randy Orton: I honestly thought we would get swerved and Vince McMahon would not show up, but here is he, looking very healthy, back inside a WWE ring! The crowd welcomed Vince back and he said he was happy to be back. Vince said he had some business to take care of. Vince introduced a “former WWE Superstar” Chris Jericho! Jericho came out and thanked Mr. McMahon for letting him talk. Jericho said while McMahon was gone he carried RAW on his back, and his daughter went and fired him. Jericho said he hoped Vince would rehire his top star and reinstate him into the Royal Rumble. Jericho insulted Stephanie and said she has not made any progress here on RAW. Vince called Stephanie out to the ring. Vince said he wasn’t going to rehire Jericho, and would not fire Stephanie. Vince said if Stephanie wanted to give Jericho another chance it was up to her. Stephanie walked a circle around Jericho, and said if he really wanted his job back they he should apologize. Jericho said “I’m sorry” but Stephanie said he was going to have to do better than that. Jericho started to grovel and said he was frustrated at himself and shouldn’t have taken it out on her. Jericho said he hoped she could find it in her heard to forgive him. Stephanie said that wasn’t good enough. Stephanie said if he really wanted his job back he should apologize to the fans for calling them hipocrites. The crowd chanted “on your knees!” and Stephanie liked that so much she repeated it. Vince stood in the background with a billion dollar grin. Jericho got down on his knees with a scowl and explained that he has a gift to perform and it might seem like he’s arrogant. Jericho said he has said a lot of mean things about the fans, and if he has offended anybody then he apologizes. Stephanie told Jericho to get up because it was embarrassing. Stephanie put Jericho back in the Rumble and told Jericho to walk up the ramp and let the people tell him what they really think of him. Jericho took the walk of shame up the ramp as he got mercilessly heckled by the fans. Vince said he loved to see Jericho grovel like that. Vince looked at Stephanie and said “you’re still daddy’s little girl!” and gave her a hug. Randy Orton came out to the ring and Stephanie didn’t look very happy. Randy Orton said another apology is in order, and said that Stephanie slapped him across the face earlier. Orton said Stephanie should apologize to him because he is worth more than she is. Orton said he would win the Royal Rumble and go to WrestleMania and make millions of dollars. Orton said people pay to see him, and not Stephanie. Orton said now that Stephanie has popped out a couple of grandkids, she has essentially become worthless. Stephanie wanted to scratch and claw Orton’s eyes out but Vince held her back and told her to go backstage. Vince scoffed at Randy Orton, “who the hell do you think you are?” Vince said he created this Universe, and Randy was privileged to be in it. Vince said Randy’s dad, Cowboy Bob, was a mediocre wrestler before he (Vince) turned him in a star. Vince said if he didn’t do that, Randy wouldn’t be where he is today. Vince said now maybe Orton can apologize to him. Orton looked Vince in the eye and refused to talk. Vince threatened to terminate Orton on the spot if he didn’t apologize. Orton said “you do not want to do that, SIR!” Vince yelled “Randy Orton, you’re….” Suddenly Orton slapped Vince McMahon accross the face and booted him in the face! Orton then knocked McMahon out with a running punt to the face! Orton looked like he realized the error of his actions. Stephanie ran down screaming for help. EMT’s and medical personnel fitted Vince with a neck brace and put him on a stretcher. Orton backed into a corner looking distraught, and he was joined Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase. Randy Orton bailed out of the ring and frantically made his way backstage.