WWE Monday Night RAW 02 09 2009

February 9, 2009 – Oakland, California
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

DARK MATCH: Jamie Noble defeated T.J. Wilson w/Natalya Neidhart..

DARK MATCH: John Morrison defeated Goldust..

“The Nature Boy/WWE Hall of Famer” Ric Flair + Chris Jericho: Ric Flair came out and yelled “woooooo!” for the adoring fans. Flair said this time last year he was fighting to save his career, and talked about facing Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 24. Flair said he has no regrets, but was quickly interrupted by Chris Jericho. Jericho showed footage of Flair’s farewell ceremony when he hugged Flair in the middle of the WWE ring out of respect. Jericho said if he knew what Flair would become he would have slapped him in the face! Flair said he has never sold out and and will not wrestle again because he has too much respect for Shawn Michaels and the WWE. Flair said he is losing respect for Jericho by the minute. Flair went on a passionate rant about how much he loves the fans. Flair said Jericho will never tell Flair how to run his life. Jericho said the locker room respects him a lot more than they respect Ric Flair. Jericho said the fans don’t care about Ric Flair, and firmly told Flair to stop embarrassing himself for their entertainment. Flair refused, so Jericho told Flair to do all his tricks like a good dog. Flair attacked Jericho, who bailed out of the ring and retreated backstage.

Jillian Hall & Beth Phoenix (w/Santino Marella & Rosa Mendez) defeated Melina Perez & Kelly Kelly: Beth Phoenix pinned WWE Women’s champion Melina Perez after Rosa Mendez interfered and caused Melina to botch her move..

John Bradshaw Layfield & Shawn Michaels: JBL reminded Shawn Michaels that he is still his employee, and controls all of his matches. JBL booked Michaels in a tune-up match with “World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry tonight!

Randy Orton & Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes: Randy Orton reminded everybody that he won the Royal Rumble, which means he will headline WrestleMania against either the WWE or World Heavyweight champion. Orton said he hasn’t stopped thinking about it and the fact is he WILL BE CHAMPION. Orton said nothing can stand in his way; not Vince McMamhon, not Shane McMahon, and certainly not Stephanie McMahon. Orton said that Stephanie has been intimidated because she thought he was going to punt her last week. Orton claimed he wasn’t going to do it, but he wanted to show Shane what could happen if he wanted it to. Orton said he didn’t want to hurt Stephanie, so she can be around and he can see the look in her eyes when he takes out another member of her family. Orton said the Undertaker couldn’t stop him at Royal Rumble, and he isn’t going to stop him tonight. Orton said if the Undertaker can’t beat him, what chance does Shane have?

Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase defeated Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard & JTG):

Chris Jericho & Kane & Mike Knox defeated John Cena & Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston: Chris Jericho was the star of this match, getting the pinfall on Kofi Kingston after an impressive mid-air Code-breaker!

Stephanie McMahon: Stephanie was on the phone defending herself to (presumably) her brother (Shane McMahon). Whoever it was, was worried about Stephanie’s safety but she promised that she could handle herself..

“The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry w/Tony Atlas defeated Shawn Michaels: Before the match, John Bradshaw Layfield came down and stole a crew member’s chair at ringside so he could watch his “employee” up close. A minute into the match, Shawn Michaels brought a chair into the ring. Mark Henry grabbed the chair and Michaels super-kicked it into his face for the DQ! JBL grabbed the microphone out of Lilian Garcia’s hand before she could announce the winner. JBL pointed out that if Michaels got disqualified at No Way Out then he would lose and he (JBL) will own the name Heartbreak Kid. Michaels tried to leave, but JBL said he didn’t dismiss him. JBL told Michaels to bring his wife to No Way Out so she can witness first hand what a broken beaten down battered old man her husband has become. JBL said he wanted to look at Shawn’s wife when she realizes Shawn has gambled and lost to keep the Michaels respect in tact. JBL said Shawn would lose and he (JBL) will do what he’s done his entire life – he will WIN. JBL stepped out of the ring before adding that there will always be room for Shawn’s wife in his office.

C.M. Punk defeated William Regal to retain the WWE Intercontinental title:

HIGHLIGHT REEL: WrestleMania 13..

HIGHLIGHT REEL: The Undertaker’s Streak..

HIGHLIGHT REEL: Mickey Rourke winning the Leading Actor award for “The Wrestler” at the British Adademy Film Awards. They sure are pushing Mickey Rourke pretty hard despite him claiming he won’t be doing WrestleMania 25..

The Undertaker defeated Randy Orton by DQ: The match ended in a disqualification when Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase interfered on Randy Orton’s behalf and engaged in a three-on-one beatdown on the Undertaker! Orton called off his troops and set up for an RKO, but Shane McMahon ran down and tackles Orton! DiBiase went after Shane, while Orton retreated! Undertaker chokeslammed Rhodes, and then pulled DiBiase off for a chokeslam as well! Orton watched from the stage as Shane put DiBiase in the corner with a trash can pressed on his chest. Shane proceeded to nail a spectacular coast-to-coast (aka Van-Terminator) where he jumps off the top rope and flies all the way accross the ring drop kicking the trash can into DiBiase’s face! Shane invited Randy Orton back into the ring, but Orton wanted nothing to do with it……