WWE Monday Night RAW 12 28 2009

December 28, 2009 – Hartford, Connecticut
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

DARK MATCH: Santino Marella defeated “The Ripper” Paul Burchill w/Katie Lea..

OUTSIDE THE BUILDING: Chris Jericho with a mega-phone trying to get fans to sign his petition to get himself back on RAW.

John Cena + WWE champion Sheamus: John Cena came out and set up a table in the middle of the ring. Cena said he was excited because he was going to get his rematch against Sheamus and he wanted to make it a Tables match! Sheamus came out proudly wearing the WWE championship around his waist. Sheamus said HE was the WWE champion and that means RAW belongs to HIM. Cena corrected him, saying RAW belongs to the WWE Universe (crowd cheers). Sheamus said the rematch would be on his terms, so the match would NOT be a Tables match. Sheamus said he’s already beaten Cena in a Tables match so it wouldn’t be a challenge for him. Sheamus said he wanted to beat Cena in a straight-up wrestling match, and the last image of 2009 will be him standing over Cena holding his WWE championship. Sheamus turned his back, and Cena jumped off the second rope over the table, grabbed Sheamus and gave him the Attitude Adjustment through the table!

Timbaland & The Bella Twins & Gail Kim + Josh Mathews: The Bella Twins and Gail Kim whored themselves out to “RAW guest host” Timbaland. Josh Mathews entered and asked Timbaland was going to postpone the WWE championship rematch. Timbaland asked why would he postpone the biggest match of the history?

Legacy (Ted DiBiase Jr. & Cody Rhodes) & Randy Orton: Legacy members were walking down the hall carrying a Blu-Ray copy of “The Marine 2.” They found a depressed Randy Orton, who said he thought it was time to break up Legacy. Orton said he has wasted a whole year with Rhodes & DiBiase, citing last week’s loss to three people who have never teamed tonight. Orton said Rhodes & DiBiase were failures and he didn’t associate himself with failures. Rhodes pointed out how many times they bailed Orton out this year, adding that he wouldn’t have won the WWE title 3 times without them. DiBiase said they put their bodies on the line for Orton, and he should be thanking them. Orton said he was going to test them, so DiBiase will be facing Evan Bourne, and Rhodes will be facing Mark Henry. Orton said if they don’t win he will kick them out of Legacy and then beat the living hell out of both of them!

OUTSIDE THE BUILDING: Chris Jericho protesting outside the front door holding a sign that says “Stop the Jericho Embargo!”… After the commercial, Chris Jericho set up a table and yelled into a megaphone, asking people to sign his petition to bring Jericho back to RAW!

Ted DiBiase Jr. defeated Evan Bourne: Randy Orton came out and took a seat at ringside to watch his protege’s work. Ted DiBiase won the match, but Randy Orton still didn’t look very impressed….. perhaps he is jealous that DiBiase starred in his own movie!

Cody Rhodes defeated Mark Henry: Randy Orton remained at ringside to watch Cody Rhodes closely. Midway through the match, Mark Henry fell out of the ring and it looked like he injured his knee. Henry slipped in the ring and continued the match. Rhodes kicked Henry in the leg and pinned him to win the match! Orton briefly clapped for Rhodes and walked over to shake his hand – clearly impressed!

Jillian Hall & Gail Kim: Jillian Hall wanted to audition for Timbaland, but Gail Kim was there to stop her at the door… off in the background we see DX preparing for some shenanigans..

DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels & Hornswoggle): Triple H duct-taped Hornswoggle to a skateboard and said “this is going to be awesome!” Shawn Michaels showed up and asked what they were doing? Triple H said Michaels had Hornswoggle all week and couldn’t find anything fun to do except take him to church. Triple H said he is doing what anybody would do with a brand new midget, tape him to a skateboard and see how far he goes! Michaels said the whole Vince McMahon/Bret Hart stuff is bothering him. Triple H said maybe Michaels should mind his own business, and remembered that last time Michaels stuck his nose in Vince’s business he ended up wrestling him at WrestleMania. Triple H told Michaels not to do anything stupid tonight, then went back to duct-taping Hornswoggle.

Jillian Hall & Timbaland: Jillian Hall was shown singing for Timbaland. Suddenly Triple H pushed Hornswoggle and he flew across the floor and knocked Jillian down on her ass. Timbaland high-fived Hornswoggle!

Maryse Ouellet defeated Kelly Kelly: After the match, Maryse laughed arrogantly and cut a promo in French on WWE Diva’s champion Melina Perez. Maryse said Melina will never be as sexy as her, and called Melina a “petite poopie!” Maryse then kicked Kelly in the ribs for good measure!

OUTSIDE THE BUILDING: Chris Jericho continued his protest when the Big Show showed up and told him it was over. The Big Show said it was special while it lasted, but he’s moving on. Big Show said he was on RAW, Jericho was on SmackDown!, and long-distance relationships don’t work. They acted like they were boyfriend/girlfriend breaking up. Big Show said he wants Jericho to know he cares, and handed him an envelope. Big Show told him to let it go and went back into the building. Jericho opened the envelope and started smiling and laughing..

Vince McMahon + Shawn Michaels: Vince McMahon was there to address the rumors that Bret “The Hitman” Hart would be returning to guest host RAW next week. Jerry “The King” Lawler remarked that Bret Hart was “argueably the biggest superstar in the history of the WWE.” The crowd immediately chanted “We Want Bret!” Vince said there’s no doubt that the fans are enjoying HIS genius concept of having a different guest host every week (even though it was Donald Trump’s idea). Vince McMahon said next week they have a very special guest host, and his name is Bret “The Hitman” Hart! Crowd cheers. Vince showed a highlight reel of Bret Hart’s career for the benefit of the younger fans. The video concluded with clips from the Montreal Screwjob in 1997 – Bret’s controversial last match in the WWF. The final shot was Vince’s comment saying “Bret Hart screwed Bret Hart!” Back in the ring, Vince McMahon repeated “I did not screw Bret Hart… Bret Hart screwed Bret Hart!” Vince said in spite of Bret’s egomaniacal actions, he allowed Bret to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Vince said after Bret’s induction speech, he reached out to shake Bret’s hand, but Bret showed nothing but contempt. Vince took a second tease the fans for saying “what?”, which he genuinely hates. Vince said next week the guest host will be…. then he paused….. then repeated… next week’s guest host will be… then peaused again…. saying he just can’t do it! Vince apologized. Vince said Bret Hart will NEVER be a guest host here on RAW! Suddenly Shawn Michaels hit the ring and said sometimes, not often, there are rivalries that are even bigger than this industry… rivalries that are so big you can’t deny the people, and you can’t deny yourself, simply because it doesn’t work for you. Vince thought Shawn was talking about the Michaels/Hart rivalry. Shawn said he was talking about his rivalry with the Undertaker, adding that he knows that he can beat the Undertaker. Shawn said he knows Vince liked to make money, so he asked Vince to book a WrestleMania rematch between he and the Undertaker. Vince said he was reluctant to make the match, because he learned his lesson when it comes to the Undertaker. Vince said if the match was going to happen, then Michaels was going to make it happen. Shawn said he understands how Vince is afraid of the Undertaker, but being afraid of Bret Hart is different. Shawn said Vince doesn’t have many open chapters in his life, and maybe it’s time to bring some much needed closure to this one. Shawn asked, “what have you got to lose?” Shawn told Vince to bring Bret Hart back to Monday Night RAW. Shawn promised that if he does, only good things are gonna happen. Vince said he’s not afraid of the Undertaker, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, the big bad wolf, or any man who walks the Earth. Vince proclaimed “I AM FEARLESS!” Vince smiled and said “only good things will happen?” Vince grinned and stared at Michaels, who said he would be more than happy to see Bret “The Hitman” Hart one more time. Vince said if only good things are going to happen then next week the new year starts off with a special guest host, and that special guest host will be Bret “The Hitman” Hart!!! Editor’s Note: Is Shawn Michaels threatening Bret Hart?

Josh Mathews & John Cena + Sheamus: John Cena was about to talk about his title match when WWE champion Sheamus showed up and bashed him and stomped him until a team of referees dragged him away..

Timbaland & The Bella Twins & Eve Torres & Gail Kim + Montel Vontavious Porter + Kofi Kingston + Mike “The Miz” Mizanin: The Bella Twins, Eve Torres, Gail Kim, and even Montel Vontavious Porter were whoring themselves out to RAW guest host Timbaland. Kofi Kingston came in and thanked Timbaland for the WWE United States title opportunity tonight (if he beats the Miz he gets a title shot next week). MVP remembered that Kingston beat him for the U.S. title, so after he beats the Miz, he wants the first shot. Kingston agreed and they shook on it. The Miz showed up and said “REALLY?” The Miz said it was so cute, but it would be so much better if it was the truth. The Miz said MVP can’t beat Kofi for the U.S. title because he will be U.S. champion this time next year. The Miz told Gail Kim that she can’t keep up with Maryse. Timbaland informed the Miz that if Kingston beats Miz then the title match will be TONIGHT (not next week)!

Kofi Kingston defeated WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin: Kofi Kingston knocked the Miz out with a kick to the head to win the match! Now The Miz has to defend the United States title against Kofi Kingston immediately!

Kofi Kingston defeated WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin by DQ: After a few minutes, Kofi Kingston was about to win the match, but Randy Orton ran down and pulled him out of the ring for the DQ. Orton bashed Kingston face-first into the ring post and gave him a thunderous RKO on the floor! Orton stood there expressionless looking at the fallen Kofi Kingston.

Josh Mathews & Randy Orton: Randy Orton said Kofi Kingston thinks their issue is over, but it’s not over until he says it’s over. Orton said next week they will settle their issues, and he can’t think of a better way to kick off the new year, than by kicking somebody in the skull!

DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels): Triple H said the Big Show was upset after breaking up with his old partner, but he was about to come out and consumate his partnership with a new partner. Shawn Michaels remarked “not that there’s anything wrote with that.” Suddenly Chris Jericho entered the building and produced a front row ringside ticket, courtesy of the Big Show!

WWE Unified Tag Team champions DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) defeated The Big Show & Chavo Guerrero: The Big Show’s new tag team partner was Chavo Guerrero, and a very jealous Chris Jericho couldn’t believe it. Chavo stuck out like a sore thumb as the clear weak link in the match. Midway throuth the match, Hornswoggle showed up and went after Chavo Guerrero. This allowed Triple H to Pedigree Chavo for the victory! Chris Jericho jumped the rail and yelled at the Big Show. Jericho got up on the ring apron, but was super-kicked down by Shawn Michaels! Triple H said if Jericho is going to whine and complain ever week, he might as well get a rematch next week. Triple H said when Jericho loses, he is gone for good, no stupid tricks, off of RAW forever!

John Cena defeated WWE champion Sheamus by DQ: Timbaland came out wearing an orange John Cena t-shirt and grey sweat pants. Seriously, he has barely done anything for the whole show. He was accompanied by RAW’s resident whores, The Bella Twins. Timbaland served as the special guest ring announcer for the match. Timbaland introduced the challenger, John Cena, then introduced the champion, Sheamus! John Cena took the fight to Sheamus, and it looked like he had victory within his sights but Sheamus pulled the referee down to the mat for the DQ. It was really an unjustified disqualification. Cena was declared the winner, but Sheamus is still the WWE champion! John Cena went after Sheamus and dragged him back to the ring, but Sheamus recovered and kicked Cena in the skull! Sheamus kicked Cena in the head once more! Sheamus, as promised, stood over the fallen Cena for the final image of 2009!

Bret “The Hitman” Hart will be the special RAW guest HOST!:
DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) vs. Chris Jericho & The Big Show:
Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston

Meanwhile, TNA (Total Nonstop Action) will go LIVE on SpikeTV next Monday head-to-head with WWE RAW with the debut of Hulk Hogan and a series of additional surpises. 2010 will be a huge year from professional wrestling!