WWE Monday Night RAW 02 15 2010

WWE Monday Night RAW

February 15, 2010 – Des Moines, Iowa
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

WWE champion Sheamus defeated Randy Orton by DQ: Crowd was solely behind Randy Orton for the duration of the match. Sheamus pushed Orton against the turnbuckle and began posing, so Orton threw Sheamus against it and hit a European uppercut. Sheamus quickly took control with elbows and punches to Orton. Sheamus went for the bicycle kick but Orton ducked it and nearly hit the RKO! Sheamus pushed Orton away and got out of the ring to regroup. Back from commercial Orton was doing his stomp routine on Sheamus. Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes came down to the ring to observe and Sheamus hit the Urinage back breaker. Sheamus targeted Orton’s lower back but Orton took control again with a European uppercut and drop kick! Orton began stomping on Sheamus’ midsection and hit his inverted backbreaker. Orton got ready for the RKO but Sheamus pushed him away so Orton kicked him out of the ring and threw him into the steel post. While Sheamus was outside Rhodes and DiBiase attacked him, and the ref saw so Orton was disqualified! After the match DiBiase got in the ring and tried to explain to Orton that it was Rhodes’ fault, so Orton yelled at both of them and hit the RKO on Rhodes, Sheamus came in and hit the bicycle kick on DiBiase, and Orton followed up with an RKO on Sheamus!

Bret “The Hitman” Hart: Bret Hart said it was no real shock that Vince McMahon wasn’t there tonight. Bret said if he had flown in Bret would have waited for him at the airport, by his car, at the hotel, and by the arena (make up your mind!). Bret said he came there tonight to finish things once and for all with Vince! Bret said he came back to the WWE with good intentions, he came there to make peace with Vince. Bret said when he tries to put everything into perspective, Vince lied to him, kicked him in the gut, spit in his face, lied some more, and had Batista rough him up. Bret said all he can hear is Vince saying he deserved to be screwed echoing through his head. Bret said he thinks Vince deserves to get his ass kicked! Bret said he had his heart set on things, but Vince is the worlds greatest liar. Bret said Vince is under the bottom of the barrel of liars. Bret said he had his heart set on giving Vince what he deserved at WrestleMania, it would have been sweet for him to have one last victory at WrestleMania. Bret said but it’s not to be, and theres no match with Vince. Bret said victory will last a life time, but excellence will last forever! Bret said he just wanted to take that moment, now that he knows where Vince stands, to thank all the WWE Superstars for welcoming him there. Bret said he wants to thank the WWE Universe for being so kind and having his back. Bret said he especially wants to take this moment to thank John Cena, because in essence, for the last few weeks, he got to live a last few special moments that he’ll never forget, and he wants to thank all the fans in support of him for the last few months. Bret said he thinks he is going to take that opportunity to say goodbye, thank you very much!

Bret “The Hitman” Hart + Kofi Kingston + Jack Swagger & Alicia Fox + Primo Colon + Gail Kim & Evan Bourne + John Cena: They showed Bret walking backstage. Bret shook hands with Kofi and Kofi asked him if he was sure about leaving. Bret said there was no where else for him to go and Kofi shook his hand and said it’s been an honor. Bret walked up to Jack Swagger and Alicia Fox. Swagger (who I guess turned face) wished Bret good luck and shook his hand, Alicia did too and Bret gave her a hug. Primo (First time being on RAW in months) asked Bret if he was sure about leaving. Bret shook Primo’s hand and told him to say hi to his dad for him. Next Bret came up to Gail Kim & Evan Bourne. Gail gave him a hug and said she was really going to miss him and Evan said it was sad to see him go, and thanked him for everything. Next they showed Bret and Cena walking together through the back parking lot. Cena asked him if that was it and said he has nothing but respect for him. Bret said he has nowhere else to go, and Cena said he understood and thanked him. Bret told Cena to look him up next time he is in Calgary and Cena said he would. Cena started to walk away and some woman backed her car into Bret’s limo, crushing his leg in the door! This woman did an absolutely horrible acting job, saying she’s so sorry and “oh my god!”. Cena yelled at her to move the car. Cena told the limo driver to go get help while Evan and Gail showed up freaking out. Some security showed up and Cena started yelling at the woman again. An ambulance that just so happened to be parked a little down the lot pulled up and paramedics loaded Bret into it and drove off.

Mark Henry & Montel Vontavious Porter defeated Unified Tag Team champions ShowMiz (The Big Show & Mike Mizanin): MVP & Miz started off. MVP took control immediately and after some explosive offense kicked Miz in the side of the head, sending him out of the ring. Back from commercial Miz was doing us all a favor by trying to stop MVP from tagging in Henry. MVP backdropped Miz and tagged in Henry. Henry did a couple of clotheslines and hit the worlds strongest slam, but Show stopped him from getting the 3. Show tagged in and Henry tried to hit the worlds strongest slam on him too, but Show got out of it and hit a DDT. Show went for an elbow drop off the middle rope but Henry rolled out of the way! Henry got the hot tag to MVP, who exploded on Show with a yakuza kick, but then ran into a super kick from Show! Miz tagged himself in and went for the pin, but MVP rolled him up and got the 3!

Jerry Springer + Kelly Kelly + Santino Marella + Michael Cole + Jerry “The King” Lawler + The Bella Twins + Chris Masters + Eve Torres + The Great Khali & Runjin Singh + Hornswoggle + Mae Young: Jerry Springer came down to the ring with 2 body guards to start a mentally challenged (this is a politically correct recap) segment. Jerry welcomed the fan to a special edition of his show, called the WWEs most intimate relationships revealed. Jerry introduced everyone to the first guest, Kelly Kelly. Jerry said he has been a fan of the show but he hasn’t seen her wrestle lately and wanted to know why. Kelly said it’s because she is pregnant. Jerry asked her who the baby daddy is, and she said she wasn’t really sure because she’s been in a lot of relationships. Kelly said she thinks she might know who it is, Santino Marella. (Editor’s note: I’m not putting an exclamation point on the end of anything during this segment, I can’t even pretend to pretend to be surprised). Santino said it was true and called Jerry Maury. Santino said they were at a bar one night, things got crazy, and now he is a dad! Kelly said that while Santino slept she needed someone else to come in and finish the job (I thought this was a PG show), someone with more experience and stamina. Michael Cole started yelling for their attention in a stern voice with a serious look on his face (funniest thing I’ve seen all week other than Brian Knobbs wrestling). Michael said that was their little secret and called Kelly a loose lipped hussy, Kelly broke character and burst out laughing (not going to lie, I laughed a bit too). Jerry “The King” Lawler got up and told Cole she wasn’t talking about him, he was talking about The King! (I feel really bad for Kelly). Jerry told the King to get in the ring. Jerry asked King if Kelly was too old for him, and said that King usually picks up his kids at recess (so now they’re making pedofile jokes on a PG show). Santino said if Kelly has a kid with King it will be a screw up, hasn’t she seen Grand Master Sexay? (Jerry Lawler’s son). Suddenly some prostitutes found their way onto the show, whoops it’s just the Bella twins. Bella Twins said they had their own secret they needed to confess. Jerry asked them what their secret could possibly be, and Nikki said Brie is a man. Brie and Nikki started fighting so the security guards pulled them apart. Jerry said he knew Brie was a man, but he wanted to know who was in that room with Kelly, Chris Masters came down to the ring. Kelly said she couldn’t resist herself. Eve came down to the ring next freaking out at Kelly for messing with Chris, her man. Security pulled them apart and Eve asked Chris what he was thinking. Chris said Eve wasn’t getting the job done. Eve said she was cheating on Chris with someone who was a lot more of a man, and The Great Khali with Runjin Singh came out! Khali and Eve made out while security held Chris back. Santino said he wanted to know who is the father is. Jerry said he had the results of the paternity test. Santino asked him how it was possible, it happened 3 days ago, and Jerry said because he is Jerry Springer. Jerry told Maury to eat his heart out and got Santino to read it, it was Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle came down to the ring and hugged Kelly. Jerry said this was crazier than his show. Jerry left angry but obviously forgot about it a second later because he started giving fans high fives on his way out. The King told Jerry that when they found out Jerry was going to be there they couldn’t help themselves and that it was all just a joke. (Editor’s note: It was obviously a joke, Michael Cole has never had sex). Runjin said that The Great Khali felt this was a giant waste of time (so does everyone else). King said it hasn’t been a waste of time because there is one intimate relationship they want to reveal, involving Jerry. King said someone like their woman skinny, some like their woman fat, but Jerry likes his woman young, as in Mae Young! Mae came out and made out with Jerry. What the HECK did I just recap.

Ted DiBiase Jr. defeated Kofi Kingston: Ted DiBiase was selling the kick from Sheamus like it was a concussion, yet he still wrestled. Kofi got a belly to back suplex on DiBiase and he started clutching his head. DiBiase went for a drop kick but missed and landed on the back of his head, and then Kofi hit a drop kick on DiBiase, causing him to land on the back of his head again! Kofi continued to dominate and hit the boom drop. Kofi went for his punches at the turnbuckle but DiBiase moved and hit dream street for the 3! I remember back when Kofi could beat C.M. Punk and Randy Orton in the same night, now a guy with a head injury can defeat him in several minutes.

Jerry Springer + Mae Young: Jerry Springer was giving his final thoughts (like he does on his show). Jerry said we saw the wild side of the WWE, but things get serious Sunday night at the Elimination Chamber! Jerry said after Sunday night the road to WrestleMania will get a lot clearer. Jerry thanked everyone and Mae Young walked in. Jerry told people not to judge him and they walked off together.

John Cena + Batista via satellite : They showed a video of Batista destroying Cena after RAW 2 weeks ago. Cena said first things first, he doesn’t know Bret’s condition but he hopes him well. Cena said he was brutally attacked by Batista, when he did nothing to provoke him. Cena said he doesn’t go looking for trouble but when he finds it he reacts. Cena said Batista was coming to RAW to respond to his threats, so Cena decided he would stand there and be one hell of a welcoming committee. Cena said Batista should come down to the ring and find out that he doesn’t make threats. Batista showed up on the titantron. Cena said first Batista shops at baby polo and now he shows up on RAW on the titantron. Cena said he knows how to get Batista to come to the ring, he’ll just turn his back so he can’t see! Batista said he is doing Cena a huge favor by not being there. Batista said he doesn’t want him in the same arena, and the same ring. Batista said before they ever are in the same ring again, and he has a feeling they will be, Cena will wish it was a bad dream. Cena said those are the words of a tough guy, but he sees Batista’s hand shaking, so he thinks it’s the words of someone pretending to be tough. Cena said he isn’t a dentist but if Batista comes down there he’ll take care of his smile! Batista said this was funny to him, Cena has no problem running his mouth while he isn’t there. Batista told Cena to keep on yapping, because next week on RAW he WILL be there. Batista said if Cena still wants answers, he’ll be more than happy to give them to him. Batista wished Cena luck on Sunday and that he’ll be pulling for him. Cena said unlike Batista he isn’t afraid to get in the Chamber and that next week he will see him on RAW, and that he isn’t afraid of Batista either, if he wants some, come get some!

Triple H defeated John Cena by DQ: They started the match up back and forth, Cena over powering Hunter a lot. Hunter tried to take control but Cena got the fisher mans suplex. Cena tried for a bulldog but Hunter pushed him off and dropped a knee onto his face. Cena caught Hunters knee the second time and tried for the STF but Hunter pushed him off. Cena threw Hunter over the top rope and jumped off the apron but Hunter moved so Cena hit the barricade. Hunter tried for the pedigree but Cena hit a backdrop. Back from commercial Hunter had a sleeper hold on Cena but Cena powered out of it and hulked up, hitting several shoulder blocks, his spinning belly to back suplex, and the 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena tried for the attitude adjustment but Hunter got out of it and hit the clothesline. Hunter tried for a superplex but Cena pushed him off. Hunter tried again but Cena got Hunter in the Greco Roman knuckle lock and head butted him, sending him off! Cena hit a famouser on Hunter while he was getting up. Cena tried for another STF but Hunter reversed it into a single leg Boston crab! Cena got out of it and got the STF locked in! Hunter got rope break. Cena tried for a second attitude adjustment but Hunter grabbed the rope so Cena let him go. Hunter took control with a couple knees and the spine buster. Hunter went for the pedigree but Sheamus ran in and hit him with the bicycle kick! Sheamus went for a bicycle kick on Cena but Cena dodged it and lifted Sheamus up for the attitude adjustment! Sheamus got out of it and raked Cena’s eyes, followed by the bicycle kick! Sheamus ended the show by picking up Hunter and hitting the razors edge!