WWE Monday Night RAW 02 22 2010

WWE Monday Night RAW

February 22, 2010 – Indianapolis, IN
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

World Heavyweight champion Chris Jericho + Edge: Chris Jericho said he’s going to WrestleMania! Chris said ever since he was unfairly attacked by Mike Tyson he said he would never go onto RAW again, even though he’s the most valuable performer and true face of the WWE, but he changed his mind, because last night he beat 5 of the top superstars on SmackDown! Including The Undertaker! Chris said he beat Taker 2 times in a row, how many men can claim that? Chris said as a result, he is the World Champion! Chris repeated himself several times when Edge came out! Edge came through the crowd and speared Chris Jericho! Edge said Chris was going to WrestleMania, against him!

John Cena + Vince McMahon: John Cena came down to the ring selling his beating from last night in the Elimination Chamber followed by an unscheduled match with Batista. Cena said to add him to the list with Bret Hart for people Vince McMahon has screwed. Cena said last night after the Elimination Chamber he was the WWE Champion, he should be celebrating but he’s mad as hell, because of Vince McMahon. Cena said right after he won he found out he had another match against Batista! Cena said if that’s how McMahon wants to do business, that’s how he wants to do business, since he was the champ last night he deserves a rematch and he wants one right now! Vince McMahon came out and said the key word was business. Vince said he’s all about business, and admited he made a business deal with Batista. Vince said he told Batista that he didn’t want to soil his hands on the accident prone Bret Hart, so he got Batista to do it, and now Bret Hart is at home thoroughly humiliated. Vince told Batista that if he wanted a WWE Championship title match, he could have it! Vince said it’s not personal, it’s just business! Vince said if it is personal, he can take him back to last week, when John Cena told Batista if he wants some, to come get some! Vince said Batista came to get some, and became WWE Champion. Cena said tonight he’s taking the damn thing back! Vince said Batista won’t be defending the title until WrestleMania, and that Sheamus is also due a rematch. Vince said he’s going to make a business deal, if Cena wins his match tonight he will face Batista at WrestleMania, but if he loses the match tonight, Sheamus will get the rematch. Cena asked who his opponent was going to be, and Vince said it was Batista, and Cena looked scared… even though 5 minutes ago he was calling out Batista.

Maryse Ouellet defeated Gail Kim to become the WWE DIVAS Champion: Gail Kim started off dominating Maryse and went for her finishing kick (Michael Cole called it the “eat defeat”), but Maryse held onto the ropes. Maryse went for the French kiss but Gail Kim turned it into a bridging pin. Gail went for a cross body block but Maryse ducked it, Maryse went for a 2nd French kiss attempt but Gail reversed it into a cradle pin! Maryse managed to hit the French kiss moments later for the win!

Ty Murray & Jewell & The Bella Twins & Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres + Jillian Hall & Alicia Fox: The Bella Twins were pretending to be interested in what Ty had to say. Eve asked Jewell why she was on crutches and she said she hurt it riding a mechanical bull. Kelly and Eve seemed worried because they were having a bull riding competition later that night. Jillian Hall and Alicia Fox came in and said they weren’t star struck like some people. Jillian said she can sing Jewells songs better than she can and started singing annoyingly. Jewell told her she was doing it wrong and started singing the song the right way. Jillian asked her if she was trying to show her up, and that it wasn’t the Grammy awards, it was RAW! Jillian said if Jewell didn’t show some respect, she would sing her back into living in a car. Jewell said she would take advice from Sharon Osbourne, and slapped Jillian Hall in the face!

Randy Orton & Cody Rhodes + Ted DiBiase Jr.: Randy Orton was shown pondering something. Rhodes said he wasn’t there to say he told him so, but he knew Ted would hit Orton with that pipe! Rhodes said all week Ted was talking about beating Orton and headlining WrestleMania. Orton said he knew what Rhodes was trying to do, and that if anyone was at fault for what happened last night, it’s Orton! Orton said he taught Rhodes and Ted way too well, but hasn’t been a good leader. Orton said for the past year and a half he has bullied them, and that he asked for the six man tag tonight to show that Legacy is on the same page. Orton said they have come way too far to fall apart now. Orton told Rhodes to tell Ted that he’s sorry. Orton left the room. Ted walked in and asked how it went. Rhodes said it went well, almost too well. Ted asked Cody if he was sticking to the plan, and Rhodes said “absolutely.”

Kofi Kingston & Yoshi Tatsu & Evan Bourne defeated Legacy (Randy Orton & Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Jr.): The J.O.B squad was actually in control for a while until Evan Bourne went for an Air Bourne but Rhodes knocked him off the turnbuckle. Back from commercial, Ted was taking care of Bourne. Bourne managed to take down Ted and get the hot tag to Kofi! Kofi went for the boom drop but Orton grabbed Kofi at the rope and took him down. Orton tagged in and worked on Kofi for a while. Rhodes tagged himself in and Orton caught him with the middle rope DDT on his way in the ring! Orton started walking away and Ted went after him, but was hit with a big RKO! Back in the ring Bourne hit the Air Bourne on Rhodes for the 3!

Shawn Michaels + The Undertaker: Shawn said he wasn’t going to take up a lot of time, because his explanation isn’t that complicated. Shawn said he did what he had to do. Shawn said he understands that what he did isn’t all that popular, but he is willing to live with it. Shawn said he heard that Taker might be there tonight, and that for every action there is a reaction. Shawn said he isn’t just hoping for a reaction, he’s counting on it! The Undertaker came out. Taker said Shawn has hit attention. Shawn said last year people said they had the greatest match in WrestleMania history, some people even said it was the greatest ever! Shawn said as flattering as that is, he made one mistake, and it cost him everything! Shawn said that’s something he cannot live with. Shawn said he begged Taker for a rematch, but he refused, he ignored him. Shawn said he had no choice but to cost Taker the championship. Shawn said he knows Taker is angry at him and can’t wait to get his hands on him, and that’s okay. Shawn said if he wants his revenge, to face him at WrestleMania and get it! Taker said he accepts, on one condition! Taker said this year Shawn has to put up something as well….. his soul! . Taker said this year beating Shawn won’t be enough. Taker said if he beats Shawn this time, his career is over! Taker said that’s it, his streak vs. Shawn’s career. Shawn said Taker doesn’t get it, if he can’t beat him, he has no career! Shawn said “you’re on!”

Christian defeated Carlito Colon to qualify: They fought back and forth, Carlito in control quite a bit, until Christian finally hit the Killswitch on his third attempt to qualify for the MIIB match at WrestleMania!

Ty Murray & Jewell + Eve Torres + Kelly Kelly + The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie) + Unified Tag Team champions ShowMiz (The Big Show & Mike “The Miz” Mizanin) : Jewell asked how everyone was, and said she has been having fun. Jewell said wrestling and bull riding is a manly sport, so they should bring in girls, with a Diva mechanical bull riding competition. Ty said he has been working with the divas in the back getting them ready. Eve was the first contestant. Eve lasted the 8 seconds (I think the bull was only set to go for a small period of time and it wasn’t about who lasted longest). Kelly came out next, looking super pretty as always. Kelly lasted and next it was the Bella twins, who went together. Finally ShowMiz came out to crap on this segment. Miz said “Really?” and asked if a yodeling competition was next. Miz said the show should revolve around the unified tag team champions, not the bull riding competition. Big Show said bull riding wasn’t even hard, anyone could do it. Ty said Show probably couldn’t do it. Show said he’s the largest athlete in the world, he can easily do that! Ty said he wasn’t talking about the bull riding Show, he’s talking about Show riding the bull! Show said he would smoke those divas and stormed over to the bull. Show asked each Diva to hold his belts, but they all said no, so he called them all rude (Editor’s note: Dumb Big Show is hilarious!). Miz cheered for him while Ty and Jewell made fun of him, Show ended up falling off! Show got away from the bull fast and Miz said the bull was moving way faster for Show than for the Divas! Miz tried to calm down Show but Show lost his temper and asked the mechanical bull if it wanted a piece of him, and punched it in the face! Jewell said that was stuffed animal cruelty, and Miz said it was another guest host segment ending in disappointment. Miz said him and Show are leaving, but Ty said they were going to defend the titles against Mark Henry and MVP.

ShowMiz (The Big Show & U.S champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin) defeated Montel Vontavious Porter & Mark Henry to retain the Unified Tag Team titles: MVP dominated Miz into tagging in Show, and then MVP dominated Show for a few seconds before getting hit with a big spear! Show took down MVP easily and then tagged Miz back in, who ran right into a yakuza kick from MVP! Miz tagged in show and MVP tagged in Henry, who hurt himself splashing Show! (Editor’s note: Henry was wearing a big cast from lumbering through a barricade last night). Miz jumped onto Henry, who hit him with the world’s strongest slam, and then walked right into a knock out punch from Show! ShowMiz retained.

Vince McMahon: After showing a video of the “accident” from last week involving Bret Harts leg they showed Vince McMahon backstage. Vince said for the record, he really was considering facing him at WrestleMania. Vince said he had nothing to do with that accident, and Bret knows that. Vince said he is inviting Bret back last week so he can have another opportunity to say goodbye properly.

John Cena defeated WWE champion Batista by DQ: Batista kicked John Cena in the groin 10 seconds into the match to get disqualified. Batista began stomping and kicking Cena after the match. Batista started to leave but then returned to the ring and began beating up Cena again. Batista ran Cena into the ring post outside of the ring. Batista started to leave again but then turned around and grabbed a chair. Batista hit Cena with a chair several times and the show ended with him posing at the top of the ramp.