WWE Monday Night RAW 04 12 2010

WWE Monday Night RAW

April 12, 2010 – London, England
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

William Regal defeated Dos Caras (masked):

David Hasselhoff: The Hoff had perhaps the most cheesy entrance of any RAW guest host. He came out in the Knight Rider car and had some models strip off their robes and dance behind him in the ring. Hoff said it was an honor to be there and the fans were in love with him. Hoff said they would have a hofftastic night, and that he felt hoffsome. Hoff said the Hoff has finally come back to Monday night RAW. Hoff said he has heard the cries of the WWE universe for RAW not having enough Hoff. Hoff said he knows how to throw a party you’ll never forget or never remember. Hoff said tonight he was paying homage to the most watched TV show in the world with his own special match honoring Baywatch. Hoff said the first match is the Baywatch babe triple threat tag team match. Hoff said he watched SmackDown! last week, and he realized that there was no #1 contender for the World title. Hoff said if one man beats the champion twice he should be entitled to that match, so “Jacky” Swagger will defend his title against Randy Orton at Extreme Rules! Hoff said tonight Randy and Batista are both in the building, so they will face each other. Hoff said they would start the night with a Diva’s title match. Hoff must be a great actor because he came off very charismatic and knowledgable about the product..

Eve Torres defeated Maryse Ouellet to win the WWE Diva’s title!: Maryse smacked Eve in the face and they began hair pulling. Maryse retreated to the outside and smacked Eve again. Eve hit a neckbreaker moments later, followed by a missed moonsault. Maryse tried for the French Kiss moments later but Eve reversed it into a rollup for 3!

Unified Tag Team champion ShowMiz (Mike “The Miz” Mizanin & The Big Show) + Bret “The Hitman” Hart + The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith w/Natalya): Miz said he had an earth shattering announcement. Show said that when they first started pairing up he was skeptical, but after winning so much he’s changed his opinion of Miz, and thinks they can become something special. Miz said he continues to be amazed that a man so large has such a small ego. Miz said no one has been able to take their titles, so it’s safe to say that ShowMiz is the greatest tag team in history! Miz asked the fans for a tag team better than ShowMiz. Miz said they can name as many tag teams as they want but they have no credibility. Suddenly Bret Hart came out! Bret said to give him a break. Bret said he can name 2 tag teams better than ShowMiz off the top of his head – the Hart Foundation and the British Bulldogs. Bret said we’re not talking about tag teams that are good for a couple of months, but tag teams that were GREAT for years. Miz said he guessed David Hasselhoff wasn’t the only 90s icon that’s completely delusional. Miz said if they were in Bret’s era, he would put the sharpshooter on Bret faster than Bret could put a pair of sunglasses on some ugly kid. Miz said he’s actually a fan of the bulldogs, but he’d have no problem slapping them in their British faces. Show said this was the last time he would warn Bret, and asked him to leave. Bret said he’s not ready to leave, because he knows there’s a tag team back there that can beat ShowMiz. SmackDown! tag team The Hart Dynasty came out! Miz said no. Miz said they aren’t the tag team champions, so they don’t get the opportunity to go on whatever show they want. Bret said he invited them here, and said he fought David Hart Smith’s father here years ago at Wembley Stadium in one of the greatest matches of all time. Miz said that was fascinating, but has nothing to do with them. David said everybody knows that his father is watching them tonight, so he’s issuing a one on one challenge to Miz! David said if he wins then The Hart Dynasty gets a tag team title match at Extreme Rules. Miz and Show talked about it for a minute. Miz said Show thinks it is a huge mistake, but he looks at it as an opportunity, so he accepts, on one condition. Miz said when he wins; next week on RAW Bret will declare that ShowMiz is the greatest tag team of all time! Bret said he was on!

WWE United States & Mike “The Miz” Mizanin w/The Big Show defeated David Hart Smith (w/Tyson Kidd & Natalya Neidhart): The match started during commercial break, which is weird considering the show was taped earlier. David was using his strength to easily take care of Miz. David hit a long standing vertical suplex on Miz for 2. Miz hit a bulldog into the turnbuckle followed by a double axe handle off the top rope to gain some momentum. Miz tried for a second bulldog but was thrown into the turnbuckle. David began clotheslining Miz, and hit a powerslam for 2. Miz hit his running clothesline but jumped off the top rope after right into a big boot! David locked in the sharp shooter but Show distracted David into letting go. Tyson tried to attack show but ran right into a knock out punch. Show rolled Tyson into the ring and punched David in the kidneys. Miz hit the skull crushing finale for the 3!

Batista & David Otunga + David Hasselhoff w/The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie): Batista & David Otunga were complementing and talking to each other. Batista said he was going to destroy John Cena at Extreme Rules. Batista said he was tired and could use an energy boost, and asked David to get him a cup of coffee. David thought he was joking but realized he wasn’t and left to go get one. David Hasselhoff showed up with a Bella on each arm and asked David if he knew why Hoff invited him. David thought it was so they could be in a movie together. Hoff said he didn’t invite him there, Cena did! Hoff said he arranged a match between Otunga and Cena tonight. Hoff asked K.I.T. (the talking car from 80’s TV show “Knight Rider”) how long he estimated it would take for Cena to beat David and K.I.T estimated 22 seconds.

Evan Bourne defeated Carlito Colon: Evan used his speed to hit a headscissors take down on Carlito, but ran into a urinage of sorts. Carlito began stomping on Evan, being the much bigger wrestler. Evan got out of a chin lock but ran right into a big boot. Carlito took Evan to the turnbuckle and started stomping on him, but was met with some hard kicks afterwards. Evan hit a nice hurricarana for 2, but ran into a hip toss against the turnbuckle after. Carlito tried for a top rope backstabber but wound up getting hit with the shooting star press for 3!

John Cena defeated David Otunga w/Batista: Batista came out with David Otunga and watched the match from the stage. John Cena took down Otunga easily and hooked in a wrist lock. Cena hit a snap mare and turned it into a headlock, easily out-wrestling Otunga. Otunga punched Cena so Cena began brawling with Otunga, followed up by a vertical suplex. Cena got ready for a DDT but threw Otunga down and began challenging Batista. Cena locked in the STF moments later for the win. After the match, Batista pulled off his shirts and started going down to the ring, but had second thoughts – saying “I SAY WHEN!”.

Sheamus + Kofi Kingston: Sheamus said he didn’t make a mistake bringing a pipe to a sledgehammer fight. Sheamus said he knows Triple H only brings out the sledgehammer if he’s afraid of somebody. Sheamus said things are getting worse for Triple H because at Extreme Rules they will be competing in a street fight. Sheamus said he grew up on the streets where real men come from, Dublin Ireland. Sheamus said Triple H will regret showing up at Extreme Rules for the rest of his career. Kofi Kingston showed up! Kofi said it’s funny that Sheamus would talk about mistakes, because if he thinks he can just beat up Kofi and get away with it then he is sadly mistaken! Kofi said he just spoke to Hoff and now they have a match.

Kofi Kingston defeated Sheamus by DQ: Kofi kept getting the upper hand on Sheamus using his speed until Sheamus hit a Polish hammer. Sheamus kneed Kofi in the side of the head, knocking him out of the ring. Kofi tried to fight back but ran into a tilt a whirl slam. Sheamus tried to vertical suplex Kofi out of the ring but got kicked a couple times instead. Kofi began kicking Sheamus excessively, followed by a clothesline. Kofi hit the boom drop followed by some turnbuckle punches. Sheamus tried for the bicycle kick but Kofi ducked and hit the trouble in paradise! Sheamus grabbed the rope and got out of the ring. Sheamus ended up smacking Kofi in the head with a monitor from the broadcast table to get disqualified. Sheamus picked up Kofi and ran him into the steel ring post, and then did it again. Jerry Lawler pointed out that all of it would be legal at Extreme Rules!

Carlito Colon + Vladimir Kozlov: Carlito barged into Hoff’s office asking for a rematch. Vladimir Kozlov was there and said Hoff wasn’t there but at least Carlito got a match. Carlito said the guest hosts don’t care about the wrestlers, only about themselves. Carlito said if he doesn’t get traded to SmackDown!, he’ll just quit. Vladimir asked who the guest host next week was. Carlito said it was the cast of Macgruber. Vladimir said it was settled, if he doesn’t get what he wants next week, he will destroy Macgruber! This should be good..

HARD SELL: Extreme Rules 2010..

Josh Mathews + Randy Orton: Josh asked Randy Orton what his strategy was for Extreme Rules. Randy said there are no rules at Extreme Rules, and he is perfectly fine with that. Randy said he has sent over a dozen people, including the chairman of this company, to the hospital, and none of them got there from him playing by the rules. Randy said winning MIIB was the best and worst case scenario for Swagger. Randy said he is the last man Swagger should ever step into the ring with. Randy said his plans with Swagger are strictly business plans, but with Batista it’s something different. Randy said fighting Batista is something he’s been looking forward to for a very long time.

The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie) defeated Rosa Mendes & Jillian Hall and Kelly Kelly & Gail Kim: Hoff was the special guest lifeguard for the match, sitting up on a lifeguard chair wearing his old red Baywatch jacket and sun-glasses. All the Divas were dressed in red lifeguard swim suits and got to run down to the ring in slow motion (stealing John Morrison‘s gimmick). Santino Marella was the special guest referee. The Hoff was really enjoying himself. Kelly hit her one move (head scissors take down) on Jillian before one of the Bella twins tagged in. Jillian hit a Samoan drop on her and then tagged in Rosa. All the Divas started fighting after a pin was broken up and one of the Bella’s rolled up Rosa for the win. Santino pretended to swallow his whistle after the match and pretended to be unconcious so he would get mouth-to-mouth. Hornswoggle came down running in slow-motion to the ring to help him. Hornswoggle jumped off the top rope onto Santino to get him to spit out the whistle! Nice.

Randy Orton defeated Batista by DQ: Batista easily over-powered Randy Orton in the beginning moments of the match, but Randy hit the inverted backbreaker fairly quickly, followed by the stomps. Batista took control after sending Randy shoulder first into the ring post. Back from commercial, Batista was in control. Batista destroyed the top of the announce table out of rage, even though he was winning the match. Batista tried to slam Randy against the table but Randy blocked it and slammed Batista into it. Batista kicked Randy several times and tried for the spear but Randy kicked him in the face! Randy hit a powerslam and got ready for the RKO! Suddenly Randy seemed to change his mind and got ready for the kick but Batista rolled out of the ring. Randy hit the rope DDT while Batista was getting back in the ring! Randy got ready for the RKO again but Batista pushed Randy away and hit the spine buster! Randy reversed the Batista bomb into an RKO moments later. Randy was about to pin Batista but Jack Swagger showed up and hit the gut wrench powerbomb on Randy Orton! Swagger began posing but Cena hit him from behind and locked in the STF on Batista! The show ended with Cena posing over Batista. Cena counted to 10 but Batista was out.