WWE Monday Night RAW 05 17 2010

WWE Monday Night RAW

May 17, 2010 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Primo Colon defeated Dos Caras:

Bret “The Hitman” Hart + Chris Jericho: Bret said last week he was sitting at home watching RAW and couldn’t believe his ears that The Miz would have the nerve to challenge him to a U.S championship match. Bret said he doesn’t take challenges lightly so he called up WWE headquarters the next day and told them to book it. Bret said sometimes you get worked up about things and put yourself in these situations. Bret said it’s important for him to be remembered the right way and he doesn’t want to be one of those wrestlers who hangs on for too long. Bret said he’s given things a lot of thought and even though he doesn’t want to disappoint anybody he won’t be wrestling tonight since it’s not the right way for him to go out. Chris Jericho came out! Chris said he had one question for Bret, why? Chris asked why Bret came back in the first place. Chris said he can try to fool all those sick fans, but he doesn’t fool Chris. Chris said Bret is a shell of his former self, he used to be Bret “The Hitman” Hart, but now he’s nothing more than a pathetic has been tarnishing his status. Chris said Bret is already one of those guys hanging out for far too long. Chris said Bret is the ultimate hypocrite, he doesn’t care about closure, he came back for the same reason he left, because he’s an ego driven phony. Chris said Bret deserved to be screwed. Bret asked Chris when he looked at himself last. Bret said he remembers when Chris would hang around his dads basement trying to get a job, and how it took Keith hours to teach Chris how to put in a headlock (Editor’s note: Ironically I just read Chris Jericho’s book and know that’s a load of crap). Bret said Chris has a nice little monkey suit and walks around like he’s Mr. Canada, but he needs to look in the mirror and see that he’s a phony. Chris said he looked in the mirror today and saw a man much better than Bret ever was. Chris said he has become the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. Chris said Bret could have made his announcement a million different ways but decided to come out here just so he could be in the spotlight one last time hoping to make himself feel like he still matters. Chris said the only person who matters in the entire locker room is Chris Jericho. Chris said it’s a terrible feeling to know that all of Bret’s fans who were excited to see him return are now sickened at what he’s become. Chris said nobody wants Bret here. Chris said what it all boils down to is Bret’s legacy resting on what happens tonight. Chris said everyone will remember him as the man who went back on his word and was too scared to take on Miz in a fight. Chris said Bret’s name means nothing anymore, the Hart family name means nothing anymore. Chris said Stu Hart would be ashamed. Chris started to leave. Bret said to tell Miz to put his boots on because he’s going to have a match tonight! Chris said Bret can’t fool him, Bret’s been a con man his whole life, he’s going to come down to the ring and intentionally get himself disqualified so he can tell everyone he tried. Chris said if he has any guts at all he’ll make the match no DQ. Bret said he wouldn’t want it any other way. Bret said he’s no hypocrite, he stands by his word. Bret said after tonight he’ll be walking around with the United States belt. Bret said this Sunday Hart Dynasty will wipe them out and continue being the Unified tag team champions.

Edge defeated Christian: Edge said Randy thinks he can just walk around hitting anyone with the RKO. Edge said this Sunday Randy won’t be hitting him with the RKO. Christian came out to be Edge’s opponent!!! Christian took Edge down easily and they had a stare off. Edge smacked Christian and got out of the ring. Edge got back in the ring and jumped Christian on his way in but wound up getting smacked again soon later. Christian smacked Edge a third time and choked him on the ropes, followed by trying to smack him again but Edge pushed him away and tried to hit a baseball slide. Christian slid back in the ring and hit a baseball slide of his own, followed by the springboard cross body. Christian charged Edge but Edge moved out of the way and threw Christian into the dasher boards. Christian made it back into the ring at the 9 count. Edge started working on the left shoulder of Christian. Christian tried to hit the inverted DDT but Edge pushed him into the turnbuckle. Christian tried to do his special kick but Edge caught his feet and slammed Christian down. Christian hit the tornado DDT for 2 and followed up soon after with the missile drop kick for 2. Christian tried for the killswitch but Edge reversed it into a belly to back suplex, Christian landed on his feet and managed to slap edge in the face again. Christian tried to for a splash but missed and was hit with the impaler DDT from Edge for 2. Edge tried to kick Christian but was rolled up for 2. Edge knocked Christian face first into the bottom rope and tried to spear him but was kicked in the face and hit with a springboard sunset flip for 2. Edge tried for a second spear but Christian moved and hit his corner kick followed by the flying European uppercut and another killswitch attempt, Edge threw Christian into the turnbuckle shoulder first and hit the spear for 3! Randy Orton came on the Tron after the match and congratulated Edge but wanted to know why Christian was out there. Randy said Christian wasn’t Edge’s opponent. The Undertaker is!

The Undertaker defeated Edge by countout: The Undertaker spent about 3 minutes entering the ring and then Edge wouldn’t get in the ring and was counted out. Christian threw Edge in the ring after the match and Undertaker hit him with the chokeslam.

Maryse Ouellet + WWE Diva’s champion Eve Torres: Maryse was getting her makeup done and looking at a magazine that had Trish Stratus on the cover. Maryse wanted to know why Canadians thought she was a celebrity. The makeup lady asked Maryse if she was Canadian but Maryse stated she was French Canadian, not Canadian. Eve Torres snuck up behind Maryse and poured baby powder in her hair, the ultimate form of revenge! Then Eve started slamming Maryse face first into a table.

Buzz Aldrin & Wife + Vickie Guerrero + The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie): For the life of me I could not figure out what Buzz and his wife were talking about, for some reason annoying music was playing in the background. They said something about being in Canada again and talking about being in it before. Vickie came in and introduced herself. Buzz welcomed Vickie into his office but Vickie said it was her office because she’s the GM of RAW. Buzz said it’s his office because he walked on the moon, and Vickie walked out as the GM of RAW, she resigned. Vickie said that was a mistake. Buzz said he double checked with WWF..E headquarters and they said she was through and her replacement will be there next week. Vickie said no one told her this and that it was mistake. Buzz said if she wants to stick around she can. Vickie said she didn’t care about space, she cares about her job, this is her office and she is the GM of RAW. Buzz called in The Bella Twins and told them to escort (not the type of escorting they are used to) Vickie out of the office.

Batista vs. Mark Henry never got started: Batista ran up behind Mark Henry and hit him with a block of wood. Batista threw Mark into the steel ring post twice and then into the steel steps. Batista stepped on Mark to get into the ring. Batista asked for spotlight and started posing.

Ted DiBiase Jr. w/Virgil defeated Yoshi Tatsu: Virgil moves very slowly and looked like he was having a bad time. Yoshi was basically squashed in 3 minutes, I remember back when he would main event occasionally on WWECW. Yoshi lost after Ted ducked a roundhouse kick and turned it into dream street. After the match Ted said the original Virgil isn’t ashamed to be the new Virgil. Ted said Virgil would be in his corner this Sunday when he beats R-Truth. Ted said now that his trust fund has kicked in his has no limits; he can buy whatever he wants. Ted said if he can’t buy it, he’ll beat it.

WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin & Chris Jericho + Josh Mathews : Miz was talking to Chris and started to walk away. Josh came up to him but Miz pushed him away. Miz said he shocked the world last week when he said he would defend the U.S title against Bret Hart. Miz said people want to know why, well why not? Miz asked how many times someone gets the chance to defeat a legend, hall of famer, and national hero with one single victory. Miz said you’d think it’d be a national holiday up here. Miz asked someone if he was excited to see Bret Hart wrestle tonight, of course he is!

Bret “The Hitman” Hart defeated Mike “The Miz” Mizanin to become new WWE United States champion!: Miz said Bret Hart cost him the Unified tag team championships and tonight it will cost Bret so much more. Miz said he’s not only going to beat Bret Hart, he’s publicly going to humiliate and embarrass Bret so much so that it eradicates his family name. Miz said he’ll spit on the Hart heritage. Miz said in a few very short moments there’s going to be a match; Bret will be in this ring lying on his stomach screaming in pain. Miz said Bret will be screaming in front of his own Country and calling for help from his very own family. Miz said he’s going to make Bret Hart tap out with the sharpshooter, because he’s The Miz, and he’s awesome! Bret Hart came out. Miz got out of the ring and grabbed the mic. Miz said he didn’t trust Bret because he knows the Hart Dynasty is ready to run in on the match so he paid a couple guys to neutralize them. Vladimir Kozlov and William Regal came out to guard the entrance ramp. Tyson and David Hart Smith came in through the crowd and attacked Regal and Kozlov. Chris Jericho came into the ring with Miz to corner Bret. Natalya came into the ring to help Bret and smacked Jericho in the face. Bret punched Miz but then Jericho attacked Bret and Natalya got out of the ring. David Hart Smith got into the ring and took Jericho out of the ring. Miz started kicking Bret and got ready to lock in the sharpshooter but was hit with a springboard drop kick from Tyson Kidd. David and Tyson hit Miz with the Hart attack and Bret locked in the sharpshooter to win the title! Michael Cole went heel for a few seconds and wasn’t happy about Bret winning the title.

Maryse Ouellet & Michelle McCool & WWE Women’s champion Layla El defeated WWE Diva’s champion Eve Torres & The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie): Eve and Maryse started attacking each other before the bell but were pulled apart. Layla and Eve started off. Layla locked in a headlock and tried to kick Eve in the head but was caught with a Samoan drop. Eve hit a neckbreaker before tagging in Brie. Layla threw Brie onto the apron and Michelle kicked Brie in the chest before attacking her on the outside. Eve rolled out of the way of a leg drop and managed to tag in Nikki Bella. Nikki hit Michelle with some drop kicks and a monkey flip for 2. Maryse tagged in and hit the French kiss for 3. After the match Maryse and Eve attacked each other again.

Josh Mathews & WWE champion John Cena : Josh wanted to know how Cena responds to his critics who have been complaining about his recent actions. John said a critic’s job is to criticize and find flaws. John said he respects their opinions but will give them none of his time, John said he was there to address the people still with him. John said through all the good and bad moments, he has never made a promise and not delivered. John said he has a plan. John said he doesn’t want Sheamus getting in the way at Over the Limit so tonight he takes Sheamus out! John said this Sunday is the last time him and Batista meet and he wants no dispute about who the best man is, so he chose an I Quit match. John said if Batista can get him to quit he doesn’t deserve to be champion, which is why he forfeited the rematch clause. John said the WWE champion shouldn’t be a quitter and he won’t be. John said he isn’t underestimating Batista; Batista broke his neck and beat up Mark Henry. John said for all Batista has done, he’s failed to get him to quit. John said as sure as he has a plan, he has a promise; he will not quit! John said at Over the Limit Batista will be the quitter and the champ will be here!

Randy Orton defeated World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger by DQ: Jack took down Randy several times but walked right into the inverted backbreaker followed by being stomped on soon after. Randy missed a running knee drop and was met with a clothesline. Jack locked in a side headlock for a while before Randy fought out of it. Jack retreated to the outside and slammed Randy into the announce table. Randy tried to hit Jack with the DDT on his way back in the ring but Jack found out of it and dropped Randy on hit head followed by the Vader bomb twice in a row. Jack worked on Randy for a while longer and tried for a third Vader bomb but was kicked hard by Randy and nailed with a powerslam. Randy followed up with the middle rope DDT. Randy got amped up for the RKO but Edge ran in the ring and attacked Randy. Randy tried to hit the RKO on Edge but Edge pushed him away so he hit the RKO on Jack instead. Edge hit Randy with the spear after and started posing.

Buzz Aldrin + Zack Ryder w/Alicia Fox: Buzz said he was having a wonderful time. Buzz said Randy and Jack on the mat was awesome. Buzz said he was working on making the space program much better. The fans didn’t care at all. Buzz kept talking about space for a while longer and plugged Canada a bit. Zack Ryder and Alicia Fox came out. Zack told Buzz to hold up. Zack said Canadians didn’t even have a space program. Zack asked Buzz if he even landed on the moon. Zack said he would rather be homeless than Canadian, woo woo woo. Buzz said the last guy who implied that the moon landing was staged got a punch in the face. Buzz said he wasn’t going to pound Zack, instead he would be in the corner of the team who’s going to put him out. Evan Bourne and Gail Kim came out.

Evan Bourne & Gail Kim w/Buzz Aldrin defeated Zack Ryder & Alicia Fox: Zack yelled woo woo woo at Evan and received some kicks in return. Zack hit a swinging neckbreaker and stomped on Evan a few times. Evan hit a roundhouse kick and pinned Zack for 2. Gail and Alicia tagged in but Gail was thrown from the ring when Zack held the rope down. Alicia hit a northern lights suplex for 2. Gail hit Alicia with a chin breaker and the men tagged in again. Even hit Zack with a huge knee and got ready to hit Air Bourne but Alicia pushed Zack out of the ring so Evan jumped onto Zack anyway. Gail hit Alicia with eat defeat for 3 moments later.

WWE champion John Cena defeated Sheamus by DQ: Sheamus attacked John at the beginning of the match and stomped a mud hole in him before John fought back and threw Sheamus out of the ring. Sheamus threw John into the dasher boards and took over. Back in the ring Sheamus was in control. John hit a snap suplex to the dismay of the crowd, they hated him. John threw Sheamus into the steel ring post. John went for the attitude adjustment but Sheamus reversed it into a urinage backbreaker. John hit a sidewalk slam followed by some punches. Sheamus managed to knee John in the side of the head hard, knocking him off the apron, followed by another one on his way back in the ring. Sheamus tried for a third but John got out of the way and tried to hit the running bulldog but Sheamus countered it and baseball slid John out of the ring. Finally John reversed a powerslam into a running shoulder tackle and the 5 knuckle shuffle. John tried for the attitude adjustment but Sheamus grabbed onto the rope. John threw Sheamus out of the ring and was attacked by Batista. Batista hit 2 spine busters, a Batista bomb, and locked in the rings of Saturn. John wouldn’t give up and the show ended with him locked in the submission.