WWE Monday Night RAW 05 24 2010

WWE Monday Night RAW

May 24, 2010 – Toledo, Ohio
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

DARK MATCH: Goldust defeated Dos Caras..

Batista + RAW General Manager Bret “The Hitman” Hart: Batista was wearing an arm brace and had some referees help him down to the ring. Batista got into a wheelchair in the ring and told the refs to get out of his spotlight. Batista said last night he said 2 words that he never ever thought would come out of his mouth, I quit! Batista said he only said it because his life was being threatened. Batista said because of John Cena’s malicious actions, he’s contemplating filing a suit against Cena, the WWE, and every fan in the WWE Universe who supported what happened to him. Batista said championship matches don’t happen with duct tape and getting thrown off of cars. Batista said he could stoop to John Cena’s level but he believes in something called honor. Batista said due to multiple injuries he’s out for weeks, months, maybe years. Batista said he’ll be back stronger than ever and one way or another, he’ll get a rematch. Justin Roberts said he was just asked to introduce the new GM of RAW, Bret “The Hitman” Hart! Bret Hart came out. Bret said there’s a new sheriff in town and what he says goes! Bret said on June 20th there will be a new PPV, Fatal 4 Way. Bret said if John is still champion at the time he will be taking on 3 different competitors, all who will be decided tonight! Bret said if Batista wants a rematch this is his chance to prove it by qualifying right now! Batista said he’s in a wheelchair. Bret said he knows Batista is hurt, but so is his opponent, Randy Orton. Batista asked Bret what his malfunction was. Batista said he can’t compete and Bret can’t make him. Bret said Batista can take the chance or forfeit. Batista said if Bret does that he’ll quit the whole company. Bret said on account of a forfeit, the winner of the match is Randy Orton. Bret left while Batista stomped his foot in anger. Batista told Bret to come back but Bret kept walking. Batista said the WWE is nothing without him and will go bankrupt within a week. Batista said they’ll all be so bored they will never watch a show again. Batista asked if they think he won’t do it. Batista said he quit! A couple referees helped Batista to the back.

Sheamus defeated Mark Henry: Mark pushed Sheamus away and took him down with a shoulder block. Mark threw Sheamus into the turnbuckle and hit him with a body slam, followed by dumping Sheamus out of the ring. Sheamus hung up Mark’s shoulder on the ropes and followed up by big booting Mark right in the shoulder. Sheamus knocked down Mark and continued to attack Mark’s left shoulder. Mark started to fight back with some head butts, but Sheamus latched onto Mark’s left arm and continued working on it. Mark knocked down Sheamus and hit a big splash, but Sheamus kicked out at 2. Sheamus climbed to the top but Mark grabbed him. Mark lifted up Sheamus in a gorilla press slam position, but his left arm gave out causing him to put Sheamus down. Sheamus hit the bicycle kick moments later for the 3.

Jon Lovitz + Maryse Ouellet: Jon was on the phone with Vince telling him to pay him in stock or by giving him 10% of the company. Maryse walked in. Jon asked her if she was the masseuse. Maryse said she was the premier diva and had some really hot photos that would win his superstar search. Jon asked for a sneak peek but Maryse wasn’t up for it. Jon said he wasn’t just there to plug his Jon Lovitz comedy club; he’s developed a new submission move. Jon started pinching his fingers together and said it’s the fast freak fiber twitch jugular pinch. Jon said he taught it to Santino and anyone who masters it will win any match. Jon offered to teach it to Maryse but she said no. Jon said some stuff to her in French, followed by saying that he also has millions of dollars. Maryse said she might be interested but Jon said he wasn’t. Maryse jumped at him and he screamed and ran off.

RAW General Manager Bret “The Hitman” Hart & Edge + Chris Jericho: Bret thought Edge was telling him that he deserves a qualifying match but Edge said he deserved a 1 on 1 championship match. Bret didn’t think Edge was so special considering last night he fought Randy Orton to a double countout and Randy qualified. Edge said by that logic Randy qualified against an already beaten up Batista, so he should face an equally beat up John Cena. Chris Jericho came in. Chris said it doesn’t matter what Bret thinks or feels, it only matters what he (Chris) thinks. Chris said he thinks Batista has gotten so many opportunities and Edge was beaten at WrestleMania, yet he keeps getting the short end of the stick. Chris said there is one spot left and he should be given the spot. Bret said Chris vs. Edge vs. Cena. Bret said if one of them wins they get a spot in the Fatal 4 Way, but if neither of them wins he finds someone else. Edge said he’s a better champion and Canadian than either one of them, and tonight he’ll prove it. Edge left and Chris told Bret not to make an enemy of him or he’ll make Bret realize that taking the GM job was the worst decision of his life. Bret said he’s looking forward to it.

Maryse Ouellet & Alicia Fox defeated WWE Diva’s champion Eve Torres & Gail Kim: Alicia and Gail started off. Alicia attacked Gail but Gail hit an elbow followed by a hurricarana. Gail hit her unique corner tackle and even took down Maryse who tried to get involved. Maryse tagged in and pinned Gail for 2. Maryse hit a urinage backbreaker and tried to cheap shot Eve but Eve ducked it and got the hot tag to Gail. Eve hit some drop kicks and a neckbreaker for 2. Eve hit a standing moonsault but Alicia broke up the pin so Gail knocked down Alicia. The referee pulled Gail away and Alicia hit a big boot on Eve. Maryse hit the French kiss moments later for 3.

R-Truth defeated Mike “The Miz” Mizanin to win the vacant WWE United States title: Miz said R-Truth is always asking what’s up, and he has an answer. Miz said what’s up is he’s taking back what should have never been taken from him in the first place. Miz said he’s walking out of here the U.S champion because he’s the Miz, and he’s awesome! Miz took a cheap shot at R-Truth but Truth fought back with a drop kick and wheelbarrow roll up for 2. Back from commercial Miz was in control on the outside of the ring. Miz ran Truth into the canvas, slammed his arm on it, and followed up with a knee to the side of his head. Back in the ring Miz continued to work on Truth’s shoulder and dominate him. Truth tried to fight back but took a big boot to the shoulder from Miz. Miz hung up Truth in the tree of woe and began stomping a mud hole in him. Miz tried to stomp on Truth’s genitals but took a German suplex off the turnbuckle. Truth hit the flat liner on Miz for 2 after some back and forth fighting. Truth hit a cross body but Miz rolled through and covered Truth for 2. Miz ran his knee into Truth’s back and tried to follow up with a neckbreaker but Truth turned it into a roll up for 2. Truth rolled up Miz with a small package after for another 2. Truth tried to hit the scissors kick but Miz blocked it, Truth hit the lie detector moments later for the 3!

Josh Mathews & WWE champion John Cena: John said he was exhausted after his brutal match last night, but he never gave up. John said when he finally heard Batista say he quit, he felt good, like there was finally closure. John said he felt like he was on cloud 9 until he was kicked in the face by someone whiter than cloud 9, Sheamus. John said Sheamus did it because of the WWE championship. John said WWE superstars work their entire lives and some even risk their careers for one chance to hold onto it. John said the toughest part is keeping the title, the challenges never stop, the challengers come from everywhere, and you constantly have your back to the wall. John said you can either run or fight, he fights. John said the person who takes the title is going to earn it. John said he’s sick of accepting challenges, for now on he makes them! John said if Randy Orton, Edge, Jericho, or Sheamus see him coming they better bring their A game because he will reign down on anyone who even looks like a threat. John said he’s done playing nice, the C nation is here!

Jon Lovitz & The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie) + The Great Khali & Runjin Singh + Jillian Hall + Joe (planted fan) + Ted DiBiase Jr. & Virgil + Santino Marella: Jon needed the Bella twins to roll him into the ring. Jon sat down at a judging table with Nikki and Brie. Jon said there were going to do a talent show with WWE superstars. Jon said they would find out their secret talent, because this hasn’t been done with Ozzy Osbourne already. Jon said The Bella Twins were his new girlfriends; both of them shook their heads. Jon said he was the only one with power in that ring right now. Jon said if Vince was there right now you know what he would say, he would apologize for blocking his view. Jon welcomed The Great Khali and Runjin Singh first. Khali & Runjin came out dressed like magicians and did a dance number. Jon asked the audience what they thought and got boos. Jon said he’s been working in showbiz for 25 years and the worst thing he’s ever seen was when he walked in on Rosie O’Donnell naked. Next out was Jillian Hall. Jon hit the buzzer almost immediately and told her to get out of there. Jon said he was thinking this was a big waste of time. Jon said the superstars were fantastic in the ring, but not anywhere else. Jon said he should really look to the audience for talent. Jon said he was looking for Jerry Lawler type charisma, real talent, not that American Idol crap. Jon finally chose some weird looking audience plant named Joe. Joe said he can pull his eye out of his face. Jon was shocked. Some fan yelled something really dirty and it got beeped out. Jon said the show was PG. Joe took off his glasses, and pulled out his very fake looking eye. Ted DiBiase Jr. came out with Virgil. Ted said he wanted that eyeball and asked how much it cost. Joe said he can’t sell his eyeball. Ted said he’s not asking, Ted said if he can’t buy it he’s going to beat him up and take it. Ted asked how much it is again. Santino Marella came out. Santino asked Ted what was wrong with him. Santino said he’s been practicing Jon’s submission all day long and that if Ted doesn’t leave the Cyclops alone he’ll apply the hold to Virgil. Jon said the submission isn’t a joke, it takes years to master. Santino knocked out Virgil with the hold and Jon was surprised it worked. Santino tried it again on Ted but it wouldn’t work. Ted hit Santino with Dream Street. Jon said Ted won the talent contest and plugged his comedy club some more.

Unified Tag Team champions The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith w/Natalya) defeated Vladimir Kozlov & William Regal: William cheap shot Tyson at the beginning of the match and tagged in Vladimir. Vladimir locked in a weird looking torture rack. Tyson kicked Vladimir in the face after and tagged in David. David picked up Vladimir for the running powerslam but Vladimir got out of it. William tagged in and missed the knee trembler; Hart Dynasty hit the Hart attack and won moments later. After the match The Hart Dynasty (including Natalya) were attacked by a new tag team consisting of 1 girl and 2 guys. They knocked down all 3 members and all hit splashes of the top turnbuckle at the same time.

Josh Mathews & NXT Rookies final 4 (David Otunga & Heath Slater & Wade Barrett & Justin Gabriel): Josh asked them who will be eliminated tomorrow night. Justin said if he had to pick just 1 he would pick the one man bobble head Heath Slater. Justin said Heath hasn’t done anything to stand out. Wade Barrett said he doesn’t like any of them but he’s going to agree with Justin. Wade said he wants the ginger hair guy to go. Heath said he’s not going anywhere; Justin is a one trick pony and Wade has nothing but a flower and a jacket. Heath said he thinks the C list David Otunga should go home. David said Justin is nothing more than a gymnast, and Wade is all about money so he can just buy his favor. David said he finds 1 man bands boring, and watching Heath wrestle is no different. David said Heath should get eliminated. Heath and David started arguing.

Edge + Chris Jericho: Chris said he knows what Edge is thinking, that Cena isn’t really Cena tonight. Chris said Cena is hurt, they both know he is hurt, but Chris is going to get him first. Edge said it’s a race to see who pins Cena first. Edge said maybe he won’t pin John Cena at all, maybe he’ll pin Chris!

Edge defeated Chris Jericho and WWE champion John Cena: John exploded on both Edge and Chris. John tried to hit the attitude adjustment on Edge but ended up clotheslining him out of the ring instead. Chris tried to lock in the walls but John fought out of it and knocked Chris out of the ring too. Back from commercial Edge and Chris were in control but John continued to fight back. Edge rolled up Chris but only got 2. Chris back dropped Edge out of the ring and tripped John. Chris kicked John a few times and hit a vertical suplex. Chris put John in a headlock but John fought out of it and almost hit the attitude adjustment, Chris was able to reverse it into a DDT. Chris knocked Edge off the apron and continued to attack John. John started to explode and hit the 5 knuckle shuffle. John tried to hit the attitude adjustment but Jericho landed on his feet awkwardly. Edge tried to hit John with the spear but John moved out of the way causing Chris to get speared. John locked in the STF. Chris came back into the ring and locked the walls of Jericho on John while he had the STF on Edge! Edge got out of the STF but Chris let go of John and locked in the walls on Edge! John hit Chris with a bulldog and Edge rolled out of the ring. Chris tried to hit John with a running cross body but John caught Chris and got ready for the attitude adjustment again. Edge came into the ring and hit John with the spear. Edge pinned John but Chris pulled him off and tried to lock in the walls but Edge reversed it into a package for 2. Chris hit an enziguri on Edge and walked into a clothesline from John. John tried to hit the attitude adjustment on Edge but was pushed into a code breaker from Chris. Edge hit the spear on Chris moments later for the 3! After the match Sheamus came out on stage and stared down John and Edge. Randy Orton came out and they all stared each other down.