WWE Monday Night RAW 06 07 2010

WWE Monday Night RAW

June 7, 2010 – Miami, Florida
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

RAW General Manager Bret “The Hitman” Hart & SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long + Randy Orton: Bret said for the very first time ever you could go on WWE.com and vote for the matches and stipulations live. Teddy thanked Bret for inviting him to RAW and said the fans may even decide the fate of the WWE championship. Bret said that everyone in the WWE championship Fatal 4 Way will be in action tonight and the fans will decide who their opponents are. Randy Orton came out with his arm in a sling. Randy told Bret to forget about viewer’s choice for a second because he has a choice for him. Randy said he wants Edge tonight. Randy said either Bret will give him Edge or he’ll go backstage and take care of Edge himself. Randy said Edge thinks that he can just take him out, but he’s going to make sure that he takes Edge with him. Edge came out and said if Randy wants a match that bad to give him what he wants so he can finish what he started. Teddy whispered something into Bret’s ear. Bret said since it was viewer’s choice he’s going to let everyone in the arena decide. Teddy said Edge will face Randy Orton in a debate, a sit up contest, or a one arm tied behind Edge’s back match. Obviously debate was the best choice but these idiotic fans chose one arm tied behind Edge’s back match. Edge said you couldn’t do that. Edge said it wasn’t fair to him. Bret wished him good luck. Teddy said it was time for the first viewer’s choice match of the night, Chris Jericho vs. The Big Show! Teddy said the fans will decide what type of match they will have

The Big Show defeated Chris Jericho: The choices were over the top rope challenge, a submission match, or a body slam challenge. Body slam challenge won with 48%, submission got 41%, and over the top rope challenge 11%. Big Show went for a hug so Chris smacked him in the face. Show headbutted Chris and smacked him in the chest twice. Chris went for a body slam but Show elbowed Chris away. Show went for the knockout punch but Chris rolled out of the ring. Show tried to pull Chris back into the ring but Chris hung Show’s arm on the ropes and began attacking it. Unfortunately it was all for nothing as Show swatted Chris away and body slammed him moments later. Afterwards Show locked in a chin lock and Chris submitted. Show finished everything by throwing Chris over the top rope.

The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith w/Natayla) defeated The Great Khali & Hornswoggle: The three teams to choose from were The Uso Brothers, The Dudebusters, or The Great Khali & Hornswoggle. Only 12 year olds must have been voting as The Great Khali & Hornswoggle won at 54%. Khali and Tyson started off. Tyson kicked Khali but was knocked down with a punch. Khali started attacking Tyson in the corner. Khali tagged in Hornswoggle who went for a tadpole splash but missed. David Hart drop kicked Khali in the ankles and Tyson pinned Hornswoggle for 3. After the match the Uso’s and Tamina attacked THD but were overwhelmed and knocked out of the ring.

ON STAGE SEGMENT: Bradley Cooper said he was supposed to be joined by Rampage and Copley but he doesn’t know where they are. Bradley said he’s super excited for the movie and they’re happy to be hosting RAW.

Jerry “The King” Lawler + Murdoch & BA Barracus + The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie): Jerry was wandering around the back when BA and Murdoch pulled him into a room. Jerry said he needed to hire the A-Team and they pulled off their horrible disguises and said he just did. Jerry said somebody has stolen his crown. Murdoch said they shall retrieve it and crown those responsible, and then he explained the joke. BA said he watches RAW all the time and knows who stole the crown. They ran into the Bellas who called them by their real names. Barracus and Murdoch ran away and one of the Bellas said she loved Copley in District 9, Murdoch said he heard it was expertly acted.

Vladimir Kozlov defeated Santino Marella: The three choices were a regular match, an arm wrestling competition, or a dance off. Dance off won at 84%. Santino said he used to be backstreet boy #6, so this one is in the bags. Santino did a pretty funny dance. Vladimir said he is more stronger faster. Vladimir did the robot and Cole said it was vintage Kozlov even though he’s never done anything like that on camera before. Vladimir won. Vladimir spun Santino around after the match. Santino tried to get Vladimir to catch him but Vladimir pushed him down instead.

Maryse Ouellet last eliminated Jillian Hall to win!: The three choices were a 6 on 6 tag team match, champion vs. champion, or a battle royal. Battle royal won at 73%. Rosa Mendes was catapulted out of the ring first. Layla pushed Tiffany out to save Michelle. Michelle knocked Kelly Kelly out. Gail Kim and Alicia Fox fell out together. Both Bella twins were thrown out by Lay-Cool. Eve Torres threw Lay-Cool out together. Maryse and Jillian worked together to throw out Eve Torres. Jillian thought they won together but then Maryse threw Jillian out to win.

Sheamus + Kane: Kane said the fact that Sheamus isn’t on SmackDown! means nothing. Kane said Sheamus might have taken out Taker just like he did Triple H. Sheamus said if he took out Undertaker he would tell everyone about it. Sheamus said when he took out Triple H he made sure everyone was watching. Sheamus said he doesn’t believe in sneak attacks and doesn’t take kindly to false accusations. Kane said he doesn’t take kindly to liars, and hopes to see Sheamus real soon

Kane defeated Sheamus by countout: The three choices were Kane, Mark Henry, and Evan Bourne. Kane won at 88%. Kane threw Sheamus out of the ring and slammed him into the ring and dasher boards before throwing him back in the ring. Kane went for the top rope lariat but Sheamus hit Kane in the legs and hit him with a running powerslam. Back from commercial Sheamus dropped Kane with a Polish hammer. Kane retaliated moments later with a big boot. Kane hit a sidewalk slam followed by the running drop kick. Kane hit the top rope lariat and got ready for the chokeslam. Sheamus fought out of two attempts and hit a knee to Kane’s spine. Sheamus went for the bicycle kick but was thrown out of the ring by Kane. Sheamus got back in the ring and was dropped with a chokeslam. Sheamus fell out of the ring and then left.

Savannah & Wade Barrett: Savannah asked Wade what his thoughts were on winning. Wade said you don’t ask a genius what it feels like to pass a school exam so you don’t ask Wade what it’s like to win NXT. Wade said if you want to talk to him about achievements and accomplishments you should ask him in a week when something new will be accomplished that’s never happened before in the history of the WWE.

Ted DiBiase Jr. & Virgil + Murdoch & BA Barracus + IRS: Ted said viewer’s choice is stupid and he should be running this show. Murdoch and BA came in and said they were with the FBI. BA said he knows who Ted is and knows he stole the crown. Ted said he can buy anything he wants, why would he want to buy a stupid old useless crown? Ted told Virgil to get rid of them. Murdoch said unless they tell the truth he’s bringing out a lie detector test. BA said the test involves him punching you in the face until you answer. Ted told uncle Irwin to do something and IRS walked in wearing the crown. Irwin said Jerry never paid his back taxes so the crown is his now. Ted said he knows who they are and they aren’t the FBI, they’re the A-Team. Ted said the crown was just bait. Gas started entering the room as the heels put on gas masks.

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin & Zack Ryder defeated WWE United States champion R-Truth & John Morrison: The three choices for Truth’s partner were Christian, John Morrison, or MVP. John Morrison won at 54%. Miz congratulated R-Truth on his partner. Miz said the WWE universe has no idea what they want. Miz said he really doesn’t care who his partner is because the fact still remains that tonight he will win. Miz said the first chance he gets he’s taking back his U.S title. Miz asked who gets the privilege of being his partner because he’s the Miz and he’s awesome! The three choices were Dolph Ziggler, William Regal, or “Long Island Ice Z” Zack Ryder. Long Island Ice Z won at 45%. Truth and Miz started off. Truth took down Miz with a hip toss and tagged in John. John tagged Truth back in really quickly and they hit a double vertical suplex. Miz tagged in Zack who hit Truth with a neckbreaker. Zack locked in a front chancery and tagged in Miz. Miz locked in a head lock. Truth reversed it into a back suplex and tagged in John. John exploded on Miz and kneed him to the face. Zack broke up the pin and everyone started brawling. Zack back dropped Truth out of the ring and took a kick to the face. John tried to tackle Miz but hit the steel ring post and was hit with the skull crushing finale for 3.

Edge & RAW General Manager Bret “The Hitman” Hart + Kane: Bret told Edge his match was happening so Edge left. Kane showed up and asked Bret if it was him. Kane said Bret came back for closure, and Bret and his brother have quite the history. Kane asked if it was jealously because Undertaker’s legacy has surpassed his own. Kane said if he finds out Bret did it, Bret will be in a vegetative state.

Randy Orton defeated Edge by DQ: Bret Hart did a live poll at the start of the night to choose the stipulation of Edge’s hand being tied behind his back. Randy took down Edge and started stomping on him. Randy got ready for the RKO but Edge pushed him away and hit a shoulder block. Edge untied himself and attacked Randy, getting himself disqualified. Edge went for a spear but Randy kicked Edge in the head and knocked him out of the ring. Edge attacked Randy on the outside with a chair.

WWE champion John Cena & Evan Bourne + Savannah: Evan thanked John for picking him but John thanked him for showing the WWE that he’s one of the energizing superstars they’ve got. Savannah asked John how he felt not knowing his opponent tonight. John said for months his life has been chaos. John said at least tonight his opponent lies in the hands of the WWE universe; regardless of their opinions on him they always make decisions that are fair and true. John said he feels good because he knows tonight he’ll be able to go down that ramp and do what he does best. John said he hopes his opponent is in the same frame of mind.

Murdoch & Mean Gene Okerlund + Josh Mathews : Murdoch woke up wondering what happened. Gene showed up and said he’s seen the entire thing unfold. Murdoch said he lost BA. Gene told him that he’s an actor, BA is gone, and he has a problem. Gene said he has a chance to do something to outshine the original. Gene said the guy who replaced him is horrible. Josh Mathews showed up and looked hurt. Gene said he has an opportunity to make a movie that blows the TV show right out of the tub. Murdoch said USA and that he wouldn’t let him down. Josh asked if they could talk about this and Gene called him a loser.

Matt Hardy defeated Drew McIntyre : The three choices were Yoshi Tatsu, Goldust, or a mystery opponent. Mystery opponent won at 88%, because it was obviously Matt Hardy. Drew said the match was not happening because Matt Hardy was suspended. Teddy said that Matt Hardy was only suspended from SmackDown! – not RAW. Matt punched Drew in the face and took him down. Drew was clotheslined out of the ring and thrown into the announce table. Matt threw Drew around on the outside. Drew hit a big boot. Drew charged an empty turnbuckle and was hit with the twist of fate for 3.

BA Barracus & Ted DiBiase Jr. & Virgil & IRS: BA was tied to a chair. Ted said they wouldn’t fly anywhere; they’re headed straight to the ring.

BA Barracus & Ted DiBiase Jr. & Virgil & IRS + Roddy Piper + Dusty Rhodes & Mean Gene Okerlund & Murdoch: Virgil and IRS held BA in place. Ted said everybody’s got a price, even him. Ted said someone called him and said they wanted BA served to them on a silver platter. Roddy Piper came out. Roddy’s mic was screwed up. Roddy said the BA didn’t stand for Bachelor of Arts. Roddy said at the first WrestleMania all he heard was the A-Team and Mr.T. Roddy said he silenced Mr.T and now they have to start all over again with the new Mr.T. Roddy said the A-Team is the biggest movie this summer. Roddy said he’s not seeing the damn A-Team. Roddy said every time you think you’ve got all the answers, he changes the questions. Roddy said he’s going to do the whole world a favor and beat the Mohawk off of mister bad attitude, because he pities the fool that misses with hot rod. Dusty Rhodes Gene Okerlund and Murdoch came out to save him. BA broke from the handcuffs and beat up Ted DiBiase Jr. Dusty Rhodes took down IRS with a biotic elbow. BA hit Virgil with a urinage. Gene asked how they did it. Murdoch said it was thanks to Gene. Dusty said it’s great when a plan comes together and you better see the new movie.

Josh Mathews & Rey Mysterio & World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger & Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk w/ Luke Gallows & Serena): Josh asked Rey why he feels he should compete against John Cena tonight. Rey said in order to make it to the top you have to go after the top dog. Rey said he can beat John Cena tonight. Jack Swagger said it’s world champion vs. world champion, Monday vs. Friday, All American American vs. Face of the company. Jack said he lives for matches like this. Punk said Josh asks the stupidest questions, Punk wanted to know why John Cena would face him. Punk said he is the only person who can make Cena a better person. Punk said it’s all a formality at this point.

WWE champion John Cena vs. C.M. Punk w/Luke Gallows & Serena ended in a No Contest: C.M. Punk was chosen by 45%. Cena went for the mask but Punk exited the ring. Punk kicked Cena and locked in a headlock. Cena fought out of it and hit a shoulder block. Cena wrenched Punk’s arm, gave him a snapmare, and locked in a side headlock. Punk reversed it into a headlock of his own but Cena locked in a head scissors. Punk took control and drop kicked Cena in the back of the head. Punk locked in a head scissors. Cena went for the STF but Punk grabbed the rope. Cena hit the bull dog but Luke grabbed his legs when he went for the 5 knuckle shuffle. Back from commercial Punk reversed an attitude adjustment into a DDT. Punk threw Cena out of the ring and Serena kicked him in the ribs. Punk began kicking Cena in the ribs but Cena hulked up and hit some shoulder block and the blue thunder driver. Wade Barrett came out and the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen on RAW ensued. Cena got distracted staring at Wade as Wade slowly descended the ramp. Suddenly the NXT season 1 Rookies came from the audience and attacked the SES. The rookies all got in the ring and took out the referee. All the rookies charged Cena and destroyed him. A few of the rookies left the ring and attacked Matt Striker followed by Jerry Lawler. Michael Cole ran away. They destroyed the chairs and announce table and even beat up time keeper Mark Yeaton and ring announcer Justin Roberts. They beat up security and started destroying the ring. Daniel Bryan choked out Justin Roberts with his tie. They tore the safety mats off the ground and pulled down the ropes. Cena tried to fight back again but was taken down. David Otunga took down Cena with a urinage. Heath threw Cena into a clothesline from Darren Young. Heath hit Cena with a clothesline next. Punk tried to fight them off but they held him down and beat him up. Skip nailed Cena with a huge clothesline. Heath choked Cena with the middle rope for a second. Daniel Bryan yelled at Cena “YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN ME!” a bunch of times and kicked him in the head. Wade hit Cena with his death valley driver thing, and Justin hit him with a 450 splash. All the rookies left, leaving Cena laying in what was left of the ring. The EMTs took cena to the back on a stretcher. This angle got over huge with the internet fans and created a huge buzz for the WWE.