WWE Monday Night RAW 06 21 2010

Monday Night RAW

June 21, 2010 – Bridgeport, Connecticut
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Ted DiBiase defeated Goldust:

Vince McMahon + WWE champion Sheamus + John Cena: Vince welcomed everyone to RAW and reminded everyone what happened at the end of Fatal 4 Way last night. Vince said Bret Hart is the one to blame because he told Bret he would have tough decisions to make, but Bret made bad decisions when he fired Wade Barrett. Vince said Bret was taken on a joy ride in a limousine and felt too shaken up to show up at Fatal 4 Way. Vince said Bret didn’t bother to hire extra security or even tip off the other wrestlers. Vince said as a result, he has no choice but to fire Bret. Vince said there’s a new general manager who prefers to remain anonymous. Vince said the new GM will issue his instructions through a computer on the announce desk. Vince said Michael Cole will announce his instructions whenever he gets an E-mail. Vince said you can’t blame the GM for wanting to be anonymous. The computer made a cheesy noise and Michael Cole said that the new GM has hired the NXT Rookies and they will be addressing the WWE Universe tonight. Vince told everyone to enjoy the show and left. Sheamus came out. Sheamus said he was sorry, but this isn’t the way he wanted to win the WWE championship. Sheamus said more than anything last night he wanted to prove that he belongs in the top echelon by defeating 3 of the top stars on his own. Sheamus said that didn’t happen so what he’s trying to say is he doesn’t deserve the WWE title and can’t accept it. Sheamus started to hand the belt to Vince but then burst out laughing and said he will anyway because the fact is he’s the new WWE champion. Sheamus said it was a glorious opportunity and a glorious occasion. Sheamus thanked the NXT guys for interfering in his match last night and taking out Bret Hart. Sheamus thanked them for jumping the stars in the back and giving him the opportunity that he needed. Sheamus said before they get carried away he wants them to know he didn’t need their help; he could have won all on his own. Sheamus said they think they made a statement but the only statement being made was him winning a second WWE championship. John Cena came out. John said pasty was in a great mood. John said he had some people he’d like to thank. John thanked Vince for hiring a new mysterious GM. John told Michael Cole to send a thank you to him for hiring the NXT guys because now he knows they’ll show up so it’s a matter of time before he settles his issue with them. John thanked Sheamus for winning the Fatal 4 Way because he went into it the WWE champion which means he gets a rematch. John thanked Bridgeport because he can’t think of a better place for a WWE championship title match. Sheamus said John can bark all he likes, the fact is there will be no WWE championship match tonight. The E-mail went off again and Michael Cole said tonight’s main event will be Sheamus defending the WWE title against John Cena. Vince said it doesn’t get any better than that. Michael Cole said to ensure no one interferes a special guest referee has been named, Vince McMahon!

Chris Jericho defeated Evan Bourne: Chris said he requested this rematch to make a statement. Chris said if he doesn’t win he’s walking out of the WWE forever! Chris cornered Evan and began stomping on him. Chris went for a clothesline but Evan backslid him for 2. Evan went for a roundhouse but Chris got out of the ring. Back from commercial Chris had Evan in a full nelson. Evan got out of it and reversed a knee into a roll up for 2. Chris drop kicked Evan and then baseball slid him out of the ring. Chris went for a vertical suplex but Evan kneed him in the head and landed on top of him for 2. Evan hit Chris with a leg lariat and knee. Evan drop kicked Chris in the corner for 2. Evan went for a hurricarana but Chris reversed it into the Walls but Evan reversed it into a tornado DDT. Chris hit Evan with a backbreaker and held him there in a submission. Evan kneed Chris in the head to get out of it. Evan hurricarana’d Chris off the top turnbuckle for 2. Evan went for the double knees but Chris countered it into the Walls. Evan made it to the ropes. Evan kicked Chris in the face and went up top. Evan went for the Air Bourne but Chris got the knees up and hit the code breaker right after for 3. After the match Chris helped Evan up and then pie faced him.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Vince McMahon was on the phone with the GM complimenting him and saying he has complete authority. Vince said surprises are cool but not to surprise him.

Virgil & Ted DiBiase Jr. + Maryse Ouellet: Ted said he needed to talk and that he’s known Virgil for a long time. Ted apologized for the way he acted last week and said his services are no longer needed. Ted said he’s found someone who actually appreciates the power of money, and Maryse walked in! Virgil asked Ted what he would do for protection. Ted said go to the drug store, and then told Virgil he was fired again.

Josh Mathews & Unified Tag Team champions The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith & Natalya): Josh asked them what they thought about Bret being fired. Natalya said they should have seen it coming a long time ago. Natalya said the NXT Rookies shouldn’t be rewarded with contracts. Tyson Kidd said Bret didn’t nothing wrong. David said they were going to carry on the Hart family name and make Bret proud. Natalya said she’s dedicating her match tonight to Bret.

Natalya Neidhart (w/Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith) vs. Tamina (w/Jimmy & Jay Uso) ended in a No Contest: Tamina kicked Natalya hard and started kicking her into the turnbuckle. Tamina dropped Natalya with a big head butt. Natalya hit a big clothesline and followed up with a body slam. One of the Uso’s distracted Natalya so Tamina could take over. Tamina went for a Samoan drop but Natalya got out of it. The NXT Rookies came out and Wade grabbed a microphone and said he was there to apologize. THD attacked the NXT guys but they took control and won the fight.

NXT Rookies (Wade Barrett & David Otunga & Darren Young & Skip Sheffield & Michael Tarver & Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel): David Otunga said on behalf of the entire group he’d like to apologize for their actions the past few weeks. David said they did what they did for one reason only; their love for WWE. David said they love WWE so much that they’d do anything to be there and get noticed. David said they had to resort to desperate measures, but now that they have those contracts things are normal. Heath Slater said they’re trying to say they are sorry and that they have no problem with the WWE locker room or universe. Heath said it was nothing personal and there are a few individuals they want to single out and apologize too. Justin Gabriel said they’d like to apologize to Bret Hart. Justin said he wouldn’t sign them and then he fired Wade Barrett, but whatever they did, they are sorry. Justin said they’d like to apologize to THD because they had to defend themselves tonight. Justin said he hopes they can co-exist peacefully. Darren Young said they wanted to apologize to John Cena. Darren said people used to call him the black John Cena, they had to make an impact and the best way to do so is to attack the top guy in the WWE. Darren said John will get his title back. Skip Sheffield said they want to apologize to the fans. Skip said personally speaking; back on NXT all the people supported him. Skip said his stupid catchphrase. Skip said for all the kids they scared, they truly hope they can find it in their hearts to forgive and forget. Michael Tarver said from a single parent’s perspective he knows all about the struggles of life. Michael apologized to his kids for everything they’ve seen him do on TV. Michael said you have to do everything it takes to grab your dream. Michael said all of the fans would have done the same thing they did if they could join up or be shown the door. Wade Barrett said they all did what they had to do. Wade said he was the only one who had a job but he’s loyal. Wade said they all decided that no matter what they were going to have some fun on NXT but they were going to stick together and make sure they all get contracts. Wade said they weren’t going to allow WWE management to dictate their careers. Wade said NXT finished a month ago but these men here have formed a nexus that will never be broken. Wade said that not only has his contract been reinstated but so has his PPV title shot. Wade said they all heard what Sheamus had to say earlier but the reason he’s the WWE champion is because of them. Wade said Sheamus was lucky to capitalize on what they did to John Cena and they can easily make a target out of him too. Wade said he has a title shot so at any time he can take Sheamus’s title. Wade said at some point in the future he will lost his title and Wade will become the new WWE champion, and he will be making no apologies.

John Morrison w/Eli Cottonwood defeated Zack Ryder w/Titus O’Neil: Ted DiBiase Jr. said he has better things to do than wrestle so he found a replacement. Long Island Ice Z came out. Zack cheap shot Morrison in the face to take control but Morrison hit him with a big drop kick to take over. Morrison went for the springboard kick but Zack pushed him and threw him into the turnbuckle. Zack catapulted Morrison into the middle rope for 2. Zack took down Morrison with a snapmare and drop kicked him in the back of the head. Morrison reversed a headlock into a jawbreaker and then kicked him in the head. Morrison took down Zack with a leg lariat for 2. Morrison went for a knee but Zack ducked it. Zack went for the leg lariat but Morrison reversed it into a powerbomb and hit starship pain for 3.

Josh Mathews & John Cena + Vince McMahon: Josh asked Cena what he thought about the apology from earlier. Cena said they put him in a stretcher and put the program in jeopardy but it was nothing personal. Cena said his loyalty is with this company, but if you make him a target every action has a reaction. Cena said apology not accepted but he’s more interested in getting the WWE championship back right now. Vince came over and said him and Sheamus have no excuses tonight because he’s going to insure the best man wins.

The Great Khali & Eve Torres defeated Primo Colon & WWE Diva’s champion Alicia Fox: The men started off but Primo tagged in Alicia immediately. Eve took down Alicia with a side headlock but Alicia got the ropes. Alicia went for a kick but was pushed back and hit with a clothesline. Eve hit her awkward drop kick and was then drop toe held into the bottom rope for 2. Alicia kneed Eve to the jaw for 2. Eve dropped Alicia with an enziguri and hit a moonsault but Primo distracted the ref and then asked Eve for a kiss. Eve tagged in Khali who destroyed Primo for 3, Alicia had left already.

Randy Orton + WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin + Edge: Randy said if NXT wants to interfere in his match fine. Randy said now that they’re under contract it’s only a matter of time before he punts them in the skull. Randy said he accepts Wade Barrett’s apology and he hopes Wade becomes WWE champion because if he does then he’s staring in the eyes of the man who’s going to take it from him. Miz came out. Miz said Randy Orton in another WWE title match, really? Miz said he hears voices in his head telling him that he’s sick of seeing Randy’s face in the main event. Miz said he’s sick of seeing Randy Orton hit the RKO on victims week after week. Miz said Randy has made some tremendous accomplishments in the WWE but there’s one thing that no one has ever done in the WWE; hold the U.S and WWE championship at once. Miz said Randy has had his chances too much and it’s time for him to go to the back of the line because the next WWE championship match isn’t his, its Miz’s. Miz said it’s a little industry secret that no one knows about. Miz said Randy has to promise not to say anything. It’s because he’s The Miz, and he’s, Miz jumped Randy Orton. Randy dodged a clothesline and hit the powerslam. Randy got ready for the RKO but Miz bailed from the ring. Suddenly Edge snuck up behind Randy and hit the spear. Edge said the real fun begins.

John Cena vs. WWE champion Sheamus ended in a No Contest: Vince McMahon was an outside enforcer for the match. Sheamus started punching Cena and attacking him in the corner. Sheamus body slammed Cena and elbow dropped him. Sheamus threw Cena out of the ring. Back from commercial Sheamus was still in control but Cena started Hulking up with punches. Cena ran shoulder first into the steel ring post when Sheamus moved. Sheamus stayed in control for a long time until finally Cena overpowered him and head butted him in the face. After a double clothesline both men were down. Cena went for the AA but Sheamus reversed it into a powerslam. Sheamus went for the bicycle kick but Cena dodged it and took control with a blue thunder driver and the 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena went for the AA again but Sheamus reversed it into the Irish curse backbreaker. Cena locked in the STF but Sheamus made it to the ropes. Sheamus Irish whipped Cena into the steel steps. Sheamus set up the steel steps on the ramp and threw Cena into them. Sheamus brought Cena back into the ring and hit the bicycle kick. Suddenly the NXT guys came running down to the ring but Sheamus bailed. Jerry and Michael Cole bailed and the NXT guys threw the announce table onto John Cena. Vince grabbed a mic and got into the ring. Vince told them to stop it and leave Cena alone. Vince invited them into the ring. Vince told the audience to take a look at some extraordinary athletes. Vince asked for a round of applause. Vince said next week the GM was going to reveal something. Suddenly he realized all the NXT guys were staring him down. Vince started laughing and so did the NXT guys. Vince said they almost had him for a moment. Vince said especially Wade’s face would have been hurting. They started cornering him. They attacked Vince and started stomping on him. Wade told them to pick him up. Vince tried to crawl away but they continued to beat him up. Skip hit Vince with a big clothesline and Wade hit his finisher, hard! Justin hit the 450 splash. The NXT guys left with the fans chanting “N-X-