WWE Monday Night RAW 07 05 2010

WWE Monday Night RAW

July 5, 2010 – Nashville, Tennessee
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Mark Henry defeated Husky Harris:

The Nexus (Wade Barrett & Heath Slater & Michael Tarver & Skip Sheffield & David Otunga & Darren Young & Justin Gabriel) + John Cena & Randy Orton & RAW faces + WWE champion Sheamus & Edge & RAW Heels: Wade Barrett stepped forward and said last week he received an E-mail informing him he was to assemble the Nexus in the middle of the ring at the beginning of RAW to face the consequences of their actions. Wade said they can’t reveal why they did what they did to Vince McMahon but it needed to happen because it’s all part of a bigger picture. Wade said Mr. McMahon thought he controlled them but that’s not the case; things changed quickly and Vince didn’t know their agenda. Wade said Mr. Sheffield had something to say regarding Ricky Steamboat. Skip said they did what they did last week to Steamboat and the Legends for fun. Skip said they found a loophole in the General Managers ruling and exploited it. Skip said the people won’t admit it but they love every second of it. Skip said they watched like rubbernecks on the highway gawking at the scene of a car accident. Skip said more people now are interested in Ricky’s DVD than before they attacked him. Skip said Ricky Steamboat should be thanking them. Michael Cole got an e-mail stating that the punishment was that the Nexus can’t compete for a WWE title until further notice and the ruling of Nexus not being able to touch RAW Superstars and vice versa has been lifted. The Nexus got nervous and began looking around. John Cena came out and stood on the ramp and said the 7 of them have done quite a lot but there’s one thing they haven’t done; get themselves into a fair fight. John said that would make the numbers 7 on 7 and suddenly Cena was joined by Randy Orton, Evan Bourne, David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd, John Morrison, and R-Truth. They headed towards the ring, but suddenly seven RAW heels (Sheamus, Edge, Chris Jericho, Mike Mizanin, Ted DiBiase, and the Uso Brothers) ran up behind them and attacked the faces! The RAW faces fought back but Nexus disappeared. Cena complained about missing his opportunity to get his hands on the Nexus. Sheamus said John didn’t get it. John asked what the hell they were doing. Sheamus said they didn’t want to take them out. Sheamus pointed out that the 1 Superstar they attack over and over is John. Sheamus said he didn’t know their agenda but he and the heels on the stage support what they do. Sheamus said last week John asked him to join in the fight against Nexus but he and everybody on stage respectfully decline and if any of John’s friends have any brains they would too. Randy Orton said him and John Cena aren’t friends, and probably never will be, unless they have to. Randy said Nexus is a serious threat and asked Edge what his problem was considering the Nexus jumped them at Fatal 4 Way. Randy said if they can’t take out Nexus they should finish what they started with the 7 heels. Michael Cole got an e-mail saying the GM doesn’t want them fighting but if they want action they’ll get it because all 8 MITB competitors have matches against each other and later this night John Cena and Wade Barrett will shake hands and call a truce. John said instead of shaking his hand he’d rather put his hand in a fist and knock Wade’s teeth out. Michael Cole got an e-mail stating that he needed Cena to be the bigger man because the GM trusts he’ll do the right thing otherwise John’s actions will be met with appropriate consequences and that’s the bottom line because the GM says so. (hinting that the G.M. is Stone Cold Steve Austin – but it’s NOT!)

Ted DiBiase Jr. w/Maryse Ouellet defeated John Morrison : Maryse came down and joined Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler on commentary. Maryse sarcastically thanked Cole for calling her a gold-digger last week, saying she and Teddy were in love with each other. John tried to take control early on but Ted threw John up in the air and let him come crashing down. Ted stomped on John’s midsection and kneed him several times. Ted snap mared John and locked in a body scissors. Ted hung up John on the ropes and pinned him for 2. John reversed a knee into a school boy and began fighting back. Ted took down John with a powerslam for 2. Finally John kicked Ted in the back of the head to level him. Maryse went up on the apron wearing Morrison’s fur jecket to distract the referee so Ted could thumb John in the eye. Ted hit Dream Street for 3.

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov: Santino was following Vladimir down the hall telling Vladimir he wouldn’t regret being his partner because they would be the greatest tag team ever. Santino said it would be like World War II again except without the Nazi’s (too soon?). Vladimir wouldn’t give Santino a high five and told him he would pound him if he lost the match.

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov defeated William Regal & The Great Khali w/Runjin Singh : William told Vladimir & Santino that they’ve made an enemy of him and he will do whatever it takes to destroy them. Regal said he used his powers of pursuation and his partner was The Great Khali. William and Vladimir started off. Vladimir shoulder blocked William and head butted him several times before tagging in Santino. Santino did a double axe handle off the bottom rope and missed a kick. Santino got the cobra ready but William took him down and began kneeing him hard. William took down Santino with a T-bone suplex and attacked Vladimir too. Vladimir kicked down William and hit a urinage for 3. Thankfully Khali never tagged in. Khali came in after the match and told them to pick up William so he could chop him in the head.

RINGSIDE SEGMENT: Jerry Lawler talked about the Nexus saying that they attacked Ricky Steamboat for fun. Lawler said that he was old school and that was not how he was taught. They showed a video of the Nexus beat-down on Steamboat but made no mention of the real life health scare Ricky had days following the storyline assault. It was hard to watch knowing the truth.

Josh Mathews & Arn Anderson + WWE champion Sheamus: Josh asked Arn the health status of Ricky. Arn said Ricky was seriously injured and that Ricky was one of the good guys. Sheamus came up behind Arn and Arn told Josh to leave. Sheamus told Arn to cry him a river. Sheamus said Arn used to be an enforcer but now he’s a pathetic old man. Arn said he used to be a lot of things but he was never blind and stupid. Arn asked Sheamus if he understood what was happening to the company. Arn said if Sheamus didn’t put his problems aside the company would go up in smoke. Sheamus told Arn he didn’t have any weaknesses and he was the WWE champion. Sheamus said Nexus are smarter than the 4 horseman because Nexus don’t interfere in his business. Arn told Sheamus he was comfortable now as the champion of a thriving company but if he doesn’t get together with some of the guys and stop the bleeding soon he will be a great white shark patrolling around an empty butthole. Sheamus said he didn’t need anyone because he’s the WWE champion. Arn told Sheamus he just doesn’t get it and walked off.

WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin vs. R-Truth never got started: The Miz came out rapping to mock R-Truth. Miz started to say his catchphrase when he entered the ring but ended up smashing Truth on the head with the mic and brutally attacked his arm. While Truth was being helped to the back (it’s hard to walk with a hurt arm I guess), Miz asked Truth how it felt. Miz said he wanted it to hurt and added that the Truth hurts. Miz said it’s going to happen to everyone who steps in the ring with him. Miz said it was the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, because he’s the Miz, and he’s AWESOME!

Edge + Chris Jericho + Evan Bourne: Edge said before he begins he’d like a moment of silence for R-Truth, he only knew one song but he did it well. Edge said it’s true that Nexus attacked him at Fatal 4 Way so the question is; should he let it slide? Edge said he’s smarter than everyone else. Edge asked why he should make 7 enemies when he can make 7 allies. Edge said he can steer the ship and offer them leadership in exchange for 7 violent allies. Edge said in 2 weeks he has the RAW Money in the Bank Ladder match. Edge said the person who grabs the briefcase always becomes champion. Edge said winning the Money in the Bank is equal to winning the WWE championship. Edge said he knows all about it because he’s done it twice, something that neither of his guests have been able to do. Edge introduced Evan Bourne but Jericho came out instead. Chris said he doesn’t take a backseat to Evan Bourne or anyone. Chris said Edge is shamelessly pandering to Nexus hoping they won’t attack him, but he was Wade Barrett’s pro and thanks to him Wade won NXT Season 1. Chris said he was the one who told Wade to make an impact so in a way everything Nexus did was thanks to his influence. Chris said they even destroyed Ricky Steamboat, just like he did last year. Chris said if anyone was going to be the Nexus mentor it was going to be him. Edge asked Chris why Nexus would listen to a guy who can barely beat Evan Bourne. Chris said he beat Edge at WrestleMania. Edge said his mind was not clear at WrestleMania because he was too concerned about what the sheep thought of him. Edge said he doesn’t care what they think of him anymore. Edge said Money in the Bank was his match and after he wins he might just cash it in on the champion while he’s vulnerable like after the cage match. Chris said ever since Edge came to the WWE he’s wanted to be him. Chris said Edge stole the long blonde hair, the championship, and the talk show from him. Chris said Edge wanted to be him and just like Evan Bourne. Chris said he’s trying to knock him off his perch but they can’t because he’s the most valuable performer in the company who cannot be replaced. Chris said he’ll win Money in the Bank and make sure Edge never gets another title match. Edge and Chris started fighting but Chris managed to lock in the walls of Jericho. Evan Bourne came running down to the ring and used his speed to his advantage in making Jericho/Edge look foolish. Neither of them could catch him and Michael received an e-mail stating there would be a tag match next and Evan’s partner would be Randy Orton! The GM said that if the fans wanted to see some action they should give him a hell yeah (another hint that the G.M. is Stone Cold).

Evan Bourne & Randy Orton defeated Edge & Chris Jericho: Chris and Evan started off. Chris stepped on Evan’s throat but Evan quickly took control with his awesome offense of kicks and knees mostly. Evan tagged in Randy who began hitting Chris with European uppercuts. Chris got scared and tagged in Edge. Randy remained in control and dropped a knee on Edge. Randy began stomping on Edge. Randy tagged in Evan who kicked Edge in the side for 2. Evan kicked Edge several times and began kicking Chris after he tagged in. Evan baseball slid Chris into the dasher boards and jumped over the top rope onto him. Chris dodged a kick and clotheslined Evan hard. Back from commercial Edge was in control on Evan. Evan fought out of a reverse bear hug type move but was slammed down hard. Chris tagged in and hit Evan with a backbreaker. Chris turned the backbreaker into a submission but Evan kicked out of it. Evan almost got the hot tag but Edge jumped on him. Edge went for a vertical suplex but Evan kneed Edge in the head and roundhouse kicked him to finally get the hot tag to Randy because Chris was hesitant at tagging Edge. Randy took down Chris with a middle rope DDT and got ready for the RKO. Edge distracted Randy so Chris could hit an enziguri. Chris took control momentarily but missed a lionsault. Evan Bourne got the hot tag and took down Edge with a hurricarana and spinning heel kick. Evan ended up running right into a boot to the ribs. Chris and Edge continued to argue on the sides and Edge ended up spearing Chris and leaving. Evan Bourne hit the Air Bourne on Chris for 3. After the match Randy Orton hit Evan Bourne with the RKO.

Randy Orton + David Otunga & Michael Tarver & Heath Slater: Randy ran into several members of Nexus in the back. David said they just wanted to talk. Randy said they cost him his opportunity at Fatal 4 Way. Michael Tarver said they just wanted to make a statement but they wanted to apologize. Heath said they wouldn’t interfere in the Money in the Bank match. David said he can’t say the same thing about the steel cage match. David said he does know that the champ will be in a very vulnerable position, but if they have a holy war against the man holding the contract, he won’t be winning the title. David said he wants Randy to think about this when John Cena tries to get him to join his cause. Randy said he’s heard what they have to say but wants them out of his face.

Josh Mathews & The Uso Brothers (Jimmy & Jay) & Tamina + WWE Diva’s champion Alicia Fox: Josh said that at the Money in the Bank PPV, The Hart Dynasty will defend the unified tag team titles against the Uso brothers. Jimmy said they were getting the opportunity of a life time. Jimmy bet Jey that Josh didn’t know which one was which. Josh didn’t know so Jey owed Jimmy $1000 bucks. Tamina told Josh which one was which. Tamina said Josh was ignorant like The Hart Dynasty. Jey said next week he will know exactly what they are all about. They left and Alicia showed up.

Josh Mathews & WWE Diva’s champion Alicia Fox: Alicia wanted to know why she hasn’t been interviewed since winning the title. Alicia told Josh he was lucky to be in her presence. Alicia said at Fatal 4 Way it wasn’t a fluke that she won the title – and if he doesn’t believe he he better what what she does to Eve next.

Alicia Fox defeated Eve Torres to retain the WWE Diva’s title: Eve took control and hit dual single leg drop kicks. Eve hip tossed Alicia across the ring but Alicia started complaining about her ankle. Alicia kneed Eve in the face and hit the axe kick for 3.

Wade Barrett + John Cena + The Nexus (Michael Tarver & Heath Slater & Skip Sheffield & Darren Young & David Otunga & Justin Gabriel) + Evan Bourne & John Morrison + RAW Faces : Wade said earlier tonight asked him and John to meet and call a truce. Wade said he’s not going to sugarcoat what Nexus has done to Cena, but everything they have done has a purpose. Wade said he’d like John to come out so they could shake hands like men. John Cena came out. Wade said they’ve caused Cena a lot of harm and even cost him the WWE title but he’s not in their future plans. Wade said he wants to put everything behind them and move on. Wade said Nexus 7 would be there for a long time and they can make Cena’s life very easy or very hard; the choice is his. John asked if this would stop if they shook hands. Wade nodded and John said the anonymous G.M. wanted to do this truce but he needs to know if Wade wants to do the truce. John said if they shake hands this stops. Wade reached out, but John pulled his hand away and said “why stop when we’re having so much fun!” John said he looks towards the future too, the future where cars fly and the Nexus runs wild. John told Wade to take his plans and stuff them up his Nexus. I’m going to assume Nexus means paper shredder. John said he was going to take down the Nexus no matter what. Wade said what they’ve done to him in the past is nothing compared to what they could do in the future. Wade said this has nothing to do with Cena. Wade said he’s taken out Bret Hart & Mr. McMahon, giving Cena one last chance to shake his hand or he’ll face some severe consequences. John grabbed his hand and tried to hit Wade with the Attitude Adjustment but The Nexus 7 came down to the ring to help. Evan Bourne & John Morrison tried to help Cena but got beat up when suddenly Mark Henry, The Great Khali, Vlaidmir Kozlov, Santino Marella, Yoshi Tatsu, and Goldust ran down, followed by The Hart Dynasty. The Nexus quickly retreated but left Darren Young in the middle of the ring. Michael Cole got an e-mail stating the GM wanted peace and if things don’t stop there will be consequences. John Cena locked in the STF on Darren Young, which is ironic considering Darren Young looks like the black John Cena. The RAW babyfaces were blocking the NXT from getting to the ring. Michael Cole got another email and told Cena that because of his actions he will now face The Nexus 7 next week in a 7 on 1 handicap match. John Cena continued to beat up Darren Young. John hit Darren with the steel steps. John tried to throw the announce table onto Darren but it went right over him leaving him in perfectly visible sight.