WWE Monday Night RAW 08 30 2010

WWE Monday Night RAW

August 30, 2010 – Boston, Massachusetts
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Bret “The Hitman” Hart + World Heavyweight champion Kane + WWE Tag Team champions The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith) + The Undertaker: Bret said 17 years ago a new show debuted called Monday Night RAW. Bret confessed that even back then he wondered if RAW would catch on. Bret said RAW has the most shows in the history of prime time TV. Bret said he was there for the very first show; the only other wrestler still here is The Undertaker. Suddenly Kane came out. Kane said there is no Undertaker anymore. Kane said thanks to him physically destroying him and leaving him to rot; Taker is a phenom no longer. Kane said he’s not phenomenal in anyway. Kane said he’s just a man. Kane said he’s like Bret now, weak, feeble, scraggly, over the hill, irreversibly damaged. Kane said the last time his brother was truly Taker was at WrestleMania when he ended the career of Shawn Michaels. Kane said Bret must have loved that. Kane said Bret utterly despises Shawn and must have loved seeing him finally laid to rest. Bret said the only thing he’s going to savor is when Taker beats Kane like he always does. Kane said Bret even sounds like Taker. Kane said the only thing he’s ever wanted more than anything else is to break out of his brother’s shadow and prove that he is the devil’s favorite demon. Kane said The Undertaker took out an icon in Shawn Michaels, which means he needs to do the same; he needs to take out an icon of his own. Kane said he needs to take out Bret. Kane grabbed Bret by the throat but The Hart Dynasty came to his aid. Kane took them out and grabbed Bret again but the lights went out and Taker’s music hit. The lights came back on and Taker was staring down Kane. Kane started giggling like a little school girl (or laughing demonically) and left. Michael Cole received an email from the general manager stating that he sees the iconic moment taking place and in honor of the 900th episode and despite his reluctance in the past they will have a main event befitting the historic night; Bret Hart vs. The Undertaker.

VIDEO PACKAGE: They showed a highlight video of the first episode including clips of Bobby “The Brain” Heenan trying to get into the building. .

VIDEO PACKAGE: They showed Stone Cold Steve Austin showing up in a zamboni on the 279th episode.

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin & Alex Riley defeated Kaval & Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston & Michael McGillicutty: I marked out a little at Daniel Bryan and Kaval tagging together. Alex, Kofi, and Daniel started out. Alex jumped on Daniel but then walked into a drop kick from Kofi. Daniel smacked Miz in the face on the apron and kicked the crap out of Alex, before walking into an SOS. Alex Riley took down Kofi with a Michinoku Driver but walked into a huge knee from Daniel and a boom drop from Kofi. Daniel and Kofi collided and they both made hot tags. Kaval locked in the dragon sleeper on Michael but Alex broke it up. Miz finally tagged in but walked right into a drop kick from Kaval. Kaval nailed Michael with the somersault kick and hit the warrior’s way. Miz snuck up behind Kaval and hit the skull crushing finale for 3. After the match Alex and Miz jumped Daniel.

WWE Diva’s champion Melina Perez & Eve Torres defeated WWE Women’s champion(s) Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla El) : Melina and Michelle started out. Melina got distracted by Layla and walked into a belly to belly suplex from Michelle. Layla tagged in but was thrown into Michelle and rolled up for 3. After the match, Lay-Cool wanted some real talk. Michelle said the victory Melina got was just like her; completely forgettable. Lay-Cool called her a cry baby and wanted to find out who the real champion was in WWE so they challenged her to a unification match at Night of Champions. Melina said she knew they were going to propose something like that so she came prepared. Melina said she accepted but only if it was a lumberjack match. Lay-Cool said fine and I wondered how a lumberjack match proposal was coming prepared. Most of the Diva’s came out and stood on stage with Melina and Eve.

VIDEO PACKAGE: They showed The Nexus beat the crap out of John Cena on episode 889 but avoided showing Daniel Bryan choking out Justin Roberts.

The Nexus (Wade Barrett & David Otunga & Michael Tarver & Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel): Michael said people think they’re weak since Darren Young was kicked out and Skip broke his massive ankle. Wade said tonight they were going to beat 5 of the best and at Night of Champions he was going to win the WWE championship; so they aren’t weak. Wade said tonight they had to do something unforgettable and he knew exactly what it was going to be.

VIDEO PACKAGE: They showed the Price is RAW segment featuring RAW guest host Bob Barker from episode 850.

Josh Mathews & Chris Jericho: Josh said Chris has been a part of many memorable moments on RAW and Chris told him to stop. Chris said calling himself the best in the world isn’t a gimmick; he says it because it’s true. Chris said he had an epiphany inspired by himself being the greatest so if he doesn’t win the WWE championship at Night of Champions he’s leaving the WWE. Josh said Chris has done this at least a dozen times. Chris said he has so much confidence knowing that he’s going to be the champion that he’s going to prove to The Nexus and the hypocrites that he is the best at what he does.

R-Truth & John Morrison vs. Drew McIntyre & “Dashing” Cody Rhodes ended in a No Contest: The winning team gets a WWE tag team championship shot at Night of Champions. Cody and Truth started off. Cody gave John a cheap shot and it all broke down, less than a minute into the match. The referee threw the match out and Truth threw Cody out of the ring and dove onto him while John super kicked Drew into the General Manager podium.

VIDEO PACKAGE: They showed Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart burying the hatchet on episode 867.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs. The Undertaker never got started: Bret Hart looked kind of like Raven in his tank top and jeans. Before the match could even start, Wade came out and told them to hold their horses. Wade said this match wasn’t going to happen because when people talk about episode 900 of RAW they don’t want to talk about two legends, they want to talk about the future; and the future is Nexus. Wade said he was going to do something unforgettable that people would talk about forever. Wade jumped Taker but Taker pounded the crap out of him and tossed him out of the ring. The lights went out and when they came back on Bret was gone and Kane was in the ring. Kane and Taker began brawling but the lights went out again. When they came back on Kane was gone. The rest of Nexus came down to the ring. Taker fought them all off but the lights went out again and when they came back on Wade hit Taker with his fireman’s toss. Kane watched from the stage. Justin hit Taker with the 450 splash. Taker attempted to sit up but ended up falling back down.

Jack Swagger defeated Evan Bourne : Jack told everyone to hail him. Jack said when he left RAW he was an All American American American, now he returns a former World champion. Jack said he has no problem bringing a little swagger back to RAW. About 30 seconds into the match, Alberto Del Rio drove out in a Bently honking the horn obnoxiously. His ring announcer was sitting ringside but I guess no one noticed him until now. While Jack knocked Evan around, Alberto had his big entrance, which was actually kind of funny. Evan finally fought back but missed Air Bourne and tapped to the ankle lock from Swagger.

Alberto Del Rio & Evan Bourne + Mark Henry: After the match, Alberto introduced himself and said that the little Chihuahua Rey wasn’t going to be there tonight thanks to him. Alberto said what he did to Rey last week was incredible. Alberto said he’s not completely happy because the RAW fans didn’t see what he did. Alberto said he was going to recreate that magic moment just for them with a different Chihuahua. Alberto attacked Evan and put in the cross arm breaker. Alberto kicked Evan out of the ring and grabbed a chair. Mark Henry came lumbering down to the ring Raiders of the Lost Ark boulder style and knocked the chair out of Alberto’s hands. Alberto grinned at Mark and left.

VIDEO PACKAGE: WWE’s first every event in CHINA!

VIDEO PACKAGE: They showed the famous “this is your life” segment from episode 331 featuring Mankind (Mick Foley) and The Rock..

Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows & Joseph Mercury) + The Big Show: Punk said he was better than The Rock. Punk said he doesn’t drink, smoke, or make crappy movies like “The Tooth Fairy.” Punk asked if they liked and missed The Rock. Punk said he doesn’t miss The Rock because he epitomizes the septic tank that is RAW. Punk said 900 shows is a milestone, but for 900 shows RAW has been promoting poor family values. Punk said if they didn’t believe him he had 2 words for them; Katie Vick. Punk told the fans to YouTube it and it would drive them to drink and then he could save them. Punk said he was there to show them the 4 worst Monday night RAW acts commited by RAW superstars. Punk said exhibit A was property damage and he showed the video from episode 824 of Triple H destroying Randy Orton’s house and getting arrested. Punk said exhibit B was irresponsible behavior and they showed Cena and Edge fighting at a harbor on episode 691 (August 21, 2006). Punk said he would never throw another competitor into a body of water. Exhibit C was trespassing and they showed DX invading WCW on episode 257 (April 27, 1998). Exhibit D was “Dumb” and they showed Stone Cold spraying people with a beer hose on episode 304 (March 22, 1999) and 754 (November 5, 2007). Punk said it was irresponsible of the fans to cheer people like that. Punk said they would mortgage their own houses just to see Stone Cold spray him with a hose. Stone Cold’s theme hit but it was a trick. Punk started laughing like a school girl (or demonically) and mimicked them booing him. Punk asked if they were upset with him and said good. Punk said that’s how disappointed he feels when he comes to Boston. Punk said he’s not sorry he made them feel this way; he’s happy. Punk said he was going to show them one more clip from a really good show. They showed Brock Lesnar and Big Show breaking the ring on episode 199 of SmackDown! Punk said he can watch that over and over because it represents everything he could never ever be. Punk said first of all being criminally obese. Punk said he didn’t know the other guy but Big Show is so big he broke a ring. Big Show came out and Punk asked why he always got interrupted. Punk said the fans must be disappointed that they got captain insano instead of Stone Cold. Show said he’s lost weight and then found it again. Show said if they wanted to embarrass him they should bring up the time Eddie Guerrero fed him a tainted burrito and had chronic diarrhea for 5 days. Show said the sumo wrestling thing was also embarrassing. Show said a really embarrassing moment was when he was caught on video kissing Vickie Guerrero. Show said he loves to make people laugh. Show did an impersonation of Hulk Hogan talking about SES and went for a high five. Punk said Show wasn’t funny and nobody likes him. Show said that was mean. Punk said there was nothing high about the SES and that makes them better than him. Show said he’s not high he’s just tall and smacked Punk with his hand and fought with Gallows. The SES retreated right away and Big Show knocked Gallows over the top rope! Punk yelled that Gallows can’t do anything right!

VIDEO PACKAGE: They showed Triple H’s return on episode 450 (January 7, 2002).

Josh Mathews & WWE champion Sheamus + Edge: Sheamus grabbed the mic and said everyone was here to celebrate except Triple H. Sheamus said HHH wasn’t there because of him and he’s never coming back. Sheamus said he’s being punished by having to defend the title against 5 opponents at Night of Champions. Sheamus said the fans are all plastic patties. Sheamus said the only real Irishman in the city was him. Sheamus said in spite of the 6 pack he has to tag with 4 of his opponents including Randy Orton who tried to put him in the hospital. Sheamus said never in the history of RAW has a champion been treated so badly. Edge came out and said Sheamus was giving him a headache. Edge said he was there to inform Sheamus that since he debuted on episode 265 he’s had all kinds of horrible crap happen to him. Edge said as many atrocities that have happened to him, he’s given back 3 times as much. Edge said he’s won 29 championships in WWE, and also won the Royal Rumble, the King of the Ring, and the first ever Money in the Bank winner. Edge said he’s going to win the 6 pack challenge so Sheamus can go back to the lab and he will become the new WWE champion!

The Nexus (Wade Barrett & Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater & Michael Tarver & David Otunga) defeated Team WWE (John Cena & Randy Orton & Edge & Chris Jericho & WWE champion Sheamus): Chris Jericho and Michael Tarver started off but Chris left and got himself counted out. Edge got in the ring and shoved the referee, getting himself disqualified. Cena got in the ring and dominated Tarver. Sheamus tagged in and continued the beat down until Tarver tagged in Heath Slater. Sheamus beat the hell out of Heath, too. David Otunga tagged in and also got the crap beat out of him by Sheamus. Otunga actually fought back a bit and Irish whipped Sheamus hard into the turnbuckle. The Nexus took control over Sheamus, making frequent tags. Sheamus fought back a bit but wound up taking Heath’s version of the zigzag for 3 (Sheamus eliminated). Cena came in and exploded on Slater, finishing him off with the Attitude Adjustment. Wade threw Cena out of the ring and the rest of Nexus jumped on him. Nexus took turns beating up Cena. Back in the ring, Cena was able to take out Otunga with the STF. Cena rolled into the corner right into a 450 splash from Justin Gabriel and was pinned! Justin turned around right into an RKO for 3. Tarver walked in and took an RKO, too, for 3. Randy turned right into the fireman’s toss (Michael Cole called it Wasteland) for 3 – making Wade Barrett the SOLE SURVIVOR!