WWE Monday Night RAW 05 16 2011

WWE RAW – May 16, 2011 – San Antonio, Texas

WWE champion John Cena + Alex Riley + Mike “The Miz” Mizanin: John Cena came out to a big pop but just before he was about to talk he was interrupted by Alex Riley, who said he has heard it all before and told Cena to watch this video. He played a video of the Miz dominating John Cena (selective clips of Miz punishing Cena over the past few months). Back live, Cena was not impressed, and looked concerned. Riley then introduced the Miz! Michael Cole stood up and applauded while praising the Miz enthusiastically. Riley scolded the fans for saying the Miz would never make it in the WWE. Riley predicted that the Miz would make John Cena “quit” this Sunday at Over the Limit. Riley said the Miz will never utter the words I QUIT. Cena said Riley was as stupid as he was useless. Cena said the Miz would never say he’d pass on tickets to the Jonas Brothers, would never say he didn’t want to play My Little Pony, and would never say “I’m the Miz and I have testicles.” Cena said Miz went from laughing stock to WWE champion and has already said he respects that. Cena said there is a reason he chose this match…….. because he can look into Miz’s eyes and see fear. Cena said he’s been in these matches and gone the distance. Cena said Miz is wondering how bad he’ll get hurt, and wondering if he’ll quit before he gets hurt. Cena said maybe Miz will be saying “I’m the Miz and I QUIT!” The Anonymous RAW General Manager chimed in with an email, which was read by Michael Cole via his iPad. The G.M. said since he allowed Cena to chose the stipulation at Over the Limit, Miz can pick the match and opponent for John Cena tonight. The Miz got a big grin on his face while he thought about the possibilities. Miz said he doesn’t know his opponent or match yet but promised that it was going to be AWESOME.

C.M. Punk defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston: The rest of the New Nexus watched the match from the stage. The storyline is that they are losing faith in their leader, C.M. Punk. After Punk won he said he was leading by example and he is doing it his way from now on.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The Miz was seen talking to Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero..

Kelly Kelly defeated WWE Diva’s champion Brie Bella w/Nikki Bella: They showed a replay of KHARMA attacking Eve Torres last week, after Kelly Kelly ran away in fear. After the match, the Bella Twins doubled up on Kelly for a beat-down until KHARMA showed up. KHARMA walked towards the fallen Kelly, but was attacked by the Twins from behind. The Twins looked like they were going to fight KHARMA together, but Brie bailed out of the ring leaving Nikki to get demolished. KHARMA walked over to Kelly and helped her up before flicking her on the forehead with one finger. KHARMA laughed and walked away from the ring.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The Miz was seen talking to The Big Show..

Rey Mysterio + Ricardo Rodriguez + Alberto Del Rio: Rey Mysterio talked about R-Truth jumping him from behind. Rey said he doesn’t go around blaming other people for his own problems, and isn’t the type to flip out if he doesn’t get his way. Rey said he wanted to call out the guy who jumped him and handle his business like a man. Rey called out R-Truth. Instead, Ricardo Rodriguez came out and introduced Alberto Del Rio. Alberto cut his promo while walking to the ring, accusing Rey of being the reason he is not facing John Cena at Over the Limit. Alberto said Rey doesn’t deserve to be on the show as him. Alberto said he was a real Mexican, and claimed the American’s begged him to come to their country. Rey refused to let Alberto disrespect his people. Rey said he was proud to be a chikano and proud to be an American. Rey said he had no problem shutting Alberto’s mouth right now!

Rey Mysterio defeated Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez by DQ: Late in the match, R-Truth showed up in the upper deck talking trash about Rey Mysterio. Truth called Rey a thief for stealing his opportunity at the WWE championship. Rey was on control before the distraction, which allowed Alberto to recover. Rey rebounded and went for a 619 but Ricardo Rodriguez got in the way for the DQ. Alberto kicked Rey and then hit him with an elbow drop off the top rope! R-Truth ran down and attacked Rey with vicious punches to the head, followed by his finisher. Truth grabbed the mic and said nobody challenges the Truth, he makes the challenges. Truth challenged Rey to a match this Sunday at Over the Limit by saying “this Sunday, you gonna get GOT!”

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The Miz was seen talking to C.M. Punk & Mason Ryan..

Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole w/Jack Swagger: The ring was set up with the usual contract signing gimmicks (a dark carpet, with a long table and chairs on opposite sides). Cole sat confidently in his chair barking at the King. Cole wanted King to repeat the stipulations they agreed on last week. King said Cole has never beaten him legitimately. King said if Cole won he would give Cole his Hall of Fame ring and personally induct Cole into the Hall of Fame. Cole was happy with that and they both signed the contract. Cole said King didn’t read the fine print, and said on page two it says that it will be a Kiss My Foot match! Cole showed a clip of them forcing Jim Ross to kiss his foot a few weeks ago. Cole also showed a clip from 1995 of Bret Hart beating Jerry Lawler in a Kiss My Foot match and having to kiss Hart’s foot and then forced to kiss his own gross foot! Cole took off his sock and showed his dirty disgusting unwashed foot, saying that’s what was in King’s future. King said Cole was no Bret The Hitman Hart, not even a Jack Swagger. King said he respects Jack Swagger, because he’s a former World champion. King said Cole took a former World champion and turned him into a lowly side-kick. Cole said nobody even remembers Swagger was a World champion, and being his side-kick is the best thing to happen to his career. Swagger did not appreciate these comments and stood up to Cole. Swagger wished Cole luck on Sunday and walked out on him! Cole tried to apologize but Swagger kept walking. Cole changed his tune and said this was all a joke, saying he has worked with Jerry Lawler for 14 years. King said it was too late for that. King said Cole has been sticking his foot in his mouth for months (years, actually). King said on Sunday he will stick his foot in Cole’s mouth and close it! King grabbed Cole’s tie and slammed him face-down on the table!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The Miz was seen talking to Kane.. The Big Show came in and handed Kane his tag team title and they both walked off in the middle of Miz’s speech.

The New Nexus (David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty w/C.M. Punk & Mason Ryan) defeated WWE Tag Team champions The Big Show & Kane:

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The Miz was seen talking to R-Truth.

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: The Big Show & Kane cut a promo on C.M. Punk & The New Nexus.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: John Cena was walking around backstage on his way to the ring. He ran into Zack Ryder, who gave him a Zack Ryder t-shirt. Cena accepted it and pounded fists with Ryder before walking off. Interesting interaction.

ON STAGE: The Miz w/Alex Riley came out and said tonight’s main event will be a No-Holds-Barred match..

: John Cena came out and was attacked from behind by Jack Swagger. The Miz & Alex Riley watched from the stage. Swagger used the G.M.’s computer as a weapon, as well as a steel chair. Swagger put Cena in the anklelock, but he escaped! Michael Cole was overly positive towards Swagger on commentary. Cena made a come-back and hit the Attitude Adjustment, followed by the STF until Swagger tapped out. The Miz was disgusted and frustrated on the stage.

ON STAGE/IN THE RING: The Miz w/Alex Riley said John Cena was very impressive, but told him to cherish the thrill of victory. The Miz said this Sunday Cena will feel emptiness, regrete, and disappointment. Miz said there were so many ways to make a human being say I QUIT. Miz said you could beat them up so badly they say I QUIT. Miz said he could throw Cena off the stage face first into the concrete. Miz said he could bash Cena with the swinging production camera. Miz said he could ram Cena with ring steps, or find something under the ring. Alex Riley looked under the ring and found a lead pipe. Miz said that was all the obvious stuff he’s NOT going to use. Miz said there were a million ways Cena hasn’t even thought about. Miz said he was more intelligent than anyone Cena has ever faced in his entire life. Miz said he found a way that Cena has never even seen before. Miz guaranteed that after their match at Over the Limit, he will be declared the NEW WWE champion! Miz asked Cena why he was looking at him like he didn’t believe a word he was saying. Miz said he won’t use the pipe this Sunday but he will use it tonight. Riley attacked Cena, and Miz whacked him with the pipe. Cena fought back and got the pipe, whacking Miz, tossing him out and tossing Riley as well. Cena got fired up and told Miz to bring his million ways and said it will be the Miz who says I QUIT!!!