WWE Monday Night RAW 09 12 2011

WWE RAW Super Show – September 12, 2011 – Ottawa, Ontario
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole

DARK MATCH: Mason Ryan defeated Primo Colon..

DARK MATCH: Zack Ryder defeated Drew McIntyre..

Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez + Bret “The Hitman” Hart + John Cena + John Laurinaitis: Alberto complained that he was given an Attitude Adjustment from John Cena last week and the fans made fun of him. Alberto proclaimed he was the WWE champion and NOBODY makes fun of him! Alberto bragged about taking out Rey Mysterio and forcing Edge into retirement. Alberto said he was going to teach John Cena a lesson at Night of Champions. Alberto warned the fans to stop making fun of him! Bret Hart interrupted to a hugs reaction from the Canadian fans. Bret said he didn’t come out to disrespect Alberto, but to give him a little advice. Bret said he sees Alberto wearing the championship belt but he also sees a man who doesn’t know what it means to be a champion. Alberto threatened to take out the legend, who said Alberto was all style and no substance. Bret says a champions comes to the ring every night and wrestles all challengers – and that’s how you become the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be! Alberto said Bret looks like a homeless person, or “one of those illegal Canadians he hires to clean his house.” (nice!) Alberto said he IS THE BEST THERE IS and he will make an example out of Bret Hart tonight. Before anything could happen, John Cena’s music played and he came to the ring to defend the Hitman’s honor. A hush fell over the crowd as Cena disagreed with Alberto’s assessment of Bret Hart. Cena said when he looks at Bret Hart he sees a WWE Hall of Famer! Cena said it looks like Alberto has grown a set of japapenos because usually whenever he shows up Alberto runs away. Cena informed Alberto that he was to leave and go party because he will only be WWE champion for six more days. Alberto wanted to give the fans what they want tonight. Cena said he’s been trying to fight for months, let’s do this! Alberto suggested John Cena vs. Ricardo Rodriguez, who was not thrilled about the idea. Alberto said Cena punched Ricardo in the face a few weeks ago and now he wants revenge. Cena suggested Alberto defend the WWE championship tonight against Hall of Famer Bret “the Hitman” Hart!! Bret took off his jacket and threw it down – and Cena said “let’s get it on!” John Laurinaitis came out to the stage and booked a tag team match between Alberto & Ricardo and John Cena & Bret Hart.

John Morrison & Alex Riley defeated Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger w/Vickie Guerrero: There was some miscommunication between Ziggler & Swagger, which directly led to their team losing the match.

John Mathews and The Miz & R-Truth: The Miz talked about their tag team title match at Night of Champions, but still complained about the focus being on HHH & Punk tonight. The Miz said Punk should change his name from C.M. to B.S. — — R-Truth said HHH made a good decision, but then changed his mind. R-Truth used the phrase “Ninja Please” (I can see that catching on) and said he also hopes HHH loses on Sunday so he will be fired as COO of the WWE.

The Miz & R-Truth: R-Truth talked about HHH not only being COO but also being COO-COO. Truth said he and Miz should be main eventing every PPV! The Miz said this Sunday Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston will GET GOT. Truth took the mic and said “AND THAT IS AWESOME!” (how cute; they did each others catch phrase)

The Miz w/R-Truth defeated Kofi Kingston w/Evan Bourne:

Vickie Guerrero & Theodore Long + WWE Diva’s champion Kelly Kelly: Vickie was complaining about something to SmackDown! G.M. Theodore Long, who booked WWE United States champion Dolph Ziggler in a 4-WAY against Jack Swagger and Alex Riley and John Morrison at Night of Champions. Vickie then confronted Kelly Kelly and called her a ditsy barbie doll and a pathetic Diva’s champion. Vickie predicted that Beth Phoenix will beat Kelly at Night of Champions, which should be easy because anybody can beat Kelly, even her. Long came back in and said Vickie can wrestle Kelly tonight!

WWE SLAM OF THE NIGHT: Jerry Lawler choosing Zack Ryder to be his tag team partner last week and Ryder using his finisher (The Rough-Ryder) to win the match!

Jerry “The King” Lawler & Sheamus defeated Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga: McGillicutty objected to the King saying they had no personality. He asked the King if he knew who his father was? (Mr. Perfect) – Otunga bragged about being a Harvard-educated lawyer. The King said he did know McGillicutty’s father and he is NOT his father. The King also said Otunga may have graduated from Harvard, but he failed his charisma class. The King said his partner tonight had a lot of personality – SHEAMUS!

Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez: Ricardo was drinking milk and doing push-ups to prepare for his match tonight.

John Cena & Bret “The Hitman” Hart defeated Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez: Ricardo took all the offense and Alberto walked out on him like a coward. Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment and tagged in Hart so he could make Ricardo tap out with the Sharpshooter!

VIDEO TRIBUTE: 9/11 and WWE doing a show two days after.

WWE Diva’s champion KellY Kelly defeated Vickie Guerrero: Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger came down to help Vickie but ended up costing her the victory. Beth Phoenix snuck down afterwards but Kelly saw it and kicked her before making a safe getaway! (so cute)

VIDEO PACKAGE: “The King of Kings” Triple H..

Josh Mathews & Mark Henry: Mark blah blah blah blah complained about being over-looked for 15 years. He also said Randy Orton will enter his Hall of Pain!

World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes: Mark Henry came out and sat on the stage, which distracted Randy Orton throughout the match. Mark kept moving his chair closer to the ring and sitting down again. Orton managed to keep his focus and set up for the RKO, but Mark Henry threatened to get in the ring. Orton turned around to look at Mark, allowing Rhodes to take off his mask and whack Orton with it for the win! After the match, Mark Henry got a chair and smashed Orton with it! Mark then took the World title and held it over his head.

RECAP: Triple H firing Kevin Nash on RAW.

Triple H + C.M. Punk: Punk said he was fascinated that the world was waiting to see what they had to say to one another. Punk said he respects HHH, especially for doing what needed to be done by firing the ratings killer Kevin Nash. Punk said just because he respects HHH doesn’t mean he likes him. Punk said he knows because people talk backstage. Punk said when he first got to WWE, HHH referred to Punk as a pompus “Internet darling.” HHH said that’s changed a little bit. Punk said HHH’s opinion has changed a little bit, just like things around the WWE have only changed a little bit since HHH took over. Punkn compared HHH to Vince McMahon saying they were alike. Punk said HHH & Vince both have a weird fetish/fantasy about what a main event superstar needs to look like. Punk said people who fit HHH’s image are afforded opportunities. HHH cut him off and named off Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, Bret Hart, Rey Mysterio – the word body-builder wouldn’t be used to describe any of them. HHH said if Punk wants to use it as an excuse for his failures then go ahead. HHH said Punk is always worried about his opinion, which doesn’t matter, but the fans opinion matters. Punk asked if HHH was listening to them (they were cheering Punk). HHH said if someone wants to be a star, they just have to be over with the fans. HHH said you won’t have to beg to be on a 7-11 Cup, but 7-11 will call them and asked for it. Punk got the crowd cheering for him and then asked where his WWE Ice Cream bars? Punk talked about his first imaginary brass ring, when he teamed with DX at a Survivor Series and the fans were chanting his name and not DX. Punk said that night he grabbed the imaginary brass ring and went absolutely nowhere with it. Punk said he would rather be loved for something he is than hated for what he’s not. HHH said Punk has had main events, PPVs, Money in the Bank, World championships – that sounds like a lot of opportunities. HHH suggested Punk look in the mirror and stop blaming everybody else and realize maybe he is not the best in the world. HHH went on a rant about sometimes being right and sometimes being wrong. HHH went on and on until the crowd was dead. Punk asked HHH if he is listening? Punk said he busted his ass for the last six years and HHH said that’s what you do to make it in this business. HHH said it wasn’t about business, it was personal between them, and Punk made it personal. HHH said that’s why this Sunday, Punk will step in the ring with a MAN who is gonna kick his ass! Punk no-sold it. Punk said he is gonna kick HHH’s ass too and then make HHH “go to sleep.” Punk said he won’t stop until HHH is not COO any more. Punk said this was Phil Brooks talking to Paul Leveque…. and the reason it will be so satisfying to him is….. (suddenly Punk’s microphone was cut) – – – HHH gave him his mic and that one was cut off too! HHH demanded a third microphone and demanded to know what was going on. HHH invited Punk to lay the pipe bomb on him. Punk took the mic and bashed HHH on the head with it before leaving the ring!