WWE Monday Night RAW 10 24 2011

WWE RAW Super Show – October 24, 2011 – Austin, Texas
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Triple H + John Laurinaitis + Kevin Nash: Triple H said it was a tough business, adding he learned a long time ago you can make friends or you can make money. HHH said he considered himself a lucky one because he made money and had success, but also had his share of friends in the business. HHH said he had guys who he thought would always be apart of his life; Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman, and Kevin Nash. HHH said somewhere along the way power became more important. HHH said he thought Nash was there for his whole life, until he came back to the WWE. HHH said he saw what was important to Nash; business, money, power. HHH held up the clique sign and said he thought that was forever. HHH said Nash came to the ring last night and tried to break his damn neck! HHH said he wasn’t worried about his neck but Kevin Nash broke his heart – and now he wants to take it out on Nash! HHH said he knew Nash was in the building, so get your ass in the ring so he can kick his ass! John Laurinaitis came out and said to his knowledge Kevin Nash was not there. HHH told him to shut on and ordered him not to step through the ropes. John said he had a job to do and didn’t want HHH to embarrass the company. HHH said he was still the COO so John still reports to HIM! HHH ordered John to find Kevin Nash and offer him a contract. HHH said if John doesn’t then he’ll go and find him personally and he will go to jail for what he is gonna do! HHH told John to offer Nash the biggest contract he can offer and bring him back him so he can kick his ass! HHH walked out and John said he was being unreasonable. HHH stopped at the top of the ramp and yelled “shut up, just bring him to me!” Suddenly, Kevin Nash snuck up behind HHH and bashed him with a sledgehammer! John ran up and scolded Nash, who shoved a couple security guards before exiting the scene. John screamed for a doctor to come out!!!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Kevin Nash was shown walking backstage with the sledgehammer as people yelled at him to leave the building!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Some trainers and referees were helping HHH walk backstage. HHH pushed them away and said he was okay, but then collapsed on the floor. They called for paramedics so that HHH could be taken to hospital.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: After they recapped the entire incident, they went back LIVE where HHH was being loaded into an ambulance. Kevin Nash showed up and attacked the paramedics and then set HHH upright on a backboard. Nash prepared to murder HHH with a sledgehammer and actually bashed HHH in the face with the weapon before security could get between them. HHH fell face first on the floor and paramedics asked “does he have a pulse?” John Laurinaitis was there saying “Hunter, I’m sorry!” Hmmm.

VIDEO PACKAGE: They replayed the final assault on HHH..

Christian & Cody Rhodes defeated Randy Orton & Sheamus:

RECAP (VENGEANCE): The Miz & R-Truth interfering in the WWE championship match.

John Laurinaitis & David Otunga + John Cena: John Laurinaitis was on the phone with Stephanie McMahon, who was accusing him of having something to do with Kevin Nash’s assault on HHH. John Cena showed up and called David Otunga “Carlton Banks” before telling him to leave. Cena confronted John and told him to take two weeks off and QUIT! Cena wanted Miz & Truth tonight. John agreed to the match and said he would pick Cena’s partner. Cena said as long as he’s not carrying a skateboard he’ll be fine (this is a reference to John Laurinaitis wrestling with a goofy skateboarder gimmick back in the early 90s).

WWE United States champion Dolph Ziggler (w/Jack Swagger & Vickie Guerrero) defeated Santino Marella: After the match, Jack Swagger got in and put Santino in the anklelock until Mason Ryan made the save!

The Bella Twins + Zack Ryder: The Bella Twins were saying how the assault on HHH was scary. Zack Ryder came by celebrating that he was chosen to be John Cena’s partner tonight!

WWE champion Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez + C.M. Punk + “Interim General Manager” John Laurinaitis: Ricardo Rodriguez had a gross black eye from being punched by the Big Show on SmackDown!. Ricardo introduced WWE champion Alberto Del Rio, who came out for a victory celebration. Punk interrupted and said he’s beaten Alberto several times, including four weeks ago LIVE on Monday Night RAW. Punk said he has never received his one-on-one rematch after Alberto cashed in his MITB contract on him. Punk challenged Alberto to a title match. Alberto said he would defend his title against any worthy opponent, but the problem was Punk isn’t worthy. Alberto said Punk didn’t win his match at Vengeance, so that makes him a loser, and losers don’t deserve title shots! Alberto asked Punk to come see him when he gets a victory against somebody. Alberto said Punk was at the back of the line. Punk said he had a feeling Alberto would say that. Punk said if Alberto doesn’t give him a title shot he will put him to sleep anyway. John Laurinaitis came down again and said he was in charge and this wouldn’t happen on his watch. John said both men made good points, so he’s going to give the WWE Universe what they want – Alberto vs. Punk for the WWE championship at Survivor Series. Punk asked what the catch was. John said in order to make it official, Punk had to tell him that he respects him in front of the WWE Universe. Punk said respect is earned not given. Punk said this place wasn’t in any better condition with Laurinaitis in charge. John told Punk to swollow his pride and tell him he respects him. Punk said “I respect you, Funkman!” John gave Punk one more chance. The fans chanted C.M. Punk’s name. Punk said he respects John Laurinaitis… because never before has someone with so little done so much in the business! John said it wasn’t good enough and he’ll take another week to think about it. Punk said while John was thinking, think about this! Punk attacked Alberto and went for the GTS, but Ricardo pulled him down. Alberto escaped and Ricardo took the GTS in the middle of the ring!

Alica Fox defeated Natalya Neidhart w/Beth Phoenix : WWE Diva’s champion Beth Phoenix joined on commentary for the match and Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres watched on a monitor backstage. Alicia scored the upset victory, so Kelly & Eve were all smiles backstage. After the match, Natalya attacked Alicia and Beth joined in. Alicia narrowly escaped the assault.

Wade Barrett defeated John Morrison:

RINGSIDE SEGMENT: Michael Cole got up and said Jim Ross has been on Twitter all night spreading rumors. Cole showed a series of photoshopped pictures meant to embarrass Jim Ross. Cole said he was sick and tired of Jim Ross, so he challenged him for next week and added if he loses to JR he will QUIT! BACKSTAGE INTERVIEWJosh Mathews & Zack Ryder + The Miz & R-Truth: Zack Ryder said it was his first ever RAW main event and he was pumped. Ryder said he and John Cena go way back and Miz & Truth can’t fist pump like the long island iced Z! Miz & Truth showed up and attacked Ryder!

John Cena vs. The Miz & R-Truth ended in a No Contest: The Miz & R-Truth went to the ring first for some mic time talking smack about John Cena. Cena hung in there with Miz & Truth for a long time, but they got carried away and the referee called for the bell. Miz & Truth continued to assault Cena until “Interim General Manager” John Laurinaitis walked down to the ring. Miz & Truth got chairs from the outside, and John scoled them for disrespecting him tonight. John ordered Miz & Truth to GET OUT! John stopped them and said they had a legitimate tag team match. John was allowing Cena to choose his own partner at Survivor Series. Cena was upset then he realized he could choose anybody he wants. Cena said he was sick of Miz & Truth, so his partner had to be somebody who was gonna bring it! The crowd chanted ROCKY! ROCKY! Cena said he chooses his partner to be THE ROCK!