WWE Monday Night RAW 09 10 2012

Date: September 10th, 2012
Location: Montreal, Canada
Commentators: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler

CM PUNK + BRET HART: Justin Roberts introduced WWE Hall of Famer, Bret “The Hitman” Hart, and out came the Hall of Famer to the ring. He said that it took a long time to get here, but this is a great moment for him to comeback to Montreal, and that he is speechless, as he doesn’t really know what to say. He went on to say that he last time here was one of his darkest days but one of his proudest, and this city has been in his heart for the past 15 years, and it was the fans here who got him through those days, and then he thanked the fans once again for their support from the bottom of his heart. At that moment CM Punk’s music hit and out came the WWE Champion. Punk said that with all do respect, everything that has happened over the past fifteen years was written in the book that Hart wrote about himself. Punk then said that if he wrote a book about it, it would have been called “What If”. Hart said that there is no what if because he would have beaten Punk within a minute with a Sharpshooter. Punk said that he doesn’t believe that and neither does Hart himself. Punk said that he wouldn’t even need Vince to screw anyone, and no one would be here today. Punk elaborated by saying that without Vince screwing Hart, there would have been no “Attitude Era” and then Punk would have jumped the sinking ship to WCW. Hart countered and then said that he was the best there ever is and ever was. Punk ripped into that and then took a pot shot at Jerry Lawler. Hart then said that Punk isn’t the best in the world because he walked out on Lawler and Sheamus last week. Hart then showed a replay of Punk’s actions last week on the big screen. Punk said that he was in his hometown and they treat Champions with respect. Punk then said that he wanted to enjoy being home and but came back to come pick up some things and saw Cena standing there so he taught him a lesson. Punk then began to rip into Cena and Hart defended him. Punk then said that he is the Champion and he has been the Champion longer than Bret ever was. Punk then said the how the people reacted to him coming out to the ring, he deserves that ovation everywhere he goes, and he will prove it this Sunday when he retains the WWE Championship. He goes on to say he is going to turn Cena into a beaten broken down man just like Bret is. Punk then got out of the ring and made his way up the ramp as his music hit again.

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth© defeated Antonio Cesaro w/ Aksana & The Miz: Kofi won with Trouble in Paradise on Cesaro.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Sheamus + Alberto Del Rio

DAVID OTUNGA + RICARDO + SHEAMUS: At WWE HQ there was a disposition between Otunga and Ricardo against Sheamus. Otunga asked Sheamus his full name and he said Sheamus said that his last name was Lipshitz. Sheamus then went on a tirade which led to a joke and then Otunga asked Sheamus if he had used the Brogue kick on Ricardo, he said yes and would do it again if he could. Sheamus just takes the whole event as a joke as David continued to pursue Sheamus about the move and the dangers that is could cause. Sheamus eventually had enough of all of it and stood up and gave a Brogue Kick to the camera filming the event.

Layla El, Eve Torres & Kaitlyn defeated Natalya, Alicia Fox & Beth Phoenix: Eve won with a Twisting Neck Breaker on Alicia Fox.

AJ LEE + CM PUNK + BRODUS CLAY: AJ was backstage and CM Punk went up to her. He said that it came to his attention that John Cena doesn’t have a match tonight but Punk does, and he doesn’t even know who his opponent is. Punk then questioned her motives. She just smiled and then said that things could be worse like he could face Sheamus since he was suppose to last week, and since he walked out last week on the people, his fate is now in their hands. She then walked away and Punk turned around and Brodus Clay was behind him and he asked, “what’s up?” Punk then walked away as Clay smiled.

Randy Orton defeated CM Punk via DQ: Punk was disqualified after Dolph Ziggler ran into the ring and interfered. As the numbers got to Orton, Jerry Lawler left commentary and made the save as the two then cleared the ring and continued the assault at ringside. During the break AJ Lee came out and made it a Tag Team contest between Ziggler/Punk and Orton/Lawler.

Jerry Lawler & Randy Orton defeated CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler via pin fall: Midway through the match Paul Heyman came out and began to talk to Punk which made Vickie Guerrero lose her mind as the match was still going on. Heyman then got the WWE Championship for Punk and the two continued to talk while Ziggler went at it alone, Orton hit Ziggler with the RKO for the win and then Punk and Heyman left the ringside area.

CM PUNK + PAUL HEYMAN + MATT STRIKER: Punk and Heyman were walking backstage as Matt Striker came up to them and asked what is the nature of their relationship. Punk starred at Striker before saying he was a Paul Heyman guy and the two then walked off.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Anger Management recap between Daniel Bryan and Kane.

KANE + DANIEL BRYAN + AJ LEE: Kane was in an office and Bryan came up to him and they both questioned each other as they thought the other one had something to say to the other. Dr. Shelby walking into the room, and AJ Lee said that she asked him to come. Dr. Shelby said that he has an idea, which will either cure them or send them into an abyss but they will need to depend on one another.

Ryback defeated Heath Slater via pin fall: Ryback won with the Shell Shocked. Slater before the match demanded his rematch with Zack Ryder, and Ryder then appeared on the screen saying that he wishes he was facing Slater tonight but he is facing someone else. It wasn’t Ryder, but it was close, and then Ryback came out for the match.

AJ LEE + PRIME TIME PLAYERS: AJ Lee was standing in her office when the Prime Time Players came into the room and started up with why they thought she called them in there. AJ said that there was an error and that the Prime Time Players are not the number one contenders. They began to argue saying that they had beaten every tag team. She said that wasn’t true there was one time they haven’t beaten and so they will face them next with the winners being the number one contenders. The PTP then asked whom they were facing and she said Kane & Daniel Bryan. The PTP then got upset and stormed out of the office.

Daniel Bryan & Kane defeated The Prime Time Players via pin fall: Kane Choke Slammed Bryan on top of Darren Young for the win.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Tyson Kidd via submission: Del Rio won with the Cross Arm Breaker.