WWE Monday Night RAW 02 06 2012

WWE RAW – February 6, 2012 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Triple H: HHH came out to address his confrontation with the Undertaker last week. HHH started by saying he intended to fire John Laurinaitis last week. HHH said JL was pleading with the board of directors this morning to keep his job and they will make a decision later. HHH wanted to talk about the return of the Undertaker, who has not been seen since last year’s WrestleMania, where he was carried from the ring for the first time ever. HHH said he still gets that feeling when the GONG hits. HHH said he is truly humbled whenever he is in the ring with Undertaker. HHH talked about Taker’s silent challenge for a rematch at WrestleMania. HHH said he looked into the eyes of the Dead Man and there was not in awe or humbled. HHH said he felt bad for the Undertaker. HHH chooses to remember the Undertaker in a different way, then showed a video of Taker being dominant over his opponents. HHH said he doesn’t want to remember this; and showed clips from the conclusion of their match at last year’s WrestleMania – where Undertaker couldn’t leave the ring under his own power. HHH said no one will ever compare to the Undertaker… 19-0 at WrestleMania! HHH said for that reason, he is respectfully declining Taker’s challenge for a rematch. HHH said if he accepted the challenge, he knows what he would have to do to finish it. HHH suggested maybe that’s what Taker wants, for him to finish it. HHH said he knows Taker’s limits, and he will not be the guy to push him past them. HHH said he respects Taker too much. HHH said THIS IS OVER!
HHH started to leave, but his music was cut off and the lights went out. Then a video was shown of last year’s epic match between Tripe H and Undertaker at WrestleMania. Undertaker said his victory over HHH means nothing, he wants vengeance. The idea is that Undertaker doesn’t want that to be the last images of his legacy.

The Big Show defeated World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan w/A.J. by Countout: They showed clips of Big Show colliding with Daniel Bryan’s girlfriend A.J. last month on SmackDown! and injuring her neck – and talked about how Big Show was so distraught that he was thinking about retiring over the incident. Bryan brought A.J. down in a neck brace and promised that she would be safe at ringside.. .. .. but probably to make Big Show feel guilty! Late in the match, Big Show nearly squashed A.J. again at ringside. Bryan pulled A.J. backstage and got counted out, thus saving his butt. Daniel Bryan called Big Show a giant freak and questioned his manhood. Bryan said Big Show proved that he ran through A.J. on purpose the first time. Bryan taunted Big Show for torturing A.J. Bryan said protecting A.J. was more important to him than winning any match. Bryan promised to win at the Elimination Chamber.

EARLIER TONIGHT: They showed a video of some Nascar guy I don’t care about (Carl Edwards) doing donuts and greeting John Cena. Carl invited Cena to be the honorary starter of the Daytona 500 on February 26th. Cena then hyped his match with the Rock..

HYPE: Elimination Chamber..

David Otunga: David Otunga said he’s never had a boss that was more intelligent than John Laurinaitis. Otunga said he prays the WWE board of directors keeps JL as the RAW General Manager. Otunga asked the fans to pray with him, and got down on one knee. The ring announcer spoke up and said Triple H just booked David Otunga in a match right now!

“The Great White” Sheamus defeated David Otunga:

Chris Jericho + WWE champion C.M. Punk: Jericho said every man or woman who appears in this ring is a Chris Jericho Wannabe. Jericho said there was a whole roster full of Chris Jericho Wannabe’s and an arena full of Chris Jericho Wannabe’s… Jericho said he manipulated everyone without saying a single a word. Jericho said they did everything he wanted them to do because they are wannabe’s. Jericho said he scowled and talked slowly before the Miz, he did high-flying moves before Kofi Kingston, he did “shut the hell up” before R-Truth’s “what’s up?” – and before Dolph Ziggler walked to the ring with Vickie Guerrero, HE walked to the ring to headline WrestleMania with Stephanie McMahoN! Jericho said C.M. Punk is the worst of them all. Jericho said Punk was not best in the world, he was nothing but a Chris Jericho Wannabe. Jericho said everyone knows that HE is the best in the world at everything he does. Jericho said he lives and breathes it, when he dominated and won every championship out there. Jericho said he earned the right to be called best in the world. Jericho said this was the end of the world as you know it because he is coming back to reclaim what is his. C.M. Punk finally came out to the ring, dropped the microphone, raised the WWE championship above his head, and turned his back on Jericho. Jericho looked disgusted, but didn’t take the free shot. Punk’s music hit again and he walked out. Jericho yelled at Punk and called him a wannabe!

Randy Orton & The Great Khali defeated Wade Barrett & Cody Rhodes: After the match, Khali tried to choke-slam Randy Orton, but Orton got out and hit Khali with an RKO!

VIDEO PACKAGE: Inside look at John Cena.. in the media!

Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres & Alicia Fox & Tamina defeated WWE Diva’s champion Beth Phoenix & Natalya Neidhart & Brie Bella & Nikki Bella: Tamina won after a Superfly Splash on one of the Bellas. So after a year of destroying Tamina’s character, she is going to get a push to a title match!

VIDEO CLIP: The Rock on Jay Leno’s TONIGHT SHOW..

Triple H & John Laurinaitis: JL approached HHH and said he had respect for the board of directors and whatever decision they come up with he’ll accept. JL informed HHH that Shawn Michaels would be there next week. HHH didn’t even know about it. JL said he decided to give the fans what they want. HHH got aggrivated. JL also decided to book John Cena vs. Kane in an Ambulance Match at the PPV. HHH suggested they hook JL’s career up to to the machines to see how long it takes to flatline.

Josh Mathews & John Laurinaitis: JL said HHH was refusing to face the Undertaker, and thought the board of directors would not want someone who is perceived as cowardly running RAW..

Chris Jericho defeated WWE champion C.M. Punk and Dolph Ziggler and The Miz and R-Truth and Kofi Kingston: The winner would enter the Elimination Chamber last. Early in the match, R-Truth did a dive over the top rope and Miz failed to catch him, resulting in Truth landing flat on his back. Truth was taken out with a legit injury. The finish had Jericho put Kofi in the Walls of Jericho, but Punk broke it up. Punk hit the GTS on Ziggler and covered him. Jericho pulled Punk out and threw him over the announce table. Jericho slid in and pinned Ziggler 1-2-3! Jericho then grabbed the WWE title and sat cross-legged in the middle of the ring – mimmicking C.M. Punk’s style.

Kane & Eve Torres: Kane cornered a defenseless Eve and tortured her verbally. Kane said if John Cena doesn’t embrace the hate soon for the first time in his life he is afraid of himself!