WWE Monday Night RAW 01 20 2014

WWE Monday Night RAW
Location: Dayton, OH
Date: January 20, 2014
Commentators: Michael Cole and JBL

Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with a video package for Martin Luther King.

– We’re live from the Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio as Michael Cole welcomes us. We go to the ring and Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have made their way out. Stephanie also welcomes us. Triple H says the Road to WrestleMania begins this Sunday. He hypes the Royal Rumble pay-per-view and how the winner gets a shot at WrestleMania XXX. Triple H says it is an honor to welcome back one of those 30 men. A man who has sometimes been a foe and sometimes been a friend. Triple H says they have evolved together. Instead, Randy Orton‘s music hits and out comes the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H doesn’t look happy about it.

Orton wants to get right to it but Stephanie is upset. She plugs the WWE Network. She talks about Orton losing to Kofi Kingston last week and we see footage, including Orton’s attack on John Cena‘s father. Stephanie yells at Orton for attacking a helpless old man with his back turned. Stephanie says these actions are unbecoming of the WWE World Champion. She says this is a new era, a new regime and a new authority. If Orton can’t abide by that authority, he can lose his title or even his spot on the roster. Orton blames everything on Stephanie and Triple H. He’s not happy about facing Cena at the Royal Rumble. Orton brings up Brock Lesnar and Batista being brought back. Orton says there wouldn’t be a Network without him. Fans start chanting for Batista. Orton wants them to tell him how he’s supposed to react to all the blatant disrespect. Orton says if he could go back and do it all over again, he wouldn’t change a thing. Triple H tells Orton to take the bass out of his voice real fast. Triple H says they made Orton the face of WWE because they believe in him. They believe he is the complete package and that he has the goods to walk through any obstacle. They believe he is that good. Triple H says Orton has lost the faith in himself and brings up the loss to Kofi. Triple H expects Orton to rise up and make the loss right but that’s not what he did, he punched an old man in the face. Triple H says Orton can get through Cena, Lesnar and Batista if he rises up. Triple H says Orton needs to fix a lot of things tonight. Orton vs. Kofi is announced for tonight. Triple H shows us the parking area in the back. He says that’s where John Cena will arrive tonight. Triple H has a camera there so we all know when Cena arrives. Triple H says Orton will have the opportunity to step in the ring with Cena and make things right. Triple H says Orton will do all these things alone. Batista’s music hits to a huge pop.

Batista comes out to a huge pop and gets pyro. He’s dressed in street clothes and makes his way into the ring with a spotlight on him. Batista hits the turnbuckles and poses for the fans as Orton looks on. Fans start chanting Batista’s name as his music stops playing. Batista drops and kisses the mat before hugging Triple H and Stephanie. Orton extends his hand and gets booed. Batista says hello to Orton. Batista understands Orton has some questions about his return. Batista says he is back because he wants the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Batista doesn’t care if it’s Orton, Cena or someone else. He says he’s back to win the Royal Rumble and be WWE World Heavyweight Champion and go on to headline WrestleMania. Batista drops the mic and tells Orton to deal with it as his music starts up again. Batista heads up the ramp as Orton fumes.

– Still to come, Lesnar and Big Show face off plus Cody Rhodes, Goldust and Big E Langston vs. The Shield. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a look at the parking lot waiting on Cena to arrive.

The Shield vs. WWE Intercontinental champion Big E Langston and the WWE tag team champions Cody Rhodes and Goldust

The champions wait in the ring as The Shield make their way out. Langston and Dean Ambrose start things off and go at it. Big E knocks Ambrose down first with a big shoulder. Big E presses Seth Rollins high in the air and drops him. Goldust tags in and goes to work on Rollins. Rollins takes him to the corner. Cody comes in and keeps control of Rollins.

They end up on the outside and we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Roman Reigns is in control of Cody. Rhodes tries to make some offense but Reigns cuts him off. Ambrose and Rollins both do quick tags for some triple teaming. Rollins with a 2 count on Cody. Rollins works over Cody in the corner now. Rollins misses a huge splash in the corner and goes down. Reigns tags in and knocks Goldust off the apron. Cody counters and nails a Disaster Kick on Reigns.

Langston finally tags in and unloads on Ambrose. He sends Reigns over the top rope. Reigns runs over Ambrose again. Big E goes for the Big Ending but Rollins makes the save. Big E sends Rollins to the floor. Goldust leaps out and takes out Rollins. Ambrose comes off the top but Big E catches him with a big overhead throw. Big E runs the ropes and nails a splash on Ambrose for a 2 count as Reigns breaks the pin. Reigns knocks Cody out of the air with a Superman punch. Goldust hits Reigns but gets speared hard. Big E runs over Reigns. Ambrose with a knee to Big E’s gut. Rollins tags in and stomps on Big E’s head for the win.

Winners: The Shield

– We get a look back at last week’s RAW with The Usos vs. Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt in the main event where Bryan turned on The Wyatt Family. Up next, Bryan will break his silence about his time with the Wyatts. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get hype for the WWE Network. Daniel Bryan is making his way out and leading a big “yes!” chant with the fans.

Bryan takes the mic and everyone starts chanting his name. Bryan says, “and some people think I shouldn’t be the face of this company.” Bryan says people have asked him if he had a plan when he joined The Wyatt Family. Another “yes!” chant starts up. Bryan says to take down a guy with a Messiah complex, you have to take him down mentally and physically. To do that, Bryan had to do some things he’s not proud of. Bryan says he absolutely despises The Wyatt Family but he did it just to get that one moment. Bryan says last week he became a buzzard and chewed on the carcass of Bray Wyatt. Bryan says the truth is that he exposed Bray. Bryan says before he came out tonight, he was informed that Erick Rowan and Luke Harper will be in the Rumble match on Sunday. Bryan announces he will face Bray in a singles match at the Rumble. Bryan gets another “yes!” chant going. The lights go out and Bray appears on the big screen.

Bray says Bryan only exposed himself. Bray calls the people animals and talks about how they cheered for Bryan while he stamped Bray out. Bray calls Bryan a traitor. Bray tells Bryan to go home and hug his mother, tell her he loves her, tell her he’s sorry because everything that happens to Bryan from now on is his own fault. Fans start chanting for Bryan as Bray laughs. The lights go out and we go to commercial.

Fandango vs. Xavier Woods

Back from the break and Summer Rae is doing her entrance with Fandango. R-Truth is on commentary as Fandango and Xavier start going at it. Xavier with a lot of offense early on. Xavier goes for a splash but Fandango moves and he hits the ropes. Fandango slams Xavier and goes to the top. Fandango nails the big top rope leg drop for the quick win.

Winner: Fandango

– After the match, Truth hits the ring to check on Xavier. We see Emma in the crowd with another “#emmataining” sign and she’s dancing.

– We go backstage to Kane and Brad Maddox. Stephanie McMahon storms in and asks Brad to excuse them. She isn’t happy about Kane chokeslamming CM Punk on SmackDown. He apologizes but she wants him to apologize to Punk tonight. Fans start chanting Punk’s name as we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and out comes Kane. He calls CM Punk to the ring. Kane says he says he overstepped his boundaries and let his anger get the best of him. He apologizes for chokeslamming Punk. Punk says he didn’t hear him. Kane says he apologizes again. A “one more time” chant starts up and Punk looks confused. Punk decks Kane with the microphone and pushes him into the ropes. Punk knocks Kane out of the ring. Kane takes off his coat and goes towards the ring but Brad Maddox comes out and tells him to stop. Maddox announces Punk vs. either Road Dogg or Billy Gunn, who both come out to the stage. The New Age Outlaws head to the ring as Maddox calls for a referee.

CM Punk vs. Billy Gunn

The Outlaws do rock, paper, scissors and discuss who’s going in. Road Dogg joins commentary as Gunn hits the ring.

Gunn goes to work but Punk beats him down in the corner and unloads. Punk whips Gunn hard across the ring and he rolls out to the floor. Punk follows and slams Gunn into the apron. Punk has words with Road Dogg. Gunn attacks from behind and lays Punk out, turning things around. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Gunn is in control with a sleeper. Punk goes down and Gunn goes for a pin attempt. Gunn nails a big dropkick and shows off as the crowd boos. Gunn with another 2 count. Gunn ends up on the floor. Punk goes to run the ropes but stops and attacks Road Dogg while he’s on commentary. Punk beats up Dogg and leaves him lying. Punk goes back in the ring and hits a heel kick on Gunn. Punk with clotheslines and a swinging neckbreaker for a 2 count. More back and forth. Dogg gets knocked off the apron. Gunn with another big slam for a 2 count. Gunn misses a splash in the corner and goes down. Punk climbs up for the big elbow drop but Dogg pulls Gunn to safety. Punk leaps out and takes out Dogg. Gunn clotheslines Punk and brings him back in. Punk dodges the Fame-asser and nails a GTS for the win.

Winner: CM Punk

– After the match, Maddox appears on the stage and congratulates Punk on his victory. Kane appears and snatches the mic, saying he’s got this. Kane also congratulates Punk. Kane talks about the Royal Rumble match on Sunday and says every number is drawn at random except Punk’s. Punk will be going in first.

– We get another look at the parking lot as we wait for John Cena to arrive. We see Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar walking into the building as we go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a promo video for the Royal Rumble.

– The announcers talk about Mae Young and lead us to a tribute video.

Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio

We go right to the ring and out comes Rey Mysterio to a pop and pyro. We see footage from this match on SmackDown. This will be the third match between these two in a week. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Alberto Del Rio is making his way out. They lock up and Del Rio applies a headlock. Del Rio keeps up the offense and starts stomping on Rey for a 2 count. They run the ropes and Rey turns it around. He kicks Del Rio in the face for a 2 count. Del Rio catches Rey and drops him over the top rope. Del Rio with more stomps. Rey ends up kicking Del Rio to the floor. Rey nails a big springboard moonsault from the apron. They come back in and Rey kicks Del Rio in the corner. Rey charges with a baseball slide kick to the knee.

Rey mounts Del Rio with right hands in the corner. Del Rio runs into a boot but gets Rey tangled in the ropes and stomps on his head. Del Rio unloads with right hands and stomps. They go to the floor and Del Rio runs Rey into the steps. Del Rio rolls Rey back in and goes to the top. Del Rio comes off the top rope and decks Rey for another 2 count. Del Rio with a headlock on the mat now. Del Rio with a big tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for another 2 count. Del Rio keeps up the attack on Rey and kicks him in the back. Del Rio with a boot to the throat now. Rey fights back but Del Rio throws him under the bottom rope and out to the floor face first. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Del Rio has thrown Rey into the steel steps. Del Rio brings him back in for another 2 count. Del Rio tries to take Rey’s mask off but the referee pulls him away. Del Rio with more offense in the corner. Rey goes to the floor to adjust his mask and re-group. Del Rio brings Rey back in the ring and wraps his body around the ring post as the referee counts. Del Rio with another pin attempt. Rey fights back but misses in the corner and runs into the ring post. Del Rio turns Rey upside down in the corner and kicks him some more. Del Rio charges, Rey moves and Del Rio hits the ring post.

Rey takes down Del Rio off the top rope. Back and forth now. Rey goes to the top and nails the senton. Del Rio with a kick and a roll up but Rey rolls through and kicks him in the face. Rey with a 2 count. Del Rio counters a move but Rey drops him for 619. Rey goes for it but Del Rio catches his legs. Del Rio catapults Rey into the corner. Del Rio with a big superkick to the face for a 2 count. Del Rio goes for the cross armbreaker but Rey dodges it. Rey drops Del Rio for 619 again and nails it this time. Rey drops the dime and covers for the pin but Del Rio gets his arm on the bottom rope. Rey goes back to the top and is holding his arm. Rey comes off the top but Del Rio catches him and slams him face first. Del Rio applies the cross armbreaker for the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

– After the match, Del Rio hits the turnbuckles and poses. Batista’s music hits and the crowd goes nuts. Batista makes his way out and Del Rio readies for a fight. Batista enters the ring and Del Rio yells at him, telling him to get out. Fans chant for Batista as he stares Del Rio down. Del Rio charges but Batista catches him with a spinebuster. Batista gets hype and the crowd pops. Batista puts his thumbs down and nails a Batista Bomb. Batista hits the corners and motions for the WWE Title around his waist. We go to replays. Batista greets fans at ringside on his way out.

– We see Big Show backstage as we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and out comes Big Show. We see footage of him tossing Brock Lesnar at Old School RAW. Show does an impersonation of Paul Heyman that was pretty good. Show says the match with Lesnar at Royal Rumble will be one of the biggest of his career. Show praises Lesnar but says he still doesn’t like him. Show mocks Heyman some more. Show calls Lesnar out to the ring and challenges him to get in his face and see what happens. Show waits and out comes Heyman as the crowd boos.

Heyman doesn’t speak but the fans start chanting walrus. After a minute, Lesnar’s music hits and out he comes. Lesnar slowly walks to the ring with Heyman behind him as Show looks on. Lesnar laughs, turns around and walks back up the ramp as the fans boo. Lesnar and Heyman walk straight to the back. Show grabs a mic and tells Lesnar to drag his ass back out here and get in his face. Lesnar comes back out with Heyman. Lesnar walks to ringside and stands there with his arms crossed, staring down Show. Lesnar takes his time walking to the steel steps and finally into the ring. Lesnar gets right into Show’s face and they stare each other down. Lesnar motions like he’s going to headbutt Show and Show jumps. Lesnar laughs. Lesnar goes to leave the ring but charges for a takedown but Show tosses him to the corner. They tangle in the corner and Show backdrops Lesnar high in the air, over the top rope and onto the floor. Lesnar is pissed now. He takes apart the announcers table. Lesnar grabs a steel chair and goes in the ring but Show steps on it. Lesnar trips back onto the floor. He grabs a monitor and throws it in the ring but Show avoids it. Show holds the chair and dares Lesnar to enter the ring. Show challenges Lesnar to come in the ring and says he will knock his ass out. Lesnar and Heyman head up the ramp as the fans boo. Lesnar yells back at Big Show as Show’s music hits. We go to replays.

– Still to come, Orton vs. Kofi. We get another look at the parking lot as they wait on Cena to arrive. Back to commercial.

WWE Divas champion AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka vs. Cameron and Naomi

Back from the break and we see footage from earlier where AJ Lee had a party for herself but nobody showed up. Bad News Barrett appears and informs her that nobody likes her. AJ accidentally smashed her cake in Tamina Snuka’s face. Out next comes Cameron and Naomi. Cameron starts off with Tamina.

Tamina strikes first and levels Cameron. AJ tags in and keeps it up. AJ drops her for a 2 count. AJ works Cameron over and tags Tamina back in for some double teaming. Tamina keeps control of Cameron but runs into a big boot. Naomi tags in and goes at it with Tamina. Naomi with a big clothesline and a botched hurricanrana. Naomi with the elbow off the second rope. Naomi with a dropkick but Tamina nails a big boot.

AJ tags back in and skips around Naomi. Naomi rolls her up out of nowhere for the win.

Winners: Cameron and Naomi

– We see footage from earlier where Batista returned and confronted Randy Orton.

– Still to come, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper vs. The Usos. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get more hype for the Rumble. They air the third or fourth MLK video also.

The Usos vs. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper

We go to the ring and out come The Usos. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Bray Wyatt watches from his rocking chair as we get ready to go. Harper starts out with Uso and unloads on him. Rowan comes in and keeps up the attack. He tosses Uso to the floor and Harper goes to hit him but Uso ducks and Harper hits the ring post. Uso drops Harper and tags in his brother. Jey leaps off the apron and takes out Harper. The Usos take control and bring it back in the ring. Uso with big right hands on Harper. They trade shots now. The Usos with some double teaming. Jimmy nails a crossbody for a 2 count as rowan breaks it up. Rowan clears both Usos out. Harper with a big boot on Jimmy and a 2 count.

Harper and Rowan keep control and make tags now. Harper runs into a big boot. Uso goes to the top but Harper shoves him off and into the fan barrier. Bray claps as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and The Wyatts are still in control. Rowan works over Jimmy. Harper comes back in and keeps up the attack. Bray takes a mic and starts talking about Daniel Bryan and the Rumble. Bray says hell awaits Bryan and starts laughing. He sits back down in his chair and watches the match. Uso turns it around with a big kick. Jey tags in and unloads on Harper and Rowan. Uso with a big Samoan Drop on Harper. Uso with the back splash in the corner and a superkick to Rowan on the apron. Uso runs the ropes and leap out onto Rowan on one side of the ring. The other Uso goes to leap on Harper but gets decked. More back and forth. Harper with a close 2 count. Bray yells to finish them. Daniel Bryan runs down and lays Bray out from behind. Bryan unloads on Bray as the fans go nuts. Harper goes to help but Uso rolls him up for the win.

Winners: The Usos

– The Wyatt Family recovers at ringside as fans chant “yes!” and Daniel Bryan’s music hits. Bryan and The Usos chant “yes!” from the stage as Bryan taunts Bray.

– We get another look at the back as we wait on Cena to arrive. Up next is Orton vs. Kofi. Back to commercial.

Kofi Kingston vs. WWE world heavyweight champion Randy Orton in a non-title match

Back from the break and out comes Kofi Kingston. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton is out next for tonight’s main event.

Orton strikes first and unloads on Kofi for a quick 2 count. Orton keeps looking at the entrance and yells out at Cena. Kofi comes back and unloads on Orton, sending him out to the floor to re-group. Kofi follows and throws Orton into the fan barrier and back in the ring. Orton goes back to the floor for a breather and the fans boo him. Kofi charges but Orton hits a knee to the gut. Orton takes control and slams Orton into the announcers table. Orton rolls Kofi in at the 6 count and covers for 2.

Orton stomps on Kofi. Kofi fights back with right hands and kicks. Kofi with a leaping right hand in the corner and a 2 count. Orton mocks Kofi with the “you can’t see me” gesture. Kofi fights back out of the corner but Orton hits another knee to the gut. Orton with a nice suplex. Orton looks at the entrance and calls out for Cena again. Orton with a big uppercut but Kofi backslides him for 2. Orton with a clothesline and a 2 count. Orton goes for the second rope draping DDT but Kofi counters with SOS for a close 2 count. Orton with a big shoulder and more shots in the corner. We see John Cena arriving in the back. Orton sees it on the big screen as Cena starts running.

Kofi holds Orton’s leg so he can’t leave the ring. Cena runs down and brawls with Orton for the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Randy Orton

– Cena unloads on Orton on the floor and throws him into the ring post. Cena whips Orton into the fan barrier and over into the crowd. Cena follows and beats him up the stairs. Cena goes for an Attitude Adjustment on the stairs but Orton fights out and keeps walking through the crowd and higher up the stairs. Cena follows. They brawl up to the cheap shots and in front of a private suite. They enter the suite and fight out into the concessions area. Fans are waiting and screaming. Cena follows Orton outside of the arena. We see Orton getting into the passenger side of a car and driving off. JBL says Orton may have just stolen a car. Cena is upset and walks back up into the concessions area where fans are chanting his name. Cena heads back into the arena and his music starts playing. Cena makes his way back to ringside and poses with the fans as we go to replays. Cena makes his way through the crowd, stopping to greet some fans. RAW foes off the air with Cena celebrating in the ring.

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