WWE Monday Night RAW 05 19 2014

WWE Monday Night RAW
Location: London, England
Date: May 19, 2014
Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL

Tonight’s WWE RAW Preshow opens up with fans piling into the O2 Arena in London. Josh Mathews, Booker T and Alex Riley are at WWE Headquarters in Stamford. Booker talks about Seth Rollins vs. Batista for later tonight. Riley hypes finding out the state of the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Mathews shows us a video package from last week about Daniel Bryan’s injury.

The panel talks about Bryan’s injury. Booker brings up how a lot of people don’t return the same. Mathews reminds us there is no timetable for Bryan’s return yet. We go to the arena and Renee Young is with RAW General Manager Brad Maddox. Brad’s not going to speak on the title so people will tune in to find out, he says. He says there will be a Beat the Clock Challenge to determine Bad News Barrett’s challenger for Payback. We go back to the panel. Booker reveals that Evolution vs. The Shield will now be a No Holds Barred Elimination Match. We get a video for The Shield and Evolution. Both groups will be banned from ringside for the Rollins vs. Batista tonight. The panel talks more about Evolution and The Shield. We go to Network commercials.

The panel talks about Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena at Payback. We get replays from RAW and SmackDown. Cena vs. Luke Harper will take place later tonight. We go back to the arena with Renee Young. She’s trying to find out what’s happening with the WWE World Heavyweight Title. A limo pulls up but Cesaro and Paul Heyman get out. She was expecting The Authority. Heyman disses Renee. Cesaro also insults her and they walk off laughing. We go back to the panel. The panel talks about Sheamus vs. Cesaro round 2. Booker predicts Sheamus and Riley picks Cesaro. We go to more Network promos. We see Jerry Lawler, JBL and Michael Cole making their way out to ringside. Booker picks Mark Henry to win the Beat the Clock Challenge and Riley predicts Dolph Ziggler. We go back to the arena with Renee and she’s with Stephanie McMahon. Renee asks about the world title and Stephanie says we will just have to tune into RAW to find out. More hype from the panel and that’s it for the preshow.

Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with The Wyatt Family in the ring. Bray Wyatt starts singing “the whole world in his hands” and the London crowd sings along with him. Bray gets a pop and keeps singing. Bray talks about how we lay down at night and our mind starts to tick and think about the bad stuff. He says in our dreams, we are superheroes and we dream about payback. Just like that, we wake up and reality sets in. We go to the mirror and remember that we are not superheroes and we cannot fix everything. We bottle rage up and go on living our dismal little lives as if nothing is wrong. But everything, everything, everything is wrong. Bray plans on fixing that. He tells a story about a mean teacher he had who said he would never be anything.

Bray goes on and says that teacher is rotting away in a home somewhere now. He gets the crowd to sing along with him again. This feels like one of Bray’s better promos. He mentions John Cena and the fans boo. Wyatt says Cena hides behind a plastic smile and plays a hero while everything around him burns. Fans start chanting Cena sucks. Wyatt says at Payback, the fairytale is going to end because he will be the last man standing or no one will ever stand again, he promises. He says tonight, Luke Harper is going to put Cena down. Cena’s music interrupts and fans boo. Harper and Erick Rowan go to the ramp to wait on Cena. Cena sneaks in from behind and nails an Attitude Adjustment on Wyatt. Rowan and Harper hit the ring but Cena runs out. Cena backs up the ramp as The Wyatts look on. Cena taunts Bray and heads to the back.

We go to the announcers. Cole talks about Daniel Bryan and the WWE World Heavyweight Title. We get a video package looking at Bryan and Stephanie McMahon from last week. Cole says we will find out the state of the title later on tonight. We go to commercial.

Cesaro vs. WWE United States champion Sheamus in a nontitle match

We come back and Paul Heyman is in the ring with Cesaro. Heyman reminds everyone that he and Cesaro are the stars while fans in the crowd are the wannabes. Heyman says fans shall worship the ground Cesaro walks on and the microphone that Heyman speaks into. Heyman goes right to talking about Brock Lesnar and The Streak, which seems to confuse Cesaro. Heyman lies down on the mat and asks who am I? He says no, he’s not the Queen finally dying. He’s The Undertaker. Heyman says Sheamus will be emasculated by Cesaro tonight. Out next comes the WWE United States Champion to boos from the England crowd.

They lock up and go to the corner. They lock up again and go to another corner before breaking. Cesaro with a cheapshot slap to the face. Sheamus runs over him and tosses him to the apron. Sheamus goes for the forearms but Cesaro slides out to the floor. Cesaro talks with Heyman as Sheamus waits. They end up back in the ring and Cesaro stomps away. Cesaro with an uppercut. Sheamus comes back with a clothesline. He goes for the forearms on the apron and nails them this time. More offense by Sheamus. Cesaro goes back to the floor to talk with Heyman. Sheamus chases him around the ring and brings him back in. Cesaro catches Sheamus with the top rope. Cesaro comes back in and works Sheamus over in the corner. Fans start chanting for JBL. Sheamus with a high knee in the corner. Sheamus brings himself in with a battering ram for a 2 count. Fans chant for Jerry Lawler next. Cesaro ducks a clothesline but Sheamus ends up tumbling over the top rope. We go to commercial.

We come back and Cesaro is unloading in the corner. Cesaro with a sleeper hold now. Sheamus goes down to his knees as Heyman cheers Cesaro on. Sheamus fights to his feet and out of the hold. Sheamus runs over Cesaro twice but misses a big shoulder thrust in the corner and hits the ring post. Cesaro climbs to the second rope and suplexes Sheamus in from the apron. Cesaro with a 2 count. Cesaro runs into an Irish Curse backbreaker for a 2 count. Sheamus rams Cesaro back into the corner and nails a running high knee. Sheamus with the rolling senton for another 2 count. More back and forth. Sheamus gets whipped face first into the corner. Sheamus fights back but comes off the top rope and gets nailed by an uppercut in midair. Cesaro with a 2 count. They trade shots in the middle of the ring now. Sheamus with a big powerslam for a 2 count. Heyman gets on the apron and argues with the referee. He throws his jacket in the ring. Cesaro comes from behind and nails a German suplex for the win.

Winner: Cesaro

After the match, Sheamus applauds Cesaro and approaches him for a handshake. Fans boo. Cesaro turns it down and exits with a smiling Heyman.

Cole talks about The Shield vs. Evolution at Payback, which will now be a No Holds Barred Elimination match. We get a video package on the two groups.

Back from a commercial and Cole shows us the German announce team at ringside. We get a word from them.

Beat The Clock Challenge Match: Big E vs. Ryback

The winner of tonight’s Beat the Clock Challenge will face Bad News Barrett for the Intercontinental Title at Payback. Ryback and Big E are in the ring. WWE definitely edited the entrances here. Curtis Axel is at ringside. We get a side video from Ryback earlier. They go at it and Ryback tries for a pin early on. Ryback takes it to the corner and works Big E over. Big E comes out of the corner with a big clothesline and a 1 count. Big E with offense in the corner now. E with a shoulder thrust in the corner. E runs the ropes but Ryback knocks him down for another pin attempt. Ryback keeps Big E down and shows off for the crowd. Big E catches him with a big overhead suplex and another 1 count. Axel gets on the apron and E swings at him but misses. Ryback takes advantage and turns it around. Ryback stomps away now.

Ryback with a suplex and another pin attempt. Ryback keeps control and keeps glancing at the timer. Ryback with more offense in the corner. Ryback with big chops. Ryback with a kick to the face and another pin attempt. Ryback drops E with a shoulder block and another. Big E turns it around with a belly to belly suplex. Big E runs the ropes but Ryback nails a big spinebuster for a 2 count. Ryback beats his chest and waits for Big E to get up. He nails the Meathook clothesline for a 2 count. Another 2 count. A third 2 count for Ryback. Big E slides out of a hold and makes a comeback. He knocks Axel off the apron and hits the Big Ending on Ryback for the win at 5:02.

Winner: Big E

Still to come, Cena vs. Harper. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and we get a WWE Community video from last week with Alicia Fox and Xavier Woods.

RTruth and Naomi vs. Layla and Fandango

We go to the ring and RTruth comes out rapping with Cameron and Naomi. Out next is Layla and Fandango for some mixed tag action. The London crowd starts doing the Fandango. Layla and Fandango are dancing and kissing when Summer Rae‘s music suddenly hits. Out she comes to the ring making her return. Fandango gets in between them. Summer pulls him in and plants a big kiss on him. Summer tackles Layla and they start catfighting. Fandango pulls Layla out of the ring to safety. Summer’s music hits and the match never happens.

Winners: No contest

Cole says later on we will find out the status of the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Back to commercial after a Bo Dallas vignette.

Back from the break and we get hype for the next season of Total Divas with Rosa Mendes being added to the cast.

We go to the ring and Daniel Bryan’s music hits to a big pop. Instead, Stephanie McMahon makes her way out and she’s mocking the “yes!” chant. Some fans start the “no!” chant. Stephanie makes her way to the ring. Stephanie says Bryan had successful neck surgery last week and he’s doing everything he can to get back. She says Bryan knows we need an active champion. Stephanie says she knows Bryan is at home hanging on her every word. She says she’s afraid she has some… but shows a quick clip of Bad News Barrett and his trademark catchphrase. Stephanie says she’s thinking about stripping Bryan of the title. Fans chant “no!” at this. She says she’s thinking about giving it to Kane. Or possibly Barrett. Fans like that. She calls them predictable. How about she gives the title to Batista? Fans boo that. She says if anyone is deserving, it’s the COO and her husband, Triple H. More boos from the crowd. Stephanie says she’s not stripping Bryan of the title but demands he show up next week so he can surrender the title himself. Stephanie gets booed more and exits the ring.

Still to come, Harper vs. Cena and more. Back to commercial.

Heath Slater vs. Alexander Rusev

Back from the break and out comes 3MB as The Union Jacks to a big pop. Heath Slater says The Union Jacks are home. He tells the crowd to get up and get ready but is interrupted by Lana‘s music. Lana says the UK is similar to mindless America, attempting to interfere in something far more superior and beyond their comprehension will be their downfall. She says we can’t stop the destiny of a great leader like Russian President Vladimir Putin. Fans boo as Putin is shown on the big screen. Lana goes on about America and England. She shows photos of The White House and Parliament with Russian flags and says this is our future. She introduces Rusev next and out he comes. He cuts a promo that we can’t understand and heads to the ring. Slater leaps out of the ring and Rusev catches him. Rusev destroys him and the rest of 3MB. Jinder Mahal get tossed into the steel steps. Rusev brings Slater in the ring and the bell rings. Rusev runs into a big boot. Fans cheer as Slater tries to fight back but Rusev levels him. Rusev with the big swinging side slam. Lana tells him to crush. Rusev stomps on Slater’s back and applies the Accolade for the win.

Winner: Rusev

We go backstage to The Shield. Dean Ambrose says Triple H has talked about teaching them a lesson and eliminating them. Ambrose says it looks like Evolution is afraid of The Shield but he hopes not because at Payback, they want an Evolution that wants to fight. Ambrose points out Roman Reigns‘ black eye and scar. Reigns said he got 9 stitches and asks if that’s all they got. If it is, they have so many problems. Reigns says they will never stop coming for them. Seth Rollins talks about his first match with Batista. He says Batista tried to end his career but couldn’t get the job done. Rollins says he won’t make any mistakes tonight.

Still to come, Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio in a Beat the Clock Challenge Match. Back to commercial.

Beat The Clock Challenge Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio

Back from the break and out comes Alberto Del Rio for the next Beat the Clock match. Rob Van Dam is out next to a big pop. We get a sidebar video of Del Rio talking. He says the future of our planet depends on him as champion. RVD with early pin attempts. Del Rio with a big kick to the face and a 2 count. We see Big E watching backstage. RVD catapults Del Rio out of the corner. Del Rio goes to the floor to regroup but they come back in. Del Rio catches RVD with another big kick to the face. Del Rio with another pin attempt. RVD with Rolling Thunder and another pin attempt. Del Rio hits a Backstabber for a 2 count. RVD blocks the cross armbreaker and hits Rolling Thunder again. RVD goes to the top but misses the Fivestar Frogsplash. Del Rio with a roll up for 2. Del Rio with the big enziguri for another 2 count. Fans chant for RVD with 1 minute left on the timer. RVD ducks a kick and rolls Del Rio up for the win with 47 seconds left. The new time to beat is 4:15.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

RVD celebrates up the ramp and gets another pop.

Still to come, Cena vs. Harper. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and the announcers hype NXT Takeover.

We get a look back at John Cena and The Wyatts from earlier. Renee Young is backstage with Cena now. She asks about the match against Harper tonight. Cena says if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. His plan is the same last week. He’s invited The Usos and they appear on the other side of Renee. Cena says he has a feeling he’s walking into Payback with an arena full of Bray’s followers. Cena says they fear nothing and run from no fight. He puts over The Usos. They all get hype and walk off together.

Evolution is backstage. Triple H says this is just the beginning. He brags about what Randy Orton did to Reigns’ eye. Orton says they need to take The Shield out one by one at Payback and maybe then they will learn. Triple H tells Batista to finish Rollins tonight so he can’t make it to Payback. Batista laughs and says he’s going to do it all by himself. We go to commercial.

Seth Rollins vs. Batista

Back from the break and out comes Seth Rollins by himself as the rest of Evolution and The Shield are banned from ringside. Triple H’s music hits and he comes out as the special guest ring announcer. He says it’s his job to make matches big and introduces the special guest time keeper, Randy Orton. Out next comes Batista.

Back from the break and Batista is throwing Rollins into the steel steps. He slams his face into them and comes back in the ring. Batista drops Rollins over the top rope and kicks him from the apron to the floor. Triple H and Orton approach Rollins but backs off. Batista brings it back in the ring for a quick pin attempt. Batista with a headlock now. Batista with more offense but Rollins fights back. Rollins runs into a huge elbow and goes down hard for another 2 count.

Batista with a hard whip into the corner. Batista chokes Rollins on the ropes as the referee counts. Batista takes Rollins to the top for a superplex but Rollins fights him. Rollins headbutts Batista to the mat. Rollins with a Blockbuster off the second rope. Rollins runs into a big boot and goes back down. Batista takes a kick to the face and Rollins hits a neckbreaker. Rollins with a splash in the corner and more offense. They trade counters now. Rollins kicks Batista through the ropes and to the floor. Rollins runs the ropes and dives out, taking Batista back down. Rollins brings Batista back in the ring. He goes to the ring post but Orton grabs his leg. Rollins argues with Orton. Reigns and Ambrose take their headsets off and walk over. Batista nails a spinebuster on Rollins. Batista goes for a spear but runs into a kick. Rollins with a knee to the head from the top. Batista kicks out at 2. Fans chant for Rollins as he goes back to the top. Triple H pushes him off. Ambrose attacks Triple H and a big brawl breaks out at ringside. Orton tosses Ambrose over the German announce table. Reigns takes out Orton. Orton grabs a chair and smacks Reigns over the back with it. Ambrose comes flying across the announce tables and takes out Orton. Triple H throws Ambrose into the ring post and stomps on him. Fans chant “this is awesome” as Rollins runs into a right hand from Triple H for the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Seth Rollins

After the bell, Batista spears Rollins and fans boo. Ambrose blocks a Pedigree and backdrops Triple H onto the announce table. Reigns comes in the ring and spears Batista. The Shield stand tall in the ring while Batista is down. Batista gets pulled to safety. The Shield’s music hits as Evolution retreats.

Still to come, Cena vs. Harper. Back to commercial.

Alicia Fox vs. WWE Divas champion Paige in a nontitle match

Back from the break and we get a look at crazy Alicia Fox. She waits in the ring as WWE Divas Champion Paige comes out to a big pop. Alicia starts with a big boot to the face and goes to work on Paige. Paige comes back with a kick and headbutts. Paige tosses Alicia by her hair a few times. Alicia escapes the ring for a breather. Paige follows but Alicia rams her into the fan barrier. Alicia knocks her off the top of the barrier and Paige hits the floor. Alicia brings it back in the ring for a 2 count. Alicia slams Paige’s face into the mat three times. Alicia with a backbreaker and another 2 count.

Alicia with more offense in the corner but Paige tries to fight back. Alicia with a headlock. Paige hits a Paige Turner out of nowhere for a 2 count. Paige with another backbreaker. Alicia rams Paige into the corner and the ring post. Alicia kicks Paige to the mat from the second turnbuckle. Alicia gets the pin out of nowhere for the nontitle win.

Winner: Alicia Fox

After the match, Alicia grabs the referee but she’s happy. She slams the announce table and is happy about winning. She puts on a crown and walks around the top of the fan barrier celebrating with fans. Or annoying them.

We get a look back at Bray Wyatt’s promo from earlier tonight and John Cena’s attack on him. We cut backstage to The Wyatt Family. Luke Harper speaks first. Bray mentions how The Usos will be with Cena and says they’re just like dominoes in line… one by one they all fall down. Rowan tells us to run and we go to commercial.

Beat The Clock Challenge Match: Mark Henry vs. Dolph Ziggler

We come back and Mark Henry is out for the final Beat the Clock Challenge match. Dolph Ziggler is out next and we see a sidebar video of him speaking earlier about how he shows off. Henry showed up in the sidebar and just got in his face before walking off. Ziggler acted like his breath was bad.

The bell rings and Ziggler goes to work but Henry overpowers him. Henry with a big powerslam and a 2 count. Henry with a big toss as Ziggler rolls to the floor to regroup. Henry keeps checking the timer. We see RVD backstage watching. Ziggler makes it back in before the 10 count. Henry runs into a big elbow. Ziggler comes off the top and lands on his feet. Ziggler barely connects on a Fameasser for a 2 count. Henry shoves Ziggler back out of the ring.

They come back in and Ziggler nails a dropkick. Henry gets up and takes another dropkick. Ziggler gets a 2 count as Henry shoves him off. Ziggler goes to the top for a crossbody but Henry catches him and nails the powerslam for a 2 count with 30 seconds left on the timer. Ziggler slides out of a World’s Strongest Slam and nails a Zig Zag. Ziggler covers for the win but runs out of time. Rob Van Dam wins the Beat the Clock Challenge. RVD’s music hits and out he comes to celebrate being the new #1 contender to the Intercontinental Title. Bad News Barrett attacks from behind and gets a big pop. Barrett lays RVD out with a Bullhammer to the back of the head and cuts a promo about he’s not going to lose to a Yank at Payback. Barrett gets a big pop as officials check on RVD.

Winner of the “Beat the Clock” Challenge: Rob Van Dam

Still to come, Cena vs. Harper. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and we see the earlier segment with Stephanie McMahon addressing the WWE World Heavyweight Title and demanding that Bryan show up next week to personally surrender his title.

We go to the ring with Renee Young. She brings out Adam Rose and fans cheer. The Rosebuds come out first and start dancing. The music switches up and out comes Adam Rose to the ring. Rose gets a big pop on his way to the ring and the crowd hums the tune to his theme song. Renee says Rose has taken WWE by storm and he says hello to London. He asks where his cheeseburger is. There’s a guy named Ethan dressed as a cheeseburger. Rose says he has sesame seeds on his buns so they’re taking him to the doctor next week. Rose asks if Renee will be his nurse. She asks what it means to be a Rosebud. Rose says it means to not be a lemon. The crowd breaks out with his theme again. Renee brings up Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Rose says he hasn’t been targeting them; he just wants them to lighten up and have fun. To stop being lemons. Rose’s bunny shows off his dance moves until the music interrupts and out comes Zeb and Swagger. The crowd also hums the Real American theme.

Zeb cuts a promo on the way to the ring. He’s got a bone to pick with Rose. Fans do Rose’s theme again. Zeb says this is between he and Adam. He says Rose and the vermin he travels with are the problem with his country and if they keep hanging around, they will be England’s problem too. Zeb says Rose fits a lot better here with these freaks than he does in America. More singing from the crowd. Rose and the Rosebuds dance around. Zeb knocks them some more. He says Rose embarrassed him recently. Zeb proposes he and Rose clear the ring and settle it themselves. Zeb takes off his vest and tosses it. Rose turns around and Swagger decks him from behind. Swagger threatens the Rosebuds and they look terrified. Swagger turns around and Rose takes him out. Rose unloads and sends Swagger to the floor. Swagger comes back up but Rose knocks him from the apron. Fans are humming along with the theme the whole time. Rose tells Renee it’s party time all the time and the Rosebuds start partying again as Zeb and Swagger look on from the ramp.

Still to come, Cena vs. Harper in the main event. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and we get a Bo Dallas vignette.

We get a plug for Hulk Hogan appearing on this week’s SmackDown.

Luke Harper vs. John Cena

We go to the ring and out comes John Cena with WWE Tag Team Champions the Usos. They run to the ring together and here we go with the main event. The lights go out, the lantern lights up and out comes The Wyatt Family as the crowd claps along with their theme.

Bray and Rowan watch from the bottom of the ramp while The Usos are at ringside. The bell rings and Harper takes Cena to the corner and beats him down. Dueling chants for Cena start up. Harper keeps control until Cena nails a bulldog and a boot to the face for a 2 count. Cena takes Harper head first into the corner. Cena misses a clothesline in the corner and goes down. Harper with a big overhead slam for a 2 count. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Harper is in control. Harper with a nice suplex for a 2 count. Cena turns it around and gets booed as he signals for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Harper blocks that and drop Cena on his shoulder for a 2 count. The crowd starts doing Adam Rose’s theme again. Harper goes for a big boot but ends up going over the top. Cena with the slam and then the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Harper blocks the Attitude Adjustment and slams Cena on his face for a 2 count. Harper nails a big hurricanrana and a dropkick. The crowd pops for Harper. Harper ends up sending Cena out into the barrier. Harper brings Cena back in and the fans are still doing Rose’s theme song. Cena turns things around with a tornado DDT for a 2 count. Fans start a “Fruity Pebbles” chant as Cena nails a hurricanrana. Harper drops Cena with a superkick for a close 2 count.

Harper beats Cena as he’s seated on the top. Harper pulls Cena off on his shoulders and drops him in a big neckbreaker. Another 2 count for Harper. Cena comes back out of nowhere with a big clothesline. Harper counters and rolls Cena up. Cena rolls through and applies the STF. Harper makes it to the rope and breaks the hold. The Usos end up stopping Rowan and Bray from interfering. Bray comes in the ring and hits Sister Abigail on both of The Usos. Cena sends Bray out of the ring. Harper with the sitdown powerbomb on Cena for a 2 count. Cena hit the AA on Harper. Rowan runs in and nails Cena for the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: John Cena

After the bell, Rowan stomps away on Cena. Bray comes back in the ring and turns upside down in the corner. Cena fights off Rowan but Bray catches Cena with Sister Abigail. Rowan and Harper push Cena out of the ring and beat him back and forth up the ramp to the stage. Bray follows. Rowan with a big fallaway slam on the steel. They bring Cena to the stage and Bray grabs him. Bray looks out for a minute as the crowd gets revved up. Bray drops Cena with Sister Abigail to a big pop. Bray takes the mic and gets the crowd to sing along with him. Harper counts Cena down to 10 while Bray sings. RAW goes off the air with The Wyatts over Cena on the stage.

Tonight’s RAW post show opens with Riley, Booker and Mathews back at WWE headquarters. They talk about Cena and The Wyatt Family. They talk about Daniel Bryan and the title next. We go to Network promos as Mathews hypes an interview with Cena coming up.

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