WWE Monday Night RAW 07 20 2015

WWE Monday Night RAW
Location: Kansas City, MO
Date: July 20, 2015
Commentators: Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton

We are live for Monday Night Raw! And we are on the Road to SummerSlam! We see the Undisputed Championship match between Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar. Lesnar has been dominating Rollins with 13 German Suplexes, taking the man to Suplex City, a F5 away from winning the championship, and the lights go out, when they come back on, the return of the Deadman, The Undertaker has his revenge and perhaps takes Lesnar to a new city, Tombstone City!

We are live from Kansas City, Missouri. And what a way to kick off Raw! With The Phenom! The man who from we last saw him at that point, redeemed his streak being broken by defeating Bray Wyatt, but now we have a very rare Raw appearance. And when I was barley even a few months old in 1991, this man defeated Hulk Hogan for the then WWF Championship within his first year in the then WWF. But we are forever in this man’s yard, and he has reclaimed it last night at Battleground, but this also means Seth Rollins is still the WWE Undisputed Champion due to Taker’s involvement. He has a mic, a standing ovation while he just stands there in the ring. The chants of Undertaker are strong tonight. He breathes into the mic and says I stand here tonight…a relentless…remorseless…cold blooded, grim reaper! Streaks are made to be broken. That is the meaningful truth. But Brock Lesnar, but you had to continuously, week after week, month after month, remind us all that the streak was broken. You have taken what once was smoldering ashes, and turned it into a raging inferno! Last night was my true resurrection. You see Lesnar, you can’t kill what won’t die. Unleashed forces will send our careers onto new destinies! And I will challenge immortality. I will conquer, what has yet to be conquered! And in the end, just like all living things, be it, man, or beast, you will…Rest…In…Peace! Very chilling and ominous words from The Undertaker. I have goosebumps right now and I love it!

The Authority watch on from backstage and Hunter is really excited, the fact of Lesnar and Taker potentially happening at SummerSlam would be amazing. But he tells Stephanie to make sure to tell Paul Heyman that he and Brock are not allowed to come here tonight. Which honestly is a great move since Taker is still in the building.

Later tonight, Randy Orton, United States Champion John Cena and Cesaro will take on Rusev, Kevin Owens and Sheamus in a six man tag team match. But coming up next, Charlotte makes her in-ring return on Raw to face Brie Bella.

We get a look at Tough Enough, the drama hits the fan and a monster obstacle course could cost someone their dream, live on USA tomorrow night.

Team BAD, Naomi, the NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks and Tamina Snuka are on commentary. As last week, Stephanie McMahon called up Sasha, Becky Lynch and Charlotte to be aligned with Team Paige and BAD. The NXT Divas stood tall! But here comes the second ever NXT Women’s Champion, and daughter of Ric Flair, Charlotte to be accompanied by Paige and Becky Lynch! We get a look from last night, where daughter and father are in an embrace, a very touching moment but a hell of an endorsement for Charlotte. Team Bella, Alicia Fox, Nikki and Brie make their way to the ring.

Charlotte vs. Brie Bella

This match is underway! Charlotte bounces off the ropes and goes straight into the lockup, Brie with the headlock, Charlotte tries to push Brie off but fails to do so. Charlotte takes her to the ground but Brie holds on and gets a two count. Did Cole just call Tamina “Tina”? First calling Sasha Banks “Sasha Grey” and now this. Cole is just piling up Botchamnia moments, back to live action as Charlotte dives onto everyone on the outside as we cut to  break!

Brie is still in control as Nikki and Foxy chant “We Love BrieMode” as Charlotte breaks out of the hold but Brie with the YesKicks for a two count! We see that Brie hit the BrieMode knee during the commercial break and blew a kiss to Sasha. Back to the action as Charlotte rolls her up for two. Brie with a huge kick for two. Brie with a few stomps and uses her leg to trap the arm of Charlotte but Charlotte rams Brie back first into the corner. Brie with a pair of dropkicks to gain a two count. Sasha is just giving Cole the business and I love it. Charlotte with those chops like her father, a beautiful neckbreaker followed up by a big boot for two. The Figure Four is applied somewhat but Nikki goes on the apron and Charlotte releases the hold to take them off the apron. Charlotte spears her and Charlotte with the bridge to make it a Figure Eight! Brie has no choice to tap out! What a match!

Winner: Charlotte! ***** star match! This is how you start a revolution! This is how you #GiveDivasAChance

It is now official as The Undertaker will face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam! Cole shills the WWE Network and says you can start your subscription free this month, and possibly every month if you are a new subscriber.

Luke Harper vs. Roman Reigns will happen later tonight due to what happened last night at Battleground.

Hunter is on the phone and talks to Paul Heyman on the phone and says that Brock vs. Taker will be the best investment for his client. He is screaming at Paul to shut up and just do it! Miz complains about what happened last night and Hunter does not care anything about what he is saying because it is what he will get tonight! Now get out of her Obi-Wan! I love it!

The war between Eva Marie and the Bella’s continue tomorrow night on Total Divas.

Los Matadores and El Torito are in the ring. The Prime Time Players make their way to the ring. PTP are still the tag team champions successfully defending the titles last night.

WWE tag team champions the Prime Time Players vs. Los Matadores in a non-title match

Darren Young and I believe that’s Fernando kicking things off here and D-Young is all over Fernando here! Fernando does some weird delayed flip on the turnbuckle but falls back into an elbow, Fernando sets him up for the 619 but just does a flying butt bomb and tags in Diego in the process. Los Matadores with constant tags and double teams now. This is tag team 101 and again with the double team for a two count. Titus is trying to get this crowd fired up. I’ve lost track of which Matador is in the ring but he gives Darren a few kicks but is caught and a belly to belly by Young! Titus tags in and is cleaning house, catching one matador and tossing him like a ragdoll, and catches the second one into a rib-breaker! Titus with the Gator bark and just pushes him, tossing him out of the ring and Darren takes him out and here comes The New Day in jumpsuits! They are here to congratulate, because the Power of Positivity finds success in the unlikely of places! The Matador rolled Titus up for the win

Winners: Los Matadores. **** Match. A great tag match for WWE standards, New Day mock the Millions Of Dollars dance.

Roman Reigns will face Luke Harper later tonight, as well as our six man tag team main event.

The Miz is in the ring. The Big Show makes his way to the ring as last night, he knocked out Miz due to Ryback being injured and unable to defend the Intercontinental Championship last night.

The Miz vs. The Big Show

Miz leaves the ring right away but Show tosses him back in the ring. A huge toss from one side of the ring to the other and the chase begins! Miz puts the boots to Show and Show with a shoulder tackle followed by a chop in the corner. Big knee by the Big Show followed by a bodyslam and the big man was thinking about going up top but slams him again, and now this time the big man is on the second rope for a Macho Man Elbow and its over!

Winner: Big Show. *** star match.

For the time it was given it was a good little match. Plus, Miz is now flattened like a pancake, so that’s always good. Show has the mic and asks Miz about being missing since the Attitude Era, well is he missing now? The only thing missing is his Intercontinental Championship and Ryback. Feed Me More chants fill the arena and Show agrees, he will feed him more and win the title. It doesn’t matter if it’s Raw, Smackdown, matter of fact. He will be at Tough Enough tomorrow night, because he will see if those rookies can stand up to that fist.

The Authority is with Rob Schamberger (I hope I spelled that right) and an art piece but Paul Heyman is here. His client is not here tonight, he is an advocate but Brock is not here.  Brock agrees to the match but Paul is only here to deliver Brock’s message and then leave. Hunter is not happy, they will need more security, and Steph quips, and half the locker room, to which Hunter replies…damnit! I love it.

We see an amazing ad for SummerSlam in the Big Apple on August 23rd.

We see a lot of the locker room filed for a meeting called by The Authority. Stephanie says they have a vested interest in protecting the SummerSlam main event, Hunter says SummerSlam depends on it, which means your livelihood depends on it. The locker room grumbles, but Hunter is not asking them, he is telling them! More grumbling and we head to the ring.

Paul Heyman is in the ring. Ladies and Gentleman, my name is Paul Heyman. And I am the Advocate for the Beast that should be the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion of the world, Brock Lesnar! But is why Brock is not the champion is because Seth Rollins got lucky? No, is it because Seth survived Suplex City? No, is it because Seth somehow kicked out of a F5? No! The reason my client Brock Lesnar is not the champion because we saw the revival of the Undertaker! You people who subscribed to the WWE Network saw an amazing moment. Because for the first time since WrestleMania 30, The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar were in the same ring at the same time. Because my client Brock Lesnar conquered the undefeated streak of the Undertaker. But the reason he talks about that streak is because legends tried to end it, Shawn Michaels, Edge, Batista, Triple H, and many others failed to beat the streak. But my client, Brock Lesnar conquered the streak! But The Undertaker, who is larger than death! Is trying to take Brock Lesnar what he deserves, the right to be the Heavyweight Champion Of The World! So now it is The Undertaker, vs. The Conqueror, Brock Lesnar. My Client, Brock Lesnar, conquered YOUR UNDEFEATED STREAK AT WRESTLEMANIA! YOU SOLD YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL TO EXACT REVENGE ON BROCK LESNAR! BECAUSE MY CLIENT BROCK LESNAR CONQUERED YOUR UNDEFEATED STREAK! YOU MAY SELL YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL, BUT YOUR ASS BELONGS TO BRRRRRRRROCK..LLLLLLLLESSSSSSSSSNARRRR!!!

WAIT A MINUTE! HERE COMES THE UNDERTAKER! Heyman is begging for mercy! HERE COMES BROCK! WE HAVE A SUMMERSLAM MAIN EVENT RIGHT NOW! They are going at it tooth and nail, Triple H is begging security to come out, security is trying to separate both men but Brock leaps over them, Taker and Brock dismantle all security members and here comes the locker room and even more security! Eventually the locker room has them separated…or do they? Brock slips from the cracks, runs around the ring and attacks Taker on the other side of the ring! The locker room separates them again! Hunter is telling the locker room to get Brock out of here but Brock once again leaps into the action. We might need the National Guard and even they might not be able to break this up. We get a “this is awesome” chant and this indeed is awesome. Taker breaks free this time and the fight continues! Brock screams I will kill you, to which Taker screams you’re gonna have to. Finally this is broken up, we’re gonna have to restore some order, we’ll be back after this break!

We have Chris Jericho talking to us about Tough Enough tomorrow night on USA.

The locker room is leading Brock backstage but Taker once again comes out of nowhere to continue this fight. Brock just flipped some tables and is also back in the fight. For now they are separated but Taker once again breaks free but the locker room breaks it up again, trying to pull both men apart here. Taker has the crazy eyes right now. More security comes in to break it up, they have blue shirts this time. Brock tells them not to touch him, he takes his shirt off. They cuff Lesnar with twist ties? Well that’s a new tactic, or that might be what Obama’s America has been taken down to. But nonetheless they take Brock to a police van as we cut to break.

We see a commercial for WWEShop. For tonight only you can save 25 percent off all orders by using the code SAVE25

We see clips of the epic brawl between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker from what has been the past several minutes.

Brock and Taker have been arrested but Seth Rollins walks into the authority’s office and is so happy that both men are gone. Seth will address the WWE Universe and he has the authority’s approval.

We see a masked man from last night that tossed chairs into the ring and now took out Roman Reigns and the Wyatt Family is somewhat reunited as the masked man was Luke Harper, only missing Erick Rowan. We cut to the Wyatt’s and Bray says that he is never alone, because his family is always with him. He is the revolution that sees this lie, the revolution that sees Roman Reigns. And now, the anointed one will pay for it. Harper says this is the beginning Roman, this will never stop. Brick by brick and piece by piece until there is nothing left. Tonight, we continue to fix a mistake, anyone but you Roman…anyone…but you! I love it!

We see Daniel Bryan promoting 5 Hour Energy.

We see more of the battle between Eva and The Bella’s, tomorrow night on Total Divas on the E network.

We learn that Battleground was the most socially active show on all of Television! Even though the WWE Network is not a television channel…hopefully they meant on PPV channels. Otherwise that logic is flawed.

Here they come! The modern day Waylon Mercy in Bray Wyatt, and the modern day Bruiser Brody in Luke Harper make their way to the ring! Look at all the fireflies tonight, I love it! Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring. Roman has back up, here comes Dean Ambrose! A man who was not even on Battleground last night, the playing field is now all evened up!

Luke Harper vs. Roman Reigns

This match is underway! Bray is sitting ringside after taking Byron Saxton’s chair. Lockup and a clean break, and another lockup and another clean break. Let’s Go Roman chants break out as Harper with some shots but Roman fights back. Reigns now doing the ten punches in the corner after two attempts to do so. Big clothesline by Reigns, and Roman Reigns is stomping Harper in the corner but Harper fights out of it. European Uppercut by Harper and Harper is sent to the outside and bumps into a cameraman in the process. Harper grabs the arm but Reigns flips out of it and jawjacks him in the corner. Reigns tosses him out to the other corner but is having troubles with his left arm. Harper grabs the head of Reigns but Reigns counters with a suplex and Harper heads to the outside to regroup as we cut to commercial.

I guess Tough Enough is live on USA next? I’m confused. I’m assuming it’s a re-run of last week’s show.

Harper has regained control as we are back. Armdrag as Reigns plants his own skull to the mat by not rolling through. Harper continues to work on the arm of Roman Reigns. Reigns is tossed to the outside and he lands on his arm on the floor! Reigns barely beats the count and Harper knees the arm repetitively! Uppercut by Harper and now he kicks the ropes to hurt the arm but Roman tries to fight back with one arm and hits a Saito suplex with one arm but Harper tosses him arm first into the post! What a maneuver on the arm! Rest hold applied by Harper. Reigns fights out of it but we get boo-yay punches and Harper almost crotches himself on the ropes and falls to the outside! Harper back in the ring, Reigns now with kicks and clotheslines. Whipping him to the ropes with one arm and a one arm jumping clothesline! Off the ropes into the corner and Harper gets out of the way and a one armed Samoan Drop by Roman! Roman attacks Bray and a double drive by dropkick onto the Wyatt’s. Bray pulls him off to cause the disqualification! Ambrose gets involved and all four men are brawling to the back! Or so we think, Bray sends Roman into the barricade and Harper locks in a crossface in the center of the ring and here comes Ambrose to break it up and here we go again! Inside out clothesline to Harper by Dean. Sister Abigail into a Superman Punch! The rest of The Shield stands tall in the center of the ring!

Winner: Roman Reigns by disqualification. ****1/2 star match. Perfect psychology, perfect storytelling, I can’t give it a full 5 stars because of the DQ. even though it makes sense to set up what is now a tag team feud.

Seth Rollins is walking backstage, he will address the WWE Universe up next.

We have an amazing video package telling the story between Brock and Undertaker. This will go down at SummerSlam on August 23rd!

We get a look at the Sprint Center. We also get a look at the Undisputed Championship match last night which saw Seth get utterly destroyed, but retained due to the interference by the returning Undertaker. Going from Suplex City and 13 streets of said city, a F5 and we saw The Undertaker bring us to a new city, Tombstone City!

Here he comes, the Undisputed Champion, Seth Rollins! He grabs a mic and says it’s good to see you too Kansas City. But I have to ask you guys a question, how does it feel to be wrong about Seth Rollins again? Don’t act like you didn’t underestimate me, because you fell for Paul Heyman’s propaganda just like everyone else did. I see you with your little Suplex City shirts. I saw you cheer when Brock Lesnar took an axe to a 55k car! I saw you cheer when Brock took Kane and broke his ankle with the steel steps. You thought to yourself, Seth is all by himself, he punched a ticket to Suplex City, hell, he’ll be lucky to survive. And here I am, still you’re Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion! And it’s no question that Brock Lesnar is the most dominate superstar in the WWE. Because he destroyed John Cena and we all know he broke the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania! But I don’t care about Brock Lesnar, I am the most underestimated WWE Champion in history and you disrespect me each and every night. You will never know what I have to do to keep this title around my waist! Everything I do in my life is to keep this championship. We get Justin Bieber chants. Since I have won this title at WrestleMania, I have taken every test and passed it with flying colors. Every means has come to an end, I am the end-all, be-all in this business. It looks like Brock Lesnar’s past caught up to him last night, but I can’t help to think I was robbed. I need to rectify that, so Lillian Garcia, make your way into the ring please. This could get interesting.

Lillian is in the ring now. Lillian, one thing was missing from the match last night. There was an announcement that was missing, so if you would, the floor is yours. Ladies and Gentleman..your winner by disqualification…due to outside interference by The Undertaker…Brock Lesnar! However, still your WWE Undisputed Champion, Seth Rollins…oh no…not now? The singing of John Cena Sucks begins, yet it’s not time for the Open Challenge? The open challenge was not even advertised tonight!

Cena has the mic. He thanks Lillian but says she no longer has to deal with his crap, and everyone in this arena no longer has to deal with this crap. Seth says John Cena ladies and gentleman! Look John, I don’t know what you’re doing out here. None of my business is concerned to you, and nothing I do concerns you right now. But I want to congratulate yourself  on a big win on Kevin Owens last night, but I think you’re here to do the Open Challenge so I’ll take my leave. Cena tells Seth to come back in here. Both men won their titles on the same night, for four months we have seen excellence from champion and challenger. Actions speak louder than words, your actions each and every day have lost respect for the WWE Championship and have gained respect for the US Championship, calling Seth a poor excuse of a champion to boot. John you come out here and say that is a symbol of excellence, and defend it against every joe schmoe in the locker room, because my title you have to earn a shot at it. Don’t talk to me like that I am not a boy, I am a man. I don’t care what you have to say and you can do every open challenge you like and I’ll continue to be the champ! Seth so walk away from every challenge you have had in your career ever since being the future of the WWE. Are you tired of being a boy? It is not the title that makes the man, it is the man that makes the title! Oh god, here we go. The scenario I have been dreading. John Cena may be in line to win his 16th world championship. Thankfully Rollins gets the heck out of dodge.

John Cena will team up with Orton and Cesaro to face the team of Kevin Owens, Rusev and Sheamus in a six man tag team match.

We get a look at Tough Enough tomorrow night.

We get it, Eva and the Bella’s hate each other, stop showing this!

We get a great look at the revolution being born! The debut of Becky Lynch! Charlotte! And NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks! Not Grey Cole, Banks! The NXT Divas standing tall in the middle of the ring!

Team Bella are on commentary. Oh my god yes! For the first time since the Shimmer days! Paige and Becky Lynch will be in a tag team match as a unit! Charlotte accompanies them to the ring. If you have never seen Paige and Becky team up, you are in for a treat. Naomi and Sasha Banks make their way to the ring accompanied by Tamina!

Paige and Becky Lynch vs. Naomi and Sasha Banks

Becky and Sasha start it off as we have a rematch from a recent NXT Takeover event. They jump into the lockup and we get a clean break. Back into the lockup and Becky tosses her down, following up with a pair of Japanese Armdrags! Sasha fights out of the armdrag and Naomi tags in and is throwing hambones in the corner! Tossing Becky down but Becky bridges out o the corner and takes her down, a trio of legdrops by Becky for two! Rest hold applied by Becky and Paige is tagged in. Paige trips Naomi down for two. Naomi charges her onto the corner and Sasha tags in but Paige fights out of it and tries to slam her down but Sasha is slammed instead. Becky tags in and Paige with a knee and Becky with a springboard boot in the corner. Naomi with a distraction and Sasha takes her down, ground and pound by Sasha as Becky is choked on the ropes as we go to a commercial!

We get another look at Tough Enough.

Naomi slams Becky down as we come back from the break. Naomi slams her down again for a tow count and she goes into a rest hold. Alicia Fox explains why she joined Team Bella, Sasha Banks talks trash during the commercial, back to the life action as Naomi has a front facelock applied and hammerfists to the back of Becky Lynch. Naomi with a knee to the gut and somewhat of a slingblade for two. Sasha tags in and she stomps the gut of Becky in the corner. Sasha grabs the hair of Becky and a bitch slap by Sasha for two! Discus forearm by Sasha to Paige and Becky takes her to the corner and Naomi tags in. Beautiful double team by the BAD members. I hate to bring this up but why the hell does Naomi have lite-brite boots? Back to the action as Becky and Naomi are trading blows, and Naomi hits the Rear View for two. Sasha tags back in with a bow and arrow! Backstabber by Sasha to gain a better grip on the bow and arrow.  Becky with a kick to fight out of it after Sasha’s clothesline is ducked. Becky is fighting out of the corner, rolling through and she almost makes it. Kicking Sasha out and Paige and Naomi are tagged in and Paige like a house of fire with clotheslines, kicks, dropkicks, punches, takedowns and now locking in the PTO! Sasha breaks it up! Paige tosses her out of the ring and also takes out Tamina. Naomi trips Paige neck first into the ropes. Sasha tags in and locks in the Banks Statement! Paige has no choice but to tap out! What a match!

Winners as a result of a Submission: Sasha Banks and Naomi! ***** star match!

We have seen two absolute classics from the Divas here tonight, this is what the #GiveDivasAChance Movement has been all about, for this revolution, for this moment! Where Divas are actually given a damn and not looked upon as a pair of tits and an ass! This is why I love women’s wrestling!

We go from that to a sausage fest, a boxing movie, we all know how Vince loves his boxing. We go to Jake Gillinhall and the movie SouthPaw. We get comments from Tough Enough Trainers Billy Gunn, Booker T and Lita on how the training for this movie was intense. Jake has made himself in amazing sense..and oh yea..R Rated movie put on a PG show..nice job WWE. I mean I get why you showed it, but come on now!

The six man main event is up next!

The Diva Revolution will continue as Naomi and Sasha Banks will take on the Bella Twins on Smackdown tomorrow night (taped for Thursday)! But will that be the main event? Only time will tell.

Cole shills the Network, which is free for new subscribers only.

We head to the battle between Lana and Summer Rae, but we also saw the miracle recovery of Rusev and making sure Dolph Ziggler left on a stretcher! We have not seen Ziggler since.

Renee Young is with Lana. It’s been two weeks since Ziggler has been diagnosed with a broken trachea, Lana tells us that Ziggler is recovering at home, there is no damage to his windpipe. Summer walks in and has a new outfit that honestly looks like Lana’s. Summer says she thinks she looks smarter, and she will keep it since Rusev likes it. Speaking of Rusev, he walks in and says Summer looks beautiful, almost angel like. But his actions are better than his words and they kiss. He must go now for his match. He says Lana doesn’t look too good, she might need some rest. He leaves and Summer bitch slaps Lana!

Cesaro makes his way to the ring with a new jacket. Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. The rest of our main event competitors will come out up next!

John Cena is in the ring. We learn that John Cena will grant a wish on SportsCenter at 6PM! Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring. Rusev and Summer Rae make their way to the ring. Mr. Money In The Bank, Sheamus makes his way to the ring. Now as a reminder, he can cash in that briefcase at anytime for a shot at the Undisputed title.

WWE United States champion John Cena, Cesaro, and Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens, Sheamus, and Rusev in a 6-man tag team match

John Cena and Kevin Owens kick things off, this is a continuation from last night at Battleground. Both men circle the ring and Owens tags in Rusev. A very smart man as this is a continuation from a few PPV’s ago. Cena already hits some shoulder tackles but Rusev with a fallaway slam. Rusev stomps on Cena and now Owens tags in to pick up the scraps. Ground and pound by Owens and several boots to the face of Cena. A right hand takes Cena down, Pop-Up Powerbomb into the STF but Owens breaks out of it and hits a DDT! Cena rolls to the ropes and Owens misses the cannonball senton! Both men needing a tag and here comes Cesaro and Sheamus, Cesaro with a crossbody and a flurry of European Uppercuts and now going into the swing, Cesaro tosses Owens over his head, Rusev with a superkick, cover and kickout as we cut to break.

We see Daniel Bryan promoting 5 Hour Energy.

Who’s dream will be over? Find out tomorrow night on Tough Enough!

Superstars talk about poop and Paige messes with Superstars as Swerved will be on the WWE Network live after our main event on Raw!

Sheamus has Cesaro in a deep chinlock as we come back. Cesaro with a suplex gets out of it and Owens makes the tag to toss Cesaro out of the ring and onto the apron. Cesaro somehow fights everyone off and hangs on but Sheamus is tagged in and is going crazy with knees and axe handle smashes! We get you look stupid chants for Fella. Fella takes him into the corner and tags in Rusev. Cesaro fights him off and goes from a torture rack into a slam! That was incredible! Owens tags in and Cesaro with the boot and Eurocuts to everyone! Codebreaker by Owens! Sheamus and Owens are fighting now! Double axe handle by Sheamus and now he takes his case and goes home! Walking away from his team! This is now a 3 on 2 match! Cesaro and Owens are down. Rusev is on the outside and being tending to by Summer. Rusev is back up and tags in. Superkick to Rusev by Owens. Owens now walks away. This is now a 3 on 1 situation. Rusev and Cesaro are down! Orton tags in and has a flurry of clotheslines followed by a powerslam! Knee to the gut by Rusev and Orton kicks him in the gut and tosses him down. Delayed exploder suplex by Orton. Vintage ropes DDT by Orton. RKO into a superkick! Lana is making her way down to the ring! Lana and Summer are taking their shoes off! Lana tosses her shoe and she spears Summer! We got a catfight Maggle! Rusev is livid! Cena is in for a AA, Cesaro with the swing, he slingshots him to Orton for a RKO! Orton picks up the win!

Winners: John Cena, Randy Orton and Cesaro! **** star match! For Raw Standards this was a great main event, the storytelling was again on point. I had to give another star for the slingshot RKO. Just a thing of beauty.

Cesaro, Cena and Orton stand tall! Goodnight from Kansas City!

Source: http://www.ringsidenews.com