WWE Monday Night RAW 08 24 2015

WWE RAW Logo 2015

WWE Monday Night RAW
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Date: August 24, 2015
Commentators: Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton

Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with Triple H at WWE headquarters in Stamford, taped earlier today, with WWE United States and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. Triple H gives him props for the win over John Cena at SummerSlam. He says Rollins is no longer the future – he’s the man. Triple H says it’s time for Rollins to take his place besides greats like Bruno Sammartino. Tonight, Rollins will get his own statue. Rollins says this is the greatest accomplishment of his career. He thanks Triple H from the bottom of his heart. They hug and we go to the RAW opening video.

– We’re live from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn as Michael Cole welcomes us. He’s joined by JBL and Byron Saxton. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs. The Wyatt Family will take place tonight. Also, Jon Stewart will address his actions at SummerSlam.

– We go to the ring and out comes Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman to a big pop.

Lesnar and Heyman are pissed as they march to the ring. Fans chant “Suplex City” as they enter the ring. Heyman says he’s the pissed off advocate for The Beast of Barclays. Heyman asks what the hell happened here last night. He asks how we went from Lesnar forcing The Undertaker to tap out, to a scenario where the history books show The Undertaker finally getting a win over Lesnar. Fans boo. Heyman goes on and shows us a replay, saying the video does not lie. Heyman says Taker being immortal is a fairy tale and he got tapped out by Lesnar last night. Heyman says this was Taker admitting Lesnar is a better man, a better wrestler and a better fighter. Heyman compares Taker to a kid getting his ass kicked in the schoolyard and some fans cheer. Lesnar smirks. Heyman says Lesnar does not blame the referee because he didn’t see the tap. He also doesn’t blame the timekeeper. We see Berkley Ottman, son of Fred Ottman, sitting in the timekeeper area. Fans boo him and Heyman says only in Brooklyn do people boo compassion. Heyman brings up how Taker collapsed on the stage before making it backstage and says it’s all over the internet. Heyman says he has enough material to last all three hours of RAW and fans cheer. They start a big “yes!” chant next.

Heyman goes on about the match and says Lesnar wants one more match with The Undertaker. However, he doesn’t want it at WrestleMania or Royal Rumble, he wants to do it Brooklyn style. Lesnar takes off his shirt and waits for a fight as fans chant “Suplex City.” The music hits and out comes Bo Dallas running a lap around the ring.

Bo tells “Mr. Brock” he has good news and bad news. The bad news is Lesnar passed out last night at SummerSlam. But the good news is that he eventually woke up and probably had a sweet dream, a good dream like he actually beat The Undertaker. Bo says that dream can come true if Lesnar just Bo-lieves. Lesnar laughs and fans chant “Suplex City” as Bo tells him to Bo-lieve again. Lesnar runs over him to a big pop. Lesnar starts hitting several German suplexes, manhandling Bo. Fans chant for one more and Lesnar hits #4. Lesnar leaves the ring as his music hits. Heyman taunts him on the stage and Lesnar turns around. Lesnar goes back to the ring and Bo is still lying face down, knocked out. Lesnar hits another German suplex but fans want one more. He leaves the ring and they boo. Lesnar’s music hits again but Heyman tries to talk him into going back to the ring. Lesnar turns around and fans pop. Lesnar goes back in and grabs Bo for a F5. Heyman takes the mic and says Lesnar does Bo-lieve. Lesnar drops Bo with a F5 and once again his music hits as they leave.

– Still to come, Team PCB will be on MizTV. Also, new WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day. We go to commercial.

WWE tag team champions The New Day vs. The Lucha Dragons in a non-title match

Back from the break and out comes Sin Cara and Kalisto. Darren Young and Titus O’Neil are on commentary. New WWE tag team champions Big E and Kofi Kingston make their way to the ring. Fans are chanting for the group. Big E stops and introduces their feature presentation – Xavier Woods. He comes out with a trombone and they sing about being champions, being fresh and clean, their gear being “on fleek” and Brooklyn being dirty.

Kofi starts off with Cara going at it. Cara counters and slams Kofi before tagging in Kalisto. Kalisto with offense and a 2 count. Kalisto ends up sending Kofi to the floor. Big E comes in but Kalisto kicks him to the floor. Kalisto leaps out but they catch him. Cara runs the ropes next and dives out onto all three of them. They come back in and do the “lucha!” chant as we go to commercial.

We come back and Woods is playing the trombone at ringside. Kalisto finally gets a tag and unloads on Kofi. Big E saves a tag. Cara comes in and sends Big E to the floor. Big E pulls Cara out and he lands on his head. Kofi slams Kalisto on his face and tags in Big E for the double team and the non-title win.

Winners: The New Day

– After the match, the music hits and out comes The Dudleys to a huge pop. They hit the ring and nail Woods at ringside. They unload on Kofi and Big E before dumping them both. Fans go nuts as they call for a table and put Woods through it with the Dudley Death Drop. They go to ringside and have words with The Prime Time Players before going back in the ring as fans cheer.

– Still to come, Jon Stewart will be here. Back to commercial.

– We get a look at John Cena’s 500th Make-A-Wish during SummerSlam Week. We see Wish Kid Rocco at ringside with his family. Cole says he got to walk down the ramp with Cena while his music played earlier today.

– Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are backstage looking at Seth Rollins’ statue and we see it for the first time. It features Rollins in his hear with both titles. He walks in and they cover it back up. Rollins thanks them for everything they’ve done for him and WWE as a whole. Rollins says he saw the respect employees have for them when he took the tour at company HQ today. He feels WWE is better with them in charge and they feel the same way about him being champion. Rollins walks off and everyone is all smiles.

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs. The Wyatt Family

We go to the ring and Roman Reigns makes his way through the crowd for this SummerSlam rematch. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Dean Ambrose to a pop. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper are out next. Ambrose and Harper go at it to start. Ambrose unloads and hits a missile dropkick. He knocks Wyatt off the apron and goes out after him. Harper runs the ropes and dives out onto Ambrose. Ambrose clotheslines Harper on the floor. Reigns runs over and hits the Drive By on Wyatt. We go to commercial with Reigns and Ambrose standing tall in the ring.

Back from the break and Wyatt and Harper take turns on Ambrose. Ambrose finally turns it around with a tornado DDT. Reigns gets the hot tag to a very mixed reaction. Wyatt take a Samoan Drop and kicks. Reigns with two more throws. Reigns with a clothesline in the corner. He goes for a big right hand and Wyatt decks him. Reigns fights back and slams Wyatt to more boos. Reigns gets ready for a Superman punch and the boos get louder. Wyatt blocks it. Reigns decks Harper off the apron. Wyatt slams Reigns for a 2 count as Ambrose comes in. Harper comes in and they clothesline each other. Ambrose ends up diving out onto Wyatt and rolling him back in. Reigns with a Jackhammer on Wyatt, dropping him hard on his head. Harper comes back in with superkicks for both men. JBL calls it a “superkick party.” The end comes when Reigns blocks Sister Abigail and hits a Superman punch. Ambrose dives out onto Harper. The match ends when the lights go out and a man appears on the apron in a mask. He removes the mask and its NXT Superstar and former tough man Braun Stowman. He lays out Reigns and then fights off both Reigns and Ambrose. He then manhandles Reigns and chokes him out. Braun slams Reigns again before Ambrose nails him with a kick. It does nothing and Ambrose also gets choked out. The segment ends with The Wyatt Family posing over Ambrose.

Winners: Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns by disqualification

– Back from the break and the announcers talk about what just happened.

– We go to the ring for MizTV with The Miz. He talks about Team PCB winning at SummerSlam and out comes Becky Lynch, Paige and Charlotte. Paige talks about Becky getting the pin. Becky says it’s not about who pinned who. Paige says they won because they don’t look at their team like three separate Divas. Charlotte says her dad taught her about being a cohesive unit. She brings up the Four Horsemen. Miz says he’s friends with Ric Flair. He says Flair taught him the Figure Four and he perfected it. Charlotte says Miz really has lived up to Flair’s legacy. Miz names what he has done and says he surpassed Flair’s legacy. Miz tries to encourage competition between Team PCB but they’re not having it. They’re open to any challenge but they’re a unit. Out comes Team Bella’s Brie Bella, Alicia Fox and WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella.

Nikki says as long as she’s champion, Team Bella will be the dominant team. Brie talks as they walk to the ring and we get a “we want Sasha” chant. They enter the ring and Alicia has words with Becky. Nikki says nobody has to prove anything to anyone and wins or losses don’t matter. She talks about becoming the longest reigning Divas Champion in just 22 days. She says they can keep their SummerSlam win because all that matters is the title. Both teams argue and Miz starts yelling at them to shut up. Fans cheer. Miz starts insulting them and says they wrestle like a bunch of girls. Team PCB backs Miz up against the ropes and a “kick his ass” chant starts. Team Bella attacks Team PCB from behind and fans boo. Miz retreats as Team Bella clears the ring. Fans chant for Sasha Banks as we go to commercial.

Team Bella vs. Team PCB

Back from the break and the match is in progress. Charlotte works over Brie until Nikki comes in. Nikki mushes her and Charlotte fires back. Paige tags in and hits Nikki with a bunch of knees on the apron. Paige with a kick and a 2 count. Becky comes in and works on Nikki’s arm.

Nikki turns it around on Becky but gets rolled up for a 2 count. More back and forth between the two. Becky continues working on the arm. Charlotte comes in and takes Nikki down by her arm. Paige comes back in but Nikki ends up hitting a spinebuster. They still keep Nikki from tagging and make more tags. Charlotte and Becky double team Nikki. Alicia and Brie run in but get taken out by Charlotte and Becky. Charlotte leaps out onto Team Bella as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Nikki has control of Charlotte. They end up on the floor and come back in. Nikki keeps up the attack and tags in Alicia. We see fans doing the wave in the crowd. Paige finally gets the tag and unloads on Alicia. They go at it as fans chant “we are awesome” or “we want Sasha” again. Paige keeps up the attack on Alicia and knocks The Bella Twins off the apron. She goes for the PTO on Alicia and locks it in but Brie kicks her. Becky runs in for Brie but gets slammed on her face. Brie kicks Charlotte to the floor. Nikki runs in with a huge forearm on Paige while the referee is distracted. Alicia takes advantage, hits the scissors kick and gets the win.

Winners: Team Bella

– After the match, we go to replays as Team Bella celebrates and makes their exit.

– Still to come – Kevin Owens, Rusev, Big Show and Sheamus vs. Ryback, Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton. Back to commercial.

Stardust vs. Neville

Back from the break and out comes Stardust and King Barrett. Stardust ends up attacking Barrett and laying him out. Stardust waits in the corner and out comes Neville. They go at it. Neville drops him and goes for Red Arrow but Stardust scrambles out of the ring and retreats Neville looks on from the corner as his music hits.

– We get a look back at Seth Rollins’ big win at SummerSlam. Jon Stewart is backstage walking as we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and out comes Jon Stewart to a mixed reaction. He receives “thank you” chants. He says he turned on John Cena at SummerSlam because he could not let Cena tie Ric Flair with 16 world title reigns, not on his watch. Stewart says to him, “the champ is Flair!” The music hits and out comes Ric Flair to a big pop. Flair struts down the ramp.

Flair hits the ring and dances around. He appreciates what Stewart did but he was rooting for Cena last night. Fans boo Flair. Flair says the record will be broken sooner or later but he wants it to be by someone he respects. Fans boo some more and Flair says they don’t have to like it but it’s coming from the best thing going. Stewart is full of “whooo’s” as says God is here tonight. They go on and Flair says Stewart has messed everything up. The music hits and out comes John Cena as fans sing their remixed version of his theme song.

Cena thanks fans for the dueling chants but says it’s time for business – he and Stewart need to talk. Stewart asks about what. The “Ce-na sucks” chant starts again. Cena says what Stewart did is fine. He’s at peace with Stewart not wanting him to tie Flair’s record but Rollins is still WWE World Heavyweight Champion and is now the United States Champion. Stewart says he didn’t think it through. Cena talks about how he’s defended the US Title and made it mean something. Cena calls Stewart a dumb… he stops himself. Stewart says Cena seems upset and makes a joke. Cena yells that this is not a comedy show. Cena says Stewart has punchlines but he has punch lines of his own. Stewart says it was a beautiful match last night and he respects Cena for being a fighting champion but he’s been a fan for years and as good as Cena is, he couldn’t see Cena tying Flair’s record against Rollins. Stewart apologizes for not seeing it through but that’s what happened.

Stewart tries to put some positive spin on the situation and says now Cena can win the title back. Cena understands Stewart did what he had to do and knows Stewart will understand that he’s about to do the same. Cena nails Stewart with an Attitude Adjustment to a mixed reaction. Flair looks out over Stewart and smiles. Cena quickly makes his exit as Flair and a trainer check on Stewart. We see Stewart slowly getting to his feet and helped out of the ring by several WWE referees and a trainer.

– Still to come, Rollins will get his own statue unveiled. Also, the big eight-man tag match. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Renee Young catches up with Cena backstage. He says he needed to have a talk with Stewart and is going to have one later with Rollins.

WWE Intercontinental champion Ryback, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, and Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens, Sheamus, Big Show, and Rusev

Dolph Ziggler and Lana are out first followed by Cesaro. WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback is out next followed by Randy Orton. Rusev and Summer Rae are out first for their team. Kevin Owens is out next followed by Big Show and then Sheamus.

Ryback and Rusev go at it to start. Ryback with an early Thesz Press and some manhandling of Rusev. Cesaro tags in and catches Rusev in mid-air with a big slam for a 2 count. Ziggler tags in and dropkicks Rusev while Cesaro holds him. Rusev blocks a DDT and ducks a superkick, rolling to the floor to regroup. Ryback runs around and runs over Rusev with a shoulder. Fans chant “feed me more” as both teams argue at ringside and we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Ziggler is fighting off Big Show. Show throws him to the corner. Ziggler goes to the top but Show chops him out of the air. Show yells at fans for the retire chants and chops Ziggler in the corner. Show with another big slam. Ziggler fights back but Show runs him over again. Show keeps yelling about how he’s a giant. Owens tags in to a pop and he unloads on Ziggler.

Owens drops Ziggler over the top rope and splashes him for a 2 count. Owens with more offense until Sheamus comes in. Sheamus keeps control of Ziggler and stops him from tagging with the Irish Curse. Sheamus stands tall as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Ziggler fights off a chokeslam and nails a big DDT on Show. Rusev tags in and stops Ziggler from tagging. Lana tackles Summer at ringside and they brawl as fans cheer for Lana. Rusev is distracted, leading to Ziggler hitting the Fame-asser. Owens tags in but Ziggler still tags. Cesaro tags in and unloads on Owens. Cesaro with the running uppercuts in the corners. Owens goes for the Cesaro Swing on Owens but Rusev runs in. He drops Owens and does the Swing on Rusev instead. Owens decks Cesaro and Ryback tags in. He trades big blows with Owens. Owens sends Ryback into the turnbuckle. He goes for the cannonball but Ryback catches him with a spinebuster. Ryback nails a Meathook on Owens and goes for Shellshocked but Owens slides out and pushes him into Show. Show pushes back and Owens rolls Ryback up for 2. They both collide with clotheslines and go down.

Orton and Sheamus come in and go at it now. Orton with a powerslam and the second rope draping DDT. Orton dropkicks Show on the apron but turns around to Sheamus going for a slam. Show accidentally hits the knockout punch on Sheamus while going for Orton. Orton hits the RKO on Sheamus for the win.

Winners: Randy Orton, Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler and Ryback

– After the match, the babyfaces watch as Rusev comes in to yell at Show. Owens also has something to say. Show tells them to calm down before shoving them both to the mat. Owens comes back but Show grabs his throat. Rusev kicks Show for the save. Owens sends him into the corner. Rusev whips Owens’ cannonball into Show in the corner and they leave. The babyfaces come in and surround Show now. Ziggler nails a superkick. Ryback and Cesaro press Show up and drop him into a RKO from Orton. They post to Orton’s music as we go to replays.

– We get a look back at Lesnar and The Undertaker at SummerSlam. Cole calls them both future Hall of Famers. Still to come, Rollins gets his statue. Back to commercial.

– Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt backstage in their usual setting. Wyatt says the world witnesses Roman Reigns’ moment of glory at SummerSlam and he hopes Reigns cherished it because it’s over. Wyatt says we witnessed “her greatest” gift tonight. He introduces Braun Stowman and says he is Sister Abigail’s black sheep.

– Stephanie and Triple H approach John Cena backstage. She calls him a sore loser for what he did to Stewart. Stephanie says he can’t get involved in the celebration for Rollins tonight and she has security escort him out of the arena with his hands behind his back. Stephanie does the “you can’t see me” taunt in Cena’s face as they take him away.

– Still to come, Rollins gets his statue. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and out comes Triple H with Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie says she’s going to get in trouble for what she’s about to do. She says tonight is a celebration for Seth Rollins but another man is celebrating too – her father Vince McMahon. She knows he won’t come out but she leads the crowd in singing “happy birthday” to him. Fans chant “we want Vince” and Stephanie says she doesn’t think he’s coming out. Triple H laughs and says Vince is so pissed off in the back right now.

Triple H starts talking about Seth Rollins and praising him big time. Triple H says Rollins deserves to be immortalized in bronze. He introduces the WWE World Heavyweight and United States Champion Seth Rollins and out he comes to a pop.

Rollins thanks everyone and says this is a historic night for everyone in the WWE Universe. Rollins goes on and takes a shot at the Brooklyn Nets. Rollins says heroes get remembered but legends never die and when he defeated John Cena at SummerSlam, becoming the first man to hold the WWE and the US Title at the same time, he became a legend. Rollins says he becomes immortal with this statue. Rollins goes on about Cena and says he’s worked every single day to become the man. Rollins says Cena has been the man for the past 10 years, that is true, but to be the man you’ve got to beat the man, and that’s what he did at SummerSlam. Rollins says when they unveil the statue, like Triple H said he is no longer the future, he’s the man. Rollins goes on about the statue, naming Bruno Sammartino, Andre the Giant and The Ultimate Warrior, who also have statues. Rollins says it’s time and he can’t wait anymore. He asks twice if Brooklyn is ready. We get a drum roll and when the curtain is raised, Sting is standing there to a huge pop.

Triple H and Stephanie quickly leave the ring. Rollins charges and Sting unloads with rights. Sting takes Rollins to the corner and gets a big pop. He hits the Stinger Splash and clotheslines Rollins out of the ring. He joins Stephanie and Triple H. Sting picks up the WWE World Heavyweight Title belt and Stephanie yells “never!” at him. Sting’s music hits as Rollins and The Authority throw a fit. RAW goes off the air.

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