WWE Monday Night RAW 08 03 2015

WWE RAW Logo 2015

WWE Monday Night RAW
Location: San Jose, CA
Date: August 3, 2015
Commentators: Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton

Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with a graphic in memory of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. We see the entire WWE roster in Piper t-shirts, Vince McMahon, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon out on the stage. Lilian Garcia leads a ten-bell salute for The Hot Rod. Piper’s music starts playing as we go to a tribute video.

– We get the normal RAW opening video before the pyro goes off and Michael Cole welcomes us. He’s joined by JBL and Byron Saxton. Cole hypes tonight’s six-man match with Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton vs. Sheamus, Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt.

– We go to the ring and out comes WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins to a lot of boos.

Rollins takes the mic and says only one person in WWE can slow him down and that person is named Seth Rollins. Rollins says he has a problem that’s been plaguing him – sympathy. He’s too sympathetic for his own good. Rollins brings up the knee to John Cena that broke his nose last week. This receives a mixed reaction. We get a look back at when the injury happened last week. Rollins says it was disgusting… he felt Cena’s nose crack on his knee. He heard the pop when it shattered and at first, he didn’t feel bad. Rollins goes on and shows us the up-close photos of Cena backstage with his nose busted up. Rollins asks who wouldn’t feel sympathy for a face like that? Rollins knows Cena is at home in bed nursing his wounds but he has a proposition. Rollins proposes they do it one more time – Cena vs. Rollins, winner takes both titles at SummerSlam. Rollins says for the first time, one Superstar will hold both the US and the WWE Title. He goes on to announce a WWE World Heavyweight Title Open Challenge for tonight’s RAW and it will be right after the commercial.

WWE world heavyweight champions match: Neville vs. WWE world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins

Back from the break and JoJo is in the ring with Rollins. She asks if this Open Challenge is legitimate and he says it is, he received verification from The Authority but they had two stipulations – his opponent must be under 6 feet tall and under 200 pounds. She mentions El Torito and Rollins calls him out. The Los Matadores music hits but stops and the music of Neville hits instead. Neville fits the bill and makes his way out to answer the challenge.

We get formal ring introductions from Lilian. The bell rings and they go at it trading holds. They go to the mat with more quick back and forth. Fans chant for Neville. Neville gets the upperhand and they lock up so Rollins can take it to the corner. Rollins with a right hand. Rollins stomps away in the corner now. Rollins with more offense in the corner. Rollins runs into a boot and Neville nails a head scissors. Rollins goes to the floor and Neville leaps out onto him for a big pop. Neville brings it back in the ring and goes to the top but Rollins moves out of the way. Neville runs and knocks Rollins over the top. Neville goes back to the top and hits a big corkscrew onto Rollins and the floor. Neville stands tall as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and they’re going at it. Rollins is in control and gets another 2 count. Rollins keeps Neville grounded with a headlock now. Neville fights back and kicks Rollins. Rollins runs into an elbow. Neville with more offense now. Rollins counters and slams Neville by his neck for a 2 count. Rollins goes to the top but Neville kicks him on the way down. Neville with a unique takedown from behind for a close 2 count. More good back and forth and close calls. Neville goes up top for Red Arrow but Rollins rolls out of the way and nails a big clothesline. Rollins goes for a Pedigree but Neville counters with a very close 2 count. Neville runs into a kick in the corner as fans boo the referee for what they thought was a 3 count by Neville.

Rollins drops Neville and goes to the top. Neville runs up and grabs Rollins on the top, bringing him down with a big hurricanrana. Neville goes up for Red Arrow and nails it but Rollins gets his foot on the bottom rope right before the 3 count. The crowd goes nuts with Neville. Fans chant “one more time” at Neville now. He goes up for another Red Arrow but Rollins rolls out of the way. Rollins grabs Neville and nails a Pedigree as fans boo. Rollins covers for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

– After the match, we go to replays. Rollins celebrates before going to the back.

– Still to come, our six-man main event and an eight-man tag team match. Back to commercial.

Los Matadores and The Lucha Dragons vs. The New Day and The Ascension in an 8-man tag team match

Back from the break and WWE tag team champions The Prime Time Players are on commentary. El Torito, Los Matadores, Sin Cara and Kalisto wait in the ring with The Ascension. Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston are out next. Woods starts screaming from ringside. Kalisto starts off with Kofi.

They go at it and Fernando tags in for a splash on Kofi on the ropes. Diego tags in with a senton and a 2 count. Fernando tags back in and they double team Kofi now. Kofi rams him back to the corner and Viktor tags in. Viktor ends up pushing Fernando to the floor and we go to commercial with The New Day taunting him at ringside.

Back from the break and we get a lot more back and forth between the teams. They end up on the floor and there’s chaos. Torito stops Woods from getting on the apron but this leads to Kofi hitting Trouble In Paradise on Kalisto for the win.

Winners: The New Day and The Ascension

– After the match, Darren Young and Titus O’Neil stand up and taunt The New Day with their titles.

– We see Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Paige walking backstage. Back to commercial.

The Bella Twins vs. Charlotte and Becky Lynch

Back from the break and WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella is out with Brie Bella and Alicia Fox. We get a sidebar video from earlier today with Team Bella. Nikki says the Divas Revolution really began when she won the title over 250 days ago. Out next comes Charlotte, Paige and Becky Lynch. We also get a video from them. Charlotte says the Revolution starts and ends with them. Paige calls them the Submission Sorority. Brie starts off with Becky.

They lock up and go to the ropes. Becky shoves her off. They go to lock up again and Becky grabs her. They trade holds and Brie takes Becky down. More back and forth. Becky with three leg drops and a tag to Charlotte with a knee drop. Charlotte with a 2 count. Charlotte ends up getting kicked in the face by Nikki, who tagged in. Nikki with a 2 count. They lock up and Charlotte rolls Nikki up for a pin attempt. Charlotte keeps Nikki grounded now.

Charlotte goes for the Figure Eight but Nikki kicks her off. Brie provides a distraction on the apron and Nikki yanks Charlotte off the second rope. Nikki covers for a 2 count. Brie tags in and they double team Charlotte for another 2 count. Brie with knees to Charlotte’s back now. Charlotte gets up with Brie on her back and drops her with a neckbreaker. Becky tags in and unloads on Brie for a 2 count. Becky gets the Disarm-Her but Brie makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. They pull Brie to safety. Becky slides out and drops Nikki. Becky turns around to Brie dropping her on the floor. Brie with another shot as Team Bella poses over Becky and we go to commercial.

Back from the break and The Bellas have dominated during the commercial. Nikki is in control of Becky now. Becky fights back but Nikki drops her for another 2 count. Brie tags in for more double teaming and a 2 count. We see Team BAD’s Sasha Banks, Naomi and Tamina Snuka looking on backstage. Brie unloads on stomps in the corner. Brie with a bulldog and another 2 count.

Brie hits the running knee against the ropes but Becky still kicks out at 2. Brie keeps Becky grounded now. They end up colliding in the middle of the ring and both go down. Nikki and Charlotte tag in at the same time. Charlotte hits Flair chops and knocks Brie off the apron. Charlotte with a neckbreaker and a spear on Nikki for a 2 count as Brie saves it. Becky with a t-bone suplex on Brie, sending her to the floor. Nikki ducks a boot from Charlotte and hits a spinebuster for a 2 count. They trade counters and Charlotte goes for the Figure Eight, locking it in. Nikki taps in the middle of the ring.

Winners: Becky Lynch and Charlotte

– After the match, Paige runs in the ring to celebrate with Charlotte and Becky as Alicia and Brie pull Nikki to safety. We see Team BAD watching backstage again. JoJo approaches them for comment. She says it appears Becky, Charlotte and Paige just took control of the Divas division. Team BAD knocks JoJo and Naomi issues a challenge to Paige tonight. Naomi says she’s tired of hearing about Ronda Rousey because they are the baddest women on the planet, not her.

– Still to come, Brock Lesnar returns. Plus our six-man tag match. Also, MizTV with Cesaro and Kevin Owens. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and The Miz is in the ring for MizTV. He says this is the second most must see show of all-time as Piper’s Pit is #1. Miz names a bunch of wrestling talk show segments and says none of them would have happened if it weren’t for Piper’s Pit. Miz says Roddy Piper will be missed and then welcomes us to MizTV. He does some bragging and then wants Ryback to vacate the Intercontinental Title since he’s unable to defend it. Miz thinks he should get the title. Miz says as hot as he is, his two guests are also on fire and he brings out Kevin Owens first.

Miz asks why Cesaro has an issue with Owens. Owens says it’s because Cesaro is jealous of him. Owens starts talking about what he’s accomplished but the music interrupts and out comes Cesaro in a suit.

Miz says Cesaro is supposed to wait but he welcomes him anyway. Fans chant Cesaro’s name. Miz asks if Cesaro came to pick a fight. Cesaro tells him to relax; he just wanted to hear what “Walk Owens Walk” has to say. Owens says Cesaro is jealous of him because he’s succeeded where Cesaro has failed. Owens says Cesaro will never reach his level in the business. Cesaro says he’s disgusted by Owens because he disrespects himself, the WWE universe and anyone who steps in the ring. Cesaro calls Owens an embarrassment. Owens stands up and tosses his chair. Cesaro laughs at him for the chair sticking to him. Owens fires back and they have words. Cesaro says he’s good at fighting so if Owens wants to go, they can go. Miz says this is what MizTV is all about and Owens tell him to shut up, let the guys who really know how to fight do it. Owens says he will fight anyone but only for a price and tonight is not the night. He goes to leave and Cesaro taunts him, getting a “Walk Owens Walk” chant going. Miz yells at Cesaro and Owens comes back and blindsides both of them. Cesaro turns it around and goes for the Cesaro Swing but Owens retreats to the floor and backs up the ramp. Cesaro yells at Owens from the ramp as his music hits. Owens yells back that it will be on his terms.

– Still to come, Paige vs. Naomi. We see Rusev and Summer Rae walking backstage. Back to commercial.

– We come back and see Ronda Rousey’s post-fight tribute to Roddy Piper at UFC 190.

Rusev vs. Mark Henry

We go to the ring and out comes Rusev. Summer Rae is right behind him just a few seconds later. Mark Henry makes his way out next to a good reaction.

Rusev starts pounding on Henry and backs him into the corner but Henry shoves Rusev back a few feet. Rusev comes right back with a dropkick for a 2 count. Rusev stomps and pounds on Henry some more now. Fans chant for Lana as Henry fights out of a hold and slams Rusev. Henry with a pair of clotheslines and a big slam for a 2 count.

Henry runs into an elbow in the corner. Rusev nails a big superkick. Rusev waits and hits another big kick for the win.

Winner: Rusev

– After the match, Summer comes in to pose with Rusev. Rusev nails a third kick on Henry to knock him out of the ring as fans boo.

– The announcers hype this year’s four-hour SummerSlam pay-per-view. JBL reminds us you pay $55 on pay-per-view but just $9.99 on the WWE Network. They plug WWE Swerved and we get a clip with The New Day.

– Still to come, tonight’s six-man match. Bray Wyatt interrupts and appears on the big screen. He’s removing the petals from a flower and Luke Harper is standing behind him. Wyatt cuts a promo on Roman Reigns and Harper has words for Dean Ambrose. Sheamus appears and tells Randy Orton this will be quick and painful. Wyatt tells Sheamus he’s always admired Sheamus’ penchant for brutality. Wyatt says they are friends tonight. He tells the camera to run and we go back to commercial.

Zack Ryder vs. King Barrett

Back from the break and out comes Zack Ryder. King Barrett comes out next. He says Ryder may be the King of the Internet but asks where is his crown? Barrett says Ryder is worth less than the filth on his boot. Barrett wants everyone to say “all hail King Barrett” but they boo him. Barrett strikes first to start the match. Ryder comes flying out of the corner and gets some offense in. Barrett drops him with a knee to the gut for a 2 count. Barrett keeps Ryder grounded now.

Ryder tries to make a comeback and slams Barrett on his face. Barrett runs into knees in the corner. Ryder with a missile dropkick. Ryder with a big right hand in the opposite corner and then the Broski Boot. Barrett counters and drops Ryder on the top turnbuckle. Ryder turns around to a Bullhammer for the win.

Winner: King Barrett

– We come back from a break and Paul Heyman is in the ring. He reminds us that The Undertaker picked this fight and we get a video of Taker’s recent return and attack on Brock Lesnar. Hyman says this was an evil and desperate Taker, not the same one we last saw. Heyman calls Taker a submissive little bitch. Heyman shows us the video from two weeks ago where the two brawled on RAW. We come back and Heyman says Taker can’t rest in peace knowing he can’t and won’t ever defeat The Beast. Heyman introduces his client and out comes Brock Lesnar to a pop.

Lesnar grabs part of the steel steps and brings it in the ring. A chant for Suplex City starts up. Lesnar stands on the steps as Heyman speaks. Heyman reveals that Taker begged Vince McMahon for a rematch against Lesnar at WrestleMania 31 this year but Vince turned him down. Heyman says because Vince knows what will happen the next time Taker and Lesnar face. Heyman says Taker came back and forced WWE’s hand, forcing them to sanction the match at SummerSlam. Heyman bills it as the rematch too big for WrestleMania. Heyman points at the camera and tells Taker he’s going to Suplex City. Heyman says last time Taker needed an ambulance, a hospital and a year off but this time he will need last rites over his career. Heyman says Taker will rest in pieces because he’s met his match. Heyman does another fiery intro for The Beast before his music hits and they make their exit.

Paige vs. Naomi

Back from another break and Paige makes her way out with Becky Lynch and Charlotte. Naomi is out with Tamina Snuka and NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, without her title.

They go to tangle but Naomi hits the ropes for a break. They lock up and Paige takes her down. Back and forth now. Paige with a roll up for 2. Paige nails Naomi for another 2 count. Paige takes Naomi to the corner and hits back elbows. Paige stomps away as we see Team Bella watching backstage. Naomi knocks Paige off and wastes time, leading to Paige coming back in the corner. Paige takes Naomi to the mat now.

Naomi takes control after Sasha provides a distraction. Naomi stomps on Paige now. Naomi with a bulldog into the turnbuckle and a 2 count. Naomi with a headlock now. Naomi keeps control and drops double knees to the face for a 2 count. Naomi with a kick to the face on the apron. Naomi wraps Paige around the ring post now. Naomi slams Paige into the apron and brings her back in for a 2 count. Naomi with a knee to the back. Paige ends up catching Naomi in a fall-away slam. Paige with clotheslines and a dropkick now. More back and forth. Naomi misses a crossbody from the top and Paige gets her in the PTO but she fights out. Paige drops Naomi and gets her in the PTO again, this time for the win.

Winner: Paige

– After the match, the Submission Sorority celebrates in the ring.

– We get replays of Neville vs. Rollins from earlier tonight. Cole leads us to a Facebook video interview with Eden interviewing Stardust, who made another threat to actor Stephen Amell. Cole shows us Amell’s tweet where he says he’s coming to next week’s RAW. Up next, a tribute to The Hot Rod. Back to commercial.

– We come back to a Roddy Piper tribute video. The announcers also talk about The Hot Rod.

– Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are backstage. Ambrose tells Bray Wyatt they’ve come to chew bubblegum and kick ass but are all out of bubblegum, quoting Roddy Piper. Reigns also has words for The Wyatt Family. Randy Orton appears and tells them to just leave Sheamus for him. We go to commercial.

Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Sheamus in a 6-man tag team match

We go the ring and out first comes Randy Orton for tonight’s main event. Dean Ambrose is out next followed by Roman Reigns, who makes his way through the crowd. Sheamus is out first for his team and he’s got his Money In the Bank briefcase. The lights go out and Bray Wyatt makes his way out with Luke Harper next.

Harper starts off with Ambrose and they go at it in the corner. Ambrose unloads with chops. Harper cuts him off and they run the ropes but Ambrose takes him down. Ambrose drops Sheamus on the apron and dumps Harper to the floor. Orton and Reigns come in as we get a big brawl in the ring. Ambrose nails the standing elbow drop on all three opponents on the floor. He comes back in and poses with his teammates as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Sheamus is going at it with Reigns. Reigns drops Sheamus with a huge right hand. Reigns tosses Sheamus to the floor and follows with more offense into the barrier. Sheamus fights back and they trade shots on the floor. Sheamus sends Reigns into the barrier and they come back in the ring. Sheamus rolls back to the floor for a breather and tags in Wyatt but Harper tags himself in. Harper stares Reigns down before they lock up and tangle into the corner.

Reigns rocks Harper but Harper goes for the throat and takes control. Reigns blocks a suplex and hits one of his own. Ambrose tags in and dropkicks Harper. Ambrose with more shots in the corner. Harper ends up hitting a big dropkick and tagging in Wyatt. Wyatt with a headbutt before mounting Ambrose with right hands on the mat. Wyatt takes it to the corner and climbs up for a superplex but hey fight and Ambrose knocks Wyatt to the mat. Harper jumps up and gets knocked to the floor but this allows Wyatt to knock Ambrose from the top to the floor. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Wyatt hits a big clothesline on Ambrose before tagging in Harper, who keeps up the attack on Ambrose. Harper with a scoop slam. He goes for another but Ambrose slides out and hits one of his own. Ambrose sends Harper out but he runs back in and kicks Reigns off the apron, stopping a tag. Ambrose with a neckbreaker on Harper. Ambrose finally tags in Orton as Wyatt also tags in. Orton unloads and nails the powerslam. Orton knocks Sheamus off the apron and tuna around to a right hand from Wyatt. Orton blocks a chokeslam and hits a backbreaker. Wyatt goes to the apron but Orton brings him back in with the second rope draping DDT. Orton drops down for the RKO but Harper runs in and nails him. Ambrose dropkicks Harper to the floor. Ambrose runs and dives out but Harper catches him. Ambrose goes for a clothesline but Harper flattens him on the floor. Harper turns around to a big Superman punch on Reigns. Sheamus and Reigns tag in.

Reigns nails a Samoan Drop and right hands. He also decks Harper. Reigns knocks Sheamus to the floor and hits the Drive By. Reigns with another Drive By on Wyatt on the announce table. Reigns drops Harper with a right hand and goes back in the ring. Wyatt takes a Superman punch off the apron. Sheamus rolls Reigns up for a 2 count. More chaos with Reigns, Orton and Ambrose getting the win.

Winners: Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, and Dean Ambrose

– We see Paige and Steve Austin in the back warming up. RAW goes off the air with Orton, Reigns and Ambrose standing tall.

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