WWE Monday Night RAW 02 20 2017

WWE Monday Night RAW
February 20, 2017
Los Angeles, California
Commentary: Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

In memory of George “The Animal” Steele: 1937-2017.

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video highlights the Festival of Friendship. Chris Jericho gave one strange gift after another to Kevin Owens, including presenting him with Gillberg. In turn, Owens gave him a new list, only it was “The List of KO.” Jericho was the only name on the list. Owens then assaulted Jericho and beat him mercilessly before throwing him through a television.

Kevin Owens addresses Goldberg and Chris Jericho

JoJo introduces the WWE Universal Champion, Kevin Owens. A spotlight is shown in the middle of the ring. All other lights are off. Owens is seated in a steel chair wearing a suit. The crowd boos him and chants, “You suck.” Owens says now that the spotlight is solely where it belongs, he can answer the question that is on everyone’s mind: why? Why does Kevin Owens think he’s going to walk out of Fastlane still the WWE Universal Champion? When he was 15, if someone told him he’d be defending his world title in the main event of a PPV against Goldberg, he’d have told them they were crazy. A “Goldberg” chant fires up. Owens always knew he’d be a champion and in the main event, but it’s crazy who his opponent is. Owens says that chant has followed Goldberg his entire career. That makes Goldberg think he’s invincible and people believe the hype. Owens does not believe the hype. He never did, even when he was a kid and Goldberg was running through everyone in WCW in mere seconds. Goldberg never impressed him ever. How about when he beat Brock Lesnar in 1:26? That only happened because Lesnar took Goldberg lightly and Bill got lucky, but that won’t happen to him at Fastlane because he knows what to expect and do. No one thinks he has a chance of keeping his title at Fastlane, but he’ll have to prove everyone wrong yet again. He’ll be walking out of Fastlane still the champion. The reason why is because at Fastlane, he doesn’t have to beat Goldberg: he just has to outlast him. The longer a Goldberg match goes, the more the scale tips in the favor of his opponent. This won’t be a 90 second sprint. This is his match. He just has to outsmart Goldberg. Goldberg doesn’t come close to him because he knows how to play the game better than anyone else. Owens says he waited to be a champion in WWE his entire life. Now that he is, there is nothing he won’t do to keep it that way.

Goldberg says he came back because he wanted to show his wife, son, and all the kids around the world that superheroes still exist. Goldberg will not be allowed to use his title as a prop in his superhero fantasy. At Fastlane, he’ll show him and his son that superheroes don’t exist. Owens gets up from his seat and pushes it to the side before standing in the spotlight. Owens says Goldberg is just wasting his time because as far as he’s concerned, “YOU’RE… nothing.”

As far as Chris Jericho goes… Owens just drops the microphone and walks off.

Tonight, we’ll see Big Show take on Braun Strowman. Coming up next, Enzo and Cass will take on Cesaro and Sheamus. The winners will become the #1 Contenders for the RAW Tag Team Titles.

Mike’s Thoughts: That was a very good promo from Kevin Owens. The match against Goldberg kind of came out of nowhere with no real drama to the build. Then it was lost in the shuffle with the “Festival of Friendship” last week. Better late than never with PPV build, I suppose. Owens certainly delivered on the promo. I also like how he brought up Chris Jericho only to not say anything at all. I really hope Jericho doesn’t cost him the title at Fastlane. Jericho should be gone for a few weeks at least to put over the beating. Now, as for the start of the show, I could literally feel the internet burning with fake outrage over Ivan Koloff not getting a graphic at the beginning of the show. I feel like they’ll have a video of him at some point or at least recognize it tonight. As for Nicole Bass, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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Before the match begins, Enzo goes through his usual shtick to a big reaction from the crowd. Enzo grabs a sign from a fan of a drawing of a cup that says, “Cuppa Haters.” Enzo says they’re California dreaming if Cesaro and Sheamus think they’re going to beat them. Big Cass says there’s only one word to describe them: S-A-W-F-T!

#1 Contenders’ Match – RAW Tag Team Championships
Cesaro and Sheamus vs. Enzo and Cass

Big Cass starts against Sheamus. They lock up and tussle to the corner. Sheamus punches away at him before Cass turns him around and unload with some right hands. Cass sends him to the corner, but Sheamus sidesteps an avalanche. Sheamus runs him over with a flying leg. Cass counters the 10 Beats and pulls him into the ring. Cass sends him into the ropes, but he lowers his head and eats a kick. Cesaro is tagged in, and they double clothesline Cass for a two count. Sheamus tags back in, and he peppers Cass with strikes. Cass sends him into the ropes and scoop slams him down. Cass punches away at Sheamus before Enzo tags in. Cass throws Enzo into Cesaro before throwing him into Sheamus. Enzo goes to the top rope, but Sheamus punches him off to the floor. Cesaro tags in, and he floors Enzo with a running uppercut. Cesaro mocks Enzo’s “running man” dance.

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We come back from the break to see Sheamus controlling Enzo. Sheamus takes him down with an Irish Curse Backbreaker before dropping a knee for a two count. Cesaro tags in. Sheamus hits a rolling senton, and Cesaro immediately follows up with a double stomp for a two count. Sheamus tags back in and punches Enzo. Cesaro tags in, and Enzo sends him to the floor. Enzo then dumps Sheamus out of the ring. Sheamus quickly pulls him out of the ring. Enzo gets away and dives for a tag, but Cesaro uppercuts him out of mid-air, but Cass breaks it up! Cesaro dropkicks Cass out of the ring. Cesaro charges Enzo in the corner, but Enzo drops him down on the turnbuckle.

Cass and Sheamus are tagged in. Cass shoulder blocks him down before hitting a fall-away slam. Cass splashes him in the corner and goes for a big boot, but Sheamus ducks it. Cesaro tags in. Cass clotheslines Sheamus out of the ring. Cesaro uppercuts Cass, but has a whip reversed. Cesaro scales the ropes and hits a cross-body block for a near fall. Cesaro sets up for a Gotch Neutralizer, but Cass back body drops him. Cesaro lands on his feet and hits a springboard corkscrew uppercut. Cesaro goes for a swing, but Enzo jumps on his back. Cesaro dumps him out of the ring. Cass hits the East River Crossing on Cesaro for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Enzo and Cass

Enzo says they’re the #1 contenders whereas Cesaro and Sheamus are just chicken tenders. Enzo taunts them until Sheamus absolutely annihilates him with a Brogue Kick!

Kevin Owens is walking backstage. Mick Foley catches up with him. Owens says he’s leaving. Foley says he can’t leave because he has a match against Sami Zayn. Owens chuckles and says he thought Foley liked Zayn. Owens tells Foley to be careful he doesn’t wind up with more guys injured than in the locker room.

Mike’s Thoughts: Decent match between the two teams. The chemistry with the team of Cesaro and Sheamus really is off the charts. Enzo continues to be an unbelievable attraction on the mic, but an equally unbelievable liability in the ring. The guy just never looks good doing anything. The guy can take a hell of a beating though. Kind of interesting that a portion of the crowd turned on Enzo at the end of the match.

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A video recaps Bayley’s victory over Charlotte Flair last week to become the new RAW Women’s Champion.

Bayley will answer Charlotte Flair’s demands later tonight.

Mick Foley is talking on the phone when Roman Reigns walks in. Foley says he knows Reigns wants Strowman, but he has a match against Big Show. Foley had to fortify the ring. If Reigns wants Strowman, he’ll have to wait until Fastlane. Anderson and Gallows walk in. They say they have unfinished business with Reigns from last week. Foley asks Reigns if he wants a match against them, and Reigns does. Foley says he can find a partner, but Reigns says he’ll handle them alone. Foley says they’ll be busy, right here in Los Angeles, California.

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Austin Aries joins the commentary for the Cruiserweight Match.

Cruiserweight Match
Brian Kendrick vs. Akira Tozawa

Footage is shown of Akira Tozawa declining to be Brian Kendrick’s partner on WWE 205 Live.

Kendrick demands that Tozawa shake his hand and then clotheslines him down when he tries. Kendrick attacks him before exposing the steel of the turnbuckle and driving his face into it. Kendrick applies the Captain’s Hook before releasing once he’s unconscious. Kendrick then walks off. This match never started.

Coming up next, Roman Reigns will take on Anderson and Gallows.

Charly Caruso asks Brian Kendrick for a comment. Kendrick says no one disrespects him. 17 years ago, WWE offered him his first contract. When he offered his mentorship to Tozawa, that’s what happens. This is his first lesson in respect. Kendrick then walks off.

Mike’s Thoughts: The LA crowd, which has been hot all night, predictably shut down when the Cruiserweights are out there. I think the switch to the purple ropes during commercial breaks is becoming a signal for the crowd to rest before the top of the hour. It’s like Pavlov’s dogs. The light comes on, the dog drools. The ropes turn purple, the crowd slumbers. It’s science. WWE 205 Live doesn’t crack the top ten most watch shows on the WWE Network ever, so it’s no surprise they have no clue what’s going on with an angle that started on that show.

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2-on-1 Handicap Match
Roman Reigns vs. Anderson and Gallows

Footage is shown from last week when Anderson and Gallows double-teamed Reigns to cause a DQ. Reigns then fought them off.

The bell rings, and Karl Anderson makes a beeline to Reigns. Anderson punches him before hitting the ropes, but Reigns shoulder blocks him down. Reigns takes him down a second time before wrenching the arm. Anderson gets away and tags in Gallows. Reigns punches Gallows off the apron and clotheslines Anderson. Reigns goes outside and gives Gallows the Drive By Dropkick. Anderson pulls Reigns’ hair, and Gallows superkicks him down. Gallows gets him in the ring and punches away at Reigns. Gallows suplexes Reigns for a one count. Gallows elbows away at him before applying a chin lock. Reigns fights up, but Gallows takes him down with a two-handed chokeslam for a two count. Anderson tags in, and Reigns fights out of the Boot of Doom. Anderson and Gallows pull Reigns out of the ring and double-team him. They put Reigns in the ring.

Gallows grabs a chair. They get in the ring, and Reigns punches Anderson before big booting Gallows. Reigns stares at the RAW Tag Team Champions and picks up the chair. Reigns hits them both with the chair and beats them down for the disqualification.

Winners by Disqualification: Gallows and Anderson

Anderson punches Reigns, but Reigns quickly turns him in the corner and clubs away at him. Gallows attacks him before running into a Superman Punch. Anderson comes off the top rope, but Reigns murders him with a spear out of mid-air! Reigns stands tall in the ring.

Braun Strowman will take on Big Show later tonight.

Replays are shown of Kevin Owens’ promo to kick off the show. Owens said to Goldberg that he’ll prove superheroes don’t exist.

Kevin Owens will take on Sami Zayn later tonight.

Michael Cole will have a sit-down interview with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman.

Coming up next, The New Day, who are hosting WrestleMania 33, will take on Rusev and Jinder Mahal.

Mike’s Thoughts: Oh boy, that just got me so excited to watch Gallows and Anderson face Enzo and Cass at the PPV. What a strong, powerful tag team they are… I’ll just never understand why they feed lower tier champions to the top guys, especially Tag Team Champions to one guy. That’s just bad booking and undermines the show itself.

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Footage is shown of The New Day announcing they’ll be the hosts of WrestleMania on TMZ.

Lana is in the ring, and she speaks in her native tongue for a moment before introducing Rusev and Jinder Mahal.

The New Day then makes their entrance. Big E pours Booty O’s down the throats of some rabid fans. Xavier Woods says they have quite a bit of news for the crowd. First off, his YouTube channel is about to hit 1 million subscribers. Second, he’ll be hosting some gaming awards. They’re also working on their voiceover skills to be the hyenas in “The Lion King” movie. They’re also working to bring New Day ice cream. Finally, they’ll be hosting this year’s WrestleMania! Kingston wants to go back to the ice cream. A “We want ice cream” chant fires up. Kingston says they’re about continuity. Last week, Bo Dallas destroyed the plans to their ice cream machine. They put the blueprints back together. Kingston is holding an iPad. They went digital. Big E says once they’re done putting their six feet between their four cheeks, they’ll continue working.

Lana interrupts them. She’s holding an iPad with blueprints on it. Big E says that looks like Flappy Bird. They’re talking about real plans. Lana starts reading the plans. One flux capacitor, two drops of Booty Juice, a pinch of owl, three hairs of unicorns… The New Day is confused as to how she got the plans. Big E says she’s Russian, so she hacked it. They get in the ring, and Rusev and Mahal confront them. This match is next.

Mike’s Thoughts: That was fairly entertaining to me. The New Day segments have a tendency to drag, but this was good. I liked the topical reference to the Russians hacking technology. That popped the crowd and me as well. I like that this is seeming to become a running gag every week where The New Day comes up with plans for ice cream only for the heels to thwart them.

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Rusev and Jinder Mahal w/ Lana vs. The New Day

We join the match in progress. Rusev applies a bearhug to Kofi Kingston. Big E is the other New Day representative. Kingston elbows out, but Rusev quickly dropkicks him down. Jinder Mahal tags in, and he drops a pair of knees on Kingston. Rusev tags back in, and he punches Kingston in the midsection. Kingston dives off the second rope with a tornado DDT.

Big E and Mahal are tagged in. Big E hits a pair of belly-to-belly suplexes. Big E then ducks a clothesline and hits another belly-to-belly. Big E gyrates before hitting the ropes for a big splash. Big E goesfor the Big Ending, but Rusev superkicks him. Rusev cuts Kingston off before he can attack. Rusev charges, but Kingston pulls the top rope down to get him out of the ring. Kingston then dives over the top rope and lands on his head. That looked awful. Lana checks on Rusev. Woods blows Francesca II Turbo behind her, and she is so startled she throws her iPad up in the air. Woods then destroys it. Inside the ring, The New Day hits Mahal with the Midnight Hour for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The New Day

Jack Gallagher and Neville will have a contract signing, next.

A video is shown highlighting the life and career of George “The Animal” Steele. The crowd gives him a standing ovation after.

Mike’s Thoughts: Tremendous video for George Steele. Another really well done package from WWE. Still waiting to see if they do something for Koloff. You can’t have Bruno Sammartino talk about facing Steele at Madison Square Garden and ignore the opponent he had his most infamous loss to in Ivan Koloff. As for the match, it was fine. Kingston needs to eliminate that haphazard dive over the top rope. Kingston could have been seriously injured there.

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Contract signing with Neville and Jack Gallagher

Austin Aries is in the ring to officiate the contract signing. Jack Gallagher is already in the ring dressed impeccably in a suit. The conference table has tea and biscuits on it. Aries says Gallagher will not bend the rules and is here on his skill. Gallagher says we’re not just here for pleasantries. We’re here to get the contract signed. It doesn’t only give him a shot at the Cruiserweight Title, it affords him the opportunity to dethrone the delusional King of the Cruiserweights.

Aries then introduces Neville to the ring. The pyro goes off, and he storms down to the ring dressed to fight. Neville signs the contract and walks off. Gallagher says, “Leaving so soon, old boy?” Gallagher was hoping they should have some tea and biscuits because they’re both British. Neville comes back into the ring. A “tea and biscuits” chant fires up. Gallagher eats one. Neville asks if he’s for real. Gallagher is exactly what these American imbeciles expect an Englishman to be. Neville says it’s embarrassing, and Gallagher should be ashamed of himself. Neville mocks him before saying he’s a caricature and a stereotype. He doesn’t really exist. The real streets of England look like him. They’re ugly and rough around the edges. The WWE Universe isn’t laughing with Gallagher; they’re laughing at him. At WWE Fastlane, the only person laughing will be Neville.

Gallagher says he’s not playing a gentleman; he is a gentleman. This is just the way he was raised. He’s not Neville’s problem. Neville thinks he’s a king and better than everyone else. Gallagher will not stand for that. Neville knocks the table over and gets in Gallagher’s face before asking what he’ll do about it. Gallagher takes off his jacket and takes Neville down before punching away at him. Gallagher then viciously head-butts him out of the ring. Neville gets back on the apron, but Gallagher holds the point of an umbrella at his throat. Neville angrily retreats.

Big Show will face Braun Strowman later tonight. Coming up next, we’ll see Nia Jax in action.

Mike’s Thoughts: That was pretty tame as far as contract signings usually go. I was fine with it. These two are the best thing going in the Cruiserweight division. Neville’s new edge is the missing ingredient, and Jack Gallagher is a breath of fresh air on a roster (not just the Cruiserweights) that lacks a different pace of wrestling. Good stuff.

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Sarah Pierce vs. Nia Jax

The bell rings, and Jax sideswipes a dropkick. Jax knocks her down and throws her across the ring. Jax avalanches her in the corner and kicks away at her. Jax flattens her with a Samoan Drop for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Nia Jax

Charly Caruso asks for Nia Jax’s opinion on the Bayley controversy from last week. Sasha Banks hit Charlotte with a crutch to help Bayley. Jax says the only controversy is she hasn’t gotten a shot at the title yet. She’d like to see those little girls try that on her. She’d take the crutch and shove it down their throats. Jax says she’s putting the champ on notice. Jax walks off.

Former President Barack Obama is honored by WWE for Black History Month. The very blue state of California gives him a standing ovation.

Bayley is backstage hugging people. We’ll hear from her, next.

Mike’s Thoughts: That was pretty enjoyable to watch Nia Jax demolish that poor girl. They just really need to keep her from talking. Like I mean it should never happen. Like ever.

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Bayley addresses Charlotte Flair’s demands

The new RAW Women’s Champion, Bayley, makes her way to the ring to a nice reception. Replays are shown of Sasha Banks hitting Charlotte Flair with a crutch to help Bayley win. Charlotte Flair is demanding that Bayley relinquishes the title back to her. Bayley stands in the ring and soaks in the cheers. They try to start up the typical, “You deserve it” chant. Bayley asks them to not make her cry. What better place to celebrate than in California? She grew up here. Bayley puts over some people’s dreams, but all she ever wanted to do was be in the WWE, stand in the ring, and stare at a WrestleMania sign while calling herself a champion. That game came true last week. It was the craziest night of his life. She can’t verbalize it other than to say it was awesome. Bayley called her dad once she got backstage. He took her to her first WWE event. She couldn’t even get out any words, but he’s actually here. She looks at him and says, “Dad, I did it!” The crowd gives her a round of applause. Bayley thanks them for making her look cool in front of her dad. Classic Charlotte tried to tarnish the best week of her life by making up an excuse for her loss. Charlotte needs to face the facts because she is the new RAW Women’s Champion!

Stephanie McMahon’s music hits, and the Commissioner of Monday Night RAW makes her way to the ring. McMahon gets in the ring and asks if she imagined she’d ever be competing for the Women’s Championship in the main event of Monday Night RAW? Did she envision almost losing only for someone to cheap shot her opponent in a tainted victory? When she called her dad and said she did it, was he silent for a moment because did she do it or did Sasha do it? McMahon looks around at all the little girls that look up to her because she’s good and has moral character and wonders if she’ll throw away who she is to hold a championship she didn’t really earn? The Bayley she knows would hold herself to a higher standard. Bayley should relinquish the RAW Women’s Championship. The crowd loudly chants, “NO!” McMahon says Bayley doesn’t want to win that way and is better than that. Bayley takes off the RAW Women’s Championship and looks at it sadly. The crowd is upset. McMahon says these decisions aren’t easy. Bayley needs to stand for something more than having a title for the wrong reasons. McMahon holds out her arms to receive the title. Bayley holds it…

Sasha Banks’ music hits, and she makes her way to the ring. McMahon says Banks is interfering in Bayley’s business once again. McMahon asks if Banks thinks Bayley is a charity case. Banks tells Bayley to not listen to this garbage. She won the title fair and square. She doesn’t want to see Bayley give up everything she worked for. Bayley should listen to her and the crowd. The crowd gives her a nice ovation. Banks says the crowd loves her, and so does she. The crowd doesn’t want her to give up the title. McMahon asks if she’s out here because she knows she can’t beat Charlotte for the title, but she knows she can beat Bayley.

Banks tries to get in McMahon’s face, but Bayley stops her. Bayley says, “Stephanie’s right. This title means everything to me. It’s bigger than me. It’s bigger than you, and it’s definitely bigger than Charlotte. I’ve worked my entire life for this moment. You know what that’s like, but I didn’t work to be a champion just to look like it was handed to me. You guys don’t deserve that.” The title should represent competition, not controversy. Should she give up the RAW Women’s Championship? The crowd loudly responds, “NO!” There’s only one answer: “Hell no, I’m not giving up this RAW Women’s Championship!” She pinned Charlotte for the third time in the middle of the ring. It wasn’t because of Sasha. It was because of the WWE Universe. She’ll defend the title anytime and anyplace. There’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Charlotte Flair’s music hits, and she makes her way to the stage dressed to fight. Charlotte apologizes to McMahon on behalf of the Women’s Division for the two ingrates in the ring being so disrespectful. Charlotte doesn’t want Bayley to give up the title because she’ll take it back. At WWE Fastlane, the Queen of PPV is invoking her rematch clause. Banks tells her to shut up. Bayley will prove Charlotte is no queen. Banks says her knee is feeling 100%, so how about they fight tonight. Charlotte tells Banks to shut her mouth because she’s the reason her title is on Bayley’s shoulder. Charlotte won’t pass up an opportunity to put Banks in a wheelchair forever. She can bank on that. McMahon books Sasha Banks to take on Charlotte Flair. It’ll start right now!

Mike’s Thoughts: This segment dragged a little at the beginning. Bayley nearly started losing the crowd when Stephanie McMahon came out. It then morphed into a very good, dramatic segment with Bayley teasing she may actually give up the title only to say she’s keeping it. Bayley shouldn’t have the title, especially if she’s going to lose it back to Charlotte at the PPV. She’s much better on the chase, but we can only go forward, not back.

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Bayley will be on commentary for this match.

Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte Flair

They lock up, and Banks slaps her in the face. Flair kicks her down and drives her knee into the mat. Banks counters a knee attack and kicks her in the face before rolling her up for a one count. Flair then pins her for a one count. Flair then slams her down. Banks pulls her headfirst into the turnbuckle before chopping her. Flair sidesteps an attack, but Banks comes back by slamming her down. Banks goes for a sunset flip, but Flair knees her in the head a few times for a two count. Flair hits a snapmare and grapevines the head before driving it into the mat. Flair rolls her around the mat. Banks fights back, but Flair big boots her down before throwing her out of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Flair hit a backbreaker and apply a dragon sleeper. Banks seems to be fading away. Banks regains some momentum and knees her in the face before rolling her up for a two count. Flair quickly kicks her down to her knees before sending her to the corner. Banks boots her back, ducks under a big boot, and clotheslines her twice before hitting a dropkick. Flair reverses a whip, but Banks takes her down with a wheelbarrow bulldog for a near fall. Flair quickly stuns her with a jawbreaker and kicks her back. Banks comes back with a double knee attempt, but Flair slides out of the ring. Banks then lays her out with a double knee off the apron.

Dana Brooke runs down to help, but Bayley attacks her from behind. Flair knocks Banks off the top rope and keeps Bayley away. Banks then applies the Bank Statement for the win.

Winner by Submission: Sasha Banks

Bayley gets in the ring and raises Banks’ arm up in the air.

Diamond Dallas Page is the latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame: Class of 2017.

Charly Caruso is backstage with Sami Zayn. She asks him about facing Kevin Owens next and what he did to Chris Jericho. Zayn says he told them this would happen. This brings him no joy to be right about it. Zayn says he knows Samoa Joe as well. They’re similarly selfish people. Joe blindsided him last week in the name of Triple H. The one inevitability is that time catches up to guys like Joe and Owens. It’s far from over with him and Joe. The real Kevin Owens has to deal with Goldberg at Fastlane, but he also has to deal with him kicking his teeth in tonight.

Mike’s Thoughts: That wasn’t one of Flair and Banks’ better matches. Not saying it was bad, but it just felt like a match to fill time. I’m not sure why Flair is tapping out when she’s facing Bayley for the title in two weeks. I don’t like this weird booking thing WWE does where mid-card champions lose constantly and #1 contenders lose before their title matches. How does that get anyone over? Banks needs to go heel in the worst way, by the way. I know a lot of people thought it would be last week, but they already had one big turn on that show. It’s got to happen at Fastlane. That’ll at least justify Bayley losing after only two weeks.

-Commercial Break-

Replays are shown of Kevin Owens viciously assaulting Chris Jericho last week on RAW.

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

While Sami Zayn makes his entrance, Samoa Joe attacked him from behind! Joe throws him into the steps and continues punching away at him. Joe continues to pepper away at him with punches before sending him into the ring post. Joe then annihilates him with a senton splash on the floor.

The referee consults with Zayn as to what he wants to do. Owens calmly hands his title over. Zayn doesn’t want him to call the match off. The bell rings, and Owens immediately clotheslines him twice in the corner before hitting a cannonball. Owens stomps away at him in the corner before hitting a second cannonball. Owens punches away at him before sauntering around the ring. Owens then lays him out with the Pop-up Powerbomb for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Kevin Owens

They show the tale of the tape for Big Show and Braun Strowman.

Michael Cole will interview Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman, next.

Mike’s Thoughts: Not much of a match. This was more about building up the match for Sami Zayn and Samoa Joe. They kind of make Zayn look stupid for still wanting to fight. I know creative loves the underdog “fighting spirit” guy, but anyone channel surfing would just say this guy is a moron.

-Commercial Break-

In memory of Ivan Koloff: 1942-2017.

Stephanie McMahon is chewing out Mick Foley for not being out there for her when Bayley and Sasha Banks were talking down to her. Foley says she had it coming. She warns him to not test her. Foley tells her to not treat him like he’s stupid. Foley says he recommended Samoa Joe back in 2004, but he didn’t want it to happen like this. Foley warns her to not treat him like he’s stupid. Foley goes to walk off. She tells him to be careful. She wouldn’t want him to have an accident.

Michael Cole interviews Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman

Michael Cole is backstage with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Cole brings up his WrestleMania match against Goldberg, the man who quickly beat him at Survivor Series and eliminated him from the Royal Rumble. Heyman cuts him off and says Lesnar is on edge. Heyman tells him to lower his voice. Lesnar disagrees about Goldberg and Owens being more prestigious than his match at WrestleMania. Lesnar scares Cole off and stares directly into the camera. Heyman says Owens is not the most violent champion in recent memory. Owens established himself last week and hit his stride. Heyman thinks Owens has a shot to walk into WrestleMania as the champion, but his client disagrees. If Goldberg hits a spear and a jackhammer against Kevin Owens at Fastlane, then Goldberg goes to WrestleMania as the WWE Universal Champion. That’s just one more thing along with Goldberg’s health, wellbeing, reputation, and career that the beast will conquer at WrestleMania. Lesnar agrees with that.

The ring crew is seen reinforcing the ring. Braun Strowman makes his entrance. He’ll face Big Show, next.

Mike’s Thoughts: Good short promo from Paul Heyman. Brock Lesnar has the best gig in wrestling history. He gets paid a fortune to just sit and stare. That was a tremendous visual of him just staring into the camera while Heyman talked on and on about what Lesnar disagrees with. Lesnar just brings a different feel to every segment just with his presence. On a side note, we did get the Ivan Koloff tribute eventually.

-Commercial Break-

Goldberg will be on RAW next week. Seth Rollins will also be on the show.

Braun Strowman vs. Big Show

The bell rings, and they stand across the ring and stare at one another. Big Show approaches him, and we see the size difference. Strowman looks up at his opponent. They lock up and push each other off. The crowd fires up a “This is awesome” chant. They lock up, and Big Show wrenches the arm. Strowman rolls through it and kips up! Strowman then powers him to the corner. Strowman releases him and says he’s the giant now. Big Show knocks him down. Strowman quickly pops up and applies a side headlock before taking him down. Big Show fights up and whips him off, but Strowman viciously clotheslines him down. Strowman shoulders him in the corner before connecting with an avalanche. Strowman then big boots him down. Strowman kicks away at him before punching away at him in the corner. Strowman goes for another avalanche, but Big Show grabs him by the throat. Strowman counters with a DDT for a near fall. Strowman lays him out with a vicious right hand before choking him on the ropes. Big Show tries to catch his breath before Strowman avalanches him in the corner. Strowman punches away at him before clubbing the back. Big Show reverses a whip, but he lowers his head and eats a kick. Strowman then clotheslines him down again for a near fall. Strowman goes for a suplex, but Big Show blocks it. Big Show tries for one, but he can’t get Strowman up. Big Show finally takes him down with a suplex.

Both men are down. Big Show pulls himself up. Strowman just gets up. Strowman runs into a boot. Big Show boots him a second time and punches him before sending him to the corner for an avalanche. Big Show then hits the ropes and takes him down with a diving shoulder block. Big Show signals for a chokeslam and connects with it, but Strowman kicks out! Big Show tries to climb the ropes, but Strowman knocks him off. Strowman scoops him up for a powerslam, but Big Show slides off and sends him to the corner. Big Show props him up on the top rope and chops the chest. Big Show tries for a superplex, but Strowman fights him off. Strowman dives off the second rope into a Knockout Punch for a near fall! Big Show cannot believe this. Big Show goes to the second rope for a splash, but Strowman gets under him. Strowman then deadlifts Big Show up for a Powerslam, but Big Show kicks out! Strowman punches the mat in frustration. The crowd correctly starts chanting, “This is awesome!” Strowman takes down his straps. Big Show goes for a Chokeslam, but Strowman just pushes his hand to the side. Strowman then hits a second Powerslam for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Braun Strowman

Roman Reigns’ music immediately hits, and he immediately starts punching Strowman. Reigns hits a Superman Punch, but Strowman doesn’t go down. Reigns hits a second Superman Punch, and Strowman falls to his backside. Reigns goes for a Spear, but Strowman dropkicks him! Strowman then Powerslams Reigns and walks off.

Mike’s Overall Thoughts: That match… wow… just wow. I absolutely loved that. That was easily one of the most entertaining big man matches I’ve seen in a long, long time. It’s absolutely mind boggling to me that the same company that has botched Roman Reigns’ character time after time has been able to take a guy like Braun Strowman from out of nowhere and build him up into the most dominating big man in WWE. They cannot feed him to Roman Reigns at WWE Fastlane. Undertaker has to cost Reigns that match. I don’t know what the plan should be for Strowman at WrestleMania. Even if it’s just winning the André the Giant Battle Royal, he shouldn’t lose to Reigns. If he does, it shouldn’t be clean. There is really something there. As for the rest of the show, this was a well put together event. There was drama in every hour and good segments abounding. It was a little segment heavy, but as long as they’re good, I can live with that. I wouldn’t want that every week, but it was really good tonight. Almost felt like a go home show for Fastlane. What could they possibly do next week?

Quick Match Results

* Enzo and Cass def. Cesaro and Sheamus (#1 Contenders’ Match)
* Gallows and Anderson def. Roman Reigns via DQ
* The New Day def. Rusev and Jinder Mahal
* Nia Jax def. Sarah Pierce
* Sasha Banks def. Charlotte Flair via Submission
* Kevin Owens def. Sami Zayn (non-title)
* Braun Strowman def. Big Show

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