WWE Monday Night RAW 09 03 2018

WWE RAW Results
September 3, 2018

Columbus, Ohio
Commentary: Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

Braun Strowman makes his way to the ring alongside Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. They stand on the stage and do Strowman’s pose. Renee Young is on commentary again, as Jonathan Coachman is on assignment. Braun Strowman will face Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship inside of Hell in a Cell on September 16.

A “Get These Hands” chant picks up. Strowman says before he gets started, he wants to show something everyone should see again. A video package plays Strowman turning on Reigns and teaming with Ziggler and McIntyre during last week’s main event. Strowman is laughing while the crowd boos. Strowman says that is what he calls justice. Strowman tried to do this face-to-face, monster-to-man. He told Roman Reigns he would look him in the eyes when he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract. All Reigns had to do was take his beating and accept his fate. Reigns runs in a pact, and his brothers had to save him, forming a shield around him. Reigns knows good and well that without them, the Universal Championship is his. There are boos for Strowman. With The Shield, the title never would be. Strowman had to do things a different way, and he doesn’t give a damn whether the people like it or not. Strowman says, “Big Dog, I’ve got a pact of my own now, and I’m going to show you that this is my yard!” At Hell in a Cell, when they’re locked inside the one place no one can get in or out, he’ll dismantle him, break his spirit, and take his Universal Championship.

Drew McIntyre says the people should take one moment to look at them. The Shield has had their time, but now it is over. They are the new kings of the jungle, and they’ll feast on their bloody carcasses. Dolph Ziggler says they’ll be the most dominant force in WWE history, more dominant that the Nation of Domination, D-Generation X, and The Shield. They’ll leave them laying decimated. The Shield started this, but they’ll end it.

The Shield’s music hits, and they make their way to the ring through the crowd to a decent reception. Acting General Manager Baron Corbin sends the RAW roster out to cut them off. The Shield take them out before surrounding the ring. The Shield gets on the apron, and Corbin sends more reinforcements. The Shield quickly overwhelms them. The Shield gets in the ring and brawls with Strowman, McIntyre, and Ziggler. Corbin sends out more reinforcements, and they try to separate the two trios. They manage to hold them back for a bit before The Shield escapes. The RAW roster manages to get Strowman, Ziggler, and McIntyre out of the ring. Rollins escapes, but he’s quickly stopped. A loud “Let them fight” chant breaks out. The Shield breaks through and chases them to the back.

-Commercial Break-

Replays are shown of what just happened between The Shield and Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre, and Dolph Ziggler.

We go backstage to see security forces and the RAW roster holding The Shield back. The entire Shield is put into a police van in handcuffs and driven off. The RAW roster is arguing amongst themselves.

The Riott Squad is already in the ring. The Bella Twins make their entrance. This is their first time competing together as a tag team on television in three years. This match is next.

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The Riott Squad vs. The Bella Twins

Nikki Bella starts off against Liv Morgan. Morgan does John Cena’s “You can’t see me” taunt, and Nikki chases her into the ropes.

Sarah Logan tags in, and she locks up with Nikki. Logan forearms her in the face a few times before backing up. Nikki applies a waistlock and takes her down for a one count. Nikki wrenches the arm and flips her over. Nikki then applies an arm bar. Ruby Riott shouts instructions from ringside. Nikki flips her over by the arm and picks up a one count. Nikki lifts her up for Rack Attack 2.0, but Logan slides off and takes her down by the hair. Logan then applies an arm bar. Nikki fights up and whips her off. Nikki misses an avalanche, but she comes back with a second rope tornado arm breaker. Brie Bella tags in, and she hits a double-team arm breaker with her sister. Brie applies an arm bar, but Logan fights up. Brie rolls her up, but Morgan blind tags in and kicks Brie in the spine. Morgan picks up a two count. Morgan applies a chin lock and knees her to keep her down. Morgan talks some trash, so Brie punches back. Morgan bends under a clothesline and takes her down by the hair for a two count. Logan tags back in, and she hits a waistlock takeover. Logan forearms her into the ropes before whipping her into them. Brie ducks under a clothesline and clotheslines her down. Brie then starts the YES Kicks and takes her out. Morgan runs in, and Brie dropkicks her down. Brie shouts, “BRIE MODE” and hits running knees to the faces of Logan and Morgan. Riott gets on the apron to distract her. Brie goes for a suicide dive, but gets hung up on the ropes before Logan forearms her. I believe she was supposed to “attempt” the suicide dive before Logan forearmed her out of mid-air, but they seriously botched it.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Brie hit Logan with a missile dropkick. Morgan tags in and stops Brie from making the tag. Brie kicks her away.

Nikki tags in to a nice pop and hits two clotheslines before dropkicking her down. Nikki hits Morgan with a facebuster and hits a running forearm in the corner. Nikki hits a second rope kick, but Logan breaks up the pin. Nikki throws her out of the ring and punches Riott off the apron. The Bella Twins get the crowd going, and Brie nearly kills herself with a suicide dive that looked so bad. Morgan rolls Nikki up in the ring, but she kicks out. Nikki then hits Morgan with the Rack Attack 2.0 for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Bella Twins

The Bella Twins celebrate in the ring and hug each other. At WWE Super Show-Down on October 6, The Bella Twins will team with Ronda Rousey to take on The Riott Squad.

Shawn Michaels will be out tonight to talk about The Undertaker vs. Triple H. We’ll also see Natalya take on Alexa Bliss. The Revival will also take on The B-Team for the RAW Tag Team Championships.

Acting General Manager Baron Corbin is backstage talking to Stephanie McMahon about how RAW is back on track. Finn Balor walks in and says he wants a rematch against Corbin. Corbin says he makes the matches. Balor says he also changes the rules. Corbin says he is the Acting General Manager of RAW. Balor says he’s so proud of his temporary power that it’s like he’s trying to compensate for something. If he wants to prove that he’s better than Finn Balor the man, he needs to do it tonight with no tricks. Corbin says he has his rematch in the main event tonight.

-Commercial Break-

Bobby Roode is talking with Chad Gable backstage. Charly Caruso comes up and asks what led to this new partnership. Gable says he’s kept an eye on things around here and has been captivated by how Roode is in big moments. Roode says that’s a great suggestion from a former Tag Team Champion.

The Ascension vs. Bobby Roode and Chad Gable

Konnor says a flash in the pan is tagging with a short guy. The Ascension laughs. Viktor will start against Chad Gable. Gable hits a pair of belly-to-belly overhead suplexes before hitting Konnor with a German Suplex. Gable then hits Viktor with a German Suplex. Gable hits another German Suplex on Konnor before tagging in Roode. Roode puts Viktor in the corner and chops the chest. Roode hits a suplex for a two count. Viktor quickly powers him to the corner, and Konnor tags in. Konnor punches him down before Viktor tags back in. The Ascension beats him down for a two count. Viktor applies a chin lock. Roode fights up, but Viktor takes him down for a two count. Konnor tags back in and drops an elbow on Roode for a two count. Konnor covers him again for a one count. Konnor applies a chin lock and clubs Roode down as he tries to fight up. Viktor tags in and stomps away at Roode for a two count. Viktor applies a chin lock, but Roode fights up.

Gable blind tags in and runs wild on The Ascension. Gable hits a t-bone suplex on Viktor before getting dropped on the apron. Gable hits a cannonball off the apron on Konnor before hitting a missile dropkick on Viktor. Gable hits Viktor with a bridged German Suplex for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Bobby Roode and Chad Gable

Roode looks really happy with what he just saw. They celebrate in the ring.

Elias is talking about his album with a stagehand backstage. Elias will be out, next.

-Commercial Break-

“Ladies and gentlemen… Elias.”

Elias greets the crowd and sings about getting slapped by an “insane girl.” You must follow him to the promised land. Elias has one question: Who wants to walk with Elias? Elias strongly dislikes women who hit men. That is exactly what Trish Stratus did to him last week. She wandered out here, interrupted him, and embarrassed herself. She’s struggling with a fact, a universal and everlasting truth, that WWE stands for Walk With Elias. As he was coming into Columbus and thinking about what song he’d sing. If Christopher Columbus knew that he’d have this city named after him, he’d turn his ship around and go back to Europe. Everything about this town is terrible, including the Ohio State Buckeyes. It’s not like a Wolverine, which Michigan has. This gets loud boos. Elias said he’s write a song about Columbus to sum it all up, but they need to silence their cellphones, hold the applause, and shut their mouths.

Alexa Bliss interrupts him with Mickie James and Alicia Fox following behind her. Bliss has a newsflash for Elias: Columbus is the birthplace of the goddess. She graduated high school in this very building, so it’s safe to say that Columbus is home sweet home. There’s a chant they like to do: O-H-IO! Bliss gets a loud pop for that. Bliss says that’s the sound of the mindless Ohio imbeciles. They’re reacting like the sheep they are. Bliss says everything he said about her hometown is 100% true. The crowd starts to boo. Bliss says she couldn’t get out of this dump quick enough. She recognizes some zombies from high school. She tells them to look where they are compared to her. Bliss says it’s clearly safe to say that Elias is in the ring with the biggest star to ever come out of this city. Bliss says she doesn’t want to dwell on her awesomeness, so she’d like to apologize for the actions of Trish Stratus. What kind of message is it to slap someone more talented than her? Elias can’t believe it. Bliss says she’ll take out Trish Stratus at Evolution, but first she’ll win the RAW Women’s Championship from Ronda Rousey. Bliss wants Elias to play the song he was going to do because she wants to walk with Elias.

Elias starts to play, but he’s interrupted by “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey. The RAW Women’s Champion makes her way to the stage to a nice reception. Natalya soon joins her. Rousey accompanies her to the ring to face Alexa Bliss, next.

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Alexa Bliss w/ Alicia Fox and Mickie James vs. Natalya w/ “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey

We join the match in progress. They lock up, and Natalya hits a headlock takeover. Bliss gets out and grapevines the head, but Natalya kips up out of it. Bliss gets on the apron, and the referee backs Natalya up. Bliss gets in the ring, and they lock up again. Natalya wrenches the arm. Bliss turns it on her, so Natalya twists out of it. Natalya takes her down and applies an arm bar. Bliss gets out by grapevining the head again. Natalya blocks a kick, and Bliss begs her off. Bliss goes for a handshake, but Natalya puts her hand on the mat and snaps it. Natalya takes her down, steps on her, and dropkicks her for a two count. Bliss quickly slaps her down. Bliss stomps her down in the corner before the referee backs her up. Fox and James attack Natalya before Bliss drops her with a DDT. Bliss looks at Rousey before applying a Rousey arm bar. Natalya screams in pain before tapping out.

Winner by Submission: Alexa Bliss

Rousey gets in the ring and checks on Natalya. Bliss tries to blindside her, but Rousey cuts her off. Fox runs in for the save, so Rousey hits her with two vicious judo throws. Rousey goes for an arm bar, but Bliss chop blocks her before throwing her out of the ring. Bliss sends her into the stairs before putting her in the ring. Rousey fights back, and Bliss gets out of the ring. Rousey angrily looks at her as she retreats.

Footage is shown of the brawl between The Shield and Braun Strowman’s pact. The Shield was arrested after this.

Acting General Manager Baron Corbin is belittling a stagehand to get his Rolex cleaned. Braun Strowman walks in with his pact. Strowman says it’s too bad that The Shield was arrested and rolled out. Luckily they’re still here for Corbin. They want competition. Corbin says he’ll see what he can do. Ziggler says they aren’t asking. This is their show, and they want competition. Corbin asks what they have in mind. Ziggler says he and McIntyre want a shot at the RAW Tag Team Titles. Corbin says they already promoted The Revival getting a title shot. McIntyre asks if something happened to The Revival if they would get the shot. Corbin says he’d have to make other arrangements. Strowman says he wants some competition too.

Shawn Michaels will be out later tonight. We’ll also see The Revival take on The B-Team for the RAW Tag Team Championships.

The Revival is backstage with Charly Caruso. Scott Dawson says The B-Team are jokes. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre viciously attack them from behind and leave them broken in a heap.

-Commercial Break-

RAW Tag Team Champions The B-Team make their way to the ring. The Revival’s music plays, but they don’t come out. Instead, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre come out.

RAW Tag Team Championships
The B-Team (c’s) vs. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre will start against Curtis Axel. McIntyre punches Bo Dallas off the apron before kicking Axel. McIntyre hits a vicious belly-to-belly overhead suplex. Dolph Ziggler tags in, and Dallas pulls the top rope down to get McIntyre out of the ring. Ziggler gets rolled up, but he kicks out at two. Dallas tags in, and he clubs Ziggler in the chest. Dallas then clotheslines him over the top rope. Axel runs in, and The B-Team clotheslines McIntyre out of the ring as well.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see McIntyre applying an arm bar to Dallas before slamming him down for a two count. McIntyre suplexes him before applying another arm bar. A “B-Team, B-Team, Go, Go, Go” chant picks up. Dallas fights up, but McIntyre takes him down. Ziggler tags in, and he chokes Dallas on the ropes. Dallas tries to fight back, but Ziggler kicks him to his knees and viciously dropkicks him in the face for a two count. McIntyre tags back in, and he punches Dallas. McIntyre chops the chest and puts him on the top rope. McIntyre chops him again and talks trash. Dallas punches and kicks him back before coming off the middle rope with a tornado DDT. Another “B-Team” chant picks up. McIntyre soon gets to his feet to stop Dallas from making a tag. Dallas answers with a neckbreaker.

Ziggler and Axel are tagged in. Axel clotheslines Ziggler and punches away at McIntyre. Axel hits a snapmare and a rolling neck snapper. Axel gets the crowd going and goes for a neckbreaker, but Ziggler whips him off. Axel hits a Perfect-Plex, but McIntyre breaks it up. McIntyre slams him down. Dallas gets in the ring, but McIntyre viciously takes him out. Axel rolls Ziggler up, but he kicks out. Ziggler then superkicks him down. McIntyre tags in, and they hit the Zig-Zag/Claymore Kick combo for the win.

Winners and NEW RAW Tag Team Champions: Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

The commentators talk about Connor’s Cure. A video is shown for Super Messiah, a young man fighting cancer.

-Commercial Break-

The Authors of Pain make their entrance alongside Drake Maverick. Drake Maverick introduces himself as the 205 Live General Manager, but he’s also the manager of AOP. Maverick will make these men the WWE RAW Tag Team Champions.

The Authors of Pain vs. Keith Thompson and Jimmy James

Akam viciously clotheslines one of them down before clubbing the other off the top rope. Rezar tags in, and he viciously clotheslines one off the top rope. Rezar gives the other guy a nasty death valley driver in the corner. AOP then hits the Super Collider on them for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Authors of Pain

Drake Maverick poses in the ring with his new team.

Video Package: WWE Legends give their takes on The Undertaker vs. Triple H for the last time ever

Shawn Michaels will be out, next.

-Commercial Break-

“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey and Natalya are talking backstage. Natalya says she doesn’t feel like herself. The Bella Twins walk in, and Natalya says she needs some time to herself. The Bella Twins put over Rousey. Nikki says Rousey inspired them to come back to WWE. If they need any training partners, they’re her girls. Rousey says Natalya has been a great training partner. Nikki says they can give her advice on business and fashion. Rousey says she’ll take them up if they need it.

Shawn Michaels talks about Undertaker vs. Triple H

Shawn Michaels’ music hits, and the WWE Hall of Famer dances his way to the ring to a great reception. Michaels stands in the ring and listens to an “HBK” chant. Michaels says usually he’d tell them to stop it because he’s not worth it, but he’s decided he wants them to shower him with praise. Michaels says he wants to shill his stuff or it wouldn’t be a proper appearance. Michaels shills his t-shirt, the WWE Network, and WWE Super Show-Down. Before he gets to the predictions of his contemporaries and his own prediction, we’re talking about the last time ever. Undertaker vs. Triple H is going to be insane, so he decided to get off the couch, fly 98 hours or something like that, and be in person to see this. This will be something no one will ever forget, he can almost guarantee it.

Michaels was surprised to see how many of his contemporaries picked The Undertaker. He’d have understood that if the WrestleMania streak was intact, but it isn’t. Michaels was surprised that so many people still thought The Undertaker had the advantage. His Texas buddy Stone Cold Steve Austin is in agreement with him. Michaels thinks Triple H will win the match. People probably think he’s not being objective because they’re best friends, but this is purely professional. Undertaker needs to understand that Triple H is still The Game and the Cerebral Assassin and has a lot more in the tank than Undertaker does. At WWE Super Show-Down, the Cerebral Assassin will cerebrally assassinate The Undertaker. The bell tolls and the lights go out. The crowd pops HUGE.

The Undertaker makes his legendary entrance to a great reception from the crowd. Undertaker gets in the ring and stares at his old nemesis Shawn Michaels. A “Holy sh–” chant picks up. Undertaker says he thinks this just became personal. How long was it? Twenty years. HBK and Triple H have been best friends. A LOUD “Undertaker” chant picks up. Undertaker took the best Michaels and Triple H had, and he put them both down. Michaels stares a hole through Undertaker. In the process, he reached in and took part of their souls. Their egos can’t accept it. Michaels chose Triple H because he took the one thing from him that was most important: HBK’s career.

Michaels asks if that’s what Undertaker really thinks this is about. Michaels says he is a man of his word. Somebody had to restore faith in the system and stand and be committed to the words they spoke. Anyone can talk, but they go back on their word after a while. Michaels doesn’t do that. Michaels has stuck to his retirement because he’s a man of his word. Michaels has stayed retired out of respect for the system, the fans, and for The Undertaker. A “One more match” chant picks up. Michaels says every time he steps into an arena, he hears that chant. Undertaker cuts him off and asks if he’s really talking about respect. Michaels says for nearly a decade they’ve clamored for one more match. Half the locker room has beaten down his door for a dream match against him at WrestleMania. Michaels has turned down millions of dollars for one more match. Michaels has stayed retired out of respect for The Undertaker. Another “One more match” chant picks up. Undertaker just stares at Michaels. Michaels turns his back, and Undertaker asks him if it’s respect or fear. Michaels turns and looks furiously at him.

Undertaker says if he ever chose to come out of retirement, there’s only one person he’d come for: The Undertaker. Undertaker warns him to make no mistake about it: he’d put him down all over again. Michaels knows it, he knows it, and the crowd knows it. At Melbourne, Australia, he’ll put his buddy Triple H down again. Michaels just stares at him. Undertaker walks up the ramp and poses before walking to the back. Michaels just stares off into the distance looking upset.

-Commercial Break-

Baron Corbin is backstage with Finn Balor. Corbin says he cannot face him tonight because of his duties as Acting General Manager. Corbin says he’ll still be in the main event… against Braun Strowman.

Michael Cole reports that The Shield has appeared before a judge.

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Dana Brooke and Ember Moon

Bayley starts against Dana Brooke and powers her back. Sasha Banks tags in. Bayley hits Brooke with a clothesline before Banks hits a meteora. Brooke rolls out of the ring to talk strategy with Titus Worldwide.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Moon take Bayley down with a hurricanrana. Bayley stops her from making a tag. Banks tags in, but Moon kicks them both and hits a second rope springboard cross-body block. Brooke blind tags in, but the referee missed it so they have to do it again. Banks kicks her, but misses a double knee in the corner. Brook lifts her up, but Banks slides off. Brooke hits an enzuigiri. Brooke says she’s got this. Banks rolls her up for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Sasha Banks and Bayley

Dana Brooke says she’s had it with Titus Worldwide and is done with the two of them. She walks off alone.

They show a graphic for Finn Balor vs. Baron Corbin while talking about Braun Strowman facing Balor.

Bobby Lashley is outside of Baron Corbin’s office. Charly Caruso asks what the meeting was about. Lashley hands her a piece of paper, which is a performance review. Lashley has been ordered to attend an anger management meditation with Jinder Mahal tonight. Lashley says this is the best thing for him. Lashley says he feels like he’s a little too tense, so he looks forward to meeting Jinder Mahal to find his inner peace.

Jinder Mahal makes his entrance with Sunil Singh.

-Commercial Break-

Jinder Mahal teaches Bobby Lashley to manage his anger

Jinder Mahal is in the ring with Sunil Singh. There is an elaborate Persian carpet in the ring. Bobby Lashley makes his entrance. Mahal says he senses a great deal of anger. Mahal can help him harness the power and achieve inner peace. Mahal and Singh sit cross-legged in the ring, and Lashley does the same. Mahal says this is all about affirmations. Mahal says he’s like water, so Lashley mockingly says he’s like water. Mahal does his chant while Lashley slaps Singh on the shoulder. Lashley looks like he’s getting ready to interrupt the proceedings…

…when Kevin Owens attacks him from behind. Lashley tries to fight back, but Owens superkicks him down. Owens gets him outside the ring and hits Lashley with an apron powerbomb. Owens screams before walking off.

Coming up next, Finn Balor will take on Braun Strowman.

-Commercial Break-

Replays are shown of Shawn Michaels predicting that Triple H would beat The Undertaker. The Undertaker then interrupted him and said he would put Triple H down.

Triple H will respond to that live. Mick Foley will be on RAW next week to celebrate twenty years since his Hell in a Cell match against Undertaker. We’ll also see Ronda Rousey team with Natalya to take on Alexa Bliss and Alicia Fox.

The Shield has posted bail and is out of jail.

Finn Balor vs. Braun Strowman w/ Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

Balor kicks and punches Strowman, but he’s quickly swatted away. Balor avoids an avalanche in the corner before jumping on his back. Strowman simply backs him to the corner. Balor tries to fight back again, but Strowman hits him with a side slam. Strowman stands over him and looks around. Strowman hits the ropes and hits a big boot. Strowman puts him in the corner and charges, but Balor boots him back. Balor dives, but Strowman attacks him. Balor slides off and tries for a sleeper hold. Strowman slams him off and charges, but Balor pulls the top rope down to get him outside the ring. Balor hits a baseball slide and a double stomp to the back of the neck off the apron. Balor quickly gets in the ring before Ziggler and McIntyre get to him.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Strowman applying a nerve hold. Strowman holds it on for a bit. Balor fights up, but Strowman takes him down. Balor makes a mini-comeback, but Strowman throws him to the corner. Balor boots him back, but Strowman comes back with an avalanche. Balor tries to take him down, but Strowman lifts him up. Balor applies a sleeper hold before sending Strowman into the ring post shoulder-first. Balor hits Strowman, Ziggler, and McIntyre with a summersault senton. Balor comes up a bit short. Balor kicks him back and goes to the top rope. Strowman quickly grabs him by the throat and pulls him off. Balor manages to apply a hideous triangle hold before Strowman slams him. Strowman connects with a Running Powerslam for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Braun Strowman

Ziggler and McIntyre get in the ring and send Balor into Strowman for another Running Powerslam. A “Shield” chant lightly picks up. They throw Balor out of the ring. McIntyre removes the top half of the steel steps. They go for The Shield’s Triple Powerbomb before stopping because they hear sirens.

A police van drives into the arena. Roman Reigns is the driver, and he opens the back to reveal Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. The Shield’s music hits, and they stand on the stage. They’re attacked from behind by Kevin Owens, Jinder Mahal, AOP, Drew Gulak, and Buddy Murphy!

Strowman viciously hits Reigns in the head with the steel steps. Elias and The Ascension send Seth Rollins off the stage into the police van, breaking the glass! Strowman hits Reigns in the ribs with the steps before hitting him in the head. Rollins is absolutely gushing blood from his arm due to the non-gimmicked van glass. They assault Ambrose on the commentary table. McIntyre then hits him with a Claymore Kick. At ringside, Strowman gives Reigns a Running Powerslam. Strowman, Ziggler, and McIntyre drag The Shield to ringside and lay them side-by-side. The crowd loudly boos.

Quick Match Results

* The Bella Twins def. The Riott Squad
* Bobby Roode and Chad Gable def. The Ascension
* Alexa Bliss def. Natalya via Submission
* Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre def. The B-Team to win the RAW Tag Team Championships
* The Authors of Pain def. Keith Thompson and Jimmy James
* Sasha Banks and Bayley def. Dana Brooke and Ember Moon
* Braun Strowman def. Finn Balor