WWE Monday Night RAW 05 14 2018

WWE RAW Results
May 14, 2018

London, England
Commentary: Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Booker T
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

The show kicks off with a teaser of the big announcement of a match with Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax for the RAW Women’s Championship at Money in the Bank.

Roman Reigns’ music hits, and he comes out to loud boos from the European crowd. Last week, Jinder Mahal cost Reigns an opportunity to get into the Money in the Bank match. Reigns stands in the ring and listens to the boos. Reigns smirks and looks at the crowd as they loudly boo him. Reigns says he got robbed last week. This time it wasn’t by WWE management. It was by Jinder Mahal. If Mahal wants to be more relevant than he’s ever been in his entire career, then he can come out to his yard and face him like a man.

Kurt Angle’s music hits, and the RAW General Manager makes his way to the ring. Angle says Mahal will not be coming out. Reigns asks when he started speaking for Mahal. Angle says he speaks for WWE management. Angle received a call over the weekend and was informed of some things. When he denied Mahal a chance at Money in the Bank, he was thinking emotionally. He was wrong. As a leader, he has to think logically. Thats… that’s what’s best for business. Mahal is a former WWE Champion. Tonight, he’ll have the opportunity to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match when he competes against Elias and Bobby Lashley. Reigns wants to be added in and make it a Fatal 4-Way. The crowd chants, “No.” Angle says that won’t happen. WWE management has made it clear that Reigns is to have no more qualifying opportunities. A “YES” chant picks up. Angle says Reigns has been screwed recently. Reigns isn’t upset with Angle. He’s doing what he has to do. Reigns is going to do what he has to do now. Reigns then leaves the ring.

We go backstage to see Reigns walking around. Reigns stops when he finds Jinder Mahal. Mahal throws Sunil Singh into Reigns. Mahal then attacks Reigns and gets the better of him, throwing a garbage can into him. Reigns reverses a whip into a metal guardrail. Reigns slams Mahal off some tables and the walls. Reigns then drives a crate into Mahal’s midsection, and they fight back into the arena. Reigns floors Mahal with a Superman Punch on the floor. Angle comes out with some agents and referees to restrain Reigns. Mahal runs away.

Seth Rollins will defend the WWE Intercontinental Championship against Kevin Owens, next.

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We see replays of the brawl between Roman Reigns and Jinder Mahal.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Kevin Owens

The bell rings, and Owens starts off with a kick and some punches. Owens clubs him down and stomps him before talking some trash. Owens gets him to his feet and punches him in the midsection a few times. Owens gets him in the corner and shoulders away at him. Owens sends him to the corner, but Rollins explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. Rollins chops the chest and stomps away at him. Rollins chops him and sends him into the ropes, but Owens holds on and pulls himself out of the ring. Owens gets on the apron, but Rollins punches him off. Rollins goes for a suicide dive, but Owens catches him in a fireman’s carry and throws him ribs-first into the ring post. Owens gets him in the ring and hits a senton splash for a two count. Owens digs his knee into the spine and applies a chin lock. Rollins fights up and hits a jawbreaker. Rollins charges, but Owens gives him a back body drop over the top rope.

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We come back from the break to see Rollins trapped in a surfboard stretch. Rollins tries to fight up, but Owens keeps him grounded. Rollins fights up again, but Owens knees him in the midsection and lifts him. Rollins elbows out and sidesteps him, sending Owens out of the ring. Rollins gets fired up, but Owens sweeps the feet and pulls him out of the ring. Owens goes for an apron powerbomb, but Rollins grabs the ropes and gets out. Owens goes for a powerbomb off the apron, but Rollins fights out. Rollins boots him back and hits a falcon arrow on the apron! They’re both down on the floor now. The referee begins counting them out, but they get in before the count of ten.

They slowly get to their feet and duke it out. Rollins punches and chops him, but Owens quickly knees him back. Rollins soon sends him out of the ring and hits a suicide dive. Rollins immediately gets in the ring and hits a second suicide dive! Rollins gets him in the ring and hits a springboard clothesline. Rollins hits a running forearm and boots him back. Rollins hits a blockbuster for another near fall. Owens avoids a Revolution Knee and hits a spike DDT for a near fall. Rollins soon leapfrogs a Pop-up Powerbomb and gets him down for a Stomp, but Owens avoids that. Rollins forearms him, but Owens answers with a superkick. Rollins quickly hits an enzuigiri, and Owens turns him inside out with a clothesline for a near fall. The crowd starts up a “This is awesome” chant. Owens steps on Rollins and goes to the top rope. Owens goes for a Swanton Bomb, but Rollins gets his knees up. Rollins starts to tune up the band and goes for the Stomp, but Owens counters into a roll-up. Rollins rolls through and kicks him before hitting a Revolution Knee for a near fall. Rollins pulls himself up to the top rope and goes for a frog splash, but Owens gets the knees up and rolls him up for a near fall. Owens goes to the top rope, but Rollins cuts him off. Owens punches him off, but Rollins soon runs up. Owens counters a superplex into a fisherman’s superplex! Rollins rolls out of the ring to save himself. Owens goes outside and puts him back in the ring. As Owens is getting back in the ring, Rollins hits him with the Stomp for the win!

Winner and still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Seth Rollins

We’re still waiting to hear about the condition of Jinder Mahal. He’s supposed to be in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match against Elias and Bobby Lashley. Other Money in the Bank Qualifying Matches will see Bayley take on Alexa Bliss and Mickie James, as well as Baron Corbin taking on No Way Jose and Bobby Roode. Coming up next, we’ll see what happened with Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey.

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Video Package: Nia Jax challenges Ronda Rousey with the WWE RAW Women’s Championship on the line at WWE Money in the Bank.

Kurt Angle is in his office when Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas come in. They want a shot at the RAW Tag Team Championships. They’re The A-Team, but Angle says that name has already been taken. Dallas says they’ll the B-Team… for the Best Team. Angle says they haven’t won a single tag match on their own. In fact, RAW Tag Team Champions Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt beat them last week. Dallas says The Miztourage didn’t have any wins, but The B-Team is undefeated. Angle says he won’t put them in a championship match, but he will have them in action as long as they leave him alone for the rest of the night. They high five and leave.

No Way Jose makes his entrance with his conga line. The Money in the Bank Qualifying Match is next.

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Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
No Way Jose vs. Baron Corbin vs. Bobby Roode

The bell rings, and Corbin immediately attacks both men. Corbin gets Jose out of the ring and sends him into the ring steps. Corbin gets in the ring, and Roode greets him with some right hands. Corbin reverses a whip, but Roode slingshots over him and clotheslines him. Roode clotheslines him in the corner and goes for a neckbreaker, but Corbin shoves him off. Roode boots him back and hits a blockbuster for a two count. Corbin rolls to the apron and snaps him off the top rope. Jose then clotheslines Corbin down on the floor.

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We come back from the break to see Corbin grounding Roode with a chin lock. Roode eventually fights up, but Corbin takes him down with a sidewalk slam. Jose gets on the apron, but Corbin quickly knocks him off. Corbin then bounces him off the barricade. Corbin gets back in the ring and stomps Roode in the corner. Jose turns Corbin around and punches. Corbin reverses a whip to the corner and charges, but Jose sidesteps him. Corbin slides out of the ring and gets back in to clothesline Roode. Jose quickly takes Corbin down and punches away at him. Jose hits a cross-body block, but Roode breaks up the pin. Jose reverses a whip to the corner, but he eats a boot. Roode then hits a spinebuster, but Corbin breaks up the pin. Corbin puts Roode in the corner and punches. Corbin puts Roode on the top rope. Jose attacks Corbin and goes for a superplex to Roode. Roode fights him off and hits a diving clothesline on Jose. Roode does the “GLORIOUS” taunt and knocks Corbin off the apron. Jose then rolls Roode up for a near fall. Jose then clotheslines Roode over the top rope. Corbin takes out Jose and dives off the apron with a clothesline on Roode. Corbin gets in the ring, but Jose boots him. Corbin quickly comes back with a chokeslam backbreaker for a near fall. Roode gets back in, and Corbin grabs him by the throat. Roode rolls him up for a two count. Corbin quickly hits a Deep Six, but Jose breaks it up.

All three men are struggling to get up. Corbin powers Jose to the corner and starts hitting Roode and Jose with corner clotheslines. Roode eventually sidesteps him, sending Corbin shoulder-first into the ring post. Roode then hits a Glorious DDT on Jose for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode joins Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, Rusev, and The Miz in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Baron Corbin looks disgusted.

Kurt Angle is walking backstage when he’s stopped by Kevin Owens. Owens says he should be Intercontinental Champion and wants a rematch. Angle says it’s over. Owens tells him to do something or he’ll call Stephanie McMahon. Angle says he’s sick and tired of Owens threatening him. Owens says it’s not a threat. It’s about to become reality. Owens then takes out his phone. Owens walks off. Angle walks into the trainer’s room and sees Jinder Mahal. Mahal says he’s in no shape to compete. Angle says this match has to happen because this is the last night for Money in the Bank Qualifying Matches. It’s best for business. Mahal then vows to qualify, something Roman Reigns couldn’t do.

Jinder Mahal will take on Bobby Lashley and Elias later tonight in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match. We’ll also see Bayley, Alexa Bliss, and Mickie James have a Money in the Bank Qualifier. The B-Team takes on Breezango, next.

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The B-Team consisting of Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas are in the ring wearing plain white t-shirts with the letter “B” written in Sharpie.

The B-Team vs. Breezango

Tyler Breeze starts against Bo Dallas. They lock up, and Dallas rolls him up for a two count. Breeze quickly gets a backslide pin for a two count. They trade pins before Curtis Axel breaks it up and pulls Dallas out of the ring to talk strategy. Dallas gets in the ring and dropkicks Dallas. Axel distracts Breeze, and Dallas capitalizes. Axel tags in and DDTs him for a two count. Axel applies a chin lock and slams him down as he tries to get up. Dallas tags in and drops some knees for a two count. Dallas then applies a chin lock. The crowd is singing Fandango’s theme song. Breeze comes back with a back suplex.

Fandango and Axel are tagged in. Fandango shoulders him and punches away at him before hitting a pair of clotheslines. Fandango hits an inverted atomic drop on Dallas before hitting Axel with a DDT for a near fall. Fandango knees Dallas off the apron, and Axel rolls him up for a two count. Fandango quickly powerslams him for a two count. Fandango goes to the top rope. Dallas sends Breeze into the barricade. Axel avoids a diving leg drop. Dallas tags in, and they hit a double-team combination back suplex/neckbreaker for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The B-Team

They celebrate wildly in the ring. This is Axel and Dallas’ first win as a unit. Charly Caruso gets in the ring to interview them. She asks how they’re feeling. Axel yells, “B-Team!!” Dallas says anything is possible from the B-Team! Axel says they’re coming for the RAW Tag Team Championships. They start a B-Team chant, which catches on.

Sasha Banks, Ember Moon, and Natalya will take on The Riott Squad, next.

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Sasha Banks, Natalya, and Ember Moon vs. The Riott Squad

Ember Moon will start against Sarah Logan. They lock up, and Logan slams her down. Moon takes her down with a handspring head-scissor, which Logan takes horribly. Sasha Banks tags in, and Moon takes Logan down, who falls poorly. Banks hits a meteora for a two count. Banks hits a Thesz Press and punches away at her. Banks wrenches the arm, but Logan takes her down. Ruby Riott tags in and punches away at Banks. Liv Morgan tags in and punches away at Banks. Riott tags in, but Banks gets the better of them. The face team scares The Riott Squad out of the ring.

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We come back from the break to see Banks and Natalya hit Morgan with a double-team suplex. Natalya misses a clothesline, and Morgan takes her down. Natalya powers her to the corner and tags in Banks. Banks takes Morgan down and wrenches the arm. Banks reverses a whip, and Morgan kicks her. Logan tags in, and Banks dropkicks her to the corner. Riott distracts Banks, and Logan knees her in the face. Logan covers Banks for a two count. Riott tags in, and she punches Banks. Riott then applies a chin lock. Banks gets out with a jawbreaker. Riott quickly clotheslines her for a two count. Morgan tags back in and hits a diving face-buster for a near fall. Morgan applies a straightjacket submission. Banks fights up, but Morgan dropkicks her down for a two count. Riott tags in and shoulders her before Banks avoids a shoulder. Banks sends Riott into Logan. Morgan tags in and knocks Moon off the apron. Natalya is tagged in and hits a side Russian leg sweep. Natalya knocks Logan off the apron before slamming Morgan on her tailbone. Natalya hits a low dropkick. Ember Moon runs in and takes out Riott. Morgan hits Natalya with a step-up enzuigiri. Banks hits Logan with a meteora off the apron, and Moon hits Riott with a suicide dive. Natalya applies a Sharpshooter to Morgan for the win.

Winners by Submission: Sasha Banks, Natalya, and Ember Moon

Braun Strowman and Finn Balor will take on Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre later tonight. A handheld video promo is shown with McIntyre and Ziggler. The locker room used to be filled with legends. There are no more superstars. The hunger is gone and the passion isn’t there. Ziggler says they’re not there to take food off someone’s plate. McIntyre says they’re here to flip the table.

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The Revival vs. The Deleters of Worlds

Matt Hardy starts against Dash Wilder. Wilder wrenches the arm. The crowd is singing, “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands.” Hardy takes Wilder down, but he kips up. Hardy stops him and says that athleticism flabbergasts him. WONDERFUL! Hardy gets the crowd to give him a standing ovation. Bray Wyatt tags in and takes Wilder down. The B-Team is backstage taking notes. Scott Dawson tags in and punches away at Wyatt. Dawson sidesteps an avalanche, but he freezes when Wyatt arcs his back. Wyatt takes Dawson down and hits a senton splash. They hit a double-team combo slam/head-butt for a two count. Wilder tags in, and they attack Hardy’s knee. Dawson tags in and wrenches Hardy’s knee. The Revival works over Hardy’s knee for a bit until Hardy hits a Side Effect. Wilder took it wrong and basically gave Hardy a senton splash.

Wyatt tags in and wildly attacks Dawson before hitting a uranage. Hardy tags in and hits Wilder with a Twist of Fate. They then hit the Kiss of Deletion for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Deleters of Worlds

Bayley is walking backstage when she’s stopped by Sasha Banks. Banks wishes her luck, and Bayley thanks her.

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Sami Zayn complains about Bobby Lashley

Sami Zayn is in the ring while the crowd happily sings his song. Zayn says he’s heard enough of that. Has it occurred to anyone that Prince Harry looks a lot like him? A “YES” chant picks up. Zayn heard Prince Harry is a fan of his, more so than Bobby Lashley. Lashley leaves WWE for 10 years and makes his big return to RAW the same night he makes his return to RAW. Lashley looks good, but the only problem is he tried to do it at his expense. Zayn shows a still photo of Lashley giving him a delayed vertical suplex. Zayn complains that he contracted vertigo from that, the first ever case in WWE history. Zayn takes out his glasses and reads his doctor’s note. Zayn reads the note and says this is why he’s lost every match he’s been in since that incident. Lashley targeted and victimized him all to impress the fans. It’s disgusting. Lashely is getting cheered and buzz. Just last week, he sat down for a super exclusive interview with Renee Young. A clip is shown of Lashley talking about his family. Zayn says Lashley wants to be him. Zayn talks about how Lashley had something to hide. Zayn used Facebook to find Lashley’s sisters. They were nothing like Lashley described. Zayn invited his sisters to be on RAW next week. Zayn is going to expose the real Bobby Lashley.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Alexa Bliss vs. Mickie James vs. Bayley

The bell rings, and Alexa Bliss and Mickie James quickly take out Bayley. The crowd is singing for Bayley.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see James applying a chin lock to Bayley while Bliss talks trash. They continue to double-team Bayley. Bayley punches back and hits a jawbreaker. Bayley fights back and takes them down. Bayley is soon taken out. James then rolls Bliss up for a two count. Bliss shoves her, and James shoves her back. They then turn back to Bayley. Bayley fights back and hits a double cross-body block. She hits them both with clotheslines and hits Bliss with a back suplex. James soon gets the better of her. Bayley takes James out, and Bliss quickly hits Bayley with code red. James breaks it up. Eventually, Bayley hits Bayley-To-Belly on Bliss, but James pulls her out of the ring. James and Bayley fight it out. Bliss then DDTs Bayley for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss joins Charlotte Flair and Ember Moon in the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Replays are shown of the brawl between Roman Reigns and Jinder Mahal. Mahal is still scheduled to compete in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match later tonight.

Jinder Mahal just finished getting his ribs taped up. Mahal says he’ll show everyone why he’s the Modern Day Maharaja. Mahal is slowly limping down the hallway when Roman Reigns spears him through a wall! Sunil Singh screams for help.

-Commercial Break-

Trainers and EMTs are checking on Jinder Mahal, who is still down.

Finn Balor and Braun Strowman vs. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

Finn Balor will start against Dolph Ziggler. They lock up, and Balor applies a waistlock. Ziggler reverses it and forearms him. Ziggler has a whip reversed, but he comes back with a sunset flip attempt. Balor rolls through and dropkicks him. Ziggler quickly escapes and tags in Drew McIntyre. McIntyre points at Strowman. Strowman is tagged in to the delight of the crowd. McIntyre says he’s been dying for this moment as he walks around the ring. McIntyre then calmly tags out and smirks.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Strowman slam Balor onto Ziggler. Strowman yells at Balor to get up because he’s fine. They then raise their arms. Ziggler hits Balor with a jawbreaker. Ziggler hits the ropes, but Balor dropkicks him down. Balor hits the ropes, but McIntyre sweeps the feet. McIntyre tags in and stomps Balor. McIntyre and Ziggler take turns tagging in and out working over Balor. Balor nearly makes the tag numerous times, but he’s stopped each time. Eventually Balor sidesteps McIntyre and makes the tag.

Strowman runs over Ziggler with some shoulders and knocks McIntyre off the apron. Strowman hits a headlock club to the chest of Ziggler. Strowman charges Ziggler in the corner, but he moves and hits the ring post should-first. Balor tags in and attacks Ziggler. Balor slingshots over him, but he eats a boot. Ziggler goes to the top rope, but Balor cuts him off. Balor takes him down, but McIntyre breaks it up. Ziggler rolls Balor up for a two count. Balor hits the Sling Blade and hits a stiff dropkick to the corner. Balor goes to the top rope, but McIntyre grabs the boot. Strowman then wipes out McIntyre outside the ring. McIntyre accidentally hits the Greatest Royal Rumble Trophy, which tips over and breaks! Ziggler then knocks Balor off the top rope to win the match.

Winners by Pinfall: Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

They show the video of Nia Jax challenging Ronda Rousey again.

Kurt Angle is on the phone in his office talking to Stephanie McMahon. Angle says he sent Roman Reigns away, but Jinder Mahal can’t compete. She tells him something he doesn’t like.

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Next week, Sami Zayn will expose the truth about Bobby Lashley.

Elias is in the ring strumming his guitar when Kevin Owens’ music cuts him off. Owens will be replacing Jinder Mahal per Stephanie McMahon.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Elias vs. Kevin Owens vs. Bobby Lashley

Elias and Kevin Owens quickly double-team Lashley. Owens suggests they work as a team and take out Lashley. Owens tries to whip Elias into him, but Lashley sidesteps that and clotheslines Owens. Lashley clears the ring.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Lashley whip Owens into the barricade. Lashley then sends Elias ribs-first into the barricade. Lashley bounces Elias off the barricade before throwing him into the ring. Owens grabs Lashley’s foot, and Elias dropkicks him out of the ring. Owens gets Lashley in the ring and punches away at him. They continue to double-team Lashley. Eventually they turn on each other. Owens sends Elias into the ropes and hits a back elbow before connecting with a senton splash. Elias gets out of a body slam and slams Owens legs first into the ropes. Lashley gets in the ring and hits Elias with a full nelson slam. Owens breaks it up. Lashley reverses a whip on Owens to the corner and attacks. A “Bobby’s sisters” chant picks up. Lashley gives Owens a nasty spinebuster. Elias runs in and knees Lashley in the face. Owens rolls out of the ring to recover.

Elias is alone in the ring and wants his guitar. Elias sits on the apron and tells JoJo to hold the microphone up to his mouth. Elias wants the people to hear him sing. Elias strums a chord, and Owens gets in the ring. Elias quickly gives the guitar to JoJo, knees Owens and covers, but Lashley breaks it up. Lashley sends him to the corner, but Elias kicks him back. Owens then superkicks Elias. Elias avoids a cannonball and goes to the top rope for a diving elbow drop, but Lashley pulls him out of the ring. Lashley intimidates Elias back. Elias gets in the ring, and Lashley clotheslines him. Lashley hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Elias before hitting a reverse STO on Owens. Lashley goes for a delayed vertical suplex on Elias, but Owens stops it. They then form an alliance to try to suplex Lashley. Lashley counters with a double suplex. The crowd slightly boos Lashley for that. Lashley charges and avalanches both men before Owens boots him. Owens goes to the middle rope, but Elias cuts him off. Elias gets Owens in the electric chair position before turning him for a powerbomb to pick up a near fall. Lashley broke up the pin. Lashley and Elias trade punches. Lashley eventually press slams him down. Lashley hits an over the shoulder face-buster. Sami Zayn pulls Lashley out of the ring and hits a Helluva Kick against the barricade. Owens goes to the top rope and hits a frog splash on Elias for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens joins Bobby Roode, Braun Strowman, Rusev, Finn Balor, and The Miz in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Owens and Zayn celebrate happily on the ramp.

Quick Match Results

* Seth Rollins def. Kevin Owens to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship
* MITB Qualifier: Bobby Roode def. No Way Jose and Baron Corbin
* The B-Team def. Breezango
* Sasha Banks, Natalya, and Ember Moon def. The Riott Squad via Submission
* The Deleters of Worlds def. The Revival (non-title)
* MITB Qualifier: Alexa Bliss def. Mickie James and Bayley
* Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre def. Finn Balor and Braun Strowman
* MITB Qualifier: Kevin Owens def. Elias and Bobby Lashley