WWE Monday Night RAW 11 05 2018

WWE RAW Results
November 5, 2018

Manchester, England
Commentary: Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

The RAW roster is on the stage. In front of the ramp are a line of security guards. Baron Corbin’s music hits, and the Acting General Manager of Monday Night RAW makes his way to the ring to boos from the crowd.

Video Package: Baron Corbin attacks Braun Strowman before his WWE Universal Championship match, allowing Brock Lesnar to capitalize and win the title at WWE Crown Jewel

Corbin welcomes the crowd to Monday Night RAW, and they loudly boo him. Corbin tells them to not be alarmed by the added security. He’s just a high profile guy. We’re coming up on a very exciting time of the year. He’s not talking about Thanksgiving. He’s talking about Survivor Series, the one time a year RAW and Smackdown go head-to-head in competition. The new Universal Champion Brock Lesnar will face the WWE Champion AJ Styles. RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey will face Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. We’ll also have a 5-on-5 tag team elimination bout. Every match is a chance for RAW to show it is the dominant brand. RAW has a score to settle. The commissioner of Smackdown, Shane McMahon, stole the title of “Best in the World” from RAW and Dolph Ziggler. That will be addressed next week by RAW’s commissioner, Stephanie McMahon. Corbin says RAW will be dominant at Survivor Series, which will most likely make him permanent General Manager.

To ensure RAW proves its dominance, they need a real leader. Corbin will be the captain of Team RAW. His managerial duties won’t allow him to compete in the match, so he’ll put together the most dominant team imaginable. The first two members of RAW’s Survivor Series team are Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. The crowd boos them. Corbin says he’s chosen a third member for the team: Braun Strowman. Corbin understands that Strowman might be upset with him, but in the end he’ll understand that what he did was a teaching lesson. Strowman needs to learn to respect authority. Once Strowman gets that in his head, he’ll be the team member they need at Survivor Series.

For the women’s team, he needed a manager with great skills. Choosing all of the members to RAW’s women’s team will be their captain… Alexa Bliss. Bliss thanks the future permanent General Manager. She’s humbled. She’ll take more of a management role than competing. Given her unprecedented success as a 5-time champion, they could all learn a lot. She will be watching the women closely tonight. They will not lose to the B-show, not on her watch. In an Evolution rematch, The Riott Squad will face Natalya, Sasha Banks, and Bayley. Corbin likes the way she thinks. Bliss says she could get used to this.

Kurt Angle’s music hits, and the General Manager (who is technically on vacation) makes his way to the ring dressed to compete. Angle says competing in the WWE World Cup lit a fire in him. Last year, he led Team RAW to victory at Survivor Series. Angle wants to compete again this year. Corbin says this year, he makes the decisions. Corbin tells Angle to take a permanent vacation. Angle says when he was in charge, they settled things in the ring. When he was in charge, he’d step up and compete. How about he has a match against Corbin? If Angle wins, he’s not only part of the team at Survivor Series but also the team captain. A “YES” chant fires up. Angle asks what kind of leader Corbin is. Corbin never steps up. Corbin is an embarrassment to Monday Night RAW. Corbin angrily agrees to Angle’s stipulations. Angle says the only way Corbin is going to Survivor Series is on crutches when he breaks his ankle. “Oh it’s true, it’s damn true!”
Corbin tells the crowd to cut Angle’s music. Bliss goes to continue speaking, but Braun Strowman’s music hits. Strowman angrily comes down to the ring and annihilates the security guards! Strowman chases Corbin out of the ring and up the ramp. Jinder Mahal tries to cut him off, but Strowman takes him out and fights through the RAW roster. Backstage, Strowman is angrily looking around backstage and scares a stagehand. Strowman says when he finds Corbin, he’ll get these hands.

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Charly Caruso is backstage with Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Natalya. Natalya will be wearing her father’s sunglasses to the ring to give her luck. Tonight is for her dad, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart.

Natalya, Sasha Banks, and Bayley vs. The Riott Squad

The Riott Squad attacks Natalya, Banks, and Bayley at the start of the bell. Natalya clears the ring and counters a Riott Kick into a Sharpshooter. Liv Morgan distracts the referee while Sarah Logan hits Natalya. Riott picks up a two count. Riott throws Natalya out of the ring and tags in Logan. Logan attacks Natalya at ringside before throwing her into the barricade. Logan gets her in the ring and picks up a two count. Logan applies a chin lock, but Natalya fights up and punches out. Logan quickly cuts her off and tags in Morgan. Morgan kicks Natalya in the back for a two count. Morgan throws her out of the ring again.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Natalya fight Morgan off. Morgan stops her from making a tag and puts Natalya in the corner before stomping her down. Natalya soon sidesteps her, but Morgan stops her from making the tag. Natalya eventually does.

Banks is tagged in, and she hits Morgan before clearing the Riott Squad off the apron. Banks gets dropped on the apron, but Banks knees her in the face before hitting a sloppy meteora off the apron on Logan. Banks then comes off the top rope with a meteora on Morgan. Banks applies the Bank Statement, but Riott kicks her in the face. Bayley runs in, but Riott throws her out of the ring. Riott tags in, and Banks catches her with a backslide pin for a one count. Banks knees her in the face and tags in Bayley. Bayley hits a running knee to Riott, and Banks follows up with double knees. Bayley knees Riott to the corner and punches her down. Riott gets away, but Bayley snaps Riott off the second rope. Bayley hits a suicide dive on Morgan and Logan. Riott quickly follows up with an STO on the floor. Riott gets Bayley in the ring for a near fall. Bayley counters a suplex into an inside cradle for a two count. Riott takes her out and applies a chin lock. Bayley tries to fight out, but Riott stops her. Logan tags in and beats on Bayley. Logan snaps Bayley off the middle ropes for a near fall. Morgan tags in and hair-pull bulldog off the second rope.

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We come back from the break to see Logan dropkick Bayley for a two count. Logan continues to pick away at her before Bayley sweeps the legs. Logan quickly knocks Banks off the apron. Bayley gets out of a scoop slam and tags in Natalya.

Natalya clotheslines Logan before knocking the Riott Squad off the apron. Natalya takes Logan down again before hitting a German Suplex. Logan quickly elbows her, but Natalya comes back with a wheelbarrow facebuster. Riott breaks up the pin. Banks runs in to get Riott out of the ring. Morgan takes out Banks, and Natalya knocks Morgan out of the ring. Natalya goes to apply a Sharpshooter, but she stops when she sees Ruby Riott holding Jim Neidhart’s sunglasses. Riott snaps them in half, and Natalya starts to cry. Riott stomps them while Natalya watches on. The Riott Squad walks away… and that’s how the match ends. The referee doesn’t make a call or anything.

No Contest

Kurt Angle faces Baron Corbin in tonight’s main event. The winner will be the captain of Team RAW. We’ll take a look at DX vs. The Brothers of Destruction, next.

Braun Strowman is walking backstage looking for Baron Corbin. Strowman goes into the bathroom and starts opening stalls, but Corbin is not there. Strowman kicks one open and scares a stagehand. The guy runs away while Strowman growls.

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Jinder Mahal makes his entrance, ready for competition. Only Sunil Singh is with him tonight.

Video Package: DX defeated The Brothers of Destruction at WWE Crown Jewel

Jinder Mahal w/ Sunil Singh vs. Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews is shown in a pre-taped promo. Crews says ever since he left Titus Worldwide, people have talked about his potential. Potential is about the future, but Apollo Crews is right now. He’ll show why he’s Monday Night RAW’s human highlight reel.

They circle the ring, and Mahal punches him to the corner. Mahal sends him to the corner, but Crews slingshots over him and does some flips. Crews dropkicks him down for a one count. Mahal quickly comes back with a jawbreaker, but Crews shoulders him. Sunil Singh distracts Crews, and Mahal clotheslines him for a two count. Mahal knees him in the back and applies a chin lock. Crews fights out and kicks Mahal in the head. Mahal quickly rolls him up for a two count. Crews quickly comes back with an enzuigiri before hitting a press slam. Crews hits a standing moonsault for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Apollo Crews

Seth Rollins is carrying the RAW Tag Team Championships. Rollins will call out Dean Ambrose, next.

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Seth Rollins makes his entrance with the WWE Intercontinental Championship around his waist and the RAW Tag Team Championships on his shoulders. Footage is shown of Dean Ambrose attacking him after winning the titles two weeks ago. The crowd chants, “Burn it down.” Rollins says he planned on having a trophy with him, but he didn’t win the WWE World Cup. On top of that, Baron Corbin, the scumbag acting General Manager, helped Brock Lesnar regain the WWE Universal Championship. After everything Roman Reigns worked for to get the title back, that is a slap in the face. A “Roman” chant picks up. It’s a slap in the face to him, Roman, everyone in the locker room, and everyone here tonight. He’d tell that to Lesnar’s face, but Lesnar is not here tonight. Rollins sarcastically calls it a “shocker.”

You know who is here tonight? Dean Ambrose. The crowd loudly boos his name. It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, The Shield was on top of the world. Last week, he asked Dean Ambrose for answers, but he didn’t have the guts to get in the ring with him. Rollins could call him out again, but he doesn’t want to waste Manchester’s time. Besides, Ambrose doesn’t have the bollucks. Rollins is here to address the RAW Tag Team Championships. It’s probably impossible for him to defend two titles at one time.

Baron Corbin cuts him off. Corbin is shown on the titantron. Security guards are barricading his door. Corbin says it is possible for Rollins to defend two titles at once. Corbin wants Rollins to defend the titles with his partner against these guys… AOP makes their entrance with Drake Maverick.

RAW Tag Team Championships – 2-on-1 Handicap Match
Seth Rollins (c) vs. AOP w/ Drake Maverick

Seth Rollins will start against Akam. Rollins gives him a waistlock before avoiding an elbow. Akam powers Rollins to the corner, and Rezar tags in. Rollins fights them off, but AOP quickly takes him down with a double-team clothesline.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see AOP hit Rollins with a sidewalk slam/leg drop combo. Akam applies a chin lock before turning him inside out with a ship to the corner. Rezar tags in, and AOP beats Rollins down. Rezar applies a neck vice, but Rollins fights up. Rezar quickly tackles him down and punches away at him.

Akam tags back in, and Rollins fights AOP off. Rollins clotheslines Rezar over the top rope and punches away at Akam. Akam reverses a whip, but Rollins ducks a clothesline and hits a suicide dive on Rezar. Rollins gets Akam out of the ring and hits a suicide dive on AOP. Rollins gets Akam in the ring and hits a springboard clothesline. Rollins follows up with a Sling Blade on Rezar. Rollins hits Akam with a blockbuster, but he can only get a near fall out of it. Drake Maverick shouts instructions from ringside. Rollins starts stomping the mat. Rollins kicks Akam, but Rezar sweeps the feet. Maverick was distracting the referee while that happened. Rollins fights AOP off and superkicks Akam and Rezar. Rollins goes to the top rope and hits Rezar with a frog splash for a near fall. Rollins goes for a Stomp on Rezar, but Rezar counters with a vicious powerbomb. Akam tags in, and AOP hits Rollins with a neckbreaker/sit-out powerbomb combo for the win.

Winners and new RAW Tag Team Champions: AOP

Drake Maverick celebrates with the new RAW Tag Team Champions, AOP.

Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring through the crowd. The crowd boos him. Rollins is writhing in pain on the mat. Ambrose coldly looks at him as he slowly climbs the ring steps. A “You sold out” chant picks up. Ambrose has a microphone. Ambrose kneels next to Rollins and speaks. “You wanna know why I did what I did,” Ambrose asks. Ambrose stops speaking and hits Rollins with Dirty Deeds. The crowd boos while Ambrose leaves the ring. Rollins struggles to get to his feet while the crowd chants, “Burn it down.”

Footage is shown of Becky Lynch saying on Smackdown Live that she would rip Ronda Rousey’s arm off. Ronda Rousey will respond to that later tonight.

Kurt Angle will take on Baron Corbin in tonight’s main event. The winner will be the team captain of Team RAW.

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Footage is shown of Braun Strowman trying to get Baron Corbin at the start of the show.

Charly Caruso finds Baron Corbin backstage and asks why he’s hiding. Corbin says he’d wrestle Braun Strowman, but Strowman wants to destroy him. Corbin says he isn’t running though. Charly asks why he’s hiding in the storage room, and Corbin flips out that she just told the world where he is. Strowman then bursts in and chases him off.

Dolph Ziggler talks about the WWE World Cup

Dolph Ziggler makes his entrance. Despite what happened at WWE World Cup, Shane McMahon is not the best in the world because you are looking at the best in the world. Ziggler says it’s typical. Ziggler scratched, clawed, and outworked everyone. Then the conspiracy kicks in. Drew McIntyre was ejected from ringside before the match starts. Then the D-Lister Miz attacked him from behind while a Smackdown referee watched on.

A guitar chord strums, and Elias is sitting on the stage. The crowd gives him a great reception. The crowd sings, “OHH WALK WITH ELIAS!” Elias plays the riff to a huge pop, and the crowd sings louder. Elias greets the crowd and says that is the respect he deserves. Elias says Ziggler is making excuses, but he’ll sum it up for everyone: Ziggler is a loser. Elias says if he plays this song tonight, Oasis will reunite. Elias tells him to shut his mouth and let him sing. Elias sings about how Ziggler thinks he’s a comedian, but everyone thinks he’s a tool. Ziggler cuts him off and tells him to walk down and show him what WWE stands for. Elias says all he had to do was ask.

-Commercial Break-

The Revival says the RAW Tag Team Division is not a party. The Lucha House Party has a pinata, and there is no room in the division for them. The Revival will send them back to 205 Live where they belong.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Elias

Ziggler tries to wrestle Elias down, but can’t pick up a pin. Elias fights up, but Ziggler dropkicks him down. Ziggler rakes his face on the top rope. Elias reverses a whip and connects with a back elbow. Elias hits a scoop slam for a near fall. Elias hits a headlock takeover and keeps the chin lock applied. The crowd is loudly chanting for Elias. Ziggler backs Elias into the ropes. Ziggler quickly elbows him in the jaw and hits a neckbreaker for a one count. Ziggler then applies a body stretch. Ziggler then transitions into a chin lock with a body scissor. Elias fights out, but Ziggler keeps him grounded with a chin lock. Elias fights up and hits a mule kick. Elias goes to the top rope, but Ziggler rolls out of the way of a diving elbow drop.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Elias fighting Ziggler off and catching a two count. Ziggler quickly uppercuts him and picks up a near fall. Ziggler taunts him a bit before Elias tackles him down and punches. Ziggler drops an elbow for a two count. The crowd is really chanting for Elias. Ziggler goes back to the chin lock. Elias fights up, and he shoulder blocks Ziggler down. Elias stomps away at Ziggler and gets fired up. Elias clubs the spine and tries for an electric chair, but Ziggler slides off. Ziggler avoids a high knee and rolls him up for a two count. Elias quickly knees him in the face for a near fall. Elias gets out of a Zig-Zag and goes for a knee, but Ziggler moves. Ziggler hits a Zig-Zag and covers, but Elias gets the foot on the bottom rope to the delight of the crowd. Ziggler flips out on the referee. Elias manages to hit Drift Away for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Elias

Elias walks up the ramp looking pleased. Ziggler flips out and yells that he’s the best.

RAW Women’s Champion “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey will respond to Becky Lynch, next.

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Charly Caruso is backstage with Kurt Angle. Angle says he knows Baron Corbin’s weaknesses and will exploit them. Angle has a fire lit under him, and he’ll go on to Survivor Series to be the RAW Team Captain.

“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey responds to Becky Lynch

RAW Women’s Champion “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey makes her entrance to the ring smiling and high fiving fans. A “Ronda Rousey” chant picks up. Rousey mentions that Becky Lynch said she’d rip Rousey’s arm off. Rousey thinks that’s cute. It’s easy to see why people love her. A “Becky” chant picks up. Rousey says there’s no doubt that Becky worked hard and overcame adversity to become Smackdown Women’s Champion. She’s the man… well, figuratively. At Evolution, Becky put on the performance of a lifetime. Becky has Rousey’s respect, but she shouldn’t mistake that for weakness. Rousey is the last woman on earth you want to provoke. While the alarm was ringing to wake Becky up for school, her mother was trying to break her arm while she was in a dead sleep. It’s a whole new Becky Lynch, but it’ll take a lot more than a new attitude to beat her. Rousey says she’s a natural born killer, who is driven to be the greatest champion of all time. Rousey wants Lynch to bring everything she’s got at Survivor Series because she wants a challenge. Lynch may think she’s “the man,” but she’s “the baddest bitch on the planet.” Rousey throws the microphone down and goes to leave.

Nia Jax’ music hits, and she gets in the ring with Rousey. Jax says Survivor Series is just like Evolution. Rousey isn’t just fighting for herself; she’s fighting for the RAW locker room. Jax knows Rousey won’t let them down. After Survivor Series and making Lynch tap out, she’ll be waiting for Rousey. Rousey and Jax smile at each other. Ember Moon’s music hits, and she makes her way to the ring.

Video Package: WWE partners with Girl Up

Nia Jax faces Ember Moon, next.

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Nia Jax vs. Ember Moon

Jax starts off dominating, throwing Moon out of the ring. Moon makes a quick comeback, but Jax swats her out of the air trying for a cross-body. Jax throws her across the ring and beats her down for a two count. Jax applies a cobra clutch (ya maggot). Moon fights out and tries for a roll-up, but Jax doesn’t go down. Jax picks her up with one hand and head-butts her down. Jax drops her on the top rope with snake eyes and avalanches her. Moon avoids a leg drop. Moon kicks her away and kicks her in the midsection. Moon kicks her in the face and hits a springboard cross-body block for a two count. Moon hits a spinning forearm for a near fall. Jax’ kick out sends Moon flying. Jax shoves her down, but she misses an avalanche. Jax avoids a tornado DDT, but she can’t avoid an enzuigiri. Moon charges, but Jax flattens her with a Samoan Drop for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Nia Jax

Tamina’s music hits, and she walks down to the ring. Jax looks confused. Tamina gets in the ring and stares at Jax. They then look down at Moon, who is writhing in pain on the mat. Tamina picks Moon up and hits a Samoan Drop. Jax looks confused. The crowd is booing. Jax then tells Tamina to turn Moon over. Tamina applies a Boston Crab, and Jax starts dropping elbows on Moon. The crowd lightly boos Tamina and Jax while they embrace in the ring.

Kayla Braxton is backstage with Finn Balor. She asks about how he beat Bobby Lashley last week, but Lashley and Lio Rush attacked him after. Balor says Lashley is getting more vicious every week. It didn’t feel good when Lio Rush slapped him in the face. What will feel good is walking out in Manchester. There will be no division because Manchester is Balor Club, and Balor Club is for everyone.

Finn Balor will take on Bobby Lashley, next.

-Commercial Break-

Baron Corbin is trying to get into a van. Charly Caruso comes up to interview him. Corbin says she’s like a bad penny. Whenever she shows up, Braun Strowman shows up. Corbin says he has urgent business to attend to. Angle will face Drew McIntyre instead. Corbin gets in the van while Braun Strowman comes charging off. The van drives off, and Strowman is furious.

Bobby Lashley makes his entrance with Lio Rush. Rush says the big man is here with the man of the hour. Though they wish they were in Liverpool, at least Lashley is with him. Rush has Lashley do a number of poses before having him bend over and flex his gluts. Lashley told Rush that he loves Manchester before they came out. They boo. Rush says they made Lashley upset, so he’ll just beat up Finn Balor just like last week. While he beats up Balor, it’ll be like he’s beating up everyone in Manchester.

-Commercial Break-

It’s official: Kurt Angle will face Drew McIntyre in the main event. This is Angle’s first RAW singles match in twelve years.

Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush vs. Finn Balor

The bell rings, and Lashley beats Balor down before choking him on the ropes. Lashley kicks Balor and hits a big suplex for a two count. Balor fights back, but Lashley tries to stop him. Balor dropkicks him out of the ring and hits the ropes, but Lio Rush sweeps the feet. Lashley punches away at Balor before applying a chin lock. Balor tries to fight up, but Lashley hits him with a neckbreaker. Lashley punches him down in the corner. Balor soon boots him back and avoids an avalanche. Balor hits a flying forearm, but Lashley doesn’t go down. Balor manages to catch him with a sunset flip for a two count. Balor quickly sweeps the feet and hits a double stomp. Balor chops the chest. Lashley quickly catches him, but Balor slides off and hits a Sling Blade. Balor charges, but Lashley viciously clotheslines him down. Lashley counters a snap kick with another clothesline. Lashley hits a delayed vertical suplex for a near fall. Lashley scoops Balor up, but he slides off. Balor rolls him up for a two count. Balor kicks him down and goes to the top rope. Lio Rush distracts him, but Balor doesn’t let it stop him.

Balor gets Lashley out of the ring and hits Rush with a baseball slide. Balor charges Rush, but Lashley catches him and slams him into the barricade. Lashley gets him in the ring and hits an over-the-shoulder slam for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Bobby Lashley

Drew McIntyre’s music hits, and he comes down to the ring. McIntyre gets in Lashley’s face, and Lio Rush gets Lashley out of the ring. McIntyre helps Balor up. McIntyre then hits Balor with a Claymore Kick. The crowd loudly boos McIntyre.

-Commercial Break-

Stephanie McMahon will be live on RAW next week. Alexa Bliss will also announce the RAW Women’s Survivor Series team. WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar will also be on the show.

The last time Kurt Angle had a match on RAW was January 2006 when he faced Shawn Michaels.

Drew McIntyre vs. Kurt Angle

Before the bell rings, Angle attacks and stomps McIntyre down in the corner. The bell rings, and Angle punches and stomps McIntyre. McIntyre comes back with a Glasgow Kiss to take Angle down. McIntyre mounts Angle and punches away at him. McIntyre takes Angle down and applies an arm bar. Angle fights up, but McIntyre powers him down. McIntyre keeps the arm bar applied, but Angle finally fights up and punches out. Angle hits the ropes, but McIntyre grounds him with a back elbow. McIntyre connects with a neckbreaker before going back to the arm bar. Angle fights up, so McIntyre puts him in the corner and chops him. McIntyre sends him to the opposite corner and charges, but Angle moves. Angle connects with an Angle Slam, but McIntyre quickly rolls out of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see McIntyre hit another neckbreaker for a near fall. During the commercial, McIntyre sent Angle into the steps. McIntyre connects with a suplex for another near fall. McIntyre takes him down and applies another arm bar. Angle fights up, but McIntyre takes him down with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex. McIntyre shoves him to the corner and punches away at him. McIntyre hits a snapmare and goes back to the arm bar. Angle fights up and hits a jawbreaker.

Angle charges, gets out of a slam, and hits a trio of rolling German Suplexes. Angle pulls the straps down and stalks McIntyre. Angle grabs him, but McIntyre connects with a Claymore Kick. Angle looks out of it. McIntyre just stares at Angle. Angle slowly comes to, and McIntyre continues to stare at him. McIntyre talks a little trash, so Angle tries to grab the leg. McIntyre quickly takes him down and stomps him. McIntyre drops down and continues to stare at Angle. McIntyre offers his leg to Angle and poses. Angle goes for a takedown, but McIntyre wildly clubs away at him. McIntyre talks trash to him and says Angle is an embarrassment to his family. Angle angrily takes him down and applies an Angle Lock. McIntyre screams in pain, but he manages to kick Angle away.

McIntyre punches feeling into his ankle and connects with an Angle Slam on Angle! McIntyre smirks and applies the Angle Lock. Angle screams in pain and taps out to his own move.

Winner by Submission: Drew McIntyre

The commentators talk about how McIntyre may have just ended Angle’s career.