WWE Monday Night RAW 07 20 2020

WWE Raw Results
July 20, 2020
Orlando, Florida (WWE Performance Center)
Commentary: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Samoa Joe
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

Footage is shown from last night of Seth Rollins defeating Rey Mysterio in an “Eye for an Eye” Match.

Randy Orton will battle The Big Show in an Unsanctioned Match later tonight.

Seth Rollins’ music hits, and he makes his way to the ring alongside Murphy. Rollins says last night at Extreme Rules, Rey Mysterio’s eye came out of its socket. Rollins understood going into the match what the “Eye for an Eye” stipulation entailed. It was understood that to win the match, you had to remove your opponent’s eye from the socket. What happened last night will stay with him for the rest of his life. The visual of Rey Mysterio holding his own bloody eye in his hand will stay with him forever. It was disgusting, barbaric, violent, and more than he expected. It made him sick to his stomach literally and figuratively. The question he’s been asked the most in the last 24 hours is if he regrets it. Does he regret what happened last night? Rollins has to answer a question with a question. Does the WWE Universe regret what they’ve done to him? This was not his decision. They made him the Monday Night Messiah and demanded he become this person referred to as a monster. They made him. Do they regret what they’ve done to him and, by proxy, what they’ve done to Rey Mysterio and his family? Speaking of Mysterio, he asked for the stipulation. Actions have consequences.

Rollins says we cannot dwell in the past. The beauty of all of this is Rey Mysterio is out of sight and Monday Night Raw is free to fulfill its potential. The greater good for this show will happen. There’s no one left to stand in the way of the greater good.

Aleister Black’s music hits, and he comes out to the stage. Black tells Rollins not to deflect the blame. Rollins orchestrated all of this and it is on his hands. Black is here to rectify all of this. Murphy runs down, but Black kicks him down. Black gets in the ring, but Murphy pulls him out of the ring. Black tackles Murphy into the barricade and kicks him around ringside. Black sends him into the barricade again before throwing him over the commentary table. Black gets in the ring, and Rollins quickly scurries out of the ring.

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Seth Rollins w/ Murphy vs. Aleister Black

We join this match in progress to see Rollins stomping away at Black. Rollins hits the ropes, but Black turns him inside out with a knee to the midsection. Black soon knocks him out of the ring. Black follows him outside and punches away at him. Black drives him into the ring post and swings, but Rollins ducks. Black’s arm hits the ring post hard. Rollins bounces him off the commentary table, gets him in the ring, and hits a Sling Blade. Rollins drops an elbow and punches away at him before driving a knee into his arm. Rollins punches him before bending his arm over the bottom rope. Rollins stomps him before kicking the arm. Black elbows him back and swings, but his arm is too hurt. Rollins hits a snapmare and kicks him in the back for a two count. Rollins applies an overhead wristlock, but Black fights up. Rollins drives him arm-first into the corner before hitting a snap suplex for a two count.

Rollins’ belt broke off. Rollins drives Black into the corner arm-first again, and Black collapses in pain. Rollins rips at his face and gets him to his feet. Rollins goes for a short-arm clothesline, but Black ducks and forearms him. Black boots him in the face twice. Rollins sidesteps a third and goes for a suplex, but Black gets out and lands on his feet. Rollins charges, but Black pulls the top rope down to get him out of the ring. Rollins quickly gets on the apron and hits the arm. Black avoids a springboard knee and hits a pair of clotheslines before kicking him down and hitting a knee to the head. Murphy gets on the apron, but Black knocks him down. Rollins kicks him out of mid-air trying a springboard clothesline. Rollins misses a Stomp, and Black connects with Black Mass. The force knocks Rollins out of the ring. Murphy runs in, but Black kicks him before hitting Black Mass.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Black kick Rollins down. Black gets him to his feet and kicks him in the chest to take him down. Murphy is still down at ringside from the Black Mass. Black kicks Rollins in the chest to take him down again. Black talks some trash to Rollins before lifting him with his foot. Rollins quickly rolls him up for a two count. Rollins avoids Black Mass and superkicks him twice.

Rollins crawls to the apron and calls out for Murphy, who is still down. Rollins goes to the top rope, but Black cuts him off. Black goes for a superplex, but Rollins attacks the arm. Black punches back with his good arm, but Rollins jumps off and snaps Black’s arm off the top rope. Rollins goes for a springboard knee, but Black sidesteps him. Black kicks him in the face and grabs him, but Rollins takes him down and hits the Stomp. Rollins is down and takes some time before crawling over and covering him for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Seth Rollins

Rollins and Murphy go to leave, but they return to the ring and attack Black. They drive him into the barricade shoulder-first a few times. Murphy holds Black near the ring post, and Rollins snaps Black’s arm off the post. Rollins takes him down with an arm wringer before yelling at the commentators. Murphy holds Black down on the table, and Rollins slams the arm off the table a few times. They lay Black’s arm on the covering for the commentary table. Rollins asks where Black’s friends are and who will save him. The Messiah will. Rollins then gives Black’s arm a Stomp on the table top. Black screams in pain and holds his arm. Black and Murphy then walk off.

Footage is shown of MVP declaring himself the United States Champion last night at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. The commentators say Apollo Crews is still the champion.

MVP is backstage with Bobby Lashley and Ron Simmons. Simmons tells them to remember there’s a better way. They bump fists, and Simmons walks off. They walk up to WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth. MVP says he’d love to have the 24/7 Champion join him. R-Truth declines. Bobby Lashley clarifies they want the new 24/7 Champion. All of a sudden, Shelton Benjamin kicks R-Truth in the face and covers him for the title. Benjamin walks off with MVP and Lashley.

-Commercial Break-

Self-proclaimed United States Champion MVP, Bobby Lashley, and WWE 24/7 Champion Shelton Benjamin make their way to the ring. MVP says in case you were under a rock and missed it, last night at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules, MVP emerged as the new United States Champion. He didn’t even break a sweat. A few weeks ago on Raw, the CEO of the Hurt Business, rag dolled Crews so bad and hurt him bad. MVP doesn’t make excuses — he makes history. His victory was a foregone conclusion so it didn’t matter if Crews showed up or not. Once they get done beating up Dumb and Dumber… er, Ricochet and Cedric Alexander, they’ll jump in the whip and celebrate at an afterparty.

Ricochet and Cedric Alexander come out to the stage. Alexander says Dumb and Dumber was funny in 2006 when MVP’s career was relevant. They’re looking at a coward holding a title he didn’t earn standing behind Bobby Lashley, his meal ticket. Ricochet says MVP isn’t a champ… he’s a chump. They’ve been champions before and will be champions again on their own. MVP says that’s fine, but when he looks in the ring he sees the Hurt Business. He looks at Ricochet and Alexander as two kids that should be sitting in catering. Crews is so lame he couldn’t be with them, so MVP will allow them to pick any combination of them. Alexander says they have a partner making his return to Monday Night Raw and thinks MVP is lame. MVP says it can’t be Apollo Crews. Ricochet says they’ll be full of humble pie, courtesy of Mustafa Ali.

Bobby Lashley tries to attack them on the ramp, but they take him out. They clear the ring of Benjamin and MVP and all three pose.

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MVP, Bobby Lashley, and WWE 24/7 Champion Shelton Benjamin vs. Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, and Mustafa Ali

Bobby Lashley starts against Cedric Alexander and turns him inside out with a clothesline. Lashley punches away at Alexander before tagging in Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin punches away at Alexander for a two count. MVP tags in and punches away at Alexander. MVP knees Alexander in the midsection before hitting a scoop slam. MVP drops a knee for a two count. MVP covers again for another two count. MVP tries a third time for yet another two count. MVP applies a waistlock, but Alexander fights up and elbows him. MVP fights back with a back suplex for a near fall. Benjamin tags in and clubs Alexander’s back. Benjamin clotheslines him down before punching him down for a two count. Benjamin punches away at him before driving him into the corner for a two count. Lashley tags back in and stomps and punches Alexander. MVP talks some trash to Alexander. Lashley lifts Alexander up for a few seconds before hitting a vertical suplex. Lashley sizes him up and charges for a shoulder to the midsection. MVP tags in and hits a running big boot in the corner. MVP hits a Ballin’ Elbow Drop for a near fall. MVP punches away at Alexander and talks more trash. MVP picks up another two count. Alexander chops out of the corner before hitting the ropes, but MVP big boots him down for yet another near fall. Benjamin tags back in and kicks Alexander. Benjamin sends him into the ropes, but Alexander holds on and boots him back. Ricochet tags in and kicks Benjamin down. Mustafa Ali tags in and hits Benjamin with a slingshot senton before hitting a low dropkick. Benjamin immediately gets out of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Benjamin wipe out Ricochet for a near fall. During the commercial break, Benjamin kneed Ricochet in the face. Benjamin applies a chin lock to Ricochet, but he fights up and hits a jawbreaker. Benjamin pulls Ricochet’s ankle and tags in MVP. MVP stomps Ricochet’s knee, which is taped up. MVP stomps him before holding his face up for the camera to see. Lashley tags in and throws Ricochet out of the ring. Lashley viciously throws Ricochet into the barricade before putting him in the ring. Lashley elbows Ricochet in the head twice before powering him over the ropes. Lashley chokes Ricochet with his boot in the corner before pie facing him. MVP gets a cheap shot in while the referee admonishes Lashley. Benjamin tags in and punches Ricochet back. Benjamin sends Ricochet to the corner, but Ricochet boots him back and hits a rolling thunder dropkick.

MVP and Ali tag in. Ali hits a pair of diving forearms. MVP reverses a whip, but Ali comes back with a dropkick. Ali chops him before having a whip to the corner reversed. Ali puts the brakes on, twists to the apron, and kicks him back. Ali hits a rolling X-Factor, but Lashley breaks up the pin. Lashley lifts Ali up, but he slides off and pulls the top rope down to get Lashley out of the ring. Ricochet and Alexander go for dives on Lashley, but he catches them by the throat. Ali then sends Lashley flying with a suicide dive! Benjamin turns Alexander inside out with a boot. Ricochet hits Benjamin with an Asai Moonsault.

Ali gets in the ring, and MVP knees him in the midsection. MVP punches away at him before sending him to the opposite corner. MVP goes for a running boot, but Ali moves. Ali hits a diving neckbreaker and goes to the top rope. Ali hits a 450 Splash for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, and Mustafa Ali

The Hurt Business angrily go up the ramp as Ricochet, Alexander, and Ali stand tall in the ring.

Randy Orton will face The Big Show in an Unsanctioned Match later tonight.

Randy Orton is shown backstage. Orton asks if you ever think to yourself of those moments that changed your life. Orton does. For some, they might think the moments he’s referring to are joining Evolution or having that match with Mick Foley or becoming the youngest WWE Champion in history. Those moments led to him being the greatest wrestler ever, but those aren’t the moments he’s referring to. The moment he’s referring to is the one he sees when he closes his eyes. It’s 175 days ago that he swung a chair onto Edge’s surgically repaired neck. The friendships he made are supposedly etched in stone, but they’re not. Those friendships are done. Edge, Christian, and Big Show were all people that saved him from himself years ago. A moment in his history brought so much pain to so many people. That moment in history brought him satisfaction. It felt good to stand over the convulsing body of a man that paved the way for so many. It felt good knowing he ended his career at Backlash. Then his best friend came to his aid and he ruined Christian’s attempt at one last match. Now he’ll punt kick Big Show and end his career once and for all.

-Commercial Break-

The Viking Raiders are talking with Ron Simmons backstage.

Video Package: The Big Show’s career highlight reel

The Big Show will battle Randy Orton in an Unsanctioned Match.

Christian appears live via satellite. Samoa Joe asks Christian how he’s been since Randy Orton punt kicked him. Christian says Randy Orton is one of the very best to do this. Christian knew what he was getting himself into, but he didn’t think he’d weaponize Ric Flair. It doesn’t get lower than that. Christian will never look at Orton or Flair the same way. Christian may never be the same. Joe asks if Christian thinks Big Show is walking into a trap. Christian says he doesn’t feel good since that night, but would endure it all one more time if it meant Orton got what is coming to him. Footage is shown of Flair low blowing Christian and Orton punt kicking him. Christian says Big Show has a lot of people in his corner and will fight through the traps. Christian can’t wait for Big Show to knock Orton’s ass out.

Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Bianca Belair and asks what the WWE Universe can expect from her. She’s the toughest, quickest, and fastest there’s ever been. Belair just wanted to show up and show out for Ruby Riott. Peyton Royce cuts her off and tells Schreiber to go away. Royce knew she was the nosiest of all time, but she’s the dumbest. She should’ve found a partner with a better win-loss record. Riott walks up and makes fun of Royce for not having Billie Kay there. Royce says they need to talk less and think more before she winds up like that trash Liv Morgan. Belair steps between them and says she hopes Billie Kay enjoys watching Royce get whooped.

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Peyton Royce vs. Ruby Riott

They lock up, and Riott takes her down before punching away at her. Riott shoulders her in the corner, but Royce soon takes her down and punches away at her. Royce says they can’t stand Riott before sending her into the ropes. Royce hits a back elbow for a two count. Royce puts her in between the ropes and knees her before stretching her out. Royce continues to attack her in the ring and elbows her in the chest for a two count. Riott fights back and shoulders her. Royce takes her down and holds the ropes, but the referee catches her. Royce kicks her in the head before going to the top rope. Riott avoids a dive and hits the Riott Kick for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Ruby Riott

Riott is acting like this victory is super important to her. The commentators talk about how this is Riott getting back at The IIconics.

Footage is shown of Andrade and Angel Garza attacking The Street Profits last month.

Charly Caruso catches up with Andrade, Angel Garza, and Zelina Vega. Vega says the Street Profits have been in hiding since the attack. Andrade says they’ll be one step closer to becoming Raw Tag Team Champions. Garza says they’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. The Street Profits all of a sudden attack them.

-Commercial Break-

Raw Tag Team Champions The Street Profits vs. Andrade and Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega

The bell rings, and Andrade and Garza attack the Street Profits. Garza rips his pants off and punches away at Angelo Dawkins. Andrade tags in and stomps away at Dawkins. Garza tags back in, and they hit a double-team wishbone split. Garza stretches Dawkins out and talks trash to Montez Ford. Garza gets up and kicks Dawkins in the face. Dawkins pops up and punches Garza in the face. Garza then knees him in the face.

Andrade and Ford tag in. Ford leapfrogs Andrade a few times and knocks him out of the ring. Ford then hits a summersault senton on Andrade before getting in the ring and wildly shaking the ropes.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Dawkins taking Andrade down. Ford and Garza tag in, but Garza soon takes him down. Andrade tags in and takes Ford down. Andrade hits a snap suplex on Ford for a two count. Andrade applies an arm bar to Ford, but Ford soon fights up. Garza tags in and punches Ford in the midsection. Andrade tags in and goes for a back suplex, but Ford flips through. Ford lands on his face, and Andrade grabs him before applying an abdominal stretch. Ford powers out and hits a hip toss. Ford connects with an enzuigiri.

Dawkins tags in and takes Andrade down before punching Garza off the apron. Dawkins takes Andrade down and hits a diving forearm. Garza runs in, but Dawkins hits a flapjack. Dawkins slams Andrade and avalanches him before hitting a bulldog for a near fall. Ford tags in. The Street Profits go for a Doomsday Device, but Andrade gets down and sends Dawkins into the ropes to crotch Ford. Garza goes for a superplex on Ford, but Ford fights it. Ford punches Garza off the ropes and hits a HUGE frog splash for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Raw Tag Team Champions The Street Profits

We see footage of Bayley and Sasha Banks stealing the Raw Women’s Championship for Asuka, who remains champion. We’ll hear from Banks and Bayley, next.

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WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Bayley make their way to the ring. Sasha Banks is holding the Raw Women’s Championship. Bayley celebrates and says they’ve done it. Banks says she can handle this. Banks says a lot of people have been talking about her, but she fought for her championship last night, unlike Asuka who was handed the title by Becky Lynch, who went on maternity leave. Banks says Asuka misted the referee, so Bayley had to officiate. Bayley says she made a split second decision and counted the pin. Banks says she’s 2 Beltz Banks and they hold all the gold.

Asuka comes out with Kairi Sane. Sasha Banks was not ready for Asuka. She is the champion. Banks tells her to come and get the title.

Stephanie McMahon appears on the screen and says the match last night at Extreme Rules was a Horror Show. Banks didn’t win last night… but then again, neither did Asuka. Next week on Raw, they are going to have a championship match to determine who is the rightful Raw Women’s Title holder. You can lose via pinfall, submission, DQ, or count-out. If a certain role model gets involved, she will lose. The Kabuki Warriors run Banks and Bayley out of the ring.

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SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley w/ Sasha Banks vs. Kairi Sane w/ Asuka

The bell rings, and Sane immediately dropkicks her before chopping the chest. Bayley soon comes back with a takedown and talks trash. Sane quickly hits a head-scissor takeover to send Bayley out of the ring. Bayley lands in front of Asuka. Bayley gets on the apron, but Sane hits a hip attack. Bayley’s arm gets caught in the ropes. Sane puts Bayley in the ring and picks up a two count. Bayley quickly hits a flapjack into the turnbuckles before stomping away at her. Bayley talks trash while choking her on the ropes. Bayley clubs the back and shoulders away at her. Bayley hits a snapmare for a one count. Bayley then applies a chin lock. Sane fights up and hits a running cross-body block for a two count. Bayley quickly clotheslines her down and punches away at her for a two count. Sane catches her with an inside cradle for a two count. Bayley puts her on the ropes and clubs her. Bayley hits a suplex for another near fall. Sane quickly puts Bayley on the apron, but Bayley shoulders her back. Bayley tries to suplex her out of the ring, but Sane fights it and hits an axe kick. Bayley is hanging over the top rope. Sane comes off the top rope and hits a double stomp to the back. Sasha Banks pulls Bayley out of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Bayley working on Sane’s arm. Shayna Baszler is shown watching backstage. Charly Caruso asks if she has a vested interest in this match. Baszler says no one deserves the spotlight more than her. She has a vested interest in this match like a shark does when it sees prey.

Sane DDTs Bayley and takes her down before hitting a blockbuster. Sane hits a dropkick and gets fired up. Sane hits a sliding forearm and goes to the top rope. Bayley cuts her off and snaps her off the top rope to hurt the arm. Bayley climbs the ropes and stretches Sane’s arm. Sane quickly sweeps the feet and hits a double stomp to the chest for a near fall. Bayley avoids another sliding forearm, but Sane hits a spinning back fist and hits an interceptor. Sane goes to the top rope and hits an InSane Elbow Drop. Sane holds her arm in pain before covering, but Bayley gets a foot on the bottom rope. Bayley quickly stuns her and hits a back suplex. Bayley goes to the top rope and hits a diving elbow drop for a near fall. Bayley is infuriated.

Bayley goes for a Bayley-To-Belly, but Sane counters into an inside cradle for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Kairi Sane

The Kabuki Warriors celebrate going up the ramp. Asuka never retrieved her Raw Women’s Championship from Sasha Banks.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is walking backstage. He tells Sarah Schreiber that he’s going to the ring to discuss his future.

-Commercial Break-

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring. McIntyre says Dolph Ziggler maximized his stipulation and almost had him last night… but almost doing things is the story of Ziggler’s entire career. As for him, it’s onward and upward. Their next even is SummerSlam, their biggest show since WrestleMania where he beat Brock Lesnar. McIntyre wants a worthy opponent.

Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring. Ziggler says he saw something in McIntyre last night that he hasn’t seen in a long time. Ziggler saw fear for the first time in a long time. McIntyre wonders what he’s doing out here. Ziggler says the stipulations were in his favor last night and he was close to winning the title and having his moment. No one talks about what Ziggler deserves. McIntyre says he literally beat him 24 hours ago after he picked the stipulation. The answer is “no.” Ziggler says McIntyre knew he was close. McIntyre says Ziggler is embarrassing himself. McIntyre says he’ll save him the embarrassment and leave. Ziggler goes to attack him, but McIntyre gives him a Glasgow Kiss. McIntyre then leaves the ring.

Ziggler tells him not to walk away from him and calls him a son of a bitch. Ziggler says he deserved that match. Ziggler says McIntyre can name the stipulation and place. Ziggler deserves the match. McIntyre thinks about it and says all the years at law school weren’t wasted. Ziggler presented a compelling case and changed his mind. McIntyre gets to pick the stipulation and accepts. Ziggler wants to know the stipulation. McIntyre says he doesn’t know the stipulation yet… but he’ll do what Ziggler did to him. McIntyre will tell him the stipulation right before the bell rings.

The Big Show is shown backstage. In a few minutes, he’ll be standing across the ring from Randy Orton with Ric Flair in his corner. Orton has been on a roll. Big Show knows his career and health are in jeopardy. He hoped and prayed for a long time that the Legend Killer would never show his face again, but the voices in his head got a little too loud. Whether it’s Ric Flair turning the volume up or Orton doing it himself, the voices are telling him to have no compassion and take everything in his way out permanently. Big Show is reminded of a time a long time ago when he and Orton were riding through towns as a tag team calling themselves Hammer and Chisel. They talked about the complexities of how they’re presented. They’re like tigers that can’t change its stripes. Whether it was him dealing with the metaphorical weight of being the World’s Largest Athlete or Orton being a third-generation superstar, those talks bonded them. They became friends because they knew what the other was dealing with. That’s changed now. Orton has brought back the sadistic Legend Killer and has a boot with his name on it. Big Show spent the past week staring at himself in the mirror wondering if this is the end of the line for him. It might be… but there’s another saying about tigers. Tigers are most dangerous when it senses the end because it’ll do what it takes to survive. Big Show knows it might be the end of the line, but he’ll do anything and everything to make sure Randy Orton doesn’t write the end of his story.

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Next week on Raw, Asuka and Sasha Banks will battle for the Raw Women’s Championship. The title can change hands via pinfall, submission, count-out, disqualification, or interference.

Unsanctioned Match
The Big Show vs. Randy Orton

The bell rings, and Big Show powers him to the corner for a chop, but Orton gets out. Big Show powers him to the corner again and punches him in the midsection. Big Show wraps the arm around the top rope and clubs him. Big Show punches him in the midsection and viciously chops the chest. Big Show asks, “Does that hurt?” Big Show gets him to his feet and punches him. Big Show elbows him in the arm, and Orton staggers to the opposite corner. Big Show punches away at him and punches the shoulder. Big Show sends him into the ropes and viciously spears him down. Orton quickly rolls out of the ring to recover.

Big Show goes under the ring and pulls a table out. Big Show puts it in the ring and walks over to Orton. Big Show puts him in the ring, hangs him over the apron, and chops the chest. Big Show goes to get in the ring, but Andrade and Angel Garza attack him from behind before sending him headfirst into the ring post. Zelina Vega happily claps from the stage. Andrade and Garza hold Big Show up for Orton, but they let go as The Viking Raiders run down to help.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Big Show head-butt Orton. Andrade, Garza, and The Viking Raiders are gone. Big Show knocks Orton to the corner and avalanches him. Big Show hits the ropes, but Orton dropkicks the knee. Orton sets up for a Punt Kick, but Big Show counters into a Showstopper Chokeslam for a near fall. Big Show sets up for a Knockout Punch, but Orton rolls out of the ring.

Big Show sets up the table in the ring, reaches over the top rope, grabs Orton by the head, and powers him up to the apron. Big Show brings Orton into the ring the hard way and lays him on the table. Big Show goes to the second rope for a Vader Bomb, but Orton moves. Big Show crashes through the table. Orton smiles at his fortunes. Orton starts to stalk The Big Show as he slowly gets to his feet. Orton connects with an RKO and covers, but Big Show kicks out! Orton cannot believe it and yells at the referee.

Orton heads to ringside and grabs a chair from under the ring. Orton puts it in the ring and gets in. Orton jams the chair into Big Show’s midsection before cracking it off his back. Orton talks some trash and pulls on Big Show’s beard before hitting him with the chair again. Big Show rolls to the apron and pulls himself up. Orton hits him in the midsection with the chair and smacks the chair on his back before hanging Big Show off the top rope and hitting a draping DDT! Orton drops down and stalks him again. Orton hits a second RKO and covers The Big Show for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Randy Orton

Randy Orton gets to his feet and watches The Big Show as he struggles to get up. Big Show is on his knees, and Orton backs up. Orton then charges and Punk Kicks him in the head! Orton says, “I told you… I told you… I told you just like all the others. One more legend down!” The Big Show is unconscious on the mat as Randy Orton poses on the turnbuckles.