WWE Monday Night RAW 07 27 2020

WWE Raw Results
July 27, 2020
Orlando, Florida (WWE Performance Center)
Commentary: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Samoa Joe
Results by: Josh Boutwell of Wrestleview.com

Apparently tonight we have a bunch of “championship opportunities,” according to the commentators.

Randy Orton makes his way out as footage from the Unsanctioned Match with The Big Show last week is shown. I usually get super annoyed by WWE’s long recap packages every week, but this helpfully considered I haven’t watched WWE regularly in about two years.

Orton says that he has been called many things in his WWE career and mentions the various groups he’s been a part of. He says that legends like The Rock and Stone Cold can’t hold a candle to his longevity, accolades and title reigns. He says he has done whatever he wants to whoever he wants whenever he wants for his entire career and that will never change. He says that something is still missing in his legacy but he couldn’t put a finger on it.

He says it hit him like a ton of bricks what was missing and he said what is missing is that he wants to become WWE Champion again. Orton says comparing he and Drew McIntyre’s careers wouldn’t be fair and says that he remembers when he was called “The Chosen One” but the only thing he really chose to do was get his ass fired.

Orton says that McIntyre clawed his way back to WWE and to the top and he earned Orton’s respect when he defeated Brock Lesnar. “Drew, you got a problem and that problem is that you have what I want,” Orton says. Orton challenges Drew McIntyre to a WWE Title match at SummerSlam. “When I RKO you, when I take your title and put it over my shoulder, you will never see it coming,” Orton said.

As Orton leaves, Nia Jax comes out and she says she knows exactly how Randy feels. Nia says she woke up this morning wanting to be Raw Women’s Champion. She says she was screwed out of the title last time she had a shot and when she went for her rematch Charlotte Flair jumped in front of her. Nia asks if anyone has seen Charlotte since then.

Shayna Baszler cuts Nia off and tells her that no one gives a damn what she wants. Nia decks Baszler and they start brawling until referee’s come out and separate them.


The Street Profits are in the ring and they are going to be the guest ring announcer for this next match.

WWE Raw Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Match
Triple Threat Match
The Viking Raiders vs. Ricochet & Cedric Alexander vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas & Angel Garza w/Zelina Vega

This my first time seeing Ricochet and Alexander as a team, which is certainly intriguing to me. Almas and Andrade attack both teams as they enter the ring and then throw their shirts at Street Profits who are on commentary.

Ivar shows off some of his athleticism with Cedric in the ring. After Cedric hits a dropkick, Ivar gets back up and lays him out. Ricochet tags in and Cedric hits a Back Handspring into a Head Scissors Takeover as Ricochet hits an Enziguri at the same time. Erik tags in now and the two teams start to square off before realizing Garza and Andrade are just chilling outside and go after them.

Ricochet and Alexander drag Garza in the ring and connect with some sloppy double team offense as the Vikings destroy Andrade on the outside. Erik actually slams Ivar on top of Andrade squishing him like a bug. Back in the ring, Alexander hits a Atomic Drop and then a Northern Lights Suplex on Andrade. They toss Garza into a Springboard Hart Attack!

Ricochet hits a Shotgun Dropkick on Ivar and Erik knocks Alexander out of the ring. Andrade attacks Erik from behind and starts to square off with Ricochet but then holds Erik for Ricochet to hit instead. They double Erik in the corner and beat him down. Andrade hits Erik with a Flying Knee and Ricochet hits a Flying Elbow for a nearfall before Andrade pulls him off.

After they argue, Andrade attacks Ricochet and throws him out. Ivar comes in and hits a T-Bone Suplex on Andrade followed by a Sidewalk Slam and a Splash. Ivar goes for a Splash in the corner but Andrade moves only to run right into a Senton. Garza Superkicks Ivar but then gets run over by Erik. Erik hits a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex on Garza. Ivar hits a Flying Knee sending Garza into the corner.


Andrade and Garza are mugging Ivar on the outside and toss both he and Alexander into the barricade. In the ring, Andrade hits the Flying Knees on Erik in the corner for a nearfall. Ricochet tags in and hits some nice offense on Garza capped off by a beautiful Springboard Flying Clothesline and a Standing Shooting Star Press, or as Tom Phillips calls it a “Standing Moonsault,” for a nearfall.

Alexander and Ricochet connect with kicks to Garza but then Alexander eats a Lariat from Ivar. Andrade hits a Spinning Elbow on Ivar but then walks into a clothesline from Erik. Erik goes for a dive to the outside but Garza kicks him in the face. Ivar hits a Somersault Plancha off the top onto a pile of humanity. Right at the end, Garza was able to move out of the way.

Garza hits the Wing Clipper on Alexander of the pin.

Winners: Andrade and Garza via pinfall (Wing Clipper)

Street Profits talk trash to Garza and Andrade at ringside, so they attack the champs and then run off.


Nia Jax vs. Shayna Baszler

Baszler power walks to the ring and goes right after Jax. They do some punches and then Jax sloppily drops Baszler over the top rope. Baszler hits a Roundhouse Kick but Jax just no sells it and shoves Shayna into the plexiglass repeatedly. And they are counted out.


They continue to brawl until a lone security guard tries to break them up. Nia shoves him into Baszler and then rips his shirt off him and kicks him to the outside. Baszler tries to get back in the ring but Jax knocks her off as referees were holding Baszler.

Footage of the Seth Rollins-Rey nonsense is shown. Seth is shown awkwardly watching that footage as Buddy Murphy blankly stares. Murphy asks if he really thinks Dominik will show up tonight and Seth says he will because he can’t seem to get out of his own way. He says the “greater good will move forward and tonight is going to be different.”


Mark Henry is randomly talking to some ladies backstage.

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring with Buddy Murphy. Seth says that Dominik Mysterio plans to confront him tonight and it seems to be a reoccurring theme when the “greater good” (is that his group’s name) tries to step forward. He says the ugliness in all of this is that someone seems to get hurt every step of the way. He name drops Kevin Owens, Rey Mysterio Jr. and Aleister Black. He says Black injured his arm.

Rollins says he doesn’t want things to be like this and he doesn’t want to hurt people because that is not who he is. Seth says the last time Dominik said he was going to confront him he jumped him from behind and things got a lot more violent than he would prefer. He says things will be different tonight because he doesn’t want Dominik to have to hide in the shadows and jump him from behind. He wants to do this the right way because he has a soft spot in his heart for the Mysterio family. He asks Dominik to come out and face him man-to-man and work things out.

Dominik reluctantly comes out and Seth says he knows Dominik has some things he wants to get off his chest and that he is a “benevolent man” that wants to give him that opportunity. Seth says he is here for him and then Dominik tackles Seth! Murphy pulls Dominik off and he and Seth beat him down.

Seth and Murphy toss Dominik into the announce table and then Seth starts staring at the ring steps and then looking down at Dominik. Seth screams that this isn’t his fault. Seth teases that he is going to put his eye into the ring step when Black runs out and jumps Seth. Murphy and Seth beat him down, too.

Seth screams at Murphy to take out Black’s eye to prove he is “in this” and Murphy shoves his eye into the corner of the ring steps, so I guess his eye is ripped out like Rey’s. They are going to do it to Dominik but he attacks them with a kendo stick and runs them off.

R-Truth approaches Mustafa Ali backstage and he questions him if he is going to go after the 24/7 Title and says he is keep his eyes on him. I think he called him “Mufasa” instead.


MVP comes out for the VIP Lounge alongside Lashley and Shelton Benjamin. MVP says he wants to help Prince Mustafa Ali “see the light” instead of “chase the light.” MVP says that the VIP Lounge is where you make right decisions but when you make wrong decisions you can become dissatisfied clients like Ricochet and Alexander. Ali reminds MVP that he and his “little friends” put the Hurt Business out of business last week.

Ali says that he is happy because he’s back and back on Raw and he finally has the opportunity climb the ladder and become a champion as he stands on a sofa. MVP says he sees big things in Ali but he needs to hang around the right people and make the right decisions but Ali says what works for MVP’s meat heads doesn’t work for him because he thinks for himself. MVP says Ali is going to go one-on-one with Lashley tonight.

MVP says that Apollo Crews went down the same path Ali is starting go down and now he is sitting on the couch at home and watching. He says that he can sit in the VIP Lounge and party like a rock star or he can sit at home like Apollo. He says Ali can be a champion or he can be chum in the water for predators. Ali says the answer is no and R-Truth pops up out of nowhere and tries to pin Shelton Benjamin but he kicks out and R-Truth takes off.


Prince Mustafa Ali vs. “The Almighty” Bobby Lashley w/MVP & Shelton Benjamin

Lashley destroys Ali with a clothesline and then throws him across the ring before Spearing him in the corner. Lashley hits a series of elbows in the corner and then a Press Slam. Lashley hits the Delayed Vertical Suplex. Tozawa rolls Benjamin up outside but only gets a two count and then gets killed. Tozawa’s ninjas get killed, too. Ali hits a Tope Suicida onto Lashley on the outside as he was tossing ninjas around.


Lashley is back to whooping Ali’s ass as we come back from break. Lashley goes for a Press Slam but Ali counters and shoves Lashley into the corner. Ali goes for a springboard move but Lashley forearms him to the floor. Lashley flings the hell out of Ali into the ring post and then into the barricade. Back in the ring, Lashley gets a nearfall on Ali and then hits a series of elbows before putting him in a nerve hold.

Lashley hits a crazy Elevated Flatliner for a nearfall and it looks like he has a giant welt on his midsection. Lashley goes for the Dominator but Ali lands on his feet and hits a Springboard Tornado DDT. Ali goes for the 450 but Lashley moves and Ali lands on his feet. Ali charges at Lashley but gets caught in the Full Nelson for the submission win.

Winner: Lashley via submission (Full Nelson)

Dolph Ziggler is getting ready for his match backstage.


Sasha Banks and Bayley come down to the ring and Sasha says that no one likes a bully and there is no bigger bully than Stephanie McMahon. She says that she is making her defend “her” title tonight against Asuka because Stephanie is jealous of she and Bayley. She says that Stephanie is jealous because they run the whole company. Bayley says they run it whether it’s NXT, Smackdown or Raw they are the show. She says they make it look easy being the role models they are because they lead by example and stand against injustice.

Bayley says she felt bad for the referee at Extreme Rules when Asuka spit in the referee’s face and any role model would have done what she did and count the three on Asuka. Sasha says that they told everyone that they were going to make history and change the game and they did and it’s time to finally end the charade and Sasha is going to tap out the “Empress of Nothing.”

WWE Raw Women’s Championship
*Title can change hands via countout, DQ, interference, pinfall or submission 

“The Empress” Asuka (c) w/Kairi Sane vs. “The Boss” Sasha Banks w/Bayley

Sane chases Bayley to the back as she and Asuka come out.


Asuka attacks Banks at the bell and hits a series of strikes capped off with a Shining Wizard for a nearfall. Asuka eats a boot from Banks but counters a clothesline into an Armbar but Banks is able to roll her over into the ropes. Asuka goes for a round kick but Banks catches her leg and hangs it up in the ropes. Banks hits a Hanging Backstabber for another nearfall.

Banks puts Asuka in a Half Crab and then she lets it go and just blatantly stomps her knee into the mat. Banks puts her in a Kneelock but Asuka kicks her out of the ring with her free leg. Banks says she is tired of the disrespect so she is leaving but the referee starts counting her out. She tosses a belt in the ring and as the referee grabs it she slides in the ring with the other belt and tosses it to Asuka as the referee turns around. The referee doesn’t fall for it and then she walks into a Roundhouse Kick.


Banks dropkicks Asuka’s injured leg and then slams her leg into the mat for another nearfall. Banks puts Asuka in another Leglock but Asuka kicks her free with the other leg. Banks stomps on her knee and then just blatantly chokes her in the corner. She hangs her leg in the ropes and wrenches on it. Joe points out that almost all of Asuka’s offense is based on her legs and all the kicks.

Sasha taunts Asuka and ends up eating a Knee Strike that knocks her to the apron. Asuka attempts a Flying Hip Attack but Banks moves causing Asuka to get hung up in the ropes. Banks slams her knee onto the ring apron repeatedly and then rolls her back in and gets another nearfall. Banks hits a Meteora for a nearfall and locks in the Half Crab.

Asuka breaks the hold again so Sasha hangs Asuka’s knee up in the ropes and punches it repeatedly. She hits the ropes but eats an elbow from Asuka. Asuka catches Banks with a Body Scissors into her own Kneebar and then an Ankle Lock. Banks manages to roll through sending Asuka into the turnbuckles.

Banks is now selling her own leg. She hits a Flying Knee in the corner anyway before climbing to the middle rope. She dives off into a Codebreaker in midair from Asuka. They both get back up and Asuka hits a series of strikes. She misses the Spinning Back Fist and Banks rolls her up. Asuka kicks out and Banks leaps to the middle rope only for Asuka to dropkick her legs out from under her.

Asuka locks in the Ankle Lock and then pulls her into a German Suplex followed by a Flying Hip Attack for a nearfall. Asuka lifts Banks up to the top rope and climbs up with her but Banks punches her knee and knocks her off the top. Banks hits the Frog Splash for another nearfall but Banks goes right into the Banks Statement! Asuka fights the hold but Banks pushes off the ropes back into the center of the ring where Asuka manages to counter into an attempt at the Asuka Lock. Banks counters by shoving Asuka through the ropes. Banks attempts a Sliding Dropkick but Asuka moves and hits a series of strikes.

Banks blocks a kick and then slams Asuka’s leg into the announce table. Banks rolls back into the ring but Asuka manages to crawl back into the ring right before the 10-count completes. Banks gets pissed off and screams at the referee for not being able to count. She talks trash to Asuka and gets rolled up out of nowhere for a nearfall only for Banks to counter into the Banks Statement! Asuka tries to get to the ropes but Banks jumps over to the other side of Asuka’s body and locking her arm. Asuka manges to roll her over right into an Ankle Lock.

Banks rolls through again but this time Asuka leaps to the top and hits a Missile Dropkick! In the back, Bayley and Sane are shown fighting. Asuka hits a German Suplex but Bayley throws Sane into a wall distracting Asuka as she locks in the Asuka Lock. Bayley continues to beat on Sane until Asuka releases the hold and runs to the back. Asuka gets counted out and Banks wins the title.

Winner & NEW Raw Women’s Champ: Banks via countout


Kairi Sane is being “evaluated” backstage when Bayley and Banks approach bragging about their win. They walk off and Asuka walks out of the trainer’s room and starts screaming in Japanese.

A video package honoring Regis Philbin, who passed away recently, is shown.

Buddy Murphy vs. Humberto Carrillo

As Carrillo climbs in the ring Murphy jumps him and slams him into the corner. Carrillo hits a Springboard Flying Back Elbow and then puts the boots to him. Murphy tosses Carrillo through the ropes but he lands on the apron and springs back in with a Springboard Enziguri. Murphy rolls to the floor and eats a Tope Suicida through the ropes.

Back in the ring, Carrillo goes to the top but Murphy shoves him off causing Carrillo to slam into the barricade. Murphy slams Carrillo into the barricade again and then tosses him into the ring and gets a nearfall. Murphy puts Carrillo in a Chinlock but Carrillo runs him into the turnbuckles only to eat a boot. Murphy tosses Carrillo into the corner but Carrillo catches him with an elbow.

Carillo goes back up top but Murphy crotches him on the top and then pulls him down. He charges at Carrillo but runs into a Back Kick. They exchange strikes which Carrillo gets the better of with a Spinning Enziguri. He hits another Leaping Enziguri from the apron and then climbs to the top and hits a Missile Dropkick. 1…2…NO Murphy kicks out!

Carrillo goes to the top but Murphy rolls to the apron where Carrillo follows him and connects with a Pump Kick. Carrillo lifts Murphy up to his shoulders but Murphy blocks whatever he was thinking and punches him in the ribs. Carrillo elbows Murphy and goes back to the top and dives right into a Knee Strike and then Murphy’s Law for the pin.

Winner: Murphy via pinfall (Murphy’s Law)


Drew McIntyre comes out and says he has to address Randy Orton before he announces what the stipulation for his match tonight. Drew accepts Orton’s challenge and says that he realizes Orton is the biggest threat to his championship and people think he is the underdog in that match. He says he hopes Orton is thinking that too because that is exactly what Brock Lesnar did and he kicked his ass in under five minutes. Drew says that Randy will see the Claymore coming. He says tonight’s match with Dolph will be an Extreme Rules Match.


Extreme Rules Match
“The Scottish Psychopath” Drew McIntyre (c) vs. “Show Off” Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler and McIntyre immediately brawl to the outside where Drew grabs a chair only for Ziggler to kick it away. Ziggler slams Drew into the barricade and tries to slam him into the ring post but Drew blocks it and lights him up with an elbow. Drew tosses Ziggles into the ring post and then throws him through the plexiglass.

McIntyre wears Ziggler out with a kendo stick and then uses it to Russian Leg Sweep him into the barricade plexiglass. Drew tosses a bunch of chairs in the ring and a table. Drew sets the table up in a corner and wacks Ziggler with the weakest chair shot a 6-foot-5-inch man has ever thrown ever. He goes to hit Ziggler with the chair again but walks into a low blow.

Drew rolls to the floor and Ziggler follows him with a kendo stick where he lays into him with it. Ziggler rakes the kendo stick across Drew’s eyes and then does the same Russian Leg Sweep with the kendo stick that Drew did to him earlier and asks him how it feels. McIntyre takes the kendo stick away from Ziggler but Ziggler kicks him in the knee. Ziggler dives off the apron but McIntyre catches him and slams him through the barricade WWE 2K Sports style.


McIntyre tosses Ziggles back in the ring but he kicks the middle rope into Drew’s balls as he was climbing in. McIntyre shrugs it off and hits a series of Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplexes. McIntyre goes to the top and hits a Flying Clothesline. Drew goes for the Future Shock but Ziggler kicks his knee and hits the Fameasser. Ziggler goes up top but Drew cuts him off and climbs up top with him. Drew hits a Superplex and goes for the Claymore but Ziggler counters into the Zig Zag for a nearfall. Ziggler grabs a chair but as he gets to his feet McIntyre hits the Claymore sending the chair into Ziggler’s face and causing him to crash through the table.

Winner: McIntyre via pinfall (Claymore through a table)

After the match, Randy Orton hits McIntyre with an RKO out of nowhere. Orton stands over the unconscious McIntyre and poses with the WWE Championship as the show comes to an end.