WWE Monday Night RAW 02 07 2022

WWE Raw Results
February 7, 2022
Denver, Colorado (Ball Arena)

Commentary: Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

We go live into the Ball Arena to see a pyrotechnics display. The commentators talk about the first hour being commercial-free. Riddle will battle Seth “Freakin” Rollins later tonight.

Raw Tag Team Champions Alpha Academy and RK-Bro are seated at two separate tables in the ring with Kevin Patrick in the center behind a podium. It’s time for the Academic Challenge Quiz Bowl. Patrick welcomes everyone to Monday Night Raw and introduces the two teams. RK-Bro must win the Quiz Bowl to earn another opportunity at the Raw Tag Team Championship.

Replays: RK-Bro won the Spelling Bee in Week One of the Academic Challenge, and Alpha Academy won the Scooter Race in Week Two of the Academic Challenge.

Patrick wants to explain the rules, but Chad Gable shushes him. The crowd boos. Gable says he’ll explain everything in a way that even the moronic mouth breathers of Denver can understand. It’s a Quiz Bowl. They’ll be presented with categories that have multiple-choice questions. When there’s a correct answer, a point will be awarded. When an incorrect happens inevitably from RK-Bro, the other team gets an opportunity.

The categories are Greek Mythology, Biology, U.S. Presidents, Film & Literature, Metric Conversions, Sports, Cartoons, Geography, and Pop Culture.

Gable is up first. Which U.S. President was the first to be elected with a college degree? Gable says he knows all about college degrees considering he got his Master’s Degree with a 4.0 GPA. The crowd boos, so Gable tells them to not boo education. Gable says Washington may have led the Revolution, but that dumdum did not go to college. That would be John Adams. Gable is correct.

Alpha Academy: 1, RK-Bro: 0

An octopus may have 8 arms, but how many hearts does it have? Riddle starts to talk about his cousin that lives in Maui and how they dissected an octopus. Riddle says an octopus has three hearts. Riddle is correct.

Alpha Academy: 1, RK-Bro: 1

In Greek Mythology, who flew too close to the sun and fell to his death when his wax wings melted? Gable says he’s falling asleep with all the softballs. Icarus is the answer. Gable is correct.

Alpha Academy: 2, RK-Bro: 1

RK-Bro is up. Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle used a pair of nunchucks to defeat Shredder? Riddle knows the answer, and it is Michelangelo. That is correct.

Alpha Academy: 2, RK-Bro: 2

Gable is furious over that question and wants to know how that question slipped into an Academic Challenge. Orton tells him to shut up and let Otis answer. Otis chooses Geography. Which of these states is the largest of the 48 continental United States? Otis says if this was a question to see which state has the lowest IQ, it would be Colorado. However, everything is bigger in Texas. Otis is correct.

Alpha Academy: 3, RK-Bro: 2

Riddle picks Pop Culture. In 2018, global superstar Justin Bieber married model Hailey Baldwin, who is the daughter of which famous actor? Riddle wants to use a lifeline and wants to call Justin Bieber. Patrick says they cannot use it. They don’t know, so Orton chooses Alec Baldwin. That is incorrect. Gable steals it and answers Stephen Baldwin correctly.

Alpha Academy: 4, RK-Bro: 2

Gable says he’s going to relish this final answer. Which Shakespeare play has been adapted into the most movies? Otis goes to answer, but Gable cuts him off. Otis keeps saying, “Ham…,” but Gable shushes him. Gable incorrectly answers Romeo and Juliet. RK-Bro steals it, and Riddle correctly answers Hamlet.

Alpha Academy: 4, RK-Bro: 3

Orton chooses sports. Which quarterback has the most wins in Denver Broncos history? Orton asks Denver for a little help. The crowd “helps” Orton get to John Elway as the correct answer.

Alpha Academy: 4, RK-Bro: 4

Gable and Otis are furious. If Alpha Academy gets the next question, they win the whole challenge. How many grams are in an ounce is the Metric Conversion question. Gable shouts for silence. Gable has no clue and is rethinking everything. Gable answers 12, but that is incorrect. RK-Bro gets it for the steal and the victory. Riddle starts to talk about a story, but Orton says he’s got this. Riddle isn’t the only one that bakes around here. There are 28 grams in one ounce! RK-Bro is victorious!

Alpha Academy: 4, RK-Bro: 5

Gable is infuriated. Riddle shushes him and says he was just outsmarted by the three most dangerous letters in sports entertainment: RK-Bro! Gable shouts that this isn’t fair and says the buzzer was too loud. RK-Bro walks off. Gable collapses in sadness.

The Street Profits make their way to the ring and makes fun of Alpha Academy. Montez Ford asks Angelo Dawkins who owes RK-Bro a title match? Alpha Academy! Gable asks which tag team is about to get their asses kicked by Alpha Academy tonight? Ford says that sounds like a challenge and it’s time to get high with the Alpha Academy. The Street Profits are up and they want the smoke! Otis blindsides Ford as he gets to ringside.

Later tonight, Miz TV will have The Mysterios as special guests. Maryse will also be there.

A commercial for Friday Night SmackDown plays.

Tag Team Match – Non-Title
Raw Tag Team Champions Alpha Academy (Chad Gable and Otis) vs. The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford)

The bell rings, and Ford immediately dropkicks Otis off the apron. Ford goes after Gable and clotheslines him down. Ford kicks Gable in the face. Angelo Dawkins tags in and shoulder blocks Gable down. Gable out-wrestles Dawkins a bit and hits an arm drag. Dawkins comes back with an arm drag and takes Gable down. Ford tags in, but Gable drops him on the apron. Ford kicks Gable in the face, but Otis quickly sweeps the feet. Otis tags in and clubs the spine of Ford. Ford slingshots over Otis, but Otis immediately runs him over with a shoulder tackle. Otis scoop slams Ford down before hitting a big splash. Otis gets Ford up to his feet and sends him into the ropes for a punch to the ribs. Otis hits a snapmare and cranks on the neck. Otis sends him to the corner and avalanches him. Otis charges, but Ford moves and he hits the ring post shoulder-first. Otis quickly recovers, but Ford hits an enzuigiri.

Dawkins and Gable tag in. Dawkins clotheslines Gable, but Gable quickly comes back with a right hand. Gable sends him into the ropes, but Dawkins leapfrogs him and takes him down. Dawkins hits an exploder before sending him to the corner for a twisting avalanche. Dawkins hits the ropes, but Gable stuns him with a body block and a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count! Gable goes to the top rope for a moonsault but lands on his feet when Dawkins moves. Dawkins hits a double-arm neckbreaker, but Otis breaks up the pin. Ford runs in, but Otis sidesteps him. Ford kicks Otis in the head and pulls the top rope down to get him out of the ring. Ford then connects with a somersault plancha! Dawkins rolls Gable up for a two count. Gable gets out of a neckbreaker and takes him down for an ankle lock. Dawkins fights it, but Gable counters into a roll-up for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: Raw Tag Team Champions Alpha Academy

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WWE airs a commercial for some show on SyFy.

Trailer: WWE 2K22

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MVP is in the ring upon return from a WWE commercial break on a commercial-free hour of WWE Raw. MVP puts over that the WWE Champion Bobby Lashley is from Denver, Colorado. He is the beast-slaying, Brock-breaking, undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World, Bobby Lashley! Lashley makes his entrance, and the crowd goes wild for him. Pyrotechnics go off for him as he makes his entrance. Lashley embraces his manager, MVP, in the ring.

A loud “Bobby” chant fires up. Lashley is soaking it in. MVP says they should have had a proper celebration last week because Bobby Lashley won the Collision with Consequences. It was a match built up for years with two leviathans coming together in Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley. Lashley slayed the beast and took back the WWE Championship. Some people are saying that Bobby Lashley only won because Roman Reigns interfered, but Lesnar would have done the exact same thing. In the end, Lashley pinned Lesnar and stood victorious. They should have had a police escort and a ticker-tape parade with the day being declared, “Bobby Lashley Day.” Instead, they got Adam Pearce telling The All Mighty that he would have to defend his WWE Championship inside Elimination Chamber against five other Superstars. That brings them back to Lesnar. Lesnar won the Royal Rumble match, which is impressive if you consider that Lashley left him laying two hours before. Lesnar will face Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship in the main event of WrestleMania, which he earned. However, Lesnar being inside Elimination Chamber trying to take the title from Lashley to make WrestleMania title-for-title is pure fantasy. Lashley will leave Elimination Chamber the same way he left Royal Rumble: still WWE Champion. That’s not to disparage the other competitors. They’re all men. When you’re talking about The All Mighty and Brock Lesnar, you’re talking about monsters. His business associate, Bobby Lashley, is the baddest monster of them all.

Lashley takes the microphone and shouts, “The Champ is here!” Lesnar disrespected him for the last time. Lesnar came to Raw last week with his little MMA gloves on trying to demand a rematch. You don’t make demands of The All Mighty. Brock Lesnar came in saying this and saying that, demanding everything. When was the last time Lesnar defended the WWE Title? When is the last time Lesnar had a match on Raw? Lashley won’t be disrespected. Lashley hopes it comes down to him and Lesnar in the Elimination Chamber so he can pin him once again. It’s not him locked in a chamber with Brock. It’s Brock locked in a chamber with him. Another “Bobby” chant picks up. When Brock Lesnar wakes up in the hospital shaken at the mere sound of “Bobby Lashley,” this so-called beast can challenge for the Universal Title at WrestleMania. Meanwhile, he’ll be defending his title in the main event of WrestleMania.

A replay is shown of Alexa Bliss’s therapy session from last week. She cried holding a replica of the Lilly doll. Her journey back to Raw continues.

Alexa Bliss is shown combing the hair of the replica Lilly doll. The psychiatrist wants to try something new with her. He wants to try to separate her from something she loves. That is a replica of the Lilly doll, not the real thing. The doctor asks for the replica to be handed to him. Bliss sheepishly hands the doll over and starts to weep.

Video: WWE Shop promo

Non-Title Match
AJ Styles vs. WWE United States Champion Damian Priest

Styles goes after Priest at the sound of the bell, but Priest turns him inside out with a shoulder tackle. Styles quickly pulls the top rope down to get Priest out of the ring and hits a forearm plancha. Styles gets Priest in the ring and cradles him for a two count. Styles applies a side headlock, but Priest backs him to the corner. Styles charges out, but Priest takes him down with a flapjack. Priest connects with a leaping back elbow and goes for a Broken Arrow. Styles gets out of it, but Priest viciously clotheslines him down for a two count. Priest attacks Styles in the corner and puts him on the top rope. Priest goes for a superplex, but Styles slips through the legs and sweeps the feet. Styles lifts Priest, but Priest slides off and goes for the Reckoning. Styles gets out and goes for the Styles Clash. Priest twists out, but he misses a spin kick. Styles connects with the ushigoroshi for a near fall.

Priest sidesteps an avalanche and avoids a moonsault. Priest spin kicks him down and hits a bulldog DDT for a near fall. Priest is becoming frustrated. Styles stuns him with a strike to the face, so Priest responds with a forearm. Priest kicks away at him. Styles soon blocks a kick and starts a strike combo. Priest kicks him in the head, so Styles hits a Pele Kick. Priest collapses on top of him in a pinning predicament, but Styles kicks out. Priest gets up in the corner and drops Styles on the apron. Styles knocks him back and goes for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Priest knocks him down. Priest hits the ropes, but Styles crushes him with a Phenomenal Forearm for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: AJ Styles

Damian Priest angrily gets up in the corner after Styles leaves and is shaking in fury. Priest rips at his hair and adjusts his jaw.

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Liv Morgan, Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair, Doudrop, Nikki A.S.H., and a mystery opponent will compete in an Elimination Chamber with the winner fighting for the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania.

Kevin Owens is warming up backstage when Seth “Freakin” Rollins comes up to him. Rollins knows Owens is getting ready for a big rematch and is sarcastically upset about Owens not being in the Elimination Chamber with him. Owens says he has a secret. With Rollins’ influence and support, along with Owens’ determination and popularity, after he beats Theory then he’ll have to be put in the Elimination Chamber match. Rollins likes the enthusiasm and says he has his back. Owens asks if Rollins is just saying that and lying. Rollins cackles and says he’s a lot of things, but a liar is not one of them.

Kevin Owens will battle Austin Theory in a rematch from last week’s Raw later tonight.

Miz TV with special guests The Mysterios

The Miz and Maryse make their way to the ring for Miz TV. The Miz welcomes the crowd to the show and tells the crowd to give it up for his wife, Maryse. Miz introduces the young man he defeated last week, Dominik Mysterio, and his legendary father, Rey Mysterio. The Mysterios make their way to the ring. Miz says they’re probably wondering why he invited them to Miz TV. When he senses conflict, he wants to face it head-on.

Video: The Miz defeats Dominik Mysterio after tricking the referee into ejecting Rey Mysterio from ringside.

Miz says he looks at that and sees nothing wrong. Rey asks if he really believes that. Rey says Miz used an underhanded tactic to defeat his son. Miz asks if Rey is calling him a cheater. The crowd thinks Miz is a cheater. Miz raises a hand up and says when his hand is up, their mouths go shut. Miz is not a cheater. If you want to see cheating, look at their Mixed Tag Match at the Royal Rumble. Beth Phoenix punched and kicked him illegally. When Beth, Rey, Edge, or Eddie Guerrero used underhanded tactics, they were celebrated. When he does, he’s booed and called a cheater. A “cheater” chant picks up. Miz says he is not a cheater. Miz outsmarted and out-maneuvered Dominik. Miz has been here a long time. If you lose to him, it’s on you. Miz says he was cheated out of a chance at the Elimination Chamber. Instead, Rey Mysterio got an opportunity. Even though he has been on a tear since Miz won the Money in the Bank contract. Rey says Miz cheated to win. Miz says he beat Drew McIntyre when he was unbeatable. Rey says that was with Lashley’s help. Miz says he became WWE Champion. Another “cheater” chant picks up. Miz says he’s not a cheater and is the biggest star in the company. He was on Dancing with the Stars and the only two-time Grand Slam winner in the history of the company. Is his face on the posters or the cover of WWE 2K22? It’s not.

Rey Mysterio is shown on the cover of the WWE 2K22 video game.

What does Rey have that he doesn’t? What does Rey have that Maryse doesn’t? Maryse should be on the cover of WWE 2K22. Miz says Maryse was tremendous at the Royal Rumble. Maryse says Rey could learn from her and call himself Rey “Maryse-terio.” Miz wants respect and cheers. Where is the respect? Dominik asks where Miz’s respect is and tells him to show some to his father. Miz gets to his feet and asks if Rey wants to hide behind his son. Miz says if Dominik wants a rematch, then they’ll do it tonight. Rey talks to his son, and Dominik says, “You’re on.” Miz says Dominik is a lot taller than Rey. Is he sure he’s not Eddie’s son? Rey goes after Miz, but Dominik holds his father back. An “Eddie” chant picks up, so Dominik shoves Miz down. Miz angrily gets out of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

The Miz w/ Maryse vs. Dominik Mysterio w/ Rey Mysterio

The match begins during the picture-in-picture commercial break, but Miz spends the entire time getting in and out of the ring to frustrate Dominik. Miz then makes out with Maryse. After the break ends, they lock up and Miz shoves Dominik to the corner. Miz yells at Rey at ringside. Miz wrenches the arm, and a “CM Punk” chant picks up in the crowd. Dominik sends Miz to the corner and taunts him. Dominik drops Miz into the ropes and hits the ropes for a 619, but Maryse sweeps the feet. The referee caught her and ejects her from ringside!

Miz is furious and shouts at the referee. Miz boots Dominik in the face before hitting the ropes, but Rey sweeps Miz’s feet! The referee didn’t see it. Miz shouts at the referee and then Rey. Dominik rolls Miz up for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Dominik Mysterio

The Miz flips out in the ring and angrily stares at The Mysterios. The Mysterios celebrate at ringside.

Vince McMahon is shown giving Austin Theory a pep talk backstage.

Bianca Belair makes her entrance. She’ll face Nikki A.S.H. next.

-Commercial Break-

Bianca Belair vs. Nikki A.S.H.

They lock up, and Belair quickly goes to the side headlock. Nikki whips her off, but Belair shoulder blocks her down. Belair taunts her and connects with a dropkick. Nikki is knocked out of the ring. Belair grabs her hair, but Nikki uses the apron to sweep the feet. Belair’s leg gets tied up in the ropes. Nikki punches away at Belair and taunts the crowd. Nikki attacks the knee and applies a half crab. Belair fights and twists out of it. Belair kicks her away, but Nikki dropkicks the leg. Nikki this the ropes, but Belair catches her and hits a fallaway slam on one leg. Belair kips up, but her knee is hurt. Belair scoop slams Nikki twice. Nikki slides off, but Belair elbows her back. Belair jumps over her and hits a suplex into a delayed vertical suplex. My image cut out for about a minute. When it comes back, Belair kicks Nikki’s head into the ring post and hits the KOD for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Bianca Belair

R-Truth, Akira Tozawa, and Tamina are running backstage looking for Dana Brooke. WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke and Reggie emerge from the shadows. Brooke thanks Reggie for always being there for her. She kisses him on the cheek. Reggie says she said a lot of nice things about him and kissed him on the cheek. Brooke says it means they’re really good friends and she hopes it never changes. They embrace and then stare lovingly into each other’s eyes. They run off when R-Truth, Tozawa, and Tamina come back.

Kevin Owens makes his entrance. He’ll face Austin Theory next.

-Commercial Break-

Kevin Owens vs. Austin Theory

The bell rings, and Theory quickly takes Owens down with a dropkick. Theory stomps Owens down in the corner, but Owens punches him back. Owens chops the chest, but Theory comes back with a kick to the midsection. Owens punches him back. Theory quickly comes back with punches and stomps before whipping him hard into the corner. Theory covers for a one count. Theory angrily punches away at Owens before sending him to the corner. Owens pops out with a clothesline and hits a senton splash. Owens charges him in the corner, but he hits the ring post shoulder-first when Theory moves. Theory gets him out of the ring and goes to slams him on the steps again, but Owens blocks it. Owens bounces him off the steps and hits a somersault plancha off the steps.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Owens knock Theory down in the corner and hit a cannonball. Theory quickly rolls out of the ring to recover. Owens gets on the apron and hits a frog splash to the floor! Owens gets Theory in the ring and picks up a near fall. Owens goes for a Pop-up Powerbomb, but Theory gets out and uppercuts him. Theory goes for an ATL, but Owens gets out and attempts a Stunner. Theory avoids it and hits a back suplex bomb for a near fall. Theory knees away at Owens and gets him on the top rope. Owens somehow catches him with a rolling fireman’s carry off the second rope for a near fall!

Owens goes to the top rope and tries for a Swanton Bomb, but Theory gets the knees up. Theory goes for a rolling dropkick, but Owens superkicks him and hits a Stunner for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Kevin Owens

RK-Bro is backstage. Randy Orton tells Riddle that he needs to focus on the Elimination Chamber and having an opportunity at the main event of WrestleMania. Riddle also needs to worry about Seth “Freakin” Rollins. Riddle says he’ll focus but then starts to tell a silly story. Orton refocuses him.

Lita makes her way to the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Veer Mahaan is coming soon.

Lita is in the ring. She puts over being in the Royal Rumble and what a great champion Becky Lynch is. However, Lynch wasn’t in the Royal Rumble…

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring. Lynch says it’s great to hear some things about her from her teenage idol. Lita made her believe in herself and believe that there could be a Becky Lynch. But now there is a Becky Lynch and Lita is trying to take everything from her. Lynch gave up so much to be this great and be champion. She’s in the prime of her career. Lita can have the people, but she’s not winning the title. Lita says it’s been 16 years since she’s had a title match, but the WWE Universe has always been on her side so she likes her odds.

Lynch goes to attack her, but Lita cuts her off. Lynch manages to take her down. Lynch goes back for more, but Lita hits her with a Twist of Fate and the Lita Moonsault! Lita celebrates in the ring.

Kevin Owens is backstage with WWE Officials Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville. Deville is in an arm sling. Owens says after he beat Austin Theory, he should be in the Elimination Chamber. They say the qualifying matches are final. Owens might not even be on WrestleMania. Owens goes on and on about how much he loves Texas and needs to be on WrestleMania before leaving.

Liv Morgan makes her entrance.

-Commercial Break-

Liv Morgan vs. Doudrop

Doudrop takes her down with ease twice at the start of the match. Doudrop lifts her, but Morgan counters into a sleeper hold. Doudrop backs her into the corner and gets out of it. Morgan tries to fight back, but Doudrop flattens her with a cross-body.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Doudrop flatten Morgan with a senton splash. Morgan fights back and eventually takes her down with a missile dropkick. Doudrop fights back and hits a Vader Bomb for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Doudrop

Alexa Bliss’s journey back to Raw continues next.

-Commercial Break-

The psychiatrist asks Alexa Bliss if she’s had any issues this week. Bliss talks about a car that cut her off, but she calmed down and kept going. At the mall, a car stole her spot, but she controlled her anger. The doctor is pleased with the results. Bliss then tells the doctor a story about being at the grocery store and getting angry with a woman that reminded her of Lilly. She threw her down the aisle and then calmed down. The doctor says they still have work to do.

Seth “Freakin” Rollins is backstage with Kevin Patrick. Rollins wants to main event WrestleMania as the WWE Champion. This is his year. It doesn’t matter who it is. They aren’t him.

Rollins makes his entrance. He’ll face Riddle next.

-Commercial Break-

Brock Lesnar will be on WWE Raw next week. AJ Styles will also face Damian Priest for the WWE United States Championship. Finally, there will be an RK-Broga party. Raw is back on SyFy next week.

Seth “Freakin” Rollins vs. Riddle

Rollins quickly takes Riddle down and laughs. Riddle goes for an armbar, but Rollins quickly grabs the bottom rope. Rollins punches back at Riddle and charges, but Riddle counters into a hurricanrana over the top rope. Riddle goes for a kick to the face, but Rollins blocks it. Rollins then hits a Buckle Bomb into the barricade!

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Rollins get Riddle in the tree of woe and hit a double stomp to the chest. Rollins goes for a clothesline, but Riddle kicks him in the head. Riddle kips up and hits a running forearm in the corner. Riddle hits another running forearm, but Rollins soon elbows him away. Riddle quickly hits an exploder and goes for a Broton, but Rollins gets the knees up. Rollins charges, but Riddle hits a back body drop to the floor. Riddle hits a running kick from the apron followed by a springboard twisting plancha to the floor!

All of a sudden, Kevin Owens attacks Riddle.

Winner by Disqualification: Riddle

Randy Orton quickly runs down to the ring, and he is dressed to compete. Orton attacks Owens and hits an RKO. Orton and Rollins face off in the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Tag Team Match
Seth “Freakin” Rollins and Kevin Owens vs. RK-Bro (Randy Orton and Riddle)

We join this match in progress. Orton clotheslines Rollins down. Rollins comes back with a jawbreaker and a clothesline over the top rope. Rollins checks on Owens and smacks him on the arm a few times. Rollins goes back to Orton, but Orton hits a back suplex on the commentary table. Orton gets Rollins in the ring and tags Riddle in. Orton helps Riddle hit a twisting senton onto Rollins for a two count. Riddle sends Rollins into the ropes and Owens blind tags in. Riddle clotheslines Rollins over the top rope. Owens blindsides Riddle and punches away at him before yelling at Orton. Owens takes Riddle down and hits a moonsault off the second rope for a two count. Owens mocks Orton’s pose and tags Rollins in. Rollins hits Riddle with an ax handle. Rollins starts to stomp Riddle’s hands and rips at his face. Rollins drops a knee and laughs. Owens tags back in and double stomps Riddle. Owens attacks the legs and takes Riddle down before mocking Orton. Owens continues to attack Riddle’s leg for a two count. Owens kicks him in the spine and chops the chest. Riddle fights Owens and Rollins off, but he’s quickly taken down. Rollins distracts the referee as Owens chokes Riddle. Rollins applies a front facelock and takes Riddle down. Rollins then knocks Orton off the apron. Rollins superkicks Riddle and goes to the top rope. Rollins goes for a frog splash, but Riddle moves. Owens tags in, but Riddle knees him.

Orton and Rollins tag in. Orton hits a pair of clotheslines and a snap powerslam. Owens runs in and meets the snap powerslam as well. Orton grabs Rollins and hits a draping DDT. Orton sets up for an RKO, but Rollins shoves him off. Riddle blind tags in. Riddle knees Owens in the face and then knees Rollins. Rollins comes back with a rolling elbow on Riddle followed by an elbow to the back of the neck. Rollins connects with the Stomp for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Seth “Freakin” Rollins and Kevin Owens

Rollins and Owens celebrate. Orton runs into the ring and hits Owens with an RKO. Rollins laughs from ringside as the show ends.