WWE Monday Night RAW 04 17 2023

WWE Raw Results
April 17, 2023
Little Rock, Arkansas (Simmons Bank Arena)
Commentary: Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

An updated “Then. Now. Forever. Together.” WWE video plays.

We go live into the Simmons Bank Arena. The Usos make their way to the ring alongside Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman.

Tonight, Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes will be in the building. Seth “Freakin” Rollins will also battle The Miz. Austin Theory also battles United States Champion Austin Theory.

The Bloodline is in the ring. The crowd loudly boos them. Jey Uso says, “Little Rock, Arkansas… the Bloodline is now in your city!”

Paul Heyman receives the microphone from Jey. Heyman says, “Ladies…” and scoffs that there could be any ladies in Little Rock. Heyman introduces himself and says he is the Special Counsel to your Tribal Chief, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Heyman is also honored to be the Wise Man to the entire Bloodline. Heyman has information tonight…

The Judgment Day’s music cuts him off. Finn Bálor, Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio, and SmackDown Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley make their way to the ring. The Judgment Day stands on the apron and stares at the Bloodline. They get in the ring and stand across from them. Damian Priest says, “Paul…” and walks over to Solo Sikoa. Heyman holds Sikoa back and keeps him calm. Heyman shakes hands with Priest. Heyman says it’s a very good day to be a very bad guy. If there is a heaven, none of them are getting into it. A short-term deal engineered, conceived of, and approved by your Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.

Jey Uso says they haven’t heard anything about this deal. Heyman says the Tribal Chief didn’t want anyone on their side except for Solo Sikoa to know. The Trible Chief wanted his Usos to be caught off guard by the enormity of this short-term deal. Even Mr. Bálor is not that happy about this because he has deep-rooted anger issues toward the Bloodline. Heyman doesn’t blame him. Mr. Bálor will put his feelings aside for good short-term villainy. The Judgment Day has a Bad Bunny concern, and Solo is an expert at assuaging concerns. Rhea Ripley stares a hole through Sikoa, so Heyman asks Jey to switch spots with him. Ripley moves over to stare at Sikoa again. A “Rhea” chant starts to pick up. Heyman asks if everything is ok. Ripley leans over and simply says, “…for now.”

Heyman says the Judgment Day needs something taken care of in Bad Bunny. Solo will take care of that before their concerns become a problem. The Bloodline has problems. They have a Kevin Owens problem. They have a Sami Zayn problem. They have a Riddle to solve. At Backlash, they will have a 6-Man Tag Team Match with Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Matt Riddle taking on the Bloodline. They will have a tune-up to Backlash by facing the Judgment Day. Also tonight, Solo Sikoa will face the Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio. Heyman apologizes to Dominik for having to see him in person.

Rey Mysterio makes his way to the ring. He’ll face Solo Sikoa next.

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Solo Sikoa vs. Rey Mysterio

The bell rings, and Solo Sikoa slowly stalks the WWE Hall of Famer. Mysterio peppers him with a kick to the thigh. Mysterio sidesteps him and kicks the legs again. Mysterio dances around the ring and tries to sidestep him, but Sikoa catches him and throws him to the corner. Mysterio quickly boots him in the face and hits the ropes. Mysterio slides through the legs, but Sikoa quickly floors him with a back elbow. Sikoa connects with a big scoop slam. Sikoa stomps and clubs Mysterio’s back. Sikoa head-butts Mysterio down in the corner before punching away at him. Sikoa whips him to the opposite corner, but Mysterio slingshots over him. Mysterio ducks a clothesline and hits a springboard cross-body block for a one-count. Sikoa quickly clotheslines him down to stop the momentum. Sikoa chokes Mysterio on the middle rope before the referee backs him up. Sikoa viciously whips Mysterio sternum-first into the turnbuckles. Sikoa grabs Mysterio and applies a nerve hold. Mysterio quickly fights up and elbows out. Mysterio hits the ropes, but Sikoa wipes him out with a clothesline. Sikoa angrily stomps Mysterio. Mysterio stumbles to the corner, so Sikoa clubs him. Sikoa whips him sternum-first into the turnbuckles again before taunting the crowd. Sikoa goes to do it a third time, but Mysterio puts the brakes on. Sikoa charges, but Mysterio hits a drop-toe-hold into the middle turnbuckle. Mysterio jumps onto his shoulders, but Sikoa holds him up in the electric chair. Mysterio punches away at his head and hits a head-scissor takeover over the top rope.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Sikoa applying a nerve hold to Mysterio. During the commercial break, Sikoa punched Mysterio as he attempted a slingshot. Back to live action, Mysterio tries to fight up, but Sikoa knocks him down. Sikoa clubs him and applies another nerve hold. Mysterio fights up and stomps on the bare foot of Sikoa. Sikoa quickly swats him to the corner and punches away at him. Sikoa sizes Mysterio up as he backs up. Sikoa pays homage to Umaga and goes for a running hip attack, but Mysterio moves. Mysterio fights back and goes for a sunset flip, but Sikoa stays standing. Sikoa goes for a cannonball senton, but Mysterio moves. Mysterio hits a running seated senton followed by a basement dropkick for a one-count.

Mysterio forearms Sikoa. Sikoa pushes him off, but he lowers his head and eats a kick. Mysterio goes for a springboard moonsault block, but Sikoa catches him and connects with a Samoan Drop for a near fall. Sikoa cannot believe it. Sikoa lifts Mysterio, but Mysterio elbows out before hitting a head-scissor takeover into the ropes. Mysterio hits a 619 followed by a slingshot splash for a near fall. Mysterio is shocked. Mysterio tries to whip Sikoa, but he doesn’t budge. Sikoa sends Mysterio into the ropes, but he holds on. Mysterio then sidesteps him, and Sikoa falls into the middle rope.

Jimmy and Jey Uso make their way to the ringside area, which distracts Mysterio. All of a sudden, the lWo (Santos Escobar, Cruz Del Toro, and Joaquin Wilde) come through the crowd to attack them. In the ring, Sikoa tries to attack Mysterio, but Mysterio knocks him into the ropes. Mysterio connects with a 619 and immediately goes to the top rope for a splash, but Sikoa moves. Sikoa follows up with a Samoan Spike for the victory.

Winner by Pinfall: Solo Sikoa

The Bloodline attacks Mysterio and the lWo. Del Toro and Escobar each take a Samoan Spike. Mysterio then eats a 1D from the Usos. The Bloodline stands tall over the Latino World Order.

Earlier today, WWE Official Adam Pearce was stuck listening to Chad Gable and Maxine Dupri argue over Otis. Otis stood between them saying nothing. Gable was trying to say Alpha Academy is a package deal. Dupri was trying to say Otis could be the face of either Raw or SmackDown.

Last Monday on Raw, there was some dissension in Damage CTRL getting an opportunity for the Raw Women’s Championship. IYO SKY won a future title match in a triple threat match.

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair makes her way to the ring. She’ll face Dakota Kai next.

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Bad Bunny, the host of Backlash, will be on Raw next Monday in Chicago.

Non-Title Match
Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair vs. Dakota Kai w/ Damage CTRL

The bell rings, and they lock up. Belair quickly powers Kai to the corner before giving her a clean break. They lock up, and Belair powers her to the corner again. Belair wrenches the arm, but Kai stomps the foot. Belair goes for a scoop slam, but Kai slides off and pulls her down by the hair. A piece of Belair’s hair (or an extension) is pulled out. Belair throws her by the hair and charges her, but Kai goes for a roll-up. Belair rolls through and dropkicks her down. Kai sends Belair to the corner, but she slingshots over her. Belair wags a finger before hitting a hip toss. Belair follows up with a standing moonsault for a two-count. Belair elbows Kai back before dropping her on the apron. Kai grabs the braid, but Belair elbows her off. Kai quickly knees her in the face, and Belair falls out of the ring. Kai connects with a bicycle kick to floor the Raw Women’s Champion.

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We come back from the break to see Belair roll Kai up for a two-count. Belair follows up with a vertical suplex attempt, but Kai counters into an inside cradle for a two-count. Belair knocks her back and connects with a standing blockbuster. Belair hits a pair of shoulder tackles and a dropkick. Belair hits a vertical suplex and rolls through for a delayed vertical suplex. Belair catches Kai with a handspring moonsault splash for a two-count.

Belair tries to pull Kai to the center of the ring, but Kai holds the bottom rope. Kai knocks her back, but Belair quickly blocks a Scorpion Kick. Belair goes for a slam, but Kai counters into a roll-through facebuster for a two-count. Kai knocks Belair to the corner and hits a running boot to the face. Kai heads to the high-rent district on the top rope and jumps, but Belair moves. Kai charges, but Belair counters into a tilt-a-whirl gutbuster. Belair and Kai fumble into a KOD attempt, but Kai lands on her feet and holds the braid. Belair knocks her back and goes for a double chickenwing slam, but Kai rolls through to send her into the turnbuckles. Kai grabs her, but Belair quickly comes back with a KOD for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Bianca Belair

Video Package: Brock Lesnar viciously attacked Cody Rhodes two weeks ago on Raw

“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes is shown walking backstage. He’ll head to the ring next.

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Video Package: Bronson Reed says he’s actually a nice guy, which is what his mother referred to him as. Reed calls himself “Mr. Nice Guy” Bronson Reed.

The Judgment Day is backstage. Damian Priest says he won’t be Bad Bunny’s friend next week. Dominik Mysterio says Priest doesn’t need Bad Bunny as a friend, just like he doesn’t need Rey Mysterio as his father. Paul Heyman walks over and asks if they’re satisfied. Finn Bálor says, “Eh.” Heyman is flabbergasted. Heyman tells them to give an “eh” performance against Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Matt Riddle in tonight’s main event or they’ll be in debt to the Tribal Chief. Priest says they always handle their business. SmackDown Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley gets in Heyman’s face and says, “Bye, Paul!” Heyman walks off and calls Roman Reigns.

Cody Rhodes calls out Brock Lesnar

“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes makes his way to the ring. Rhodes is in his gear. The crowd gives him a great ovation. Rhodes says, “So, Little Rock, what do you want to talk about?” Rhodes knows exactly what he wants to talk about and talk to. Rhodes calls out Brock Lesnar.

WWE Official Adam Pearce walks out to the ring. Pearce says he appreciates the spirit and what Rhodes is trying to do, but he can’t do this in Little Rock. Pearce says they all respect what he wants to do, but Rhodes is not medically cleared to be here tonight. Pearce is in the ring and says everyone respects the spirit of Cody Rhodes. Pearce asks Rhodes to leave the ring. Rhodes thinks about it and says he’ll leave. The crowd boos. Rhodes shakes hands with Pearce and leaves the ring. Rhodes then turns back and grabs a steel chair from under the ring before getting back in the ring, shouting that he wants Lesnar. Pearce begs Rhodes to listen to him. Pearce says if he won’t listen, he’ll have to be helped to the back. Security runs down to the ring and surrounds him.

Brock Lesnar’s music hits to a big reaction. Pearce tells Rhodes not to do this. Brock Lesnar comes out in his black cowboy hat and a black trenchcoat. Pearce says he’ll give Rhodes the match against Lesnar on May 6 at WWE Backlash. Pearce tells him to do it in Puerto Rico at Backlash and not tonight. From the stage, Lesnar challenges Rhodes to fight him now. Rhodes attacks the security guards with the steel chair and wipes out the whole force. Lesnar nods in approval from the stage.

Rhodes gets out of the ring and fights off more guards. Rhodes charges Lesnar, but another wave of security guards grabs Rhodes and drags him back to ringside. Lesnar gleefully watches from the stage before backing up and leaving. The crowd loudly boos.

Rhodes is trapped, but he soon fights the force off. Rhodes gets in the ring and knocks the security out of the ring. A “Cody” chant picks up. Rhodes says he spent the entirety of last week throwing out positive platitudes about Brock Lesnar, but he left one out. Brock Lesnar can wear his silly cowboy hat all he wants. Rhodes grew up around cowboys. Brock Lesnar is not a cowboy. Lesnar is a coward!

Coming up next, Seth “Freakin” Rollins battles The Miz.

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SummerSlam is coming to Detroit on Saturday, August 6.

Replays are shown of Cody Rhodes fighting off the security guards as Brock Lesnar watched moments ago.

We go backstage to see Brock Lesnar walking and heading toward the exit.

The Miz vs. Seth “Freakin” Rollins

As Rollins makes his entrance, The Miz attacks him. Miz beats him around ringside and bounces him off the commentary table a few times. Miz gets Rollins in the ring and punches away at him before the referee backs him up. The referee checks on Rollins, and Rollins agrees to start the match.

The bell rings, and Miz attacks Rollins before kneeing him in the midsection. Rollins quickly takes him down, but Miz powers him to the corner. Miz shoulders Rollins in the midsection before backing up. Miz backs up and charges, but Rollins pops out of the corner with a clothesline. Rollins then clotheslines Rhodes over the top rope. Rollins gets fired up and hits a suicide dive. Rollins gets back in the ring and hits Miz with a second suicide dive. Rollins is still feeling it and gets back in the ring to complete a hat trick of suicide dives. Rollins listens as the crowd serenades him. Rollins charges Miz, but Miz drops him into the timekeeper’s area. Rollins knocks him back and stands on the barricade, but Miz pushes him off into the timekeeper’s table.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Miz head to the top rope and jump, but Rollins kicks him and goes for a Pedigree. Miz fights out, but Rollins drops him with a step-up enzuigiri.

Rollins gets to his feet and hits a pair of clotheslines followed by a kick to the midsection, a kick to the face, and a big lariat. The crowd gets into it and starts to serenade Rollins. Rollins hits Miz with a running forearm in the corner followed by a Sling Blade for a two-count. Rollins makes his way to the top rope, but Miz cuts him off. The crowd chants, “This is awesome.” Rollins slides down and goes for a Buckle Bomb, but Miz slides off. Miz hits a lung blower off the ropes for a near fall.

Miz is irate and pulls Rollins up by his hair. A “Tiny Balls” chant picks up. Miz kicks away at Rollins’s chest, but Rollins catches one and hits a Buckle Bomb. Rollins goes to the top rope and goes for a Frog Splash, but Miz gets the knees up for a near fall! Miz gets to his feet and signals for the end. Rollins counters a Skull Crushing Finale into a roll-up. Miz rolls through and grabs the trunks. Rollins kicks out and kicks him, but Miz gets the leg tied to the ropes and jumps on it. Miz immediately follows up with a Figure Four Leglock. Rollins screams in pain, but he’s willed on by the crowd singing his song to him. Rollins grabs the bottom rope to break the hold. Miz pulls him to the center of the ring and goes for another Figure Four Leglock, but Rollins counters into an inside cradle for a two-count. Rollins quickly forearms him in the face before hitting a forearm to the back of the neck. Miz avoids a Stomp and hits a kneeling DDT. Miz holds the head and connects with a second DDT for a near fall! Miz cannot believe it.

The crowd once again chants, “This is awesome.” Miz gets Rollins in the corner and puts him on the top rope. Miz sets up for a Skull Crushing Finale off the ropes, but Rollins elbows out. Rollins miraculously adjusts himself on the top rope and hits a superplex before rolling through into a falcon arrow. Rollins connects with a Stomp for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Seth “Freakin” Rollins

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are backstage with Matt Riddle. Riddle tries to speak, but Owens tells him to leave the strategizing to them. Zayn tells Owens to listen to Riddle if they’re going to work with him. Riddle says he wants to wrap up his big toe like Solo Sikoa wraps his thumb and kick him in the throat. He’s going to call it the Toe Bro. Owens and Zayn look at each other. Riddle says he’s only kidding and isn’t an idiot. The Bloodline put him through hell. They took away his best friend and his title and put him on the shelf for four months. While he was out, he saw two best friends beat The Usos. Riddle is fired up and wants to make the Bloodline pay. Riddle walks off. Owens tells Zayn that they should listen to Riddle and walks off.

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Video Package: Last week on Raw, Trish Stratus viciously attacks Becky Lynch after losing the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus will explain her actions later tonight.

Replays are shown of the titanic showdown between Bobby Lashley and Bronson Reed last week on Raw. They were eventually both counted out before officials separated them.

Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring. He’ll face United States Champion Austin Theory next.

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Non-Title Match
Bobby Lashley vs. United States Champion Austin Theory

The bell rings, and Theory quickly ducks out of a tie-up from Lashley. Theory taunts Lashley and the crowd. Lashley quickly grabs the United States Champion and drives him to the corner. Theory hooks the head, but Lashley whips him off and shoulder tackles him. Theory gets up, but Lashley comes back with a waistlock takeover. Lashley hooks a front facelock and gator rolls him around the ring. Theory quickly kicks him in the knee and punches him down. Theory goes for a suplex, but Lashley counters into a delayed vertical suplex. Theory stumbles around before Lashley clotheslines him over the top rope.

Theory quickly snaps The All Mighty off the top rope and gets in the ring. Theory charges, but Lashley drops down before doing a leapfrog. Lashley grabs Theory and hits a flatliner. Theory quickly gets out of a Hurt Lock and kicks him in the face. Theory clubs and knees away at him in the corner. Theory taunts the crowd, but Lashley attacks him from behind. Lashley shoulders him in the corner before throwing him down. Theory rolls out of the ring to recover. Lashley follows him out, but Theory attacks him. Lashley reverses a whip into the LED apron. Lashley scoops Theory up and drives him headfirst into the LED ring post.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Lashley go for a Hurt Lock, but Theory fights it and bites the hand! Theory drives Lashley’s shoulder into the ring post twice before rolling him up for a two-count. Theory mounts Lashley and punches away at him. Theory taunts the crowd before choking Lashley on the middle rope. Theory hits a snapmare followed by a stomp to the chest for a two-count. Theory hooks a chin lock and grounds him. Lashley is bleeding from the mouth. Theory cinches in the rear chin lock, but Lashley eventually begins fighting up. Lashley soon breaks the grip and gets to his feet, but the United States Champion chop blocks the knee and punches him down for a near fall.

Theory stomps away at Lashley before taunting the crowd again. Theory gets Lashley in the corner and shoulders him in the midsection. Theory taunts the crowd and charges, but he hits the ring post shoulder-first when Lashley moves. Lashley connects with a clothesline followed by a one-armed spinebuster. Lashley clotheslines Theory in the corner and shoulders away at him. Lashley backs up and shoulders him again before flooring him with a clothesline. Lashley goes for a spear, but Theory leapfrogs him. Theory goes for A-Town Down, but Lashley gets out and hits a modified dominator. Lashley covers, but Theory kicks out!

Lashley is irate that he hasn’t put Theory away yet. Lashley stalks him from the corner and sizes him up. Theory slowly pulls himself up before rolling to the apron. Theory shoulders Lashley back and goes for a rolling thunder dropkick, but Lashley counters into a Hurt Lock! All of a sudden, Bronson Reed avalanches Lashley into the corner! The referee calls for the bell.

Winner by Disqualification: Bobby Lashley

“Mr. Nice Guy” Bronson Reed attacks Lashley and sends him out of the ring. Reed comes off the apron with a flying shoulder tackle. Reed waits for Lashley to get up and avalanches him into the ring post. Reed gets Lashley in the ring. Lashley tries to fight back with a Hurt Lock, but Theory takes him out with a rolling thunder dropkick. Reed looks at Theory before turning back to Lashley. Reed hits Lashley with a Samoan Drop before heading to the top rope to crush him with a Tsunami! Reed stands tall in the ring.

Tonight’s main event will see Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn team with Matt Riddle to take on The Judgment Day.

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus makes her way to the ring to boos from the crowd. She’ll explain her actions next.

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Trish Stratus explains her actions

Trish Stratus is in the ring and wants to take us on a history lesson. When she first came to WWE, Women’s Wrestling was a joke. Trish then proceeded to singlehandedly change everything. She brought credibility to a nonexistent Women’s Division. Some will say it was her AND Lita, but there is no “we.” It was her. Trish says she was the Women’s Division. She was THE trailblazer. She was the first woman to main event Raw. She was the first woman to make people care about the Women’s Division. Without Trish Stratus, there would be no Women’s Revolution or women in the main event of WrestleMania. When Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Ronda Rousey were wrestling in the main event, people chanted, “This is awesome.” They should have been chanting, “Thank you, Trish.” You wouldn’t believe that if you listen to Becky Lynch. Lynch would have you believe the Women’s Revolution started with the “Four Horseladies.” That statement, like Becky Lynch, is a joke.

Trish sat back and watched for a while, but after a while, she started thinking Becky believed her own hype. Trish popped in and buddied up with Becky to see if it was true. Not once did Becky thank her for what Trish did for her. Becky is very convincing. She convinced even Lita, who ate out of the palm of her hands. Lita became Becky’s little sidekick. Trish Stratus is nobody’s sidekick. Trish shows herself off and says she is not a sidekick. Trish had to take Lita out of the picture to put her out of her misery. She needed Lita out of the picture because she needed it to be crystal clear that the person that screwed Lynch out of the titles was Trish. Trish asks Becky if she remembers putting her arm around her shoulders and saying they had a good try before saying she was her friend. Trish is not her friend and there will not be a next time. Trish decided to make things right and took out The Man. The crowd boos. Trish says she doesn’t care what the crowd thinks. She wasn’t going to let Becky Lynch or the fans rewrite history. She is not a nostalgia act, a childhood fantasy, or a sidekick. She is the greatest of all time and the single most important figure in the history of WWE. Trish is here to make sure no one forgets it. Trish drops the microphone and walks off to boos from the crowd.

Replays are shown of Cody Rhodes fighting off security guards as Brock Lesnar gleefully watched.

Cody Rhodes will battle Brock Lesnar in Puerto Rico at WWE Backlash.

Cathy Kelley is backstage with “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes. Rhodes says he is happy that he gets Brock Lesnar in Puerto Rico in three weeks, but he’s also confused. Rhodes had to fight off 20 security guards, but Brock Lesnar did nothing. Where were the security guards when Lesnar did what he did to Rhodes a few weeks ago? Rhodes has to fight back and smash the beast.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan make their way to the ring. They’ll be ringside for a match next.

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Replays are shown of Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez accepting a title challenge from Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green this past Friday on SmackDown.

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions are seated at ringside to watch this.

Tag Team Match
Candice LeRae and “Michin” Mia Yim vs. Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green and “Michin” Mia Yim will start the match. Michin head-butts her and tags Candice LeRae in. LeRae hits a snapmare and a rolling neck snapper followed by a jackknife pin for a two-count. LeRae hits a step-up senton splash for another two-count. Green quickly tags in Sonya Deville. They go for a double-team suplex, but LeRae counters into a double DDT. LeRae hits another step-up senton splash and heads to the top rope. LeRae sees Nikki Cross staring at her from ringside. Cross has been stalking LeRae. Deville knocks LeRae off the top rope and knees her for a near fall. LeRae fights back and tags Michin in.

Michin and Deville go at it. Michin hits a hurricanrana followed by some chops and punches. Green attacks Michin and nearly hits her partner. LeRae and Michin each hit dropkicks. Michin strikes away at Deville before hitting Code Blue, but Green breaks it up. LeRae and Green fight out of the ring. Deville rolls Michin up with her feet on the ropes, but the referee catches her. Green blind tags in and hits Michin with an Unprettier for the victory.

Winners by Pinfall: Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green

Deville and Green go face-to-face with Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan. Green then throws water into their faces before they run off.

The main event is next.

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The WWE Draft is coming.

The Street Profits are talking when Rick Boogs and Elias walk up to them. Boogs says he can’t move yet because he just got here. Baron Corbin comes up and reminds the Profits that tag teams can be split up. They decide to go talk to Adam Pearce. Elias says he’s probably going first in the WWE Draft, so he’ll put a good word in for Boogs. Akira Tozawa shows up and says Boogs is a superstar. Elias will be the last pick in the draft. Tozawa laughs as Boogs and Elias walk off. Corbin comes up and laughs with Tozawa. Tozawa says no one wants Corbin and tells him he sucks.

The Usos are shown elsewhere backstage. Solo Sikoa stands behind them. The Usos love that the lWo tried to step up only to find out that they’re the twos and the Usos are the ones. They’re looking forward to proving themselves in Puerto Rico.

The Judgment Day makes their way to the ring. The main event is next.

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Bad Bunny returns to Raw next week in Chicago.

6-Man Tag Team Match
The Judgment Day (Finn Bálor, Damian Priest, and Dominik Mysterio) w/ SmackDown Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley vs. Matt Riddle and Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn will start against Finn Bálor. Bálor quickly hooks a side headlock and cinches it in. Zayn backs Bálor into the ropes and whips him off. Zayn drops down and hits a pair of arm drags. Bálor quickly the brakes on and tags in Dominik Mysterio. Mysterio gets in the ring and flexes before tagging Damian Priest in. Priest smirks and gets in the ring. Kevin Owens opts to tag in. Owens kicks Priest and hooks a side headlock. Priest whips him off and absorbs a shoulder tackle. Owens tries again for the same result, so he takes him down with a dropkick and a senton splash. Owens then tells the rest of the Judgment Day to “suck it.” Priest quickly punches Owens back and tags Bálor in. Owens punches Bálor back and sends him into the ropes. Bálor ducks a clothesline, but Owens soon catches him and hits a swinging driver for a two-count. Bálor holds his neck in pain. Bálor slides out of a slam and chop blocks the knee. Bálor stomps away at Owens’s knee and knocks him out of the ring. Bálor distracts the referee, and Rhea Ripley turns Owens inside out with a vicious clothesline at ringside!

Bálor gets Owens in the ring and elbows him in the head. Bálor applies a front facelock. Rhea Ripley happily poses at ringside. Owens fights up in the ring, but Bálor stops him and knocks Zayn off the apron. Owens superkicks Bálor and tags Matt Riddle in. Riddle, in his new short trunks, kicks Bálor down twice before hitting Mysterio with a snap kick. Riddle kips up and forearms Bálor and Priest. Riddle hits an exploder on Bálor followed by a Broton. Riddle catches Balor with a fisherman’s suplex and picks up a near fall. Bálor quickly rakes the face and tags Priest in. Riddle knees Priest off the apron. Riddle goes to the apron and knees Bálor in the face. Mysterio tries to attack, but Riddle pulls him out of the ring. Riddle goes for a springboard to the floor, but Priest grabs him by the throat from the ring and chokeslams him on the apron!

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the final break of the evening to see Riddle and Priest exchanging strikes. Priest quickly takes Riddle out with a flurry of strikes followed by a running back elbow. Bálor tags in and hits a slingshot stomp. Mysterio tags in and hits a slingshot senton. Bálor tags back in before tagging Priest in. Bálor and Priest hit a backbreaker/leg drop combo for a near fall. Mysterio tags in and sets up for the Three Amigos, but Riddle counters by spiking him on his head with a German Suplex.

Zayn tags in to a huge ovation and hits Mysterio with a pair of clotheslines. Zayn sends him into the ropes and hits a back body drop. Zayn gets Bálor and Priest out of the ring and heads to the top rope. Mysterio quickly cuts him off, but Zayn fights him. Zayn catches Mysterio with a sunset flip powerbomb off the ropes for a near fall. Zayn goes to the top rope, but Ripley pushes him off and crotches him on the top rope! Owens runs over and throws his shirt at her. In the ring, Mysterio hits Zayn with a Frog Splash, but Owens breaks up the pin. Bálor hits Owens with a Woo Dropkick. Riddle takes Bálor out with a Ripcord Knee. Priest then wipes out Riddle with a lifting flatliner. Zayn then knocks Priest out of the ring. Zayn hits the ropes, but Ripley grabs the ankles. The referee sees this and ejects her to a HUGE ovation. Ripley is furious.

Mysterio quickly rolls Zayn up for a two-count. Zayn immediately floors him with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall. Owens is on the apron and reaches out. Zayn tags Owens in. Owens heads to the top rope for a Swanton Bomb, but Mysterio gets the knees up. Bálor tags in and hits Owens with a shotgun dropkick into the corner. Bálor goes for the Coup de Grace, but Owens moves. Zayn tags in. Owens hits Bálor with a Stunner. Zayn backs up to the corner. Priest runs in, but Owens wipes him out with a Stunner. Zayn crushes Bálor with a Helluva Kick. Riddle wants to be tagged in. Riddle heads to the top rope and hits Bálor with a Floating Bro for the victory.

Winners by Pinfall: Matt Riddle, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn

The Bloodline immediately hits the ring and starts beating on Owens, Zayn, and Riddle. Rey Mysterio and the Latino World Order run out to even the odds. The Judgment Day has joined in. The Bloodline soon retreats. Rey hits Dominik with a 619 before Owens hits Priest with a back suplex on the commentary table. Owens, Zayn, and Riddle stand tall with the lWo as Raw comes to an end.