WWE Monday Night RAW 11 07 2016

WWE RAW Results
November 7, 2016
Glasgow, Scotland
Commentary: Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video recaps the events from last week’s RAW. Mick Foley put Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho on Team RAW, as well as Roman Reigns. Braun Strowman would later be added to the team. In the main event, Roman Reigns faced Chris Jericho and nearly had him beat, but Owens interfered and caused the disqualification. Owens and Jericho double teamed Reigns until Seth Rollins made the save. Rollins and Reigns stared at each other to end the show.

The RAW video plays, and we’re brought into the arena in Glasgow, Scotland to see a big pyrotechnics display. RAW is overseas in Scotland for the first time ever.

Stephanie McMahon’s music hits, and she comes out to loud boos from the crowd. She does a royal wave while walking down the aisle. She welcomes the crowd to Monday Night RAW. She mentions that Mick Foley is not here, so she gives a cheap pop to Glasgow, Scotland in his honor. McMahon at first makes it sound like she’s talking about the divisive election that has plagued the United States, but she’s actually talking about RAW vs. Smackdown Live. There will be three traditional Survivor Series matches. It’ll be fantasy warfare brought to life. We’re going to see Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg.

McMahon introduces the five men competing on Team RAW. She first welcomes WWE Universal Champion, Kevin Owens, who comes out to a loud round of applause. Chris Jericho is out next to another nice reception. United States Champion Roman Reigns follows, and he comes out to thunderous jeers from the crowd. Braun Strowman is out last to not much of a reaction at all. McMahon then reveals the final piece of Team RAW: Seth Rollins.

Owens says this has to be a joke. Rollins cannot be on their team. Rollins says McMahon knows that if she wants to guarantee a Team RAW victory at Survivor Series, “the man” needs to be on the team. He’s been given certain assurances just to be on the team. Owens can rest assured that after Survivor Series, nothing is finished between him and sparkle crotch. Jericho is flabbergasted. McMahon says she knows there is no love lost between the two of them, but these are the men they’re competing against: AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Baron Corbin, Bray Wyatt, and Dean Ambrose. McMahon says all five members should be on Jericho’s list. She needs them to be a team otherwise Daniel Bryan will be proven right: he thinks RAW stars are lazy and complacent. McMahon says her and Foley picked them because they’re the best of the best. They’re going to prove it and decimate Smackdown Live. They’ll fight like their jobs depend on it because they do. McMahon throws down the microphone and leaves.

Owens says she’s right; they need to get on the same page. For the last three months, Team Kevin and Chris have been taking over RAW every week. Along the way, they’ve made some enemies. They’re man enough to admit that they’ve made some mistakes, but not many. Jericho says they’re man enough to say sorry. Rollins and Reigns must be angry because they’re the WWE Universal Champion, but they need to put this aside. They’re in this together. Even though they’re stupid idiots like the people of Glasgow, they are THEIR stupid idiots. Owens says that’s an astute observation. That’s why they have to listen to the co-captains of Team RAW: Kevin and Chris. Jericho talks about how they have spunk, but they’re not co-captains. They need to stick with winners and will win at Survivor Series. Owens makes fun of The Shield. Owens says the name is stupid and it died because they’re terrible human beings and kept turning on each other. Jericho says Team Chris and Kevin lead by example. If they keep their mouths shut and eyes open and do what they say, they’ll win at Survivor Series. Jericho asks if they understand what he’s saying to them right now.

Rollins says he digs before giving Jericho a cheap shot. Owens and Reigns fight outside the ring. Strowman throws Rollins back and avalanches Jericho. Strowman then takes Rollins down before giving Jericho a reverse chokeslam. McMahon says they’re going to be a team soon, but tonight it’s every man for himself. Roman Reigns will take on Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, and Braun Strowman in a fatal five-way match.

There will be a Tag Team Elimination Match with all the teams of Team RAW competing. We’ll also find out the two women that will join Charlotte, Bayley, and Nia Jax on that version of Team RAW.

Brian Kendrick is seen walking backstage. We see a replay of TJ Perkins nearly killing himself with a hurricanrana on the apron. Kendrick is in action, next.

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Sin Cara and Rich Swann vs. Brian Kendrick and Noam Dar

Noam Dar came out to a massive reception from his home country. Dar’s entrance came complete with pyrotechnics.

Dar will start against Swann. Swann hits the ropes and kicks him before sending him to the corner. Dar comes back with a back elbow and a throat thrust. Dar dropkicks him in the corner for a two count. Dar applies an arm bar, and Swann powers him to the corner. Sin Cara is tagged in, and he sends Dar into the ropes. Dar holds on, but Cara clotheslines him over the top rope. Cara then takes him down with a suicide dive. Cara gets him in the ring and goes to the middle rope, but Kendrick pulls him off to the floor.

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We come back from the break to see Kendrick applying a chin lock to Cara. Kendrick gets him in the corner and tags in Dar. Dar punches him before hitting a back suplex for a two count. Dar gets him to his feet and punches him down. Dar applies a neck vice, but Cara quickly fights up and punches him. Dar knees him and sends him into the ropes, but Cara rolls him up before giving him a one-armed slam.

Swann and Kendrick are tagged in. Swann hits a pair of clotheslines before kicking him and hitting a double stomp to the back. Swann gets the crowd going before running into some boots. Kendrick goes to the second rope, but Swann leaps up and gives him a hurricanrana. Swann connects with a rolling thunder splash, but Dar breaks it up. Cara gets Dar out of the ring and gives him a springboard senton to the floor! Wow! Swann rolls up Kendrick for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Sin Cara and Rich Swann
Match Rating: * 1/2

Kendrick is infuriated over losing to Swann once again. Kendrick grabs a microphone and says he didn’t lose the match — Dar did. Kendrick calls him a loser. Dar lost at the Cruiserweight Classic because he has no talent. He lost in his home country because he has no heart. Finally, he lost as his partner because he failed to recognize that he’s the best cruiserweight in the world. Kendrick says Dar is just like TJ Perkins — he fails when it matters most because he is a disrespectful… Kendrick punches him down and starts stomping him. Dar fights back to thunderous applause and kicks him down. Dar then wipes him out with a running kick to the skull. Dar stands tall in the ring while his music plays. Kendrick retreats up the ramp.

We’ll take a closer look at Goldberg vs. Lesnar from Goldberg’s point of view, next.

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Video Package: A video package highlights the Brock Lesnar/Goldberg feud. Goldberg talks about giving Lesnar an opportunity to even the score. Goldberg says he wants his wife and kid to see him compete. Brock Lesnar tells Goldberg to make sure his wife and kid don’t watch. Goldberg says he’s going to destroy him for mentioning his family.

Stephanie McMahon is seen talking to someone on the phone in her office. McMahon invites Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan onto RAW next week. Sami Zayn walks in. McMahon says she called him in because she finds his presence competely irritating. Everything about him bothers her. Zayn must’ve bothered Mick Foley enough to have him be the one to go against Dolph Ziggler. Zayn says it was Foley’s idea. McMahon doesn’t care and says she wants Rusev to be the guy. Tonight, Zayn will fight Rusev. The winner will face Ziggler and better bring the Intercontinental Championship back home.

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Enzo and Cass come out to a massive pop from the crowd. Enzo does his usual shtick and gets in the ring. Cass says there’s only one word to describe Team Smackdown Live: S-A-W-F-T!

Gallows and Anderson, The Golden Truth, and Cesaro and Sheamus make their way to the ring. The New Day will address the Team RAW Tag Teams next.

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All the teams are standing around while the crowd chants for Enzo. Sheamus says since the so called team captains are late, he wants to recognize how great Ireland is. Cesaro mentions that no one likes Sheamus. Sheamus says with New Day as the team captains, Scotland has a better chance of qualifying for the World Cup than they do of beating Smackdown Live at Survivor Series. A “Scotland” chant breaks out in protest to Sheamus’ comments. Sheamus and Cesaro argue over being captain of the team. Sheamus says he’s captain of Team RAW. Big Cass says the last thing Sheamus needs to worry about is being the captain of anything. Enzo says Sheamus should be scared of things like the sun, looking in the mirror, all the little kids stealing his Lucky Charms, and dying alone. That’s a rough reality. Sheamus says that’s funny. Sheamus points at Luke Gallows and says Enzo made a fool of him last week. Gallows calls him a nerd and Euro trash. Cesaro says his insults are lame. Cesaro says they could’ve had a field day with Sheamus like calling him the Red Rooster. Cesaro then gets the crowd to chant “Shame.” Goldust tells them to take a deep… Sheamus tells him to shut up and scares him. Sheamus says he’s not going down on the Titanic and wants to leave.


The New Day comes out dressed like they’re in “Braveheart”. Xavier Woods is playing the bagpipes. A loud “New Day rocks” chant fires up. Woods says this is Francesca’s Scottish cousin, Agnes. Woods says the bagpipes are too hard to play. Kingston asks where Sheamus is going. Another “Shame” chant fires up. Sheamus says shame on the crowd and accidentally grazes Cesaro. They nearly come to blows. Sheamus says to The New Day that Halloween was last week. Woods says they like to have a good time as the WWE World Tag Team Champions. They’re also the team captains. What they see in front of them are a legion of teams that will fight valiantly with them at Survivor Series for the love and pride of Team RAW. Anderson says they’re out as well. With captains like them, they’ll lose. Big E starts quoting “Braveheart” to a huge ovation, but he’s got it all wrong. Big E recovers and completes it to loud applause.

Enzo comes up to them and says he doesn’t know what they’ve been smoking in their bagpipes, but he likes it. At Survivor Series, Smackdown is going down like a hole in the ground. The Certified G Real Estate Agency is putting people in their place! Goldust says Big E has a brave heart, and they’re with them. Cesaro says on behalf of Sheamus, they’re in too. Sheamus asks since when Cesaro speaks for him. Sheamus says he’s the captain of this team, so they’re in… but only because they still have a shot at the Tag Team Titles. Sheamus asks them to lay off “Braveheart.” The New Day then asks if Gallows and Anderson will fight for them and Scotland. Anderson says they can wear their costumes and call themselves the captains, but they’re not in charge of them. No one is. The first opportunity they get, they’ll stab each and every one of them in the back. Anderson says this is the problem. They’ll handle Smackdown Live easily. The teams on Smackdown Live are like The New Day: a joke. Woods says if they’re jokes and have beaten them multiple times while being champions of the division, what does that make them? Kingston says they knew they’d say something like that. That’s why they asked for a special match, but against who? Who? Who? Against Gallows and Anderson. With the power of positivity at Survivor Series, they’ll show that Team RAW rocks!

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Gallows and Anderson vs. The New Day

We join the match in progress. Anderson applies a side headlock to Kingston before being whipped off and shoulder blocked down. Anderson gives him a monkey flip, but Kingston lands on his feet. Anderson tries again for the same result. Kingston then takes him down for a two count. Big E is tagged in, and they fire up the unicorn stampede. It ends with Kingston hitting a low dropkick. Big E tags back in and applies an abdominal stretch while rhythmically spanking Anderson’s hindquarters. Big E hits the ropes, and Anderson sends him to the apron. Gallows gets a cheap shot in while the referee’s back is turned. Anderson floors him with a flying knee and punches him. Gallows is tagged in, and he stomps away at him. Gallows punches away at him in the corner and tags Anderson in. Anderson punches away at him before stomping him. Big E fights back, but Anderson quickly takes back momentum and tags Gallows in. Gallows avalanches him before tagging in Anderson. They hit a back suplex/neckbreaker combination for a near fall. Anderson applies a chin lock, but Big E fights up. Anderson quickly clotheslines him down and punches. Gallows tags in and kicks Big E in the head before dropping some elbows for a two count. Gallows applies a chin lock, but Big E fights up. Gallows sends him into the ropes for a big boot. Gallows punches Kingston off the apron and goes for an elbow drop, but Big E moves.

Kingston and Anderson are tagged in. Kingston hits a springboard clothesline followed by a pair of chops and a dropkick. Kingston hits a leaping clothesline before doing the Boom Drop. Anderson ducks the Trouble in Paradise, but Kingston comes back with a springboard cross-body. Gallows runs in, but Kingston quickly gets him out of the ring. Kingston hits Anderson with a spin kick before tagging Big E in. They go for the Midnight Hour, but Gallows superkicks Big E. Kingston comes off the top rope and there is some miscommunication. Anderson finally hits him with a spinebuster. They hit Big E with the Magic Killer for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Gallows and Anderson
Match Rating: *

The Golden Truth are talking backstage. R-Truth talks about how they were on the RAW team at Survivor Series, but he traded their spot to The Shining Stars for a timeshare. Goldust cannot believe it. Goldust says he needs to get their spot back.

We’ll hear about Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg from Brock Lesnar’s point of view.

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Video Package: Brock Lesnar talks about all the people he’s destroyed. Lesnar says Goldberg hasn’t competed in twelve years, so it’s not going to happen. Lesnar tells everyone to subscribe to the WWE Network to watch Goldberg get his ass kicked. Lesnar says hopefully Goldberg can return to his family.

Goldberg and Brock Lesnar will be face-to-face on RAW next week.

Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho are walking backstage. Owens says they need to get Braun Strowman on their side. Jericho walks into Strowman’s locker room. Jericho says he has a bone to pick with him for throwing him around. Jericho asks if he knows what happens when someone does that. Owens stops Jericho from putting him on the list and calling him a stupid idiot. Owens continues to compliment Strowman and wants to add him to their regular team. Jericho disingenuously says that sounds delightful. Strowman gets up and says he’s on Team Braun before walking off. Jericho clicks his pen and puts Strowman on the list.

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The Golden Truth vs. The Shining Stars

The winners will be the final team for Team RAW at Survivor Series.

R-Truth will start the match against Epico. R-Truth takes him down and drops a leg for a two count. Primo tags in, but R-Truth fights them off. Eventually, they overtake him with a dropkick. Primo punches away at him before choking him on the ropes. Primo splashes him against the ropes before hitting a slingshot senton. Epico is tagged in, and they hit a double team suplex. Epico punches him and calls the crowd boring as they chant it toward him. Primo is tagged back in, and he stomps R-Truth down. Primo hits a snapmare and applies a chin lock. R-Truth fights up, but Epico is tagged in. They hit a sandwich double dropkick for a near fall. Epico punches away at him before taunting Goldust. Epico stomps him a few times before reapplying a chin lock. The crowd is entertaining themselves. There must be a beachball being bounced around. They start booing the security guards that took it away. Anyway, Goldust and Primo are tagged in. Goldust hits a pair of clotheslines before giving him an uppercut. Epico dives into an inverted atomic drop. Goldust then gives Primo a bulldog. Goldust does the 10 punches in the corner before sending him to the corner. Goldust runs into a boot, but he quickly comes back with a spinebuster. Epico comes in with a brochure. Goldust looks it over before tearing it up and punching him. R-Truth clotheslines Epico over the top rope. Primo rolls Goldust up with his feet on the ropes for the win. The Shining Stars are competing on Team RAW

Winners by Pinfall: The Shining Stars
Match Rating: 3/4 *

There will be a Fatal 5-Way Match featuring Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho, Braun Strowman, and Seth Rollins in tonight’s main event. Coming up next, we’ll find out the final two women on Team RAW.

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Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan are invited to RAW next week.

Michael Cole is standing in the ring. The crowd is loudly booing him. Cole first introduces the captain of the women’s team, the RAW Women’s Champion, Charlotte. Charlotte makes her way to the ring. The crowd greets her with “WOO” chants. Cole talks about her winning at Hell in a Cell and being team captain. Charlotte says she was born a leader. If Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella, or the Smackdown peasants think they’ll steal her spotlight, they can keep drinking the Blue Kool-Aid. Cole then introduces Nia Jax as one of the most physically dominating superstars in WWE history. Wow. Cole mentions how dominant she was on Bayley last week. Charlotte says Bayley showed that she’s the weakest link. Nia Jax says what she does is her business. Charlotte may be the leader, but she doesn’t work for her.

Next, Cole introduces Alicia Fox. Fox says if Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt can be civil, then she can do so with them. Cole then welcomes Bayley to the ring. Bayley comes out to a big ovation and hugs Cole. Bayley says Charlotte may think she’s a weak link, but she’ll prove her wrong. The crowd sings to her. Bayley says she’s so excited to be here. Bayley tries to get through her lines, but they’re drowning her out. Bayley says they have to work together.

Cole tries to introduce the final member, but Charlotte cuts him off. The crowd drowns her out as they sing to Bayley. Charlotte is visibly thrown off and tries to silence them to no avail. Charlotte says the next woman made her a better champion and person — Dana Brooke. Cole says Brooke isn’t the fifth member. The fifth member is Sasha Banks. Banks comes out to a nice ovation from the crowd. Charlotte figured after all the injuries Sasha sustained that she wouldn’t make it to Survivor Series. That’s why she made her protege her alternate. Sasha says it’ll take more than a couple of tables to stop her. The crowd continues to sing to Bayley. Charlotte says she’s proven that she’s the best. Sasha isn’t the boss anymore. After she made history at Hell in a Cell, this is a different place. There will be a match, next.

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Charlotte, Nia Jax, and Dana Brooke vs. Alicia Fox, Bayley, and Sasha Banks

Bayley will start against Nia Jax. They lock up, and Jax shoves her down. Jax gets her on the top rope and laughs at her. A loud “Let’s go Bayley” chant fires up. Bayley tries to take her down, but Jax shoves her away. Alicia Fox tags in, and she punches away at her. Jax goes for a scoop slam, but Alicia counters with a chin lock. Jax powers her off. Charlotte tags in and chops Alicia. Charlotte connects with a snapmare for a two count. They nearly botch a simply criss-cross in the ropes. Alicia connects with a northern lights suplex for a two count. Sasha tags in and gives Charlotte a double team suplex. Dana Brooke is immediately tagged in. Sasha slaps her before hitting a dropkick. Charlotte runs in and eats a dropkick as well. Sasha, Alicia, and Bayley hit a triple baseball slide on Jax, but she doesn’t budge. Sasha applies an arm bar to Dana. The crowd is singing to Bayley again. Sasha cradles her for a two count and keeps the arm bar applied. Jax tags in, but she misses an avalanche. Jax quickly takes her down.

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We come back from the break to see Dana powering Sasha down before choking her in the corner. Jax tags in and head-butts her down. Charlotte tags in and chops the chest. Charlotte hits a snapmare and knees her in the back before applying a straightjacket. Charlotte takes her down as she tries to fight up before knocking Bayley off the apron. Charlotte continues kneeing Sasha in the back and reapplies the straightjacket. Sasha fights up and sends Charlotte into Dana.

Eventually Bayley is tagged in to loud applause. Bayley takes Charlotte down before putting her on the apron and snapping her off the ropes. Bayley hits a running shoulder before hitting a running back elbow. Bayley comes off the second rope with a flying back elbow. Dana breaks up the pin. Alicia runs in and throws her out of the ring. Somehow Dana botches going out of the ring. Jax runs in and rag dolls Alicia. Sasha hits her with double knees. Charlotte accidentally big boots Jax. Charlotte throws Sasha out of the ring. Bayley hits Charlotte with Bayley-To-Belly for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Alicia Fox, Bayley, and Sasha Banks
Match Rating: *

Seth Rollins is warming up backstage. A backstage interviewer asks why he joined Team RAW. Rollins said he was promised future opportunities if he joined. Braun Strowman comes up and says he shouldn’t worry about his future opportunities because he might not have a future after tonight. Strowman says he never liked Rollins and will snap him like a twig.

Coming up next, Sami Zayn will face Rusev. The winner faces Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Intercontinental Championship at Survivor Series.

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Lana introduces Rusev as the man that will bring the Intercontinental Championship to RAW. Rusev has shaved off his Wolverine sideburns.

Rusev w/ Lana vs. Sami Zayn

Rusev immediately floors him at the sound of the bell and stomps away at him. Rusev punches him before sending him hard into the corner for a one count. Rusev rips at his face and kicks him in the chest before choking him. Rusev gives him a guillotine catapult for a two count. Rusev sends him to the apron, but Zayn shoulders him. Zayn hits the ropes and connects with a dropkick. Rusev gets out of the ring to recover.

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We come back from the break to see Zayn trapped in a chin lock. Zayn fights out, but Rusev overtakes him. Rusev shoulders him in the corner. Zayn comes back with some chops and a forearm. Rusev punches him back before charging, but Zayn pulls the top rope down. Zayn then takes him out with a diving summersault plancha. Zayn gets him in the ring and catches him with a cross-body block for a two count. Rusev punches and kicks him in the head for a near fall. Zayn looks out on his feet. Zayn avoids an avalanche and goes for the Helluva Kick, but Rusev superkicks him for a near fall. Rusev goes to the top rope, but Zayn catches him with the Helluva Kick for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Sami Zayn
Match Rating: *

Sami Zayn will face Smackdown Live’s Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Intercontinental Championship at Survivor Series.

Coming up next, it’s the Fatal 5-Way Match.

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Goldberg and Brock Lesnar will be face-to-face on RAW next week. We’ll also see if Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan will show up.

Seth Rollins vs. Braun Strowman vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns

Owens and Jericho double team Rollins and beat him outside the ring. Strowman and Reigns are left in the ring. Strowman won’t let him walk around him. Owens and Jericho get in the ring and root him on. Jericho slaps Strowman’s chest, so he elbows him down. Owens and Jericho get out of the ring. Rollins sends Jericho into the barricade. Strowman and Reigns stare at each other. Reigns punches him and hits the ropes, but Strowman clotheslines him down. Strowman goes outside and grabs Rollins. Rollins immediately starts unloading on him with a kendo stick. Strowman never leaves his feet. Rollins brings out a table and tries to set it up, but Strowman runs him over.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Strowman try to slam Rollins through the table, but he fights him off. Rollins gets in the ring, but Strowman gets in and clotheslines him down. Reigns uppercuts Strowman a few times, but Strowman gives him a reverse chokeslam. Jericho comes off the top rope into a big boot. Owens tries to beg Strowman off before punching away at him. Owens hits the ropes, and Strowman clotheslines him down. Strowman finds himself surrounded, and the four gang up on him. Strowman explodes out of the pile and grabs Jericho and Reigns by the throat. They try to get him out. Finally, Reigns sends him flying with a Superman Punch. The crowd mics are pretty much turned off. Reigns hits Jericho with a Samoan Drop. Rollins takes Owens down with a Sling Blade. Rollins and Reigns lock eyes. Strowman gets on the apron, but Reigns takes him out with a Superman Punch. Rollins then floors him with a suicide dive. Reigns and Rollins double team him outside the ring and punch away at him. Rollins and Reigns try to powerbomb him through the table, but Owens and Jericho break it up.

Jericho and Owens double team Reigns. Reigns fights back before giving Strowman a Superman Punch. Owens grabs Reigns and sends him into the barricade. Owens and Jericho then send him into the barricade again. Owens tears up a fan’s sign before sending Reigns into the steel steps. Owens mocks Reigns and hits him with a cannonball against the barricade. Jericho sets up Rollins. Owens goes for a cannonball, but Rollins counters with a reverse STO into the barricade. Rollins then gives Jericho a powerbomb onto Strowman and through the table. Rollins gets Owens in the ring. Owens rolls him up, but Rollins rolls through and superkicks him for a two count. Rollins goes to the top rope for a frog splash, but Owens moves. Rollins counters a Pop-up Powerbomb into a Pedigree. Jericho pulls the referee out of the ring before the three count. Rollins is furious. Rollins connects with a suicide dive on Jericho and gets him in the ring. Jericho avoids a springboard knee and goes for the Walls of Jericho, but Rollins counters out. Rollins kicks him in the head and connects with the Pedigree. Owens superkicks Rollins out of the ring. Reigns then hits Owens with a Superman Punch. Owens falls onto Jericho and picks up the win, albeit while unconscious.

Winner by Pinfall: Kevin Owens
Match Rating: ** 

Kevin Owens celebrates his win when he comes to. Owens checks on Jericho and helps him up. Goldberg and Brock Lesnar will be live on RAW next week.

Quick Match Results

* Sin Cara and Rich Swann def. Brian Kendrick and Noam Dar
* Gallows and Anderson def. The New Day (non-title)
* The Shining Stars def. The Golden Truth
* Alicia Fox, Bayley, and Sasha Banks def. Charlotte, Nia Jax, and Dana Brooke
* Sami Zayn def. Rusev
* Kevin Owens def. Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Chris Jericho, and Roman Reigns (non-title)