WWE SmackDown 04 22 2011

WWE SmackDown!

April 22nd, 2011

Announcers: Booker T & Josh Mathews & Michael Cole
Location: London, England

Rey Mysterio defeated Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes came down to the ring with some guys who had a shopping cart full of paper bags with them. Cody said he wears his mask for protection; Rey wears his because he’s hiding something. Cody said Rey is hiding his fears and loathing thoughts for all of them. Cody said Rey is ashamed of himself. Cody said they are all wearing masks as well. Cody said he can see through their masks and see their envy of him. Cody said he can see their looks of despair knowing their lives are miserable. Cody said they all hope that things are worse for their neighbors and friends and families. Cody said they can’t even stand to look at them and he doesn’t blame them but tonight he’ll offer a remedy at his expense. Cody’s assistants handed out the paper bags. Cody said he wanted them to cover their faces because they will cover their lying eyes, their black heads, their teeth and faces until he is hopefully drafted to RAW or defeats Rey Mysterio. Cody said he had a paper bag saved for Rey. Rey reversed a power bomb into a hurricarana for the 3. After the match Cody attacked Rey and they brawled all over the arena. Cody wound up hitting Cross Rhodes on the floor. Cody then took a paper bag and put it on Rey’s head.

The Corre (WWE Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett & WWE Tag Team champions Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater & Ezekiel Jackson)
Justin said he eliminated him from the battle royal because it was everyone for themselves and it was nothing personal. Wade said he wouldn’t have done the same to him. Heath told them to shut up and that they needed to talk about unity because there’s no leader. Ezekiel said as their leader he was there for them. Ezekiel said he was just kidding. Wade said they’re the ones who should be messing around with him. Then they all giggled and gave high fives.

Layla El & Michelle McCool
This was from earlier in the week. Michelle was being super sarcastic and made fun of Layla for losing. Layla said at least she competed. Michelle said she wouldn’t be a semi successful diva if it wasn’t for her. Michelle said she wanted her coat back. Layla said Michelle needs to start showing her some respect. Michelle said Layla wasn’t even flawless. Layla started crying and Michelle apologized and hugged her. Michelle attacked Layla.

Jack Swagger defeated Trent Barreta
Michael Cole recapped what happened on RAW. Michael laughed. Michael showed more boring ass clips of him being knighted. Michael said he is now sir Michael Cole. Michael said there can only be one all American American. Jack Swagger came down to the ring and squashed Trent Barreta.

Kane & The Big Show defeated Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater w/Ezekiel Jackson to become new WWE Tag Team champions
Show threw Justin out of the ring, Kane neutralized Ezekiel, and Show hit Heath with the chokeslam for 3.

Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater & Ezekiel Jackson
Heath and Justin were yelling at Ezekiel. Heath said Ezekiel was supposed to have their backs. Ezekiel said they both need to look in the mirror. Heath got mad and pushed Justin.

Drew McIntyre defeated Chris Masters
Drew won with the future shock.

Wade Barrett defeated Kofi Kingston to retain the WWE Intercontinental title
Ezekiel tried to attack Kofi on the outside but accidentally hit Wade, causing Wade to kick him to the back. Wade won by rolling Kofi up and holding the ropes, but he was far from the rope and it looked weird.

Alberto Del Rio w/Brodus Clay + Edge + Christian
A bunch of stuff was set up like it was a retirement party for Edge. ADR said he brought presents for Edge. ADR revealed a grandfather clock so Edge can watch his life tick away. Music played in the background. ADR revealed adult diapers in case Edge’s injury prevented him from getting to the bathroom. ADR said there’s nothing better in retirement than friends. Lita’s theme song played and some fat chick came out. ADR said Lita looks a little heavier but never looked better. ADR said her and Edge can have quality time. ADR said Edge can go on romantic strolls now and revealed a walker for him. Edge said he also had a new ride for Edge. Ricardo Rodriguez rode out on an electric wheelchair. ADR said Edge will also have his own handicap parking pass. Edge came out. Edge said ADR looked surprised. Edge said he RSVP’d. Edge said Alberto sucks, and he’s a lousy human being and party host. Edge said this segment was brutal and ADR is a party pooper. Edge said ADR has about 1500 pounds of poop down there. Brodus Clay started lumbering up the ramp when Christian ran up behind him and hit him with a ladder. Christian beat up ADR and hit him in the stomach with the ladder. Christian got in the ring and set up the ladder. Christian climbed the ladder and grabbed the belt.